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Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 01:41 PM
“LEGENDARY” Perfect World Giveaway – Heaven’s Tear Server

It’s hard to believe that it has only been a little over a year since PWI opened its lands to us. I was one of the first to venture forth and I always enjoyed myself. For quite a time I spent more time in this world than the one not connected to the Internet. I hesitate to use terms like “the real world” because for many of us our characters are merely extensions of our own personalities and the time we spend in game, the relationships we forge, and the fun is very real.

A few months ago I took a “hiatus” from PWI and thought I might come back in time. The honest truth is that I have a bit of an addictive personality and when I am somewhere, I am 100% there, and when I’m not… well… I’m not there at all. I’m also not a collector of things except memories; I don’t like to have mementos that get all dusty… I hate dust. As another summer winds down and a new school year approaches I realize that with teaching and my unwired life I won’t have the time to pursue PWI in the addictive fashion I once did. Since I do things either all the way or not at all, sadly “not at all” is the reality.

Some people leave games in flames and criticism. My dad got me started in gaming when I was 11 and I have tried to always leave the multitude of worlds I have inhabited with that hope that any memories of me were good ones. I think PWI is a legendary sort of place and as such deserves a legendary departure. So, for those who will indulge me, I have devised one last bit of PWI fun for myself along with suitable rewards for those who help me in my final PWI quest… The Quest for Fan Fiction!

In my time in PWI, I was a bit of a squirrel. I looted everything, sold stuff for profit, and bought very little. I amassed quite a tidy fortune in my time; all legal… there is no blemish against my name except maybe that I can be a bit of a witch (feel free to substitute rhyming words that fit!). All told I have 75 million gold COINS to give away.

I apologize that my wealth is limited to Heaven’s Tear, but that’s where it is. I will be cross posting on the Heaven’s Tear forum but I posted in the main one because some people don’t check the server forums all the time.

I hope this will be a fitting farewell to everyone I have known, loved, disliked, argued with, fought alongside, etc. Whether we got along or not, everyone who plays made my time in PWI a richer experience and I adore you all. Thank you for a wonderful year and I hope in some small way to be remembered. May my hard-earned gold buy a few pretty trinkets for those who win the bounty of my quest!


1) Entries are limited to 1 per screen name. I have no way to know whether multiple screen names belong to the same person, so that’s just how it is.
2) Entries must be original fan fiction either short story or poem that deals with PWI. Feel free to include characters, monsters, players; even me… mentions of the wonder of me could enhance judging so long as it doesn’t diminish the quality of the work!
3) I am the sole judge and my decision of winners is the only one that matters as far as who gets my money.
4) Entries MUST be posted ONLY to the thread on Heaven’s Tear forum, NOT the main PWI forum.
5) Entries must be submitted by Wednesday August 19, 2009 and prizes will be awarded no later than Saturday August 22, 2009.
6) Entries will not be used by me for anything except my own enjoyment; you retain all rights to your work.



I hope some of you have fun with this, I sure hope to. And thank you all again for enhancing my online home… seriously, thank you!


Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 01:44 PM
Moderators, ok to sticky this thread?

_Krue_ - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 01:51 PM
This sounds fun, Ill write a poem.

A love poem in fact.

A love poem so strong you'll be forced to give me 1st 2nd and 3rd place.

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:01 PM
This sounds fun, Ill write a poem.

A love poem in fact.

A love poem so strong you'll be forced to give me 1st 2nd and 3rd place.

awesome, I have a tender heart, let's see how fast you can make it beat!

Miss_Tika - Lost City
08-03-2009, 02:02 PM
Can you like magically transfer to Lost City?b:cute

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:04 PM

*summons all of her witchly powers*

*spell fizzles*


I did earn a sticky tho!! That sounds dirty...

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:10 PM
Hehe...you shall see me in a new light. I shall shed my troll skin for a moment, and give you a glimpse at the inner creativity of my mind! I pray that you are pleased!


Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:13 PM
Hehe...you shall see me in a new light. I shall shed my troll skin for a moment, and give you a glimpse at the inner creativity of my mind! I pray that you are pleased!


What girl doesn't like a guy wanting to please her?

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:15 PM

*brushes dust off her writing pen*

So for the story bit...Is there a page limitation for it, or can I write like, a 500 pages PWI novel? b:laugh

Will there be points deducted for making grammar mistakes, spelling errors and whatnot? Or can the whole story be like, a gigantic wall of text?

Well, time for this old coot to get some creative-ness going!

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:17 PM
what Girl Doesn't Like A Guy Wanting To Please Her?


I C Wut U Did Thar.

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:19 PM

*brushes dust off her writing pen*

So for the story bit...Is there a page limitation for it, or can I write like, a 500 pages PWI novel? b:laugh

Will there be points deducted for making grammar mistakes, spelling errors and whatnot? Or can the whole story be like, a gigantic wall of text?

Well, time for this old coot to get some creative-ness going!

All things being equal, proper grammar and a pleasing presentation would win out. Your story can be as long as it takes to say what you have to say. I'm a high school teacher so I'm looking for substance over quantity. If it takes 500 good pages to tell your story, go for it... if it takes 2 pages to tell the story that works too. Entertain me, just don't make me sleepy... unless you're brushing my hair, but that's not part of the contest.

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:20 PM

I C Wut U Did Thar.

*looks innocent* who, me?

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:25 PM
I'm a high school teacher so I'm looking for substance over quantity.

b:shocked Why do I get the feeling that you may be in league with my high school teacher?

*prays for an A+*

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:28 PM
b:shocked Why do I get the feeling that you may be in league with my high school teacher?

*prays for an A+*

Maybe I AM your high school teacher!

_Krue_ - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:30 PM
Maybe I AM your high school teacher!

i certainly hope not...

At least with what I'm about to do...


Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:31 PM
Maybe I AM your high school teacher!

Nyuuuuu School doesn't even start until September and I'm already being graded! b:cry

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:33 PM
Nyuuuuu School doesn't even start until September and I'm already being graded! b:cry

No crying! At least from me your grades get you gold coins, not just gold stars!

PS lucky you... school starts for us August 24 and I have to report to work on the 18th *cries*

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:34 PM
i certainly hope not...

At least with what I'm about to do...


Is your high school teacher 23 and about 5'3" 105 lbs? If so you may win, but I might have to call your mom *winks*

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:38 PM
*looks innocent* who, me?

Yes, you...

...and yes, I still giggle at your character name.


Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:40 PM
Yes, you...

...and yes, I still giggle at your character name.


hush you! they promised me a free name change last November... ask me if it happened...

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:44 PM
hush you! they promised me a free name change last November... ask me if it happened...

D...did it happen?

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:51 PM
D...did it happen?

/facepalm b:laugh

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:54 PM
/facepalm b:laugh


Hey...you said ask.

08-03-2009, 02:55 PM
Can we please cut down on the spam? Seems like people have been getting a bit out of control lately. Cut the forum admins a break please b:surrender

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:58 PM
PS please tell all of your friends about the contest, need enough submissions so I can justify the prizes and not have to extend the deadline. The gold is getting given away but only to deserving entries :-)

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:58 PM
*smiles and gives a thumbs-up* I had a feeling from your tone today that you were quite tired. As a show of good faith, I'll cut down completely on the spam now.

*bows* And now I wish the rest of you adieu. If anything, you'll see only one more spam post from me today.


Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 02:59 PM
Can we please cut down on the spam? Seems like people have been getting a bit out of control lately. Cut the forum admins a break please b:surrender

What spam? the moderator stickied the thread?

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 03:00 PM
*smiles and gives a thumbs-up* I had a feeling from your tone today that you were quite tired. As a show of good faith, I'll cut down completely on the spam now.

*bows* And now I wish the rest of you adieu. If anything, you'll see only one more spam post from me today.


The admin would like us to stay on topic, my apologies for the personal covnersations... please PM me for off topic stuff :-)

Jaberwachy - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 03:04 PM
So...umm submissions should be posted on this thread?

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 03:08 PM
So...umm submissions should be posted on this thread?

yes, please.. between now and Wednesday August 10.

Bhaskara - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 03:11 PM
huhu sounds fun now let's see how much talent and imagination we posses gl all<3 b:cute

Keenan - Dreamweaver
08-03-2009, 03:19 PM
aww... well even if this is on HT and not DW, the fanfiction will still be awesome to read. Someone please write a 500 page novel? I need something to last me the rest of the summer b:chuckle

You're wonderful for doing this Shota b:victory

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 03:21 PM
aww... well even if this is on HT and not DW, the fanfiction will still be awesome to read. Someone please write a 500 page novel? I need something to last me the rest of the summer b:chuckle

You're wonderful for doing this Shota b:victory

It's my pleasure. I earned every penny the hard way and while I gave some away, the bulk goes to people who also put forth some effort... they deserve it most. I'm not interested in how empty or full the winners' pockets are, just that they gave something of value for something of value :-)

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 03:30 PM
August 10th?! But I have a really good plan for this story and I think I'll need more than just 7 days to finish it!! I mean, I have it all planned out......in 10 chapters...

If I write 10 chapters in 7 days, I better be getting some good prize. Dx

Or, you know, you could extend the deadline a bit more....this was a bit of a sudden contest thrust upon us...

EDIT: can it be a half-finished story? Or will there be points deducted for not finishing the story?

ANOTHER EDIT: Nvm, it's August 12th.......still short, though. >.>

Atheeni - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 03:30 PM
Your intro to this contest was very beautifully written. I might give this a try seeing how writing/coding my thesis is giving me a headache.

What you wrote in your first post actually kind of inspired me a little, haven't written short stories in ages but this would be fun.

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 05:03 PM
Your intro to this contest was very beautifully written. I might give this a try seeing how writing/coding my thesis is giving me a headache.

What you wrote in your first post actually kind of inspired me a little, haven't written short stories in ages but this would be fun.

Awesome! I love being a muse and look forward to seeing what fruit is born of it!

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 05:05 PM
August 10th?! But I have a really good plan for this story and I think I'll need more than just 7 days to finish it!! I mean, I have it all planned out......in 10 chapters...ANOTHER EDIT: Nvm, it's August 12th.......still short, though. >.>

You weren't the only one with issues as to the due date for submissions, so, since it's my contest and I just posted it, I have extended the deadline a week so that the due date is now Wednesday August 19.

Chabi - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 05:06 PM
Hey Shota!
Sad to hear you leaving. I have sometimes wondered why you not been seen in my paths anymore. We crossed paths many times back in our early 75-80:s.

Whenever i wanted to pick a mine and not got my rounds going i figured Shota was in the neigbourhood.

Anyways hope you having fun with what ever you do now.

Ps Dont want any of your money. Ds

Take care

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 05:31 PM
Hey Shota!
Sad to hear you leaving. I have sometimes wondered why you not been seen in my paths anymore. We crossed paths many times back in our early 75-80:s.

Whenever i wanted to pick a mine and not got my rounds going i figured Shota was in the neigbourhood.

Anyways hope you having fun with what ever you do now.

Ps Dont want any of your money. Ds

Take care

Hey you! *hugs* have missed everyone very much, thanks for remembering me! Tell your guild about the contest, I'm sure lots of people want my money!

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 05:37 PM
The way you worded that makes it sound as if we're all in it for the money ._.

We could be in it for the goodness of fanfiction too~!!
...Although a little bit of money would be very very nice. b:laugh

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 05:44 PM
The way you worded that makes it sound as if we're all in it for the money ._.

We could be in it for the goodness of fanfiction too~!!
...Although a little bit of money would be very very nice. b:laugh

I don't see earning money as a bad thing and good fan fiction deserves to be rewarded. I gave a lot of time to helping people in-game when I played as I was here since it launched, this is my last gift so it's ok to want the money... I imagine 75 million goes a long way still :-)

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 07:17 PM
Well...I guess it's time for me to give a crack at it. A bit of brainstorming, a dash of meditation, and an ounce of insanity culminate into this short story:

Konari Raiden no Shi Souwa! (Roughly: "Four Episodes of Konari Raiden!")

Souwa Ichi: Konari Raiden no Gesen! (Episode One: Humble Birth of Konari Raiden!)

Not since the time of Pan Gu's Great Cleansing had there existed a being of true enlightenment, of true knowledge and understanding of the world. Of pure kindness and devotion, chivalry and honor, dedicated to spreading their learnings to any and all willing to listen to them. Not since the Age of Spirits has there been one that could truly be called...pure.

In the small village of Sanctuary, however...another was to come.

A small crowd was gathering around the humble home of Tenshi Raiden, a young woman of twenty-two, pregnant with her first child. Normally, a childbirth in Sanctuary was a cause for celebration...but this was much different. The Elder of Sanctuary, Yuan, foresaw that the child that Tenshi would bear would be one capable of achieving true enlightenment. Not just a Master of the Void or Myriad, no...he would be able to comprehend both...a feat not heard of outside of Duke Blacke's tales of the Legends of the Age of Spirits. A quiet murmur slowly waved through the gathering of villagers, each trying to get a peek at the child's first moments of life. The pangs of Tenshi's childbirth grew stronger and stronger with each passing minute, and as the pain mounted higher and higher, nature appeared to do the same, clouds gathering and growing darker and darker over the peaceful village of Sanctuary. Finally, as Tenshi pushed her last push, a peal of thunder raged overhead, and a single lightning bolt struck the canal of the village with such beautiful yet powerful vigor, it was as if the child was to be born out of Nature herself.

The skies then grew clear with an almost unnatural speed, and the evening moon reappeared, glowing a pure white...some say that the moon could not have been brighter than on that night, and never will be again.

The villagers gasped in awe as the newborn emerged into their world and took its first breaths of the fresh Sanctuary air. The were completely stunned by the infant's appearance.

"Look at his hair!" remarked one villager. "It looks so soft and black, like the evening sky!"

"Look at his eyes!" exclaimed another. "They're such a dark and mature shade of brown, like the fertile earth that surrounds our town!"

"Look at his skin!" yet another townsmen commented. "It's such a pure and light hue, it's as if he was crafted out of the essence of the moon itself!"

"So, what's his name, Tenshi?"

"Yeah, Tenshi! What are you gonna name him?"

Tenshi looked deep into her child's innocent eyes for a few moments, though it seemed like eternities for her. Finally, she opened her mouth and spoke seven simple words.

"...I shall name this boy...Konari Raiden."

Souwa Ni: Konari Raiden no Younen! (Episode Two: Childhood of Konari Raiden!)
Five years had passed since Konari's birth, and the town had decided to send him across the world to learn its various aspects and cultures. He was to spend his childhood in the human town of Etherblade; more exactly, in the nearby Inn of the Eagle. And so it was there that he grew into adolesence, each day learning something new about the society around him, for better or for worse.

"Look alive, kid!" shouted a middle-aged man to a younger, dark-haired child. "These Packs aren't gonna trade themselves!"

The child nodded in response to the man. "Yes, sir, Uncle Jones!" The two of them were surrounded by a crowd of people who were frantically waving around what looked like portable cherubim. It was that time of the year again; Jolly Jones' Spring Pack Giveaway, where he would trade one of his famous Small Packs of Spring for either a Guardian Angel, a precious, protective item in the world, or for 100,000 coins. Of course, as the Angels were much cheaper to obtain, everyone took the former route. Every day, hordes of Angels would be bought from everywhere imaginable, and traded to Jones by the hundreds, even thousands at times.

Jones and his little helper were happy to oblige to their "customers" demands, and constantly handed out Pack after Pack for Angel after Angel. At the end of the day, they were always cleaned out of Packs, and spent most of the night making more for tomorrow's inevitable rush. It was then that Jones and the young boy had most of their conversations.

"...Uncle Jones?" the child inquired to his guardian.

"Yeah, kid?" Jones responded.

"Why does everyone love your Spring Packs so much?"

Jones drew a deep breath and slowly sighed. "...because they're greedy, kid. Because they're greedy."


"You see, kid...'greedy' is a word to describe people who constantly want more and more, even if they have what seems like enough."

"Like, how I am with picking flowers? I pick just two every day, one for you and one for me!"

The boy's childish comparison gave Jones a chuckle. "Hehe...yeah, kid...kinda like that. But you see, they want more than just one flower. They want all the flowers in the world. And they want them all to themselves."

The child gasped in horror. "B...but if that's true, then there wouldn't be any flowers left for anyone else!"

"Exactly. But they don't care. Look around you every day. I trade these packs for Guardian Angels. A precious treasure that is supposed to protect you from the horrors and pains of death, and restore your life without penalty. They are the essence of life...and yet every day, countless people just throw them away for the money...the power...and the easy skill experience that my packs can give. Do you hear what I'm sayin', kid...? They're throwing their LIVES away...for material things."

Surprisingly, the young boy nodded in complete understanding. "I understand...and...it's all their fault in the end, right? When they die and have to suffer those pains and penalties...they'll have nobody to blame but themselves...right?"

Jones flashed the kid a smile and gave a hearty laugh. "That's right, kid! That's right...nobody but themselves." He patted the young one on the head and continued to craft more Spring Packs.

A few moments later, the child piped up with another questions. "Hey, Uncle Jones?"

"Yeah, kid?"

"...why do you always call me 'kid'? Is that my name?"

Jones shook his head. "Nah. You have a very special name. And I didn't want to wear it out with repeated use."

The boy tilted his head with curiosity. "...well...what is it?"

Jones set down the last Spring Pack of the night's work and picked up the boy, setting him upon his lap and looking into his innocent brown eyes. He then gave the child a warm smile, slowly opened his mouth, and spoke six simple words.

"Your mother named you...Konari Raiden."

And that's enough for one post! Expect Episodes Three and Four, right after this!

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 07:18 PM
Okie-doke! Here I am again! Now...where exactly were we...?

Souwa San: Konari Raiden no Seijukuki! (Episode Three: Adolescence of Konari Raiden!)
After spending nine years around the city of Etherblade, he was sent to the main hub for those who called themselves the "Untamed", the City of the Lost. There he resided with the city's leader, who was simply called "The Elder". It was there that he learned the ways of the Untamed and their harmony with nature, and how they weren't afraid to live off the land and resort to their natural primal instincts when confronted with danger. It was in the City of the Lost that he achieved his greatest amount of inner peace...but it was also where he found one of the darkest sins.

It was an average afternoon in the City of the Lost. Merchants were peddling their goods, and adventurers were telling tales of their most recent exploits. Around the center of the city, looking upon his city's denizens, was The Elder of Lost City, accompanied by a young man of pubescent age. His hair was spiked behind him, and his skin was a beautiful golden-tan hue, from spending so much time outside. It reminded the Elder of a meal he always loved to reminisce about...Hsiako's Fried Mantou.

All of a sudden, there was a commotion to the south. The adolescent and the Elder looked to their right to see two beasts, one of Panda descent, the other of Tiger descent, hacking away at each other with a barbaric ferocity. Surrounding the two warriors was a crowd of spectators, who, instead of trying to break up the fight, were actually cheering it on, egging on whoever they wanted to win.

The young teen gasped and spoke to the Elder. "Elder! Those two Untamed are trying to kill each other! We've gotta he--"

But the boy's words were silenced by a single hand gesture from the Elder. "...just watch, Young One," he said in an aging, yet authoritative voice.

The teen swallowed his urge to aid the warriors and just stood there, watching. Eventually, the Panda had gotten the upper hand on the Tiger, slashing away at his abdomen and leaving his body in a crumbled heap of bloodstained fur. The Panda simply sheathed his weapons and walked away, as the crowd of onlookers closed in on the Tiger and began to kick and prod his lifeless body without remorse.

"...do you see what they do, Young One...?" asked the Elder to the boy. "The Panda and the Tiger...two sworn enemy species of the Untamed society...drawn into battle simply by their looks, and their heritage. They hold on too tightly to the past, and refuse to see the unity in the future."

The young teen nodded. "I see, Elder. They believe that by killing one another, their ancestors will be proud of them, and that they will gain more honor and glory with the Heavens...is that right?"

The Elder responded with a firm nod. "Yes. But it is not true. The Heavens judge us all equally, regardless of our heritage, race, or our class. The Heavens will judge you, a Human, just the same as they'd judge one of us. It is your deeds done that matter...and not the false 'honor' that blinds these poor, violent souls. We shall pray for them at tonight's meditation, Young One."

Again, the boy gave an agreeing nod. "Very well, Elder. But may I ask one thing?"

"You may, Young One."

"Why do you insist on calling me Young One? I do have a name, you know."

"I do know...but that name is too sacred and precious to be used in such a common, everyday language. But...if it pleases you, I shall call you by it this one time."

The adolescent bowed thankfully to the Elder. "I humbly ask that you do."

The Elder smiled at the boy and placed his hand-like paws on the boys shoulders, looked into his innocent brown eyes, and gave him a smile. He then slowly opened his mouth, and spoke five simple words.

"Your name is...Konari Raiden."

Souwa Shi: Konari Raiden no Jiritsu! (Episode Four: Independence of Konari Raiden!)
Five more years after the incident at Lost City, Konari was sent off to live with the Winged Elves in the City of the Plume. There he was watched over by the Taoist, Mangmang. Every morning Konari and Mangmang engaged in ritualistic meditation, and every evening they would converse on what they had perceived during their meditation.

"So, my pupil...what have you learned in your meditation today?"

"Well, Master Mangmang, I believe that I perceived a--" Konari's words were cut short by a young girl's crying, coming from behind him. "...excuse me one moment." Konari whirled around and headed toward the source of the crying, a very young Winged Elf girl who had lost her mother in the main marketplace of the city.

Konari gently took the girl's hand and smiled down at her, which seemed to instantly calm her down. He took his other hand and placed it upon the girl's forehead. "Be calm, my child. Mourning and crying should only be done at a loved one's passing...the rest of the world's problems are unworthy of such pure tears of sadness."

The child just blinked and looked up at Konari. "...I don't... *sniffle* ...know what you just said."

Konari just smiled and shook his head. "It's nothing. Nothing. What is your name, child...?"

The girl wiped away the remaining tears from her eyes and gently bowed to Konari. "I'm Sayo."

"Well, a pleasure to meet you, Sayo." He gently took Sayo's hand in his and shook it as a gesture of good faith. "Now, what seems to be the problem, young one?"

She looked up at Konari and began to explain her story. "Well, my mother and I were shopping for groceries today, and she said that, since I was extra-special-good this week and helped out around the house a lot, I could go and get some sweet bread to eat after supper! So, she gave me the money and I ran over to the sweet bread seller and order two pieces of sweet bread, one for me and the other for my mother. But when I began to head back to where I thought my mother was, she wasn't there anymore...I..." She began to sniffle and cry again, but she remembered Konari's words and regained her composure. "...I just want to see my mother again."

Konari smiled brightly and picked up the girl, setting her on his shoulders. "Well, no worries, Sayo! I shall find your mother for you, no matter how long it takes!"

"Yay!" Sayo cheered. "You are a very kind man, mister!"

Konari chuckled modestly. "It's just how I was raised...and what I learned throughout my life." He then set off around the City of the Plume in search for Sayo's mother.

A few hours later, there was still no sign of the young Elf's mother, and they were almost out of places to look. "Hm...you know what, Sayo? I know a man who knows almost EVERYTHING!"

Sayo's eyes opened wide in astonishment. "Really? Everything?"

He nodded and smiled confidently at the girl. "Really! He's a very wise man, and he's actually my teacher! Come on!" Still carrying Sayo on his shoulders, he jogged off towards his mentor, Mangmang, to ask where he should look next.

But to Konari's surprise, waiting right beside Mangmang was a young woman, crying and sobbing with guilt and sorrow. She looked up for just a moment to wipe her tears, when she saw the unmistakable image of her daughter being carried towards her. "SAYO!" she cried out. "Oh, Sayo!" The woman ran over to Konari, who happily handed Sayo over to her mother, who in turn held Sayo as close to her body as possible. "Oh, Sayo, I was so worried...! I thought that you had been lost forever...!"

Sayo hugged her mother just as tightly. "And I thought that YOU had been lost forever...!"

The reunion brought a pleased smile to both Konari's face and Mangmang's, who also gave his pupil a hand gesture of appreciation.

The young woman stood in front of Konari and bowed profusely. "Thank you! Thank you, young man, for bringing my daughter back to me! I thank you with my life!"

Konari just blushed and shook his head sheepishly. He was not used to receiving this sort of praise. "N..Now, now...it's nothing, really...it's just how I was raised to act..."

The woman smiled happily. "Well, whoever raised you sure did an amazing job. Young man...what is your name...?"

It was then that Konari realized something. In his nineteen years of life, not ONCE had he spoken his own name...he was always called by some nickname or another. A broad smile came across his lips as he bowed to the woman, looked into her innocent brown eyes, slowly opened his mouth, and spoke four simple words.

"I am...Konari Raiden."

Whew...! What a tale, eh, folks? Would you believe that it took me only about 20 minutes to brainstorm it, and about two hours to write it? I hope you liked it as much as I did...!

Aesthor - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 07:27 PM
I am impressed that you made such long posts without incorporating your awesome sauce face (or some derivative of it)

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08-03-2009, 07:29 PM
Wow, entries already! My contest has 3 purposes...

1) giveaway 75 million gold
2) stimulate some fan fiction
3) to amuse me as PWI always has

I am a very happy camper... I hope this is the tip of a very large iceberg with lots of talent and entries to follow!

I love you PWI, you will all be missed!

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I am impressed that you made such long posts without incorporating your awesome sauce face (or some derivative of it)

When I get in a creative mood, everything else is blocked out. Even Awesome-Sauce-Face.

08-03-2009, 07:52 PM
Chapter 1: The Beginning

(Old man voice) "Long ago the Perfect World was swarming with wraiths. They consumed everything in their path. Many warriors banned together to fight these beasts but to no avail. The wraiths kept coming and-"

"Come on, Old man! You gathered us here to say that? This story sucks." a young tiger barbarian stated with his hands folded.

"If you'd be listening, you would sit your furry butt down and Shu'd up!" the man with the long white beard and hair replied.

The barbarian growled then sat down between a wizard girl with long aqua blue hair and a male blademaster with short brown hair to his right and a fox venomancer with long medium reddish-brown hair to his left.

"As I was saying..." the old man started again.

"We just wanted to know who to give this Nameless Hero's letter to." the barbarian whispered to the others.

"Quiet!" the old man shouted and hit the barbarian with his cane (Starter Stick/Wand).

"Ow." the barbarian said with a wince.

"Whoa, that hurt you?" the blademaster chuckled along with the girls starting to giggle. "That should be illegal." The blademaster saw that the barbarian was glaring at him. "Uh. Oh."

A moment later, the barbarian (Now in tiger form) was chasing the blademaster back and forth through Etherblade behind the two girls and the old man.

The old man sighed and shook his head. "I guess I will tell you ladies then."

The two girls smiled.

"Foxy, help!" the blademaster yelped as the barbarian kept chasing him.

The fox venomancer, known as Foxy, sighed. "Down, boy." And in an instant, there was a big thud where the barbarian landed on the ground completely immoblized.

"Nice. Thanks, Foxy." the blademaster smiled and sat back down.

"Traitor." the barbarian growled. "How does she have this power over me anyway?" he whimpered.

"Now as you all know, your ancestors fought a great battle. But there was no greater a warrior than the Nameless Hero. This hero was a great warrior. He was a legend. Some would call him even a super hero. He defeated most of the world's toughest bosses that you do not know to this very day. However his greastest wraith enemy of all was Harpy Wraith." The Old man finished, looking away to the side after his last sentence.

"So who wants this letter from him?" the barbarian asked as he walked towards the group.

"Wait, if all those years passed then..." the wizard paused. "Wouldn't that person be.. dead?"

The old man nodded slowly. "Go to the Messenger of Time. He will take you back in time to that place if you are destined to be there."

Note: I'm going to make this a video eventually.

08-03-2009, 08:46 PM
Chapter 2: Back In Time

"We what?" the barbarian growled at the Messenger of Time.

"You need to get the Chrono Key to pass." the Messenger of Time replied.

"There must be some other way to get through." the wizard said softly.

"Watch and learn, Aqua." Foxy replied to the wizard with a wink. "Please, Messenger. We just want to visit the Nameless Hero. Couldn't you do us a small little favor?" she said in a cutesy voice.

"Hey, no flirting with-" the barbarian started.

"Wait, Fang. She's getting somewhere." the blademaster butted in.

"Well, ok. But you need to get me some things so the portal will work." the Messenger of Time said with a grin.

Several Hours Later

"Something tells me, we've been had." Fang, the barbarian, said.

"Oh quit it, at least he let us go." Aqua, the wizard, replied.

"I still wonder why he needed those monsters. It took us a long time to capture them." the blademaster said as he thought.

"Ya, I didn't know you need so many monsters for one portal back in time." Foxy added.


The Messenger of Time grinned with delight. "Ahh... this is great. I haven't eaten good food in a while." He chuckled. "They did me a great favor. Bacon from the Windwaking Piggy; crab meat from the Overclocked Mechrab; antelope meat; turtle and rabbit stew; and eggs from 12 Elysium fowls and 6 firebath phoenixes for spice."

Back to the Adventurers

"Lets just not go into it." Aqua said as she walked and started to look around on the Heaven's Tear platform. "Come on, Foxy and Hojo."

Foxy and Hojo, the blademaster, walked over to where Aqua and Fang were standing.

Fang looked around. "This place doesn't seem so different."

"Except plenty more monsters." Aqua responded.

Something caught Foxy's eye. "Hey, what's that?" She asked, pointing to an archer that was destroying every monster in his path.

"Eh, it's just an archer." Fang said as he glanced over. "We'll never find the Nameless Hero standing here. Lets go."

Once the group left, a cleric flew over to the archer. "Sir, we have a wraith general (World Boss) terrorizing the city of Plume."

"I'm on my way." the young archer replied and followed the cleric.

Keenan - Dreamweaver
08-03-2009, 09:25 PM
Very elegant writing Konari, g'luck to you! That was definitely an interesting read. I wouldn't mind if you kept on going; I feel like there's so much more story to tell!

Nice start joker, looking forward to seeing more!

I love that they're rolling in already! b:pleased

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-03-2009, 10:27 PM
I love it too. To be fair I won't comment other than to say thank you for sharing and participating :-)

08-03-2009, 10:29 PM
Chapter 3: He's the Nameless Hero?

"We've been basically all around the world and still no sign of him." Hojo stated as he walked in the grass. "Too bad Fang isn't a wolf barbarian else he could sniff him out."

"What?!" Fang growled. He sighed when the two girls giggled. Sadly, it was true that he was not a good tracker like the wolf barbarians were. "We're close to Archosaur. We might find him there."

In the Middle of Archosaur

"Why hello, ladies." a calm cool voice of a male flowed through the air.

The group walked along the bridge then stopped to see the same archer from before in the middle of a group of women. His hair was long pure red; his eyes were the color of fresh blood; and his skin was unordinary; the color of the night sky. Red tattoos outlined his eyes. He was very young and with all the commotion from the girls; very handsome. He gave a smile that shined like a lunar moon.

"Talk about a flirt." Fang stated. "Might as well ask him if he knows the guy. He looks popular enough. Though he doesn't look so great. Tell 'em, Foxy." He glanced over to an empty space. "Ugh." His eyes looked back over to see the venomancer join the group around the archer. "Foxy, how could you?"

"Heh, looks like you've just been replaced. I know Aqua doesn't go for guys like that. Right, Aqua?" Hojo smiled, but then shifted his eyes behind him to see that Aqua is gone. The blademaster turned his attention back to the group of girls. Aqua was definitely one of them.

"Am I pretty?" Aqua asked the archer.

"You all are lovely." the archer replied with a warm smile. "A venomancer has great beauty like the blossom trees in Sanctuary that make a man do her bidding like her tamed beasts. And a wizard has mysterious powers as does her beauty which can make any man fall to their knees."

"No, Aqua. Why have you forsaken me?" Hojo whimpered.

Foxy looked back at Fang and Hojo. "We just like guys who make us blush and tell it how it is."

"Alright, enough of this." Fang growled and walked over to the archer. "Where is the Nameless Hero?"

The archer blinked. "Hmm... The Nameless Hero, eh?" He pondered for a moment. "That's a new name."

"This is the past so the hero might have an actual name, Fang." Hojo said to Fang.

"Past?" the archer repeated with an eyebrow raised in inquiry. "Why do they look oddly familiar?" he thought to himself.

"Nothing." Hojo and Fang replied in unison.

"We are looking for a guy that wrote this letter." Foxy said as she took out the Nameless Hero's letter and gave it to him. "It was some sort of love letter."

The archer studied the letter's writing as he read it. His eyes widened and on his face, his smile faded. "Where did you get this?"

"We found it from a corp-" Foxy was cut off from Aqua.

"It was near Heaven's Tear. Do you know who wrote it?" Aqua asked.

"Yes..." the archer replied slowly. "It is I."

08-03-2009, 10:54 PM
Very elegant writing Konari, g'luck to you! That was definitely an interesting read. I wouldn't mind if you kept on going; I feel like there's so much more story to tell!

Nice start joker, looking forward to seeing more!

I love that they're rolling in already! b:pleased

=D I'll be sure to finish it.

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uh, strange contest... gl to every1 who is trying to claim that prize

08-04-2009, 12:48 AM
Chapter 4: Meeting Her

"So you are the Nameless Hero?" Hojo asked as he walked towards the archer who was sitting down in the grass and staring up at the sunset.

"Yes." he replied. "Though I go by many different names. The most common name now given to me is the Red Reaper."

"Oh.." Aqua sat down next to the Red Reaper. "So what is your real name?"

"That, dear lady, is of unimportance." the Red Reaper replied. His words were distant like from the world to the moon. "Everything is of the past..."

"Ok, Red Reaper. We came here only to get our quest done. That is to deliver this letter to whoever you wanted it go to." Fang stated a bit agitated. "So what is the name of the girl you were flirting with so we can give the letter to her and be on our way?"

"She is now deceased..." Red Reaper responded as his eyes wondered to the ground. "She meant more to me than anything. No girl would ever take my heart like she has..."

Fang shrugged. "Guess we can trash the quest then. Come on you guys." he said, walking away.

"Fang, you're so rude." Foxy gave the barbarian a sharp glare, then sat down next to Red Reaper.

"What did I do?' Fang asked.

"He does seem really down. You're so inconsiderate." Hojo added and sat down with the group.

"Can we ask you what happened?" Aqua asked.

"Like what she was like?" Foxy asked along with Aqua.

Red Reaper smiled. "She was the greatest woman of all. She believed in me like no one else had. She was kind, sweet, and very beautiful. She made me what I am today."

"A womanizer?" Fang stated.

The three (Hojo, Foxy, and Aqua) turned around and said, "Shhhh..."

Red Reaper continued on, ignoring Fang. "I was not always like this..."

Red Reaper's Past

"Ha! You're such a fail archer." a male archer laughed along with other archers. "You can't even hold your bow right. Let alone shoot."

A boy was laying on the ground, beat up, in front of them. He had red hair and regular peach skin.

The boy stepped on a bow and it broke. "Opps. I accidentally mistakened your level one bow for a stick." he laughed with the others. "Oh well, you're a loser anyway. You can always find a bow like that around. It's not like you're going to become any good in the army." He turned around and started walking away with the others following. "Do everyone a favor and just die."

"I should have died actually. Right then and there, but I didn't." Red Reaper's words pierced through the air.

The young archer started to stir in his sleep.

"Hey, don't move so much. You're still badly injured." a girl's voice cut through the darkness. Her voice was sweet as honey and was as soft as a cloud with the beauty of an angel's harp.

Slowly the boy opened his green eyes to look upon the owner of that heavenly voice. "Am I dead?" he thought to himself once he saw her. She was breathtaking. Her eyes were a soft blue and her hair was golden like the sun on a sunset. A gentle peach tone touched her skin to make it shimmer like gold.

"Is something wrong?" she asked, seeing that he was staring at her for awfully a long time.

"Guess not." He shook his head. "No. Nothing, just..."


"Why did you save me?" he asked. "You shouldn't waste your powers on me."

"Silly archer boy, I couldn't just leave you in the snow to freeze to death. That wouldn't be right at all." She smiled. "Besides I can't help myself when someone is in need of help."

"Oh.." he grimaced as he sat up.

"Hey, don't sit now. Your wounds haven't healed yet."

"Thank you. What is your name...?" He smiled back to her.

"Serenity." the young cleric replied. "Your's?"

"Serenity" he echoed in his mind. "Xaldain." he replied to her.

"Wow, that's a cool name you have.... well, had before Red Reaper." Foxy stated.

"Hey, I thought my name was cool." Hojo whimpered.

"It is, just that his is more unique and all." Aqua said to Hojo.

"Shhh... This is story time." Fang said. He was now interested.

"You have a nice name." Xaldain said after a while.

"You too..." Serenity replied.

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08-04-2009, 01:19 AM
A Perfect World
- Love Poem

A Perfect World for you and me,
A Special bond one cannot see.
Im am here from heaven and above,
Because of you, the guardian angel whom i love.

I love the way you look at me,
I love the way you make me happy.
And the ways that you show you care,
And the way you are always there.

I thought love was just a trick of the mind,
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find.
But the day I met you, I began to see,
that love is real, and exists in me.

In a Perfect world where love is a river,
But a river that goes on forever.
Our love will bind us and keep us strong,
In a Perfect world, where we belong.

08-04-2009, 01:22 AM
A Perfect World
- Love Poem

A Perfect World for you and me
A Special bond one cannot see
Although our Love is strong
But it might soon be gone

I love the way you look at me
I love the way you make me happy
And the ways that you show you care
And the way you are always there

I thought love was just a trick of the mind
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find
But the day I met you, I began to see
that love is real, and exists in me

In a Perfect world where love is a river
But a river that goes on and on forever
Our love will bind us and keep us strong
In a Perfect world, where we belong

Nice poem, Axe =D

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Btw, how are you gonna give use the money? By mailbox?... Hope i win, GL TO ALL CONTESTANTS!

Shota - Heavens Tear
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uh, strange contest... gl to every1 who is trying to claim that prize

The originator of the contest is strange... oh wait, that's me!

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 01:36 AM
Btw, how are you gonna give use the money? By mailbox?... Hope i win, GL TO ALL CONTESTANTS!

I'll meet all winners in game to give out the prizes.. might even have some kind of group gathering. Anyone unavailabe to recieve their prize can have it mailed to them.

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Hey like my peom? lol

Shota - Heavens Tear
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Hey like my peom? lol

Since i'm the only judge for the contest, I won't be specifically critiquing anything til the end, but I enjoy all entries :-)

08-04-2009, 03:20 AM
Chapter 5: How Come I Didn't See That Coming?

Xaldain and Serenity returned to Plume, only for Serenity to vanish before getting to Battlemark Village.

Xaldian believed that she had somewhere to go so he did not mind. Maybe he would see her again. It was odd that he had not seen her around. This is where all Winged Elves grow up anyways. Serenity. Serenity. He could not get that name out his ears. Through the whole day he had been working on making a better bow for himself. Afterall, the bow he use to have did get crushed when that jerk archer, Rapheal, stepped on it.

"Ok, today I'm going to train really hard. I won't let Serenity waste her powers on me for nothing." Xaldain said out loud to himself as he held the bow and aimed for a beatle. He let go of the arrow and it missed the target. He sighed (Anime sweatdrop), "This may take work though." He pulled out another arrow and started to aim again.

"For starters, you can hold the bow a bit better." a familair voice whispered through the night sky. Serenity landed gracefully down beside him.

"Oh. Hi, Serenity." Xaldain smiled, lowering his bow to his side.

"I hope I'm not interupting your training."

"No, not at all." he replied. "Um.. do you want to train together? Well, teach me. At least how to hold the bow." he asked shyly.

"Sure. Hold the bow like this." She held a white bow in her hands along with a pure white arrow. It was all made of magic. She aimed at a beatle but did not shoot.

He nodded and mimicked her stature. Well at least he was closer than before.

"Here." Serenity stated and before Xaldian knew it, her soft hands were ontop of his. Xaldain felt his cheeks grow warmer than usual. "Let your bow and arrow be a part of yourself. Let it no longer be any seperate item." She waited a moment when she felt that he was good and ready. "Ok, now aim for the target and shoot." Her hand and his hand both allowed the arrow to pass through. The beatle had fallen from the arrow that pierced it through the back. She grinned. "You did it!" Their hands were still touching even when the arrow left.

His eyes glanced to her and her's did the same for a moment. What was this? Then they both tore their eyes away from each other when they heard voices coming from behind them.

"Oh no." Serenity said as she quickly let go of his hands, then hid behind a tree.

Xaldain blinked as he looked over at the tree she was hiding behind. However, he was quickly pulled behind it by her before the two guard elves walked passed.

"Xaldain, lets go to Arrow Falls." Serenity suggested once the guards were gone.

"Ok." Xaldain nodded. He wondered why she was so jumpy ever since they got back to Plume, but he just let it alone and followed her.

Next Night

"Ok, I'm going to tell Serenity today." Xaldain said to himself out loud.

"Tell me what?" Serenity asked with a smile.

He turned around and smiled back at her shyly. "Oh. That you're... Um... That I... Uhh..." Why was it so hard to say? He practiced so many times in the day. "That I... got better in arching." No, that was not what he wanted to say.

"Oh. That's great." she sounded a bit disappointed.

"I'm an idiot." he thought to himself. "But with your help of course." He picked up some red flowers and handed it to her. "For you, Serenity."

"Thank you, Xaldain." she replied with a smile and sat down once she took the roses. "They are lovely."

"Not as lovely as you." he added, sitting down next to her. Did he just say that? "I mean..." He chuckled shyly and a pink tint ran across his face. He was not good at all with this type of thing. "I have to tell you something."

She blushed. "Thank you. And I must tell you something as well." She looked away. "I am betrothed."

"Oh..." Xaldain sighed. There went his chances.

"But I do not wish to marry that person. I want to marry who I love. Not someone my father picks for me. I do not want to stay at home as my husband goes to war. I want to be by his side in the battle."

"Ya... arranged marriages aren't any fun." Xaldain said. He then got an idea. "Can't you just run away?"

"No." she responded. "It isn't that simple, I am afraid." She sighed. "I must stay here in Plume as my father wishes. And I do try."

"Is that why you sneak out at night?" he asked.

"Partly." she replied. "It is just... All my life I have been controlled by others. I am not able to do what I want to do." she sighed.

"I hear you there. I can't get negative things that others say out my head, no matter what. It slows me down." he sighed.

"They just look up to you and expect everything to go as they planned." Serenity stated.
"They just look down at you and expect everything to go as they planned." Xaldain stated.

"You have no one to stand by you." Serenity continued.
"You have no one to stand by you." Xaldain continued.

"And there is no time for others and you just feel..." Serenity said.
"And there is no time for others and you just feel..." Xaldain said.

"Trapped." they said in unison.

They both looked at each other and smiled. They were both different, yet very similar.



He was going to say it this time. "I l-"

"There you are." a guard smiled and walked over to them with another guard following.

"Oh no." Serenity said.

"I'm in trouble." Xaldain said, thinking they remembered him from before when he accidentally misfired and almost shot the Elder of Plume.

"Come now, Serenity." the Elder's voice came from the shadows with his apperance coming in view after. He had black hair and a black gotee, whose bear was rather long.

Serenity sighed and got up. "Yes, father."

"Father?" Xaldain repeated in his mind.

"You, there." The Elder said to Xaldain. "I'll dismiss that little mishap since you kept my daughter safe." He then turned to his guards and started walking. "Let us go." They walked off and Serenity followed them.

"Daughter?" Xaldain said in his mind. "If she is the daughter of the Elder, then that would make her..." His eyes widened and he stood up. "A princess?!" He placed his hand on his face and shook his head (Face palm). "I must have sounded so stupid to her."

08-04-2009, 03:22 AM
Since i'm the only judge for the contest, I won't be specifically critiquing anything til the end, but I enjoy all entries :-)

Can you give us a hint if you are liking it or not?

Tryndal - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 03:53 AM
Shota it seems your saying good bye, so this is for you.

Farewell, bright dawns and perfume
laiden airs,
Faint with the breath of roses newly
Warm, slumbrous noons, when sleep our
haunting cares,
Long summer days and nights, too
swiftly flown.
With sighs and sad regrets we saw you
Why did you leave us, who had loved
you so?

'Neath sapphire skies, by starry hedgerows
Laced with pearl threads of gossamer
we went;
Wild summer blossoms beneath our wandering
And summer in our hearts, on love
"I will return," you said, "when roses
That time u said, "Good-bye," a year

But I alone have seen them bloom and
While you have passed beyond the
shadow here
Into the light. I'll follow by and
Meantime I wait and hold the roses
And summer sacred, for the love I
Until we meet again, some day,

Peace Shota I hope you like and if you leave this "Perfect World" you will be remembered in the hearts of all.

08-04-2009, 04:52 AM
Chapter 6: Those Hard Words To Say

"Awe how cute. She was your first love." Foxy said with a smile and glittering eyes.

"Sounds like he fell head over heels for her." Aqua added with a cheerful smile.

"Yes, I was." Red Reaper replied.

"Not to be rude or anything, but can you continue with the story?" Fang asked nicely.

"Awe, Fang. And here we thought you weren't interested." Hojo grinned.

"I... Well it passes the time away." Fang replied with a huff.

"So you don't want me to continue?" Red Reaper asked Fang.

"Yes, I do. I did ask you to continue earlier." Fang crossed his arms and tried to ignore the giggles and laughter from Foxy, Aqua and Hojo.

"Alright." Red Reaper started, "It was a week before I saw her again."


"Guess who." a voice teased. The girl's hands were over Xaldain's eyes.

"Serenity." Xaldain said with a smile. He did not think he would ever see her again, but here she was.

"Yep." she replied giddily and uncovered his eyes.

"I thought I wasn't ever going to see you again." He was very happy to see her. His heart ached when she was not around and his ears burned from not being able to hear her gentle voice caress them.

"You can't get rid of me that easily." she replied as she hugged him. "I'm so glad I get to see you again."

He felt his face turn warm once more like when they first touched. "You're glad to see me?"

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be, silly?"

"Uh, no reason." He thought she had forgotten him. Did she feel the same way as he did? There was only one way to find out. "Serenity, I-"

"Ha, you must be this tall to use a bow."

That voice, it was so familiar. Xaldain despised that voice. His green eyes did not decieve him. There was only one bully around these parts that had that voice. It was none other than Rapheal. The same archer who beat him up and left him for dead. "Wait here, Serenity." Xaldain walked over to the group of archers who were picking on an innocent little boy who wanted to learn arching. "Give the boy back his bow, Rapheal."

Rapheal's head turned along with the others' to see Xaldain. "I thought we got rid of you, fail archer. You're in no power to tell me what to do. I am the greatest archer around. So great, the Elder said I could have his daughter's hand in marriage. I say sweet. I deserve all the power. You might as well start bowing." he said smuggly. "So I can do whatever I want."

Xaldain gave him a cold glare and in an instant, Rapheal's hand was grazed by an arrow which made him drop the little boy's bow. "I did warn you." Xaldain had shot the arrow. He did not miss at all. He knew it was not right to shoot a fellow elf even if it was a spineless elf like Rapheal. He had gotten better through the days gone by.

"Thanks, mister." the little kid smiled up at Xaldain before grabbing his bow and running off.

Rapheal growled, "So what if you cut me. It was only luck. And you'll pay for it!" He came close to pulling out his bow and arrows from his back but Xaldain was faster. Serveral arrows flew at Rapheal and pinned him to a tree. No arrow had pierced his skin only his clothing. The others gasped and ran off. "Hey, what are you doing? Don't leave me here like this!"

Xaldain grinned and simply turned and walked back to Serenity.

"Wow, you really have gotten better." she smirked and grabbed his hand. "Let's go."

At Nightfall

"So you can stay out your room without guards bothering you?" Xaldain asked.

"Yep." Serenity replied. "As long as I have someone with me."

"Oh?" He smiled as she laid her head on his shoulder while they sat down in the grass near the Lake of No Worries.

Her eyelids started to get heavy. "Ok, so it is pass my bedtime." she giggled. "I should have been back hours ago."

He chuckled. "I can carry you back if you fall asleep."

"Awe... So sweet." Foxy added.

"Shhh!!" (Hojo, Aqua, and Fang)

"That will be nice." Serenity replied softly.

Xaldain stood up. "Then let's get you back." Serenity nodded and got up only to be swept off her feet. He was not kidding when he said he was going to carry her back home.

"Now would be a good time to say it." he thought to himself once he landed on a platform that held Serenity's room. "Here we are."

"Thank you, Xaldain." Serenity smiled and got out of his arms to go to her room.

"Wait, Serenity." There better be no interuption this time or so help him-

"Yes, Xaldain." She turned around from her door to face him.

"I... I love you." The words came. They actually came out!

"And I love you too, Xaldain." she replied with a blush. She walked over to him and kissed him on the lips gently. Her lips were warm and soft like a elysium fowl's feathers and rich like the soil where herbs grew. Their lips parted and she smirked. "Good night, Xaldain." She then walked inside her room.

"Ahh... She... She kissed me." Xaldain was so captivated by the kiss that he fell backwards and landed on the ground with a thud.

Hearing the thud, Serenity quickly came out her room and looked down at Xaldain laying on the ground. "Xaldain, are you alright?"

"I'm ok." Xaldain replied as he still laid on the ground.

Serenity could not help but to giggle.


"Wait, that is all you have to do to get a girl to kiss you?" Hojo asked then grinned smuggly. He looked at Aqua. "So... Aqua, I love you." he said as he leaned in to kiss the young girl mage, only to get a slap by her.

"Not on your life, Hojo." Aqua closed her eyes and one of her brows twitched in anger as her fist clenched.

"Awe, Aqua, what did I do wrong? I was confessing my love to you." Hojo muttered.

"For starters, you shouldn't say your plot out loud." Foxy giggled.

Stickygreen - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 05:09 AM
There once was a Barbarian in Perfect World...

A Certain Barb....

A sexy barb....

He lurked the Land...

Pking unexpecting citizens...

Then one day this barb....

Met this Blademaster....

And got his *** kicked....

This barb went back to the drawing board....

He Came back out of his hole ready...

He went out and improved his Axe killing skillz...

Then when he was ready to face the bm again...

He was no where to be found....

The barb cried...

He sat and cried all day while being mocked by his peers...


He went into rage....

Becoming one of the most feared ragebears in the land...

This barb is extra fuzzy.....

He does bite, but only if you want him to... >.o

This barbs name is......


..... OH! DINNER TIME! cya guys b:bye

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Chapter 7: Case Of The Missing Rock

"Since your skills have improved, we can fight bigger things." Serenity stated as they walked towards Silk Ridge. "Wow, it is really hot here." she said as she raised her arm to block the sun from her eyes.

"You sure? It will be dangerous." Xaldain asked while walking beside her.

"Well that is good. Danger is my middle name." she teased.

"Then I will be your guard and protect you if anything should happen." He could not help but to smile. "So what should we start on first?"

"I don't know. Wolves?"

"Rocky. Come on, Rocky. Man, where is he?" a female voice said to herself out loud. "Rock! Rock, where are you?"

Xaldain and Serenity turned to see a young fox venomancer with long white hair crawling on the ground. They both looked at each other with puzzled faces.

"You think she is lost?" Serenity asked Xaldain. Xaldain only shrugged. They both approached the venomancer. "Are you lost?" she asked the fox girl.

The venomancer quickly stood up and raised her hands. "Stop right there. I have powerful veno magic." she warned.

Xaldain had his bow and arrow already out and aimed at her.

The venomacer blinked then waved her hands in a surrender motion. "I was just kiding. That war with the races ended 100 years ago." She smiled. "I'm Luna. I usually train at night but my pet, Rock, hasn't come back to me."

Xaldain lowered his bow and arrow then put them away on his back.

"I am Serenity and this is Xaldain." Serenity said, now relieved that they did not have to fight Luna.

"Nice to meet you. Have you seen my pet, Rock, anywhere?" Luna turned around and walked a little ways away from them. "Rock! Where are you, Rock? Come back!"

Xaldain and Serenity turned to face each other again with puzzled faces. "Pet rock?" This was the first time they had even seen a venomancer. After all, they were usually near Plume.

"Does she mean an actual rock or a pet named Rock?" Xaldain asked, lowering his voice so Luna would not hear.

"It could be a rock that she calls Rock." Serenity replied to Xaldain as she lowered her voice as well.

"I hope she means a pet named Rock. It will be easier to find a wolf that she calls Rock. If it is a rock, then she's crazy." Xaldain whispered to Serenity.

Luna's fox ears twitched and she turned to them. "I can hear you." she said, giving Xaldain a sharp glare.

"Serenity, save me." Xaldain said as he stood behind Serenity.

"Hey, I thought you would be my guard and protect me?" Serenity crossed her arms.

"She isn't coming after you. Heh..." Xaldain replied (Anime sweatdrop).

Serenity shook her head. "You mean a rock for a pet named Rock?" she asked Luna.

"Yes." Luna replied.

"See, she is-" Xaldain paused and nervously waved at Luna who was glaring at him. "We'll help you look for him."

"Is he this one?" Serenity asked Luna. She was pointing to a small light brown rock on the ground.

Luna looked over and shook her head. "No, he's way bigger and grey colored."

"Oh..." Serenity lowered her hand and looked around.

"What about this one?" Xaldain pointed to a grey boulder.

"No, he isn't that round and he usually stands." Luna responded, shaking her head yet again.

Serenity and Xaldain both sighed then kept searching.

Four hours later

"We've been looking everywhere for your pet, Rock." Xaldain sighed and sat down next to Serenity. "Can't you get another pet rock?"

"No, he is the best pet I've ever had." Luna replied with sparkling brown eyes.

"I told you she was a nut." Xaldain whispered to Serenity.

Luna continued her ranting, "His loyalty to me is very high and he wouldn't let anything happen to me." She sighed. "I was thinking he would come back for fresh meat but then I remembered that he doesn't eat meat." she said, tossing meat on the ground.

"Figures. He's a rock." Xaldain muttered.

Growls and snarls came from all directions around the group. Xaldain, Serenity, and Luna sprang to their feet to meet a pack of wolves. A wolf snapped at Luna's ankle ans she quickly shot it with a green mist from her fingertips. Xaldain and Serenity both shot two wolves each on either side with arrows, but there were still more wolves.

"Remember, Serenity. I won't let anything happen to you." Xaldain said as he let go of his bow and arrow to cover over her and make himself a shield as the wolves pounced. Though amazingly, they did not touch him. They did not touch any of them. He looked up to see a huge giant grey thing bashing the wolves right and left until they ran with their tails between their legs.

"Rocky!" Luna giggled and hugged the giant. "You came back!" she exclaimed happily.

Serenity and Xaldain both blinked while staring up at Rock.

"That's your pet, Rock?" Xaldain asked.

"Yep. Told you he wouldn't let anything happen to me." Luna replied with a smile.

"He does look like a rock." Serenity added.

"He is a Volcanic Magmite to be exact." Luna then thought about it more. "Oh, I know why he didn't come. I told him to stay by the River of Tranquility last night and I fell asleep at home. He must have sensed I was in trouble and so he ignored my stay command and came."

"You mean all we had to do was get you to fight a wolf and you would have found him?" Xaldain asked.

"Guess so." Luna replied cheerfully.

Serenity and Xaldain both placed their hands on their heads and sighed (Face Palm).

"Well, at least she found him." Serenity smiled. She then noticed Luna's ankle was bleeding. "Luna, your ankle is cut. Let me see it."

Luna looked down at her ankle where the wolf bit her and nodded. "Ok." She sat down and watched Serenity work her magic. "Whoa, cool." She stood up and hopped up. "Yep, it feels great. Thanks, Serenity and Xaldain. I'm going to go home now." she said with a wave before running off with her pet, Rock, following behind.

"Well that was different." Xaldian stated as he waved bye to Luna.

"Very." Serenity replied while she waved bye to Luna.

"We better get back home ourselves." Xaldian smiled at Serenity.

"Sure. Maybe wolves aren't the best idea." Serenity smiled back.

"I thought your middle name was Danger?" he chuckled.

"Oh, shut it." she replied as she started walking.

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look at all those ppl trying to get the cash o.o

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It's a lot of cash :-) I hope there will be tons more playing!

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Shota - Heavens Tear
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Hehe...20 million is nothing to scoff at. Hell, most of the prizes on the list are nothing nothing to scoff at.

Anywho, I must thank you, Shota. This contest has reignited the writer in me, and reminded me why I love creative literature in the first place! I humbly and sincerely thank you!


*curtsies* tis an honor to inspire!

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"OFF THERE to the right--somewhere--is a large island," said Whitney." It's rather a mystery--"

"What island is it?" Rainsford asked.

"The old charts call it `Ship-Trap Island,"' Whitney replied." A suggestive name, isn't it? Sailors have a curious dread of the place. I don't know why. Some superstition--"

"Can't see it," remarked Rainsford, trying to peer through the dank tropical night that was palpable as it pressed its thick warm blackness in upon the yacht.

"You've good eyes," said Whitney, with a laugh," and I've seen you pick off a moose moving in the brown fall bush at four hundred yards, but even you can't see four miles or so through a moonless Caribbean night."

"Nor four yards," admitted Rainsford. "Ugh! It's like moist black velvet."

"It will be light enough in Rio," promised Whitney. "We should make it in a few days. I hope the jaguar guns have come from Purdey's. We should have some good hunting up the Amazon. Great sport, hunting."

"The best sport in the world," agreed Rainsford.

"For the hunter," amended Whitney. "Not for the jaguar."

"Don't talk rot, Whitney," said Rainsford. "You're a big-game hunter, not a philosopher. Who cares how a jaguar feels?"

"Perhaps the jaguar does," observed Whitney.

"Bah! They've no understanding."

"Even so, I rather think they understand one thing--fear. The fear of pain and the fear of death."

"Nonsense," laughed Rainsford. "This hot weather is making you soft, Whitney. Be a realist. The world is made up of two classes--the hunters and the huntees. Luckily, you and I are hunters. Do you think we've passed that island yet?"

"I can't tell in the dark. I hope so."

"Why? " asked Rainsford.

"The place has a reputation--a bad one."

"Cannibals?" suggested Rainsford.

"Hardly. Even cannibals wouldn't live in such a God-forsaken place. But it's gotten into sailor lore, somehow. Didn't you notice that the crew's nerves seemed a bit jumpy today?"

"They were a bit strange, now you mention it. Even Captain Nielsen--"

"Yes, even that tough-minded old Swede, who'd go up to the devil himself and ask him for a light. Those fishy blue eyes held a look I never saw there before. All I could get out of him was `This place has an evil name among seafaring men, sir.' Then he said to me, very gravely, `Don't you feel anything?'--as if the air about us was actually poisonous. Now, you mustn't laugh when I tell you this--I did feel something like a sudden chill.

"There was no breeze. The sea was as flat as a plate-glass window. We were drawing near the island then. What I felt was a--a mental chill; a sort of sudden dread."

"Pure imagination," said Rainsford.

"One superstitious sailor can taint the whole ship's company with his fear."

"Maybe. But sometimes I think sailors have an extra sense that tells them when they are in danger. Sometimes I think evil is a tangible thing--with wave lengths, just as sound and light have. An evil place can, so to speak, broadcast vibrations of evil. Anyhow, I'm glad we're getting out of this zone. Well, I think I'll turn in now, Rainsford."

"I'm not sleepy," said Rainsford. "I'm going to smoke another pipe up on the afterdeck."

"Good night, then, Rainsford. See you at breakfast."

"Right. Good night, Whitney."

There was no sound in the night as Rainsford sat there but the muffled throb of the engine that drove the yacht swiftly through the darkness, and the swish and ripple of the wash of the propeller.

Rainsford, reclining in a steamer chair, indolently puffed on his favorite brier. The sensuous drowsiness of the night was on him." It's so dark," he thought, "that I could sleep without closing my eyes; the night would be my eyelids--"

An abrupt sound startled him. Off to the right he heard it, and his ears, expert in such matters, could not be mistaken. Again he heard the sound, and again. Somewhere, off in the blackness, someone had fired a gun three times.

Rainsford sprang up and moved quickly to the rail, mystified. He strained his eyes in the direction from which the reports had come, but it was like trying to see through a blanket. He leaped upon the rail and balanced himself there, to get greater elevation; his pipe, striking a rope, was knocked from his mouth. He lunged for it; a short, hoarse cry came from his lips as he realized he had reached too far and had lost his balance. The cry was pinched off short as the blood-warm waters of the Caribbean Sea dosed over his head.

He struggled up to the surface and tried to cry out, but the wash from the speeding yacht slapped him in the face and the salt water in his open mouth made him gag and strangle. Desperately he struck out with strong strokes after the receding lights of the yacht, but he stopped before he had swum fifty feet. A certain coolheadedness had come to him; it was not the first time he had been in a tight place. There was a chance that his cries could be heard by someone aboard the yacht, but that chance was slender and grew more slender as the yacht raced on. He wrestled himself out of his clothes and shouted with all his power. The lights of the yacht became faint and ever-vanishing fireflies; then they were blotted out entirely by the night.

Rainsford remembered the shots. They had come from the right, and doggedly he swam in that direction, swimming with slow, deliberate strokes, conserving his strength. For a seemingly endless time he fought the sea. He began to count his strokes; he could do possibly a hundred more and then--

Rainsford heard a sound. It came out of the darkness, a high screaming sound, the sound of an animal in an extremity of anguish and terror.

He did not recognize the animal that made the sound; he did not try to; with fresh vitality he swam toward the sound. He heard it again; then it was cut short by another noise, crisp, staccato.

"Pistol shot," muttered Rainsford, swimming on.

Ten minutes of determined effort brought another sound to his ears--the most welcome he had ever heard--the muttering and growling of the sea breaking on a rocky shore. He was almost on the rocks before he saw them; on a night less calm he would have been shattered against them. With his remaining strength he dragged himself from the swirling waters. Jagged crags appeared to jut up into the opaqueness; he forced himself upward, hand over hand. Gasping, his hands raw, he reached a flat place at the top. Dense jungle came down to the very edge of the cliffs. What perils that tangle of trees and underbrush might hold for him did not concern Rainsford just then. All he knew was that he was safe from his enemy, the sea, and that utter weariness was on him. He flung himself down at the jungle edge and tumbled headlong into the deepest sleep of his life.

When he opened his eyes he knew from the position of the sun that it was late in the afternoon. Sleep had given him new vigor; a sharp hunger was picking at him. He looked about him, almost cheerfully.

"Where there are pistol shots, there are men. Where there are men, there is food," he thought. But what kind of men, he wondered, in so forbidding a place? An unbroken front of snarled and ragged jungle fringed the shore.

He saw no sign of a trail through the closely knit web of weeds and trees; it was easier to go along the shore, and Rainsford floundered along by the water. Not far from where he landed, he stopped.

Some wounded thing--by the evidence, a large animal--had thrashed about in the underbrush; the jungle weeds were crushed down and the moss was lacerated; one patch of weeds was stained crimson. A small, glittering object not far away caught Rainsford's eye and he picked it up. It was an empty cartridge.

"A twenty-two," he remarked. "That's odd. It must have been a fairly large animal too. The hunter had his nerve with him to tackle it with a light gun. It's clear that the brute put up a fight. I suppose the first three shots I heard was when the hunter flushed his quarry and wounded it. The last shot was when he trailed it here and finished it."

He examined the ground closely and found what he had hoped to find--the print of hunting boots. They pointed along the cliff in the direction he had been going. Eagerly he hurried along, now slipping on a rotten log or a loose stone, but making headway; night was beginning to settle down on the island.

Bleak darkness was blacking out the sea and jungle when Rainsford sighted the lights. He came upon them as he turned a crook in the coast line; and his first thought was that be had come upon a village, for there were many lights. But as he forged along he saw to his great astonishment that all the lights were in one enormous building--a lofty structure with pointed towers plunging upward into the gloom. His eyes made out the shadowy outlines of a palatial chateau; it was set on a high bluff, and on three sides of it cliffs dived down to where the sea licked greedy lips in the shadows.

"Mirage," thought Rainsford. But it was no mirage, he found, when he opened the tall spiked iron gate. The stone steps were real enough; the massive door with a leering gargoyle for a knocker was real enough; yet above it all hung an air of unreality.

He lifted the knocker, and it creaked up stiffly, as if it had never before been used. He let it fall, and it startled him with its booming loudness. He thought he heard steps within; the door remained closed. Again Rainsford lifted the heavy knocker, and let it fall. The door opened then--opened as suddenly as if it were on a spring--and Rainsford stood blinking in the river of glaring gold light that poured out. The first thing Rainsford's eyes discerned was the largest man Rainsford had ever seen--a gigantic creature, solidly made and black bearded to the waist. In his hand the man held a long-barreled revolver, and he was pointing it straight at Rainsford's heart.

Out of the snarl of beard two small eyes regarded Rainsford.

"Don't be alarmed," said Rainsford, with a smile which he hoped was disarming. "I'm no robber. I fell off a yacht. My name is Sanger Rainsford of New York City."

The menacing look in the eyes did not change. The revolver pointing as rigidly as if the giant were a statue. He gave no sign that he understood Rainsford's words, or that he had even heard them. He was dressed in uniform--a black uniform trimmed with gray astrakhan.

"I'm Sanger Rainsford of New York," Rainsford began again. "I fell off a yacht. I am hungry."

The man's only answer was to raise with his thumb the hammer of his revolver. Then Rainsford saw the man's free hand go to his forehead in a military salute, and he saw him click his heels together and stand at attention. Another man was coming down the broad marble steps, an erect, slender man in evening clothes. He advanced to Rainsford and held out his hand.

In a cultivated voice marked by a slight accent that gave it added precision and deliberateness, he said, "It is a very great pleasure and honor to welcome Mr. Sanger Rainsford, the celebrated hunter, to my home."

Automatically Rainsford shook the man's hand.

"I've read your book about hunting snow leopards in Tibet, you see," explained the man. "I am General Zaroff."

Rainsford's first impression was that the man was singularly handsome; his second was that there was an original, almost bizarre quality about the general's face. He was a tall man past middle age, for his hair was a vivid white; but his thick eyebrows and pointed military mustache were as black as the night from which Rainsford had come. His eyes, too, were black and very bright. He had high cheekbones, a sharpcut nose, a spare, dark face--the face of a man used to giving orders, the face of an aristocrat. Turning to the giant in uniform, the general made a sign. The giant put away his pistol, saluted, withdrew.

"Ivan is an incredibly strong fellow," remarked the general, "but he has the misfortune to be deaf and dumb. A simple fellow, but, I'm afraid, like all his race, a bit of a savage."

"Is he Russian?"

"He is a Cossack," said the general, and his smile showed red lips and pointed teeth. "So am I."

"Come," he said, "we shouldn't be chatting here. We can talk later. Now you want clothes, food, rest. You shall have them. This is a most-restful spot."

Ivan had reappeared, and the general spoke to him with lips that moved but gave forth no sound.

"Follow Ivan, if you please, Mr. Rainsford," said the general. "I was about to have my dinner when you came. I'll wait for you. You'll find that my clothes will fit you, I think."

It was to a huge, beam-ceilinged bedroom with a canopied bed big enough for six men that Rainsford followed the silent giant. Ivan laid out an evening suit, and Rainsford, as he put it on, noticed that it came from a London tailor who ordinarily cut and sewed for none below the rank of duke.

The dining room to which Ivan conducted him was in many ways remarkable. There was a medieval magnificence about it; it suggested a baronial hall of feudal times with its oaken panels, its high ceiling, its vast refectory tables where twoscore men could sit down to eat. About the hall were mounted heads of many animals--lions, tigers, elephants, moose, bears; larger or more perfect specimens Rainsford had never seen. At the great table the general was sitting, alone.

"You'll have a cocktail, Mr. Rainsford," he suggested. The cocktail was surpassingly good; and, Rainsford noted, the table apointments were of the finest--the linen, the crystal, the silver, the china.

They were eating borsch, the rich, red soup with whipped cream so dear to Russian palates. Half apologetically General Zaroff said, "We do our best to preserve the amenities of civilization here. Please forgive any lapses. We are well off the beaten track, you know. Do you think the champagne has suffered from its long ocean trip?"

"Not in the least," declared Rainsford. He was finding the general a most thoughtful and affable host, a true cosmopolite. But there was one small trait of .the general's that made Rainsford uncomfortable. Whenever he looked up from his plate he found the general studying him, appraising him narrowly.

"Perhaps," said General Zaroff, "you were surprised that I recognized your name. You see, I read all books on hunting published in English, French, and Russian. I have but one passion in my life, Mr. Rainsford, and it is the hunt."

"You have some wonderful heads here," said Rainsford as he ate a particularly well-cooked filet mignon. " That Cape buffalo is the largest I ever saw."

"Oh, that fellow. Yes, he was a monster."

"Did he charge you?"

"Hurled me against a tree," said the general. "Fractured my skull. But I got the brute."

"I've always thought," said Rainsford, "that the Cape buffalo is the most dangerous of all big game."

For a moment the general did not reply; he was smiling his curious red-lipped smile. Then he said slowly, "No. You are wrong, sir. The Cape buffalo is not the most dangerous big game." He sipped his wine. "Here in my preserve on this island," he said in the same slow tone, "I hunt more dangerous game."

Rainsford expressed his surprise. "Is there big game on this island?"

The general nodded. "The biggest."


"Oh, it isn't here naturally, of course. I have to stock the island."

"What have you imported, general?" Rainsford asked. "Tigers?"

The general smiled. "No," he said. "Hunting tigers ceased to interest me some years ago. I exhausted their possibilities, you see. No thrill left in tigers, no real danger. I live for danger, Mr. Rainsford."

The general took from his pocket a gold cigarette case and offered his guest a long black cigarette with a silver tip; it was perfumed and gave off a smell like incense.

"We will have some capital hunting, you and I," said the general. "I shall be most glad to have your society."

"But what game--" began Rainsford.

"I'll tell you," said the general. "You will be amused, I know. I think I may say, in all modesty, that I have done a rare thing. I have invented a new sensation. May I pour you another glass of port?"

"Thank you, general."

The general filled both glasses, and said, "God makes some men poets. Some He makes kings, some beggars. Me He made a hunter. My hand was made for the trigger, my father said. He was a very rich man with a quarter of a million acres in the Crimea, and he was an ardent sportsman. When I was only five years old he gave me a little gun, specially made in Moscow for me, to shoot sparrows with. When I shot some of his prize turkeys with it, he did not punish me; he complimented me on my marksmanship. I killed my first bear in the Caucasus when I was ten. My whole life has been one prolonged hunt. I went into the army--it was expected of noblemen's sons--and for a time commanded a division of Cossack cavalry, but my real interest was always the hunt. I have hunted every kind of game in every land. It would be impossible for me to tell you how many animals I have killed."

The general puffed at his cigarette.

"After the debacle in Russia I left the country, for it was imprudent for an officer of the Czar to stay there. Many noble Russians lost everything. I, luckily, had invested heavily in American securities, so I shall never have to open a tearoom in Monte Carlo or drive a taxi in Paris. Naturally, I continued to hunt--grizzliest in your Rockies, crocodiles in the Ganges, rhinoceroses in East Africa. It was in Africa that the Cape buffalo hit me and laid me up for six months. As soon as I recovered I started for the Amazon to hunt jaguars, for I had heard they were unusually cunning. They weren't." The Cossack sighed. "They were no match at all for a hunter with his wits about him, and a high-powered rifle. I was bitterly disappointed. I was lying in my tent with a splitting headache one night when a terrible thought pushed its way into my mind. Hunting was beginning to bore me! And hunting, remember, had been my life. I have heard that in America businessmen often go to pieces when they give up the business that has been their life."

"Yes, that's so," said Rainsford.

The general smiled. "I had no wish to go to pieces," he said. "I must do something. Now, mine is an analytical mind, Mr. Rainsford. Doubtless that is why I enjoy the problems of the chase."

"No doubt, General Zaroff."

"So," continued the general, "I asked myself why the hunt no longer fascinated me. You are much younger than I am, Mr. Rainsford, and have not hunted as much, but you perhaps can guess the answer."

"What was it?"

"Simply this: hunting had ceased to be what you call `a sporting proposition.' It had become too easy. I always got my quarry. Always. There is no greater bore than perfection."

The general lit a fresh cigarette.

"No animal had a chance with me any more. That is no boast; it is a mathematical certainty. The animal had nothing but his legs and his instinct. Instinct is no match for reason. When I thought of this it was a tragic moment for me, I can tell you."

Rainsford leaned across the table, absorbed in what his host was saying.

"It came to me as an inspiration what I must do," the general went on.

"And that was?"

The general smiled the quiet smile of one who has faced an obstacle and surmounted it with success. "I had to invent a new animal to hunt," he said.

"A new animal? You're joking." "Not at all," said the general. "I never joke about hunting. I needed a new animal. I found one. So I bought this island built this house, and here I do my hunting. The island is perfect for my purposes--there are jungles with a maze of traits in them, hills, swamps--"

"But the animal, General Zaroff?"

"Oh," said the general, "it supplies me with the most exciting hunting in the world. No other hunting compares with it for an instant. Every day I hunt, and I never grow bored now, for I have a quarry with which I can match my wits."

Rainsford's bewilderment showed in his face.

"I wanted the ideal animal to hunt," explained the general. "So I said, `What are the attributes of an ideal quarry?' And the answer was, of course, `It must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason."'

"But no animal can reason," objected Rainsford.

"My dear fellow," said the general, "there is one that can."

"But you can't mean--" gasped Rainsford.

"And why not?"

"I can't believe you are serious, General Zaroff. This is a grisly joke."

"Why should I not be serious? I am speaking of hunting."

"Hunting? Great Guns, General Zaroff, what you speak of is murder."

The general laughed with entire good nature. He regarded Rainsford quizzically. "I refuse to believe that so modern and civilized a young man as you seem to be harbors romantic ideas about the value of human life. Surely your experiences in the war--"

"Did not make me condone cold-blooded murder," finished Rainsford stiffly.

Laughter shook the general. "How extraordinarily droll you are!" he said. "One does not expect nowadays to find a young man of the educated class, even in America, with such a naive, and, if I may say so, mid-Victorian point of view. It's like finding a snuffbox in a limousine. Ah, well, doubtless you had Puritan ancestors. So many Americans appear to have had. I'll wager you'll forget your notions when you go hunting with me. You've a genuine new thrill in store for you, Mr. Rainsford."

"Thank you, I'm a hunter, not a murderer."

"Dear me," said the general, quite unruffled, "again that unpleasant word. But I think I can show you that your scruples are quite ill founded."


"Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and, if needs be, taken by the strong. The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure. I am strong. Why should I not use my gift? If I wish to hunt, why should I not? I hunt the scum of the earth: sailors from tramp ships--lassars, blacks, Chinese, whites, mongrels--a thoroughbred horse or hound is worth more than a score of them."

"But they are men," said Rainsford hotly.

"Precisely," said the general. "That is why I use them. It gives me pleasure. They can reason, after a fashion. So they are dangerous."

"But where do you get them?"

The general's left eyelid fluttered down in a wink. "This island is called Ship Trap," he answered. "Sometimes an angry god of the high seas sends them to me. Sometimes, when Providence is not so kind, I help Providence a bit. Come to the window with me."

Rainsford went to the window and looked out toward the sea.

"Watch! Out there!" exclaimed the general, pointing into the night. Rainsford's eyes saw only blackness, and then, as the general pressed a button, far out to sea Rainsford saw the flash of lights.

The general chuckled. "They indicate a channel," he said, "where there's none; giant rocks with razor edges crouch like a sea monster with wide-open jaws. They can crush a ship as easily as I crush this nut." He dropped a walnut on the hardwood floor and brought his heel grinding down on it. "Oh, yes," he said, casually, as if in answer to a question, "I have electricity. We try to be civilized here."

"Civilized? And you shoot down men?"

A trace of anger was in the general's black eyes, but it was there for but a second; and he said, in his most pleasant manner, "Dear me, what a righteous young man you are! I assure you I do not do the thing you suggest. That would be barbarous. I treat these visitors with every consideration. They get plenty of good food and exercise. They get into splendid physical condition. You shall see for yourself tomorrow."

"What do you mean?"

"We'll visit my training school," smiled the general. "It's in the cellar. I have about a dozen pupils down there now. They're from the Spanish bark San Lucar that had the bad luck to go on the rocks out there. A very inferior lot, I regret to say. Poor specimens and more accustomed to the deck than to the jungle." He raised his hand, and Ivan, who served as waiter, brought thick Turkish coffee. Rainsford, with an effort, held his tongue in check.

"It's a game, you see," pursued the general blandly. "I suggest to one of them that we go hunting. I give him a supply of food and an excellent hunting knife. I give him three hours' start. I am to follow, armed only with a pistol of the smallest caliber and range. If my quarry eludes me for three whole days, he wins the game. If I find him "--the general smiled--" he loses."

"Suppose he refuses to be hunted?"

"Oh," said the general, "I give him his option, of course. He need not play that game if he doesn't wish to. If he does not wish to hunt, I turn him over to Ivan. Ivan once had the honor of serving as official knouter to the Great White Czar, and he has his own ideas of sport. Invariably, Mr. Rainsford, invariably they choose the hunt."

"And if they win?"

The smile on the general's face widened. "To date I have not lost," he said. Then he added, hastily: "I don't wish you to think me a braggart, Mr. Rainsford. Many of them afford only the most elementary sort of problem. Occasionally I strike a tartar. One almost did win. I eventually had to use the dogs."

"The dogs?"

"This way, please. I'll show you."

The general steered Rainsford to a window. The lights from the windows sent a flickering illumination that made grotesque patterns on the courtyard below, and Rainsford could see moving about there a dozen or so huge black shapes; as they turned toward him, their eyes glittered greenly.

"A rather good lot, I think," observed the general. "They are let out at seven every night. If anyone should try to get into my house--or out of it--something extremely regrettable would occur to him." He hummed a snatch of song from the Folies Bergere.

"And now," said the general, "I want to show you my new collection of heads. Will you come with me to the library?"

"I hope," said Rainsford, "that you will excuse me tonight, General Zaroff. I'm really not feeling well."

"Ah, indeed?" the general inquired solicitously. "Well, I suppose that's only natural, after your long swim. You need a good, restful night's sleep. Tomorrow you'll feel like a new man, I'll wager. Then we'll hunt, eh? I've one rather promising prospect--" Rainsford was hurrying from the room.

"Sorry you can't go with me tonight," called the general. "I expect rather fair sport--a big, strong, black. He looks resourceful--Well, good night, Mr. Rainsford; I hope you have a good night's rest."

The bed was good, and the pajamas of the softest silk, and he was tired in every fiber of his being, but nevertheless Rainsford could not quiet his brain with the opiate of sleep. He lay, eyes wide open. Once he thought he heard stealthy steps in the corridor outside his room. He sought to throw open the door; it would not open. He went to the window and looked out. His room was high up in one of the towers. The lights of the chateau were out now, and it was dark and silent; but there was a fragment of sallow moon, and by its wan light he could see, dimly, the courtyard. There, weaving in and out in the pattern of shadow, were black, noiseless forms; the hounds heard him at the window and looked up, expectantly, with their green eyes. Rainsford went back to the bed and lay down. By many methods he tried to put himself to sleep. He had achieved a doze when, just as morning began to come, he heard, far off in the jungle, the faint report of a pistol.

General Zaroff did not appear until luncheon. He was dressed faultlessly in the tweeds of a country squire. He was solicitous about the state of Rainsford's health.

"As for me," sighed the general, "I do not feel so well. I am worried, Mr. Rainsford. Last night I detected traces of my old complaint."

To Rainsford's questioning glance the general said, "Ennui. Boredom."

HatsuHina - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 03:04 PM

Then, taking a second helping of cr

HatsuHina - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 03:05 PM
Uhm why won't it let me type anymore?

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 03:39 PM
Uhm....great story and all, but...I thought this was supposed to be a fanfiction contest based on PWI? o.o

HatsuHina - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 03:45 PM
Rule #2 on first page.

Could be a fan fiction short story or poem OR based on PWI.

HatsuHina - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 03:46 PM
Ima use a different account to see if I can post the rest

Feczo - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 03:47 PM
CONTINUED from HatsuHina

Then, taking a second helping of cr

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 03:55 PM
o.oa So we're allowed to post stories that AREN'T based on PWI?

.....*makes some changes to story*

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 04:10 PM
2) Entries must be original fan fiction either short story or poem that deals with PWI. Feel free to include characters, monsters, players; even me… mentions of the wonder of me could enhance judging so long as it doesn’t diminish the quality of the work!

Any entry made MUST deal with PWI, according to the rules. Sorry, but you lose the game.


...damn, I just lost The Game.

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 04:17 PM
=O good thing I still have the original manuscript.

And damn it Konari, you made me lose The Game! T_T

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 04:18 PM
=O good thing I still have the original manuscript.

And damn it Konari, you made me lose The Game! T_T



Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 04:26 PM


Don't celebrate, you lost The Game too. >:U

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 04:30 PM
Don't celebrate, you lost The Game too. >:U



08-04-2009, 05:23 PM
Chapter 8: Strangers In The Night

"Oh wow. I never felt like this towards anyone before." Xaldain's voice trailed in the wind and he laid on the grass, looking at the moon. "That kiss was amazing. I can't get it out of my head. Even if it was a day ago, I can still feel the warmth we shared." He closed his eyes. "How I long to share that kiss with her once again. Oh.. Serenity..."

"Talking about me?" a voice whistled through the trees.

Xaldain quickly got to his feet. How long had she been listening? "Serenity, I... I didn't know you were here." His eyes wondered over to her angelic figure standing next to a tree.

She giggled. "That is the point of spying."

"Spying?" He blushed. "How much did you hear?"

"Now why would I tell you that?" she teased.

"Come on." he said as he approached her.

"No, I'm not telling." she replied, wagging her pointer finger from right to left. "You can't get it out of me."

"Oh, really?" he asked with a sly grin.

"Yes, really." she responded with a big smile. She backed away playfully. "What are you planning?" She gave him a curious look as he steeped forward every time she stepped back.

He glanced away and walked with his hands behind his back. "Oh... nothing." Once his eyes met her's, he ran towards her only for her to run away.

"No, you're not going to catch me!" However in a few seconds, his arms wer already wrapped around her. "No, no! Let me go!", she shouted in laughter. She squealed when he started tickling her.

"Are you going to tell me now?" he asked while laughing.

She managed to slip out his grasp and run pass him. "Not a chance!" she giggled. She stopped in her tracks when her white shoes hit some of the water of the Lake of No Worries. She bit her lip and turned to see Xaldain running after her.

"Got ya-" Xaldain landed right in her trap. She had side-stepped at the very last moment so he would fall right in te water. He swam up to the surface with his red hair and clothes being drenched.

She giggled. "Told you, I'm not going to tell. How is the water?"

He grabbed her hand and pulled her gently in with him. "You tell me." he smiled.

She gasped and brushed her blonde hair away from her eyes. "Refreshing and cold." she replied with a smile.

"I see." he stated. His arms wrapped her. "Better?"

"Much better." she responded.

They looked up to hear a sound burst through the sky. Along with the sound was different colored stars, glittering across the night sky.

"Wow, what is that?" Serenity asked.

"They are fireworks." Xaldain replied. He looked over to her. "You never saw them before?"

"No." She shook her head, then looked over to him. "I have been in my room most of my life." Looking back up at the sky, her eyes sparkled. "They are very beautiful."

"Then I will take you to see them on Dawn's Cry Isle." he replied with a smile.

"Dawn's Cry Isle?" she repeated with a blink.

"Don't worry, I will take you to see it. There is a very beautiful spot where you can see the sunset."

"I would love that..."

Again their eyes had locked together. This time Xaldain was leaning towards her. Their lips were inches away...

"I'm bored, lets do something else. I know, we can visit Plume." a male voice grew near.

"What is so great about Plume?" a girl's voice asked.

"You'll see when we get there." the male replied.

Serenity and Xaldain turned to face the direction of voices before nodding to each other and hiding from sight.

Cautiously, the two followed the two strangers that were sneaking around Plume. The male was the leader, seeing how he motioned the girl to follow him every second. They were humans. What were they doing here?

It was not long to find out why the two humans were in Plume. Those two were stealing things that were out in the open. Elves were usually peaceful natured and did not lock their doors nor hide their precious belongings. Serenity and Xaldain had to do something.

Xaldain aimed his arrow at the male human. It was hard to see in the dark, but if the male stepped close enough to a lamp post then Xaldain would get him. In a moment, Xaldain saw his chance and took it. Xaldain's aim was very good, however this human had blocked his arrow with his sword. Was that even possible?

"Let's go. We've been spotted." the male said as he ran alongside the girl.

"Xaldain? Didn't you shoot him?" Serenity asked as she looked over to him.

"Yes." Xaldain nodded. "But he deflected my arrow. I didn't know that was possible."

"So what do we do now?" she asked.

"We can't let them get away."

Serenity agreed and they both followed the thieves.

08-04-2009, 05:24 PM
I am enjoying everything people have to share :-)


shes like fail barbs poems the most though ;D

:O +Gasp+

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 06:12 PM
As per the rules, winning entries are supposed to relate to PWI, that was kinda the point. I think the submitted fiction is awesome-sauce (nod to Konariraiden), but in order to be eligible to win, the submitted work needs to be PWI related.

This doesn't mean you can't be original, you could merely be referencing PWI places, critters, in-game personalities, etc.

Please make sure if you are referencing other real players that, even for humor purposes, these references should not be disparaging. The point here is to be creative, have fun, win some gold, but NOT to hurt anyone.

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 07:07 PM
As per the rules, winning entries are supposed to relate to PWI, that was kinda the point. I think the submitted fiction is awesomesauce (nod to Konraiden), but in order to be eligible to win, the submitted work needs to be PWI related.

This doesn't mean you can;t be original, you could merely be referencing PWI places, critters, in-game personalities, etc.

Please make sure if you are referencing other real players that, even for humor purposes, these references should not be disparaging. The point here is to be creative, have fun, win some gold, but NOT to hurt anyone.

Ahem..."Awesome-Sauce" is supposed to be capitalized as thus, including the hyphen...but I guess I'll let it slide this time.

Oh...and you misspelled my name. b:chuckle

08-04-2009, 07:09 PM
Chapter 9: The Great Dual

Who knew those theives could move so fast. Xaldain and Serenity had to follow them in the air rather then on foot. Their clothes were still soaked, but they could not stop and dry off now. Hopefully after this was over, they would not catch a cold. The humans were running pass human guards that were guarding a huge building. This was Archosaur! Xaldain had heard of this place before and planned on buying some things for his travels. Sadly, he did not have many travels due to the fact he was not allowed in the army.

"Looks like they are going to try and sell the items here." Xaldain stated as he landed on his feet and folded his wings behind his back.

Serenity did the same and stood next to him. "What is this place?" she asked as she looked around and saw a couple of people walking pass. This place had all the races come together.

"I believe they call this Archosaur. It is usually where are people travel and get supplies for their journys." he informed.

"Have you come here before?" she asked.

"No, I have only heard about it. Lets not lose them-"

"I have a nice crossbow. Very cheap." a untamed vendor shouted. He was standing right in front of Serenity and Xaldain. They had no time to shop. They had thieves to catch.

"No thanks." Xaldain replied.
"Sorry." Serenity stated as Xaldain and her ran pass him.

"Celestones! Get your celestones here!"
"Trading white shoes for black shoes!"
"Need herbs! Come here and I'll buy!"

"It is awfully busy at night." Serenity sighed. She glanced around. "I don't see them anywhere."

"Great, we lost them." Xaldain sighed. "But they couldn't have gotten far."

"Should we split up?"

"I don't think that is a good idea. Who knows about all these people here."

"I will be fine, Xaldain. I'm a tough girl. And we are still traveling together so you will hear my call if I ever need help (Squad chat)."

He sighed. "Alright, but be careful."

She nodded. "I will."

Serenity and Xaldain parted ways. Xaldain went to the North District and Serenity went to the South District.

An hour later

"Still no sign of-" Xaldain trailed off once he heard that blademaster's voice once more. "There he is." he thought to himself as he took out his bow and arrow. "He won't get away this time."

"Looking for me?" the voice said behind Xaldain.

Xaldain's eyes widened. How did that blademaster get behind him so quickly. He did not even see him pass. He turned around to face the short black-haired blademaster. "Yes, I am." Xaldain replied. "Give back all that you stole from Plume."

"So you followed me all this way to tell me that? I don't give things back so easily." The blademaster grinned. "How about if you dual me then I'll think about giving half the things I took back."

"I don't have time for games." Xaldain glared at him.

"Ah, then I'll be on my way." the blademaster started to turn around.

"I'm still not letting you off the hook." Xaldain had his bow and arrow aimed at the blademaster. "When you are beaten, you give everything back."

"Fine." the blademaster's smile gleamed. "I'll accept your challenge." He quickly turned around to block Xaldain's arrow with his sword. He swung but missed Xaldain who had done a backflip just in time to evade the sharp blade.

Several Minutes Later

"It's time to end this." The blademaster grasped his sword's handle tightly. "Heaven's Flame!" A red symbol of a dragon appeared beneath his feet and in a moment, he had summoned a flaming red dragon. The heat from the dragon blazed and it circled him only set its sights on Xaldain and go for the kill.

A blademaster was not the only one who could summon and animal in battle. "Stormrage Eagleon!" A large blue eagle emerged on Xaldain's side. He let loose of his arrow and the dragon and bird clashed only to make a violet fog.

The blademaster was suprised that both their powerful moves cancelled out. However he was not that suprised, seeing that neither one of them were seriously injured. "Hmph, not bad for an elf."

"Same to you." Xaldain replied, holding his arrow between his fingers that was ready for another round.

The blademaster increased his speed and ran close range to Xaldain. "Shadowless kick!" He kicked the arrow that had left the bow and the arrow fell to the ground. Quickly, he hit Xaldain with the hilt of his sword, drawing blood. Similarily, Xaldain managed to shoot another arrow and it landed in the blademaster's shoulder. Now, they both were bleeding, but no one was backing down.

"Atmos Strike!" the blademaster yelled.
"Knockback Arrow!" Xaldain shouted.

They both were pushed back by the incredible power of the other's skill.

"Xaldain!" Serenity yelled as she ran towards them.
"Hojo!" the wizard girl that was with the blademaster known as Hojo, screamed as she ran with Serenity.

"Wait, Hojo?" Hojo blinked. "That's my name. Red, are you using my name because you forgot the blademaster's name."

"No, his name really is Hojo." Red Reaper replied.

"Must be your ancestor Hojo." Foxy giggled.

"Ah man." Hojo whimpered in disappointment. "My parents lied to me. I wanted to be the only Hojo."

Foxy, Fang, and Aqua laughed.

"Xaldain, are you ok?" Serenity asked as she kneeled beside Xaldain who was sitting up.

"Hojo, you're an idiot." the girl said to Hojo as she slowly took the arrow out his shoulder.

"I'm fine." Xaldain and Hojo replied in unison only to pass out from bleeding.

A few hours later

Xaldain woke up from his sleep. "Serenity?"

"I'm here." Serenity replied with a smile. "You and Hojo passed out from your dual. Why did you duel him?"

"He would give the things back if I won." he explained.

"Well, I talked to Maria."

"Who?" he asked with a puzzled look.

"The wizard girl that accompanies Hojo. She gave me the things back while you two were fighting your hearts out." she explained. "And the Elder of Archosaur was nice enough to give us living quarters for you two to rest."

"Ugh." Hojo stirred and started to wake up. "My head aches." He looked over to Serenity and Xaldain. "You two again." He gave Xaldain a glare which Xaldain exchanged.

"Calm down, Hojo. Serenity healed you after your duel with Xaldain." Maria said as she came in the room and sat by him. "Sorry for stealing."

"What?" Hojo blinked. "We're not sorry for stealing. They should be sorry for leaving their valuables out in the open." He got up from his bed. "I, Hojo the fifth, never says sorry."


"Hojo the fifth?" Hojo sighed. "It just gets worse..."

The others (Foxy, Aqua, and Fang) could not help giggling.

"Hojo." Maria sighed as Hojo got up and walked outside.

Xaldain got up and walked outside to follow him with Serenity and Maria following behind. "Hey." Hojo turned around to face Xaldain. "Whether you like it or not, those things are going back. I don't know your reason for stealing, but it's stilll wrong." Hojo only turned and continued walking.

"Let's just leave him alone for a bit." Serenity said softly to Xaldain. "He looks like he has a lot on his mind..."

08-04-2009, 07:11 PM
b:shockedI had no idea this would turn out so long. I hope this doesn't bore you or anyone else with all this writing.

Defected - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 07:30 PM
I suggest people write about me if they really want to win.

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 07:34 PM
I suggest people write about me if they really want to win.

Ahem...here's a limerick for ya, laddie.

There once was a man named Defected,
Whose ego was poorly erected.
He must now face the truth,
His 'tude's highly uncouth,
And now all of his posts are neglected.

Defected - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 07:39 PM
Ahem...here's a limerick for ya, laddie.

There once was a man named Defected,
Whose ego was poorly erected.
He must now face the truth,
His 'tude's highly uncouth,
And now all of his posts are neglected.


Instant win.

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 07:41 PM

Instant win.


...thank ya kindly. Just mail any and all prizes to KonariRaiden, on the Heaven's Tear server.

PS. That was just for defected. My original entry is my true entry. I'll be just funnin' from now on.

Lyxxx - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 07:46 PM
So so amazing and cool that you are promoting (not sure if its the right word b:surrender) writting/reading, I love it b:cute

Would love to participate for the money (yeah I said it >.>) and the experience but english being my second language my story might not make much sense to many people b:chuckle

But I will definitely read everything posted here and enjoy it b:victory

Thanks Shota for the awesome idea

Defected - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 07:47 PM
I submit my only attempt at poetry ever. Poetry is for touchy feeling girly men who use iMacs and drink appletinis.

Third post (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=241141)

I find it fitting since we're having another oracle event.

Though it would be wrong for me to be considered for this contest since I owe shota like, 100k.


I miss the days when my posts had impact.

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 07:49 PM
I submit my only attempt at poetry ever. Poetry is for touchy feeling girly men who use iMacs and drink appletinis.

Third post (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=241141)

I find it fitting since we're having another oracle event.

Though it would be wrong for me to be considered for this contest since I owe shota like, 100k.


I miss the days when my posts had impact.

*folds arms* I have taken your place.


Axe - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 08:36 PM
Forgot about my poem, I AM THE WINNER!!!!!

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 10:25 PM
Ahem..."Awesome-Sauce" is supposed to be capitalized as thus, including the hyphen...but I guess I'll let it slide this time.

Oh...and you misspelled my name. b:chuckle

hmmm rechecked my post, it looks right to me *winks*

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 10:27 PM
So so amazing and cool that you are promoting (not sure if its the right word b:surrender) writting/reading, I love it b:cute

Would love to participate for the money (yeah I said it >.>) and the experience but english being my second language my story might not make much sense to many people b:chuckle

But I will definitely read everything posted here and enjoy it b:victory

Thanks Shota for the awesome idea

Your english in your post was spot on, I vote you give it a whirl and enter!

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 10:37 PM
hmmm rechecked my post, it looks right to me *winks*

*blinks* "awesomesauce" DOES NOT EQUAL "Awesome-Sauce"





Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 10:40 PM

Curse your edits, madam Shota...

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 10:43 PM

Curse your edits, madam Shota...

*flashes her "who, me?" innocent look that nobody really believes*

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 10:46 PM
*flashes her "who, me?" innocent look that nobody really believes*




Stickygreen - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 11:00 PM
*flashes her "who, me?" innocent look that nobody really believes*

*sees the word flashing*


/bloodlust on

LadyofReal - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 11:41 PM
I'll be completely honest here, when I first heard of this contest, I did not believe it. I mainly use the forums to keep up to date on the updates that PW will or have released. But since it is maintenance time and I have time to kill, I'll give this a shot.

Inn of the Eagle is where I stand,
staring hypnotically across the land,
foes I must face to further explore,
to be able to stand at Etherblade's door.

On and on I fight each day,
clearing the obstacles in my way,
after many trials and broken swords,
I finally make it to the majestic Archosaur.

The general leads me to the path I must take,
more bosses and foes I must face,
my weary body taking it's toll,
after many victories and a few fails,
Summer sends me to the port of Dreams.

Here I face enemies unlike before,
breaking through my defenses,
I become weakened and afraid,
I call for a friend that I have made.

When all here is said and done,
the leader of Immolation Camp sends me a call,
his comrades have been defeated and he's about to fall,
his town needs a heroine to fight this battle.

I conquer this task with ease,
my skills have improved real fast,
the one battle I have been fighting since the start,
as finally taken it's toll on my heart.

The one I have pursued so relentlessly,
defending time and time again,
he answers my plees with a proposal,
and hosts an event to remember.

Now my journey takes me to the City of a Thousand Streams,
and the Elder offers me things of only dreams,
my next task he lays before me,
the reward being lands I haven't seen.

So now I question myself,
do I continue on or hang my axes?
The answer comes easily to me,
these new lands I have to see.

When the sun arises next,
I will give it my best,
I will advance my cultivation once more,
and then I shall enter Brimstone's door.

I hope this will suffice, seeing how I like to keep my literature to myself.
(Yes, I have less than 10% before leveling, I will be yet another sage BM within 24 hours of servers opening up).

Stickygreen - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 11:42 PM
Lady i thought you were level 90? ._.

LadyofReal - Heavens Tear
08-04-2009, 11:50 PM
Lol, no not yet, some things in real life came up and got in the way, but I'm looking forward to getting my fairy and aoe grinding some more in Hell.

Btw, I hate my avatar, it looks nothing like my character. GM's please change this.

08-05-2009, 05:40 AM
Chapter 10: Get Well Soon, Serenity

Serenity and Xaldain stayed in Arcosaur for the night. It was too late to travel and they might as well stay in the living space the Elder lent them.

Serenity was laying down in a bed next to Xaldain's. She quickly covered her mouth. "Achoo." she sneezed cutely.

Xaldain rolled over to his side to face her. "Bless you."

"Thank you." she replied with a smile.

He sat up on the bed. "I'll get you some soup and herbs so you won't get a cold." He got up out the bed. "Stay under the covers. I'll be back." he said to her before departing. Soon he realized that he had no money as he was walked through the West District of Archosaur. Now what could he do? A brilliant idea came to mind. This was a busy city, surely the people of the town could use a worker.

"Excuse me, do you need help with anything?" Xaldain asked a banker.

"Oh yes, please!" the banker exclaimed in excitement. He explained everything that Xaldain needed to do. Sadly it was a long list, but Xaldain would do it for Serenity.

"First, I need soft fur..." Xaldain said to himself as he walked out of the West District Gates. His green eyes landed upon a green lyxnus. "Bingo."

Four hours later

"Finally done." Xaldain celebrated and lugged the items over his shoulder as he walked back to the banker.

"Yes! Thank you. Here is your reward." The banker grinned and handed Xaldain a celestone fragment and 2,500 coins.

Xaldain stared at the coins for a long while. That was it? He could have made more by selling all those items. He made a heavy sigh, then wondered Archosaur to try and find Oblivion Soup and herbs for a low cost.

"Selling a pickaxe! You can mine your own materials and dig your own herbs! Only 2,000 coins!" a merchant shouted. "I also have lovely gems!"

Xaldain paused and looked over to the merchant. Should he buy the pickaxe and dig the fresh herbs or buy at least one bowl of Oblivion Soup. Choices. Choices.

He ended up buying the pickaxe. It was better to get fresh herbs anyway. Oblivion Soup would help if she got really sick. Luckily she was not or so he thought...

"Serenity!" Maria's voice echoed through the crowd of people.

Hearing the scream, Xaldain raced to the West Gates to find Serenity passed out on the ground along side of Maria. "What happened?" he asked frantically.

"She got posioned by a venomous ghoul. She was looking for you." Maria replied

"Serenity, why did you-" He sighed.

"The Elder said it was dangerous outside of Archosaur where herbs grew." Maria added. "There should be an Apothecary nearby. He should have remedies for poison. I'll take her back to the room."

"Thank you." he nodded to Maria. "I won't be long." He raced to the Apothecary. There was no time to lose.

At the Apothecary

Sadly, the Apothecary did not carry any herbs with him and Xaldain needed to train in order to create the solution that kills poison. He knew he should have started his training earlier.

Two hours later

Xaldain was digging up a nectar herb on a hill. It was not infested with wraiths, thank goodness. He had a long way to go still and the sun had already set. "Hold on Serenity..." he whispered.

"Hey, farm boy." a familiar male voice said behind Xaldain. Xaldain turned to see it was Hojo. "Here." he said, throwing Xaldain a bag of herbs. "That should help." He turned his back towards him and started walking away.

"Uh.. Thanks, Hojo." Xaldain said and smiled. "Why did you give me this?"

"To save Serenity. She did help heal me after all. And I have no use for them anymore." Hojo replied.

"What do you mean by anymore?" Xaldain asked curiously as he stood up.

"It's nothing." Hojo answered, waving his hand to dismiss it. "You better get going."

Xaldain nodded and hurried back to Archosaur.

Hojo sighed. "Not anymore..."

Memory of Hojo's

"Don't worry, KC. I'll get you the remedies you need. I promise." a younger verion of Hojo thought to himself as he ran through a forest. "Why did I leave him all alone?" He turned to see thieves surround him. "Great, just my luck." he said to himself as they attacked. He was no match for them and was quickly defeated. "My... my herbs..." he grunted as he got up (Ressurection scroll). "They're gone.." (.01% Drop rate) He growled and clenched his fists. "I'll have to start over again. Hang in there little brother. I'll work harder."

End of Flashback

Hojo shook his head and sighed. "Forgive, KC..."

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 07:33 AM
I'll be completely honest here, when I first heard of this contest, I did not believe it.).

It's for real hon, I loved my time in PWI and wanted to leave with a bang, a flourish, and some fun :-)

Olba - Sanctuary
08-05-2009, 09:05 AM
Ahem..."Awesome-Sauce" is supposed to be capitalized as thus, including the hyphen...but I guess I'll let it slide this time.

Oh...and you misspelled my name. b:chuckle

Megatokyo, steampunk, l33t and Largo agree here. (http://megatokyo.com/strip/1221) God, I had to do that.

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 10:08 AM
Megatokyo, steampunk, l33t and Largo agree here. (http://megatokyo.com/strip/1221) God, I had to do that.


ಥ_ಥ ...I...I love it...!

Joshinator - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 11:06 AM
The Lucky Archer (Short Story)

A lonely archer walks through the district known as the west. He wanders

aimlessly and wonders why there is so many cats, why avarice felines would

charge 600k for a charm of gold. As he was walking through the labyrinth of

felines he comes across an old man with a peculiar "stache". The old man

was not blessed with vertical advantage, but he had the body of a god

and if you looked at him fast he would resemble Tom Skeritt. The Archer

finishes examining the old man and asks "How old are you sir?".

The old moustached man replied "2,531 Perfect World Cycles". (about 5,610


The Archer was baffled that a man could live that long and have

a body that was so ripped, and veins popping every which direction and abs

that were not steel, but like diamonds. So the archer asked, "What is your

secret old man?". The old man replied with a booming laugh "Hahaha, you

know... if I told you i'd most certainly have to kill you." The Curious Archer's

eyebrows frowned. Reluctantly, but still fearing his life The Archer mustered

up the courage to say "I really want to know, you can try to kill me."

The old man quickly conjures up the most powerful punch he can to swing

at the unaware archer. The old man hits the young archer causing him to

fly back Three-Hundred meters, reduces his hp to 0 and makes him lose 999

Gaurdian Angels out of 1,000. That 1 last Gaurdian Angel luckily saved him so

he could go to town without losing experience. The Archer wakes up several

years later in an unknown place.

The Archer looks around the damp, and dark place where he see the old man

cooking something in a pot. The old man turns around and says with a chuckle

"Oh, you're finally up!". "You know.. Nobody has ever survived one of those

punches without going back to level 0 then getting kicked out of the game".

The Archer replies softly, "Really?" The Old Man replies, "Yes, now I can tell

you my secret to eternal life". The Archer sits up eagerly.

The Old Man continutes, "My secret.... you must never tell anyone. Not

even your closest friends or family." The Archer replies, "Of course I won't

you have my word!" The Old Man reluctantly begins talking again, "My secret

is..." Then there is suddenly a knock on the door. A man with a red beard

and ripping body walks in. The Archer says "Who is this man?". The Old Man

Replies, "This is my only son, we created Perfect World with our bare hands...

His name is Chuck Norris, this is my Secret to eternal life."

The Archer quickly gets up to shake Chuck Norris's hand, but as we all know

Chuck Norris's strength is unmatched and crushes The Archer's hand. Which

Destroys his last Gaurdian Angel and sends him flying from level 105 to level 0.

Sending him flying out of the game we know as.... Perfect World International!

Joshinator - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 11:18 AM
Wow that was longer than I thought.. it's still pretty short hehe

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 12:00 PM
LOL CHUCK NORRIS. b:laughb:laughb:laugh

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 12:17 PM


Liebe - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 12:32 PM
Sounds like much fun ^^ I'll give it a try b:victory

Joshinator - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 01:47 PM
lol I based the old guy off of one of my in-game friends. b:laugh

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 03:59 PM
How many entries are there so far? I'm too lazy to count. >.>


Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 04:22 PM
How many entries are there so far? I'm too lazy to count. >.>


The artist in me agrees with you.

The greedy side in me wants to put tape over your mouth, so that he has a better shot at winning.

The kid in me likes the frosted side.

But the grown up in me likes the kid in me!

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 05:12 PM
The artist in me agrees with you.

The greedy side in me wants to put tape over your mouth, so that he has a better shot at winning.

I agree with you too, actually...does that make me evil or awesome-sauce? >.>

Brylla - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 06:24 PM
"OFF THERE to the right--somewhere--is a large island," said Whitney." It's rather a mystery--"

"What island is it?" Rainsford asked.


I read this story for my English class last year... It's called The Most Dangerous Game and it's by Richard Connell... Plagiarism isn't a very nice thing HatsuHina b:surrender

I think this is a great idea! :D I'm going to put on my thinking cap and see what I can come up with! I'm not going to lie, the money would be a great bonus, but just giving the idea of writing a fan-fic about PWI is awesome! Thanks! b:victory

Great job to everybody who already entered and good luck!! You guys are really creative and I know I most likely won't win anything if it's up against this awesome stuff but I know I'll have fun trying. b:victory

Brylla - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 06:26 PM
Oh, and...

Any entry made MUST deal with PWI, according to the rules. Sorry, but you lose the game.


...damn, I just lost The Game.

I just lost it too... Thanks... >___<

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 06:54 PM
I agree with you too, actually...does that make me evil or awesome-sauce? >.>


Oh, and...

I just lost it too... Thanks... >___<

...you're welcome. :D

Stickygreen - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 07:23 PM
konari.. **** and go hit 90 so i can make you my rb hor.

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 07:25 PM
konari.. **** and go hit 90 so i can make you my rb hor.

NO U Sticky

08-05-2009, 09:38 PM
Chapter 11: The Past of Hojo the V

Hojo came back to the house where the others were and found that Serenity was awake.

"Oh hi, Hojo." Serenity smiled up at him from the bed she was resting in. "Thank you."

Xaldain and Maria both nodded their heads as they stood by Serenity's bedside.

"Without your help, I wouldn't have made the solution in time to save Serenity. I am greatful to you." Xaldain stated.

"It's nothing." Hojo denied the praise. " I have to go. I just saw some rich people pass by." he said, turning back around.

"Hojo, you're not thinking of stealing again are you?" Maria asked with sad eyes.

He looked over his shoulder. "What if I am?"

"It's wrong to do. And you've been at it since we met." she explained.

"It's not like I'm going to kill anyone." he replied. Maria gave him a 'Ya Right' look. "Ok, only if they get in my way." he added.

"Hojo." Maria frowned.

"Well I can't stand here and do nothing! I have to do this for my brother!" he growled before walking out and slamming the door.

"His brother?" Serenity repeated and blinked in confusion.

Maria sighed. "His little brother died a long time ago. Hojo wants his revenge." She shook her head. "He hasn't told me who did it, but they must be very strong for even him."

"What were those herbs for then?" Xaldain thought to himself as he walked outside to find Hojo. "Hojo! Hojo, wait!" he shouted as he ran towards the blademaster that was walking out the West Gates of Archosaur.

"What?" Hojo replied as he turned around to face him.

"You can't keep stealing from people. Even if it is some way to avenge your brother." Xaldain explained.

"You wouldn't understand." he glared at the archer and clenched his fists. "I'm not only trying to get revenge. I'm trying to save him."

"To save him?" Xaldain repeated with a curious and confused facial expression.

"As I said, you wouldn't understand." Hojo's head shot up when he heard several men running towards them. They looked angry too.

"Hey, you!" a man growled.
"You stole from us in Etherblade!" another added.

"Old friends of your's?" Xaldain asked as he took out his bow and arrow.

"Not really." Hojo responded. "So what if I did?" he replied to the group of blood-thirsty men. He and Xaldain stepped backwards so they were off of Archosaur's ramp and on the grass.

"Your going to pay with your life. You and your little friend." a man with green hair replied as he unshealthed his two swords. He and his group jumped over the guards. They knew they would be attacked by the two guards. They were indeed murderers.

"Stay out of this. This is my battle." Hojo said to Xaldain in a low voice.

"They're planning on killing me too. I don't know about you, but they look like experienced fighters to me." (Red Names) Xaldain said back to Hojo in a whisper. "Face it. You need help."

"Hmph. Whatever. Just don't get in my way." Hojo replied before running towards the leader of the group and drawing his blade. "Stream Strike!" he shouted and a powerful wave emitted through his sword.

"Man, why do I get the lackies?" Xaldain sighed, seeing four charging towards him. "Thunderous Blast!" Rays of lightening came from the sky and struck the four goons.

The leader grinned and leaped back out of the way from Hojo's attack. He chuckled, "Is that all you got?" He ran towards Hojo and yelled, "Spirit Chaser!"

Several minutes later

The four goons were on top of one another in defeat. "Well that's it for them." Xaldain stated as he looked over his right shoulder at them. His attention turned back to Hojo still fighting with the leader. "You're not done yet? I thought you said you could handle it."

"Shut up, Xaldain." Hojo growled. "He is the leader, smarta-" Hojo was cut off by the leader. He had to block with his sword against the two swords pressing down on it. "And very strong too.." he added in his mind.

"Pay attention to who you're fighting." the leader said with a great big smile planted on his face. He knew he was winning the battle. Hojo already had one knee on the ground and his other leg was shaking to hold up. "Looks like you don't have enough strength."

"Hojo, you want me to help now?" Xaldain asked.

"No! I said this is my fight!" Hojo yelled to Xaldain as he winced and struggled. "I can do this on my own. I don't need help from anyone." he said to himself.

"Ok then." Xaldain said back to him, then started walking away. "But if you need me, I'll be here."

"I wouldn't be relaxing if I were you." an eerie male voice came from behind Xaldain. Xaldain turned to face another blademaster only this blademaster was using... claws? He had black spiked hair and big narrowing black eyes. "Looks like I caught a pixie. I hate your kind. What a great day this is to rip you to shreds." he hissed in a chuckle.

"Pixie?!" Xaldain glared at the man. "If it's a fight you want then fine." But before Xaldain could even lock onto him and shoot, the blademaster seemed to vanish then re-appear right in front of him only to land a sharp blow across his face. "What?" Xaldain winced and fell to the ground. Ten seconds in the fight and the blademaster already made him bleed. "How does he move so fast? I can't even aim at him." he pondered. "That's right. Blademasters are able to run superfast. I have to watch out for this one." He quickly rolled away and got up from the ground before one of the man's claws pierced through his skull. "That was close. I have to make a distance between us. That should buy me time to aim and shoot." he thought as he ran away from the blademaster.

"What's the matter, pixie? Running away so soon?" the man laughed and ran after Xaldain. "The funs just getting started."

"Quick shot!" Xaldain shot several arrows at the man, however they all missed. "What? I don't usually miss like this. His evasion must be pretty high." Again, the blademaster disappeared then reappeared, but this time Xaldain was ready. He dodged the man's claws. Right. Then left. Then right again. It was all he could do for now.

"Stop evading, pixie!" the man was very agitated as he continuted swinging his claws right and left. Archers were the worst. They had those dodging skills that they possibly learned from birth. "Stand still!" he demanded.

"And let you hit me? Not a chance." Xaldain replied, ducking the man's Tiger Maw move. He flipped backwards to lengthen the space between them. Though the blademaster kept using superspeed to shorten the distance. This was not looking good. This was worse than the fight with Hojo. At least in the fight with him, he could attack and not run and flip away in fear of being swiped. Speaking of Hojo...

"Meteor Rush!" The green haired man grinned as the lucent beam he created hit Hojo and sent him flying backwards.

"Ugh!" Hojo grimaced and fell on his back. His sword was out his hand and stuck in the ground between him and the man. He struggled getting up and growled. "Damn." The corner of his mouth was dripping of blood along with the right side of his forehead.

"Hojo!" Xaldain shouted once he looked over and saw the leader running over to finish Hojo off. "Hurry and get up!"

"Pay attention!" the man Xaldain was fighting stated before he managed to strike Xaldain with one of his claws.

"Ahh.." Xaldain winced in pain. He tried to place pressure on his bleeding chest but his arm nor hand would move. He was stunned. "Oh no, I can't move."

The man grinned and laughed. "Heh, heh, heh. This will slow you down, dumb pixie." He raised both his claws for his next assualt. "Vacuous Palm!" His hands were fast but Xaldain could feel every painful hit. He felt himself grow weak in an instant. This blademaster was hitting all his pressure points. When it was all over, it hurt just to move a step. He only could do one thing...

"Hojo!" Xaldain yelled and threw his bow with all his might towards his fallen comrade.

Hojo raised his hand and caught the bow. He stared at it in bewilderment. "A bow? What is he thinking. I can't use-" But before he could finish his thought, he knew what Xaldain threw it to him for. With quick reflexes, he was able to stop the leader's assualt with the bow. The two swords clashed against the metal bow. Xaldain saved his life, however the bow would not hold up for long. The leader was placing more and more preasure against it. Soon the bow started to crack, which was not good at all. Once he heard another crack, Hojo sprung into action. "Cyclone Heel!" Hojo shouted as he came up from the ground and landed a critical blow on his attacker. "Drake's Breath Bash!" he added to his previous attack on the man, sending him in a daze. The man was only doing regular attacks that were not getting anywhere. "What's the matter? Out of skills?" Hojo managed to get his sword from the ground. "I won't be killed. I have to get stronger. Atmos Strike!" The powerful attack sent the leader flying twelve meters away, right onto the ramp of Archosaur where the guards dealt with him. "Heh, loser."

"Ahh!" Xaldain cried out in pain.

Hojo turned his attention towards Xaldain. He was struck by a spikey haired blademaster's claw in the shoulder. "Xaldain!" he yelled as he ran to his comrade's aid.

"Time to say bye bye, pi-" The man's claw fell short from Xaldain's head. Slowly he looked down to see a sword had pierced him. The hand holding the blade was Xaldain. He then quickly collapsed.

Xaldain opened one of his closed eyes. "Did I get him?" Before Hojo answered, he opened his eyes to see the blademaster laying on the ground. "Yee.." He released the handle of the sword and crawled back from the fallen man. "Did I?"

Hojo looked from the blademaster to Xaldain. "No, he just passed out. You were close to though." He saw Xaldain's wounds and offered him a hand. "Let's get back." He smiled and helped Xaldain up. "You know, you come in handy when I get suprise battles."

"Oh?" Xaldain smiled. "What did you steal from them anyway?" he asked as he limped with Hojo to Archosaur's West Gates.

"Herbs and armor." Hojo replied. "Oh ya, your bow broke."

"It what?!"

Returning to the room

When the door opened to the room, Serenity and Maria immediately stood up and rushed over to Xaldain and Hojo.

"What happened?" Serenity asked as she ran to Xaldain, seeing all his wounds.

"Were you two dualing again?" Maria asked.

"No, we were fighting some people I stole from." Hojo replied only to get an instant smack across the face. "Hey, what was that for?" Maria only glared at him. He glanced over at Xaldain to see him get treated right away by Serenity. "How come Xaldain doesn't get smacked?"

"Because Xaldain isn't stupid, Stupid!" Maria replied angrily. "I told you not to steal."

"But it was an old steal." Hojo replied. "We aren't dead. I don't see what the problem is."

"Looking at your wounds, you're more than half way there!" Maria yelled. She sighed and her brown bangs covered her eyes. "I am so thankful that Xaldain was there with you..." She lifted her head to show watery eyes. "You could have died, Hojo." She shook her head, making her bangs fall over her eyes once again. "Please don't steal anymore. Find another way to get enough money and proper armor. Promise me you won't steal again."

Hojo sighed. "Usually I don't think of myself. All that matters is avenging and helping my brother, KC. Stealing and picking fights are the only way I know how to improve myself." He looked down at Maria. "I'll stop stealing, but I will still have to fight other people to get more skilled. I plan to face that murderer one day and she will be worse than those thugs."

"Her?" Serenity and Xaldain both tilted their heads. They thought it was a man who killed his brother.

"More like an it-she." Hojo replied to them. He was guided to another bed so Maria could start treating his wounds. "I had never seen someone that powerful." He started recapping his past, "It started the day I came back from training..."

Hojo's Past

A young Hojo ran towards a town happily. "A month has passed since I left, I wonder if everyone is doing well." He ran through the town, waving at the townspeople as they greeted him. "Yep, everything looks good to me." He stopped at a house. "KC, Grandpa, I'm home!" he exclaimed. However there was no cheer in the house. Everything was silent. Soon he heard a cough from his grandfather and walked to the livingroom.

"Ah, Hojo my boy." The old man smiled, but quickly covered his mouth to when he had to cough.

"Where is KC?"

"Oh.." The old man coughed again several times. "He's... He's in the army."

"What?!" Hojo could not believe what he was hearing. "He's too young to be going off to war."

"The Elder of Etherblade wanted one man, 16 years or older, from every house in the war against the wraiths. I could not go because of my condition. He is 11 so he took your place, Hojo. He signed up as you."

"When did they leave? Where did they go?" Hojo asked frantically.

"They left two days ago... And They are heading for the Swamp." The man grimaced. "I believe these are the last of my days. Take care of KC..."

Hojo nodded. "I'll bring KC back. Don't worry. I will protect my little brother." After that promise, he ran off.

One day later

"KC! KC!" Hojo yelled as he ran through the swamp battlefield of wraiths and humans. His eyes scanned right and left but he did not spot his younger brother. "KC!" he shouted again, hoping for an answer. Fear was in his heart. Was he too late? The wraiths were winning. There were thousands upon thousands of them. Yet still he tried, "KC!!"

"Hojo?" a weak voice of a boy whispered through the air.

Hojo whirled around to see a little boy with long black hair laying on the ground. He kneeled down to him. "KC..."

"Big brother, I tried..." The boy winced as he held his side. "We were winning, but it was an ambush." He was holding onto a stinger, which was the cause of his pain.

Hojo recognized that stinger. It was from a hornet and it was posionous. He clenched his fists. "I'm going to get you out of here and back home. Then I'll get the antidote." His eyes were close to watering. "Can you hold on for that long?"

KC nodded then grimaced and clenched the stinger tighter. "It really hurts..."

"Don't worry. Everything will be ok."

Two hours later

"Those stupid Seaweed Thieves. They stole my herbs. How will I make the antidote then get to him on time?" Hojo closed his eyes and balled up his hands. "No, I can't fail him. He's counting on me." He opened his eyes to hear commotion not to far away. Slowly, he went to investigate these voices.

"These herbs are for a life time. I got every single herb. Now we can sell them high in Archosaur." a man with green hair laughed. He was with five others. They had great armor. "I already made combinations if we run into trouble. Like for instance, this antidote one. It will destroy any posion from your system." The man held up a brown pouch to show his men.

"I have to get that somehow..." Hojo thought to himself as he listened in.

Later that hour, Hojo was able to snatch the herb bag along with a couple of things. He was spotted but quickly got away using a black mare that he well... borrowed.

Returning to the Town

KC was going to be alright. Hojo had the herbs so the posion would not kill his young brother. "Kc, I'm coming."

However, when he came back to his town...

Hojo pulled the horse to a halt and his mind raced. Was his eyes decieving him or was the town really on... fire? Without a moment to lose, he jumped off the horse and sprinted through the burning town. "No. No... Why?" he thought to himself as he saw bodies of slaughterd men, women, and children on the ground. "Who would attack a village like this? Why now?" His heart raced as he busted through the door of his home. "Grandpa?! KC?!" he yelled, coughing from the smoke. His eyes found the chair his grandfather usually sat in and he turned it around to find a corpse. "Ah!" he yelped and jumped back. "What the Hell?" he coughed. It was like the life of his grandfather was sucked right out of him. That could mean only one thing... Wraiths. "KC!" he yelled as he went to the bed his brother laid in. Good, he was still alive and well. With no hesitation, Hojo was going to pick up his brother, sadly a huge blast destroyed the entire house. Hojo winced and looked around. "KC?"

"Looking for this boy?" a cold snake-like woman's voice asked.

Hojo looked up to see a part woman, part serpant holding his brother. It was a wraith no doubt. He got to his feet. "Let him go!" he demanded.

"Mind your tongue, human. I am still holding him. I could kill him in and instant. You should be lucky I don't want you." She giggled in a hiss then added, "Yet." She grinned, looking at KC. "He must mean very much to you." Her eyes widened in delight. "Imagine how much stronger your soul will be with him gone. And with hate keeping you going. Ahh... sounds delicious." She parted her lips and a purple mist swirled around KC.

Hojo's eyes narrowed. "What are you doing to him?!" He ran towards her and unshealthed his sword. "Let him go!"

The wraith smiled and Hojo was unable to move. "Just stand and watch." Now she was slurping the purple mist back into her, taking KC's life force with it.

"Hojo.." KC said in a pain-filled whisper before he turned into a corpse like the others.

The white orb that was KC's soul was tainted with violet and became a skull in her hand. "Looks like I will be adding him to my collection."

"Big brother, please help me..." the voice of Hojo's brother echoed from the skull and reflected KC's face oin it.

"KC!!" Hojo was now able to move. "Damn you, wench!" he shouted, about to attack her with his sword.

She laughed evily. "That's right. Feed your anger and hatred towards me. For I am Harpy Wraith, Queen of All Wraiths!" She then vanished in a violet mist and Hojo's sword went straight through and hit the ground.

The sword planted in the ground left Hojo's hand. "No..." His hands clenched the dirt and his body shook as he stayed on his knees. Tear drops continued to fall on his worn hands. "This can't be real. This can't be." he tried to deny it. His black bangs covered his drizzling eyes. "I'm sorry, KC.... I failed you..."

Hojo's past end

Maria was hugging Hojo. "Hojo, I'm so sorry."

Serenity was crying. "Hojo, we all are..."

Xaldain nodded in agreement.

Hojo was staring at the ground. "That's why I must get stronger. I must stop her and release my brother's soul. At least he would be at peace instead of being a power-up for that... creature."

"You won't be alone." Xaldain stated. "I'll do what I can to help you."
"Me too." Serenity added.
"Me three." Marai chimed.

Hojo shook his head. "No, no. She is too powerful."

"All the more reason for us to help you." Maria replied.

Hojo sighed. He did not want anyone else getting their soul taken. But these three would sure enough not quit bugging him about it. "Sure... I guess..."

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-05-2009, 11:42 PM
Anyone who has posted an enrty that does not deal with PWI and is thus ineligible may post a second :-)

08-06-2009, 02:09 AM
Poem ;D

Why must you take all my time :(
when theres people QQing on the left
and QQing on the right
I still ask..Why Why Why?!?!?!?b:angry

Shinraknight - Heavens Tear
08-06-2009, 04:34 AM
I have a poem LOL kinda funnyb:laugh
I call it: Play Nice, NOT!

When you are broke
you want to get rich,
so dont make people choke
for being a witch.

You will be a farmer
for a good time
brandishing great armor
till it shines.

What else you need
is a good weapon
and mobs that you see
teach it a lesson.

What you will slay
you can't be enough
so friendship all the way
until you are tough.

Then you will see
friends are good
but don't all agree
because kill you they would.

That is PVP
so watch out
kindly to be
is not a route.

Its only a game
So please don't flame.

It is fun to play
heads will twirl
puke all day
in your perfect world.

Pannelo - Heavens Tear
08-06-2009, 06:57 AM
Always sad when anyone leaves a game especially one that started playing from launch. I also think it is a great idea what you are doing and would like to do something similar myself when my time comes.

I also wasn't sure how to rhyme your name (the alternative was to rhyme it quota but that was waaaaay more difficult)

So here is my Ode To Shota (pronounced it Shotter)

There once was a player called Shota,
Who aquired the wealth of a Botter,
They decided to leave,
Perfect World will all grieve,
As there will never be anyone hotter!


Hope you like it. It killed a bit of time at work anyway. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with all your newly aquired time.

Kittennice - Heavens Tear
08-06-2009, 11:24 AM
The Place to Stay

Perfect World, a beautiful game indeed
Journey forward and get help when in need
Destined to meet and work together
This is a world where things are much better

Sure there is greed, money makes the world go 'round
But Perfect World is where friends can be found
Treasure the memories, gifts, and all
You are all in this together, succeed or fall

Cherish the differences of everyone in sight
Get your aerogear and take flight
Conquer the Wraiths, conquer your fear
No use in going back, you are already here

World chat, squad chat, and even in a faction
The pixels on the screen is only a mere fraction
Behind is where it counts, behind is where it lies
Friendships are made and even ties

Wait! There are more things to see
Do not get up from that computer and simply flee
We want you to stay, come login
Leaving Perfect World is like a sin

Perhaps you will leave or maybe you will stay
We shall wait for that very day
Farewell maybe today, tomorrow, or forever
But in our digital hearts we shall forget you, never


Thank you for the contest. I hope you will someday return to Perfect World maybe to even say hi. I'm sure your friends would be very happy^^.

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-06-2009, 11:38 AM
Always sad when anyone leaves a game especially one that started playing from launch. I also think it is a great idea what you are doing and would like to do something similar myself when my time comes.

I also wasn't sure how to rhyme your name (the alternative was to rhyme it quota but that was waaaaay more difficult)

So here is my Ode To Shota (pronounced it Shotter)

There once was a player called Shota,
Who aquired the wealth of a Botter,
They decided to leave,
Perfect World will all grieve,
As there will never be anyone hotter!


Hope you like it. It killed a bit of time at work anyway. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with all your newly aquired time.

appealing to my vanity is always worthy of bonus points!

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-06-2009, 11:40 AM
Thank you for the contest. I hope you will someday return to Perfect World maybe to even say hi. I'm sure your friends would be very happy^^.

You are very welcome and I'm sure I will pop in, or at least on the forums to say hello!

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-06-2009, 01:00 PM
You are very welcome and I'm sure I will pop in, or at least on the forums to say hello!

You'd better. Everyone loves a little Shota now and then. [/innuendo]

Kazusame - Heavens Tear
08-06-2009, 02:37 PM
could I put my submission on a file hosting site, i.e megaupload/depositfiles, because the pages need to be in a certain order and a post on the forums wouldn't do it justice?

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-06-2009, 10:02 PM
could I put my submission on a file hosting site, i.e megaupload/depositfiles, because the pages need to be in a certain order and a post on the forums wouldn't do it justice?

Please make your best effort to post it here. I'm trying to keep the contest on the forums and everyone on even ground. If you cut and paste the posts should come out in order.

Good luck and I'm sure I speak for a lot of people in saying we look forward to your work!

08-07-2009, 04:53 PM
I'll put my chapters as links to the pages so you can easily read it without searching for them. If that is ok.

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-07-2009, 05:06 PM
I'll put my chapters as links to the pages so you can easily read it without searching for them. If that is ok.

I'm sorry, as per the rules all submissions must be posted to the forum to be eligible. Feel free to use multiple posts for your chapters. I apologize if this seems inflexible, but I have received multiple PMs asking for various chnages to the rules and it's just easier if they are all the same for everyone.

Good luck!

08-07-2009, 05:32 PM
I'm sorry, as per the rules all submissions must be posted to the forum to be eligible. Feel free to use multiple posts for your chapters. I apologize if this seems inflexible, but I have received multiple PMs asking for various chnages to the rules and it's just easier if they are all the same for everyone.

Good luck!

I meant, I'm still posting it in the forum but I was thinking of making the links to the pages in one post...

Like say I posted Chapter 1 on page 4 and Chapter 2 on page 6. I would have a link to page 4, saying this is Chapter 1 and have another link to page 6, saying this is Chapter 2.

I already have several seperate posts. I'm cutting the story short. Hopefully at Chapter 20 I'll be done.

08-07-2009, 05:42 PM
Chapter 12: Hey, Cupid!

Two days later

Serenity and Xaldain were walking around the West of Archosaur. They needed a new bow for Xaldain to use since Hojo broke it in his fight with that gang leader.

"I don't know, Serenity. I could just make my own bow again." Xaldain sighed as they looked shop to shop.

"Nonesense. There has to be something good around here." Serenity replied with a smile.

"Crossbows! Selling crossbows for archers! The strongest weapon for an archer!" a vendor shouted loudly.

Serenity's eyes sparkled and she ran to the vendor. "Perfect. I'll take it."

Xaldain tilted his head. "What are you doing?"

"Here." she said, coming back to him and handing him the crossbow.

He blinked. "What do I do with this?"

"You shoot with it."

"But how does it work?" he asked as he fiddled with it.

"Hey." Hojo waved and walked with Maria over to the two of them. He looked at the crossbow. "Looks like you got a new gadget."

"As soon as I figure how it-" Xaldain finally was able to shoot it but...

A loud roar of a tiger echoed through Archosaur.

"-works..." Xaldain finished and looked over to who the arrow shot.

It was a Tiger Barbarian and the arrow was right in his...

"Whoa... nice aim." Hojo laughed. "Talk about up the arse."

Maria and Serenity placed their hands over thier mouths to prevent themselves from laughing out loud.

The arrow had struck the barbarian's rear end. The barbarain turned and glared at Hojo who was laughing. "Who shot me in the butt?!" he growled. His eyes soon found Xaldain holding a crossbow. "Why you-"

"Hey, guys!" a familar giddy female voice shouted before jumping into sight. It was Luna!

"Luna." Xaldain smiled at the familiar canine.
"Hey." Serenity greeted the fox venomancer.

The barbarian stared at the venomancer who had just appeared before him. "My Lady, are these your friends?"

Luna turned around and looked at the barbarian oddly. "Ya." she replied. "Do I know you?"

"Then I will not harm them. And no, but.. I wish to know you." the barbarain replied. "I am Stripes or whatever you wish to call me, My Lady. May I have the name of the one who has captured my heart?"

"Huh?" Luna blinked.

"Xaldain, I think you shot that arrow too far." Hojo said. Serenity, Maria, and Xaldain nodded in agreement.

"Errmm.. Luna." the fox girl replied.

"Luna. Such a beautiful name indeed." the barbarain grinned happily.

"So he forgot all about the arrow?" Serenity asked.

"I think so." Maria answered.

"You know what Xaldain? I think you can be the new Cupid. He just fell in love with the first girl he saw." Hojo said with amazement.

"That's ridiculous." Xaldain crossed his arms.

"All you need is a white towel on and you're set, Cupid." Hojo grinned.

Xaldain's right brow twitched. "Don't call me that else you'll have more open slots than a beginner."

Serenity and Maria started to picture Xaldain with just a white towel on as he flew around shooting people in the butt.

Xaldain's attention turned to the two girls whose minds were in the clouds. One of his brows raised. "What are you two thinking about?"

"Nothing." Maria replied.
"Nothing at all." Serenity responded quickly.

"Cupid." Maria giggled through her hand on her mouth.

"Hojo!" Xaldain growled and glared at the blademaster.

"I didn't say anything." Hojo shifted his eyes and stepped a ways from the group. "Cupid." he quickly added before darting off with his Blademaster Super speed.

"Come back here!" Xaldain shouted as he ran after him.

"Speaking of arrows..." Stripes glanced down at his tush with the arrow still in one cheek. "Madam Cleric, would be so kind as to..."

"Sorry, Stripes. I don't do butts." Serenity waved her hands to decline. "But I can give you medicine for the wound."

Stripes sighed. "Very well."


Xaldain was still chasing Hojo. The other four sat in front of them at a campfire, while reading Class Guides. Stripes had his arrow taken out by another cleric and he was sitting next to Luna who had actually taken to the Barbarian quite well.

"Stop running!" Xaldain shouted at Hojo.

"Never!" Hojo shouted back, popping another Speed Pill (PWI Steroids) in his mouth to keep running fast.

"When will this end?" Serenity asked as she turned a page to the Cleric Section.

"Hojo will run out of them soon." Maria replied, not looking up from her Wizard Section in her Class Guide. "In... Three... Two... One..."

"Ah!" Hojo winced and fell to the ground.

"Gotcha!" Xaldain grinned.

"No, Xaldain. No, Xaldain! I won't say Cupid ever again!" Hojo pleaded, but only got shot several more times. "Ah!" He crawled over to Maria. "Maria, help me..." he whimpered. There were nine arrows sticking out his butt.

Maria giggled in reply, "You're on your own."

Xaldain had a devilish smile as he walked towards the group. He aimed at Hojo and let the arrow loose. "Hole in one!"

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Hojo screamed.

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-07-2009, 06:14 PM
I already have several seperate posts. I'm cutting the story short. Hopefully at Chapter 20 I'll be done.

20?! O.O

Is the whole thing like, off the top of your head?? Or did you have this planned from the beginning? o.o

08-07-2009, 06:38 PM
20?! O.O

Is the whole thing like, off the top of your head?? Or did you have this planned from the beginning? o.o

I've been thinking of it for the video contest, but I didn't make a script and I saw it would be very long. I was lazy. But ya, I just thought of these off the top of my head.b:pleased Chapter 1 should be on page 5 if you want to read it. I am still thinking of making it a video.

Renegade_Elf - Heavens Tear
08-07-2009, 06:52 PM
Would love to participate for the money (yeah I said it >.>) and the experience but english being my second language my story might not make much sense to many people b:chuckle

I don't think that would be a great idea. No try = no win. Don't just try it for just the coins. See it as this: Try to boost up your English. I myself am an 18 year old Dutch boy.
Do you see anything others wouldn't understand?

I will try to make up something for this contest, the coins would be great, but of course I want to improve my English language skills. Although, I'm already pretty good at it. lol

By the way: I just(well sort of, 45mins ago) saw somebody telling about this contest in the World Chat.

~The Ren

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-07-2009, 07:37 PM
I meant, I'm still posting it in the forum but I was thinking of making the links to the pages in one post...

Like say I posted Chapter 1 on page 4 and Chapter 2 on page 6. I would have a link to page 4, saying this is Chapter 1 and have another link to page 6, saying this is Chapter 2.

I already have several seperate posts. I'm cutting the story short. Hopefully at Chapter 20 I'll be done.

oooh absolutely, by all means link away!

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-07-2009, 07:39 PM
I don't think that would be a great idea. No try = no win. Don't just try it for just the coins. See it as this: Try to boost up your English. I myself am an 18 year old Dutch boy.
Do you see anything others wouldn't understand?

I will try to make up something for this contest, the coins would be great, but of course I want to improve my English language skills. Although, I'm already pretty good at it. lol

By the way: I just(well sort of, 45mins ago) saw somebody telling about this contest in the World Chat.

~The Ren

I agree 100%, try! I'm not grading on perfect grammar!

08-07-2009, 08:08 PM
Almost done =D

Renegade_Elf - Heavens Tear
08-07-2009, 08:20 PM

A young pregnant Cleric was spying on the Wraiths near Turkstown with her husband. It wasn't usual for an pregnant elf to go somewhere. But all the warriors were sent away on different quests assigned by the Elder of Plume City.

Her husband, an Archer, was sent to Tusktown to spy on the Wraiths who amassed in front of Tusktown, according to the local elves. They were supposed to gather armies of Wraiths to overthrow the current leadership over the Perfect World. And by doing that messing up the whole balance between Good and Evil. The young Cleric was just protecting her husband against the very strong Wraiths, in case he needed it.

Somehow the information given by the local was incorrect, there was no Army of Wraiths near Tusktown. But before the young female knew her husband was attacked by an Supreme Foxwing, she tried to spamheal him, but it didn't work. Her husband died. She began to weep. 'Oh... WAIT... The Foxwing is coming to me! Fly, quickly!!' As she thought she flew as fast as possible back to Elf territory. Over Bamboo Village, back to City of the Plume.

Even if female Clerics are pregnant, they are to stubborn to sit down and do nothing at all. But she was already far into pregnancy; anytime that day the baby could be born. She was rather curious what it would be, a boy or a girl. And what the baby wanted to be, a Cleric or an Archer. Of course that would take time as the baby needs to be raised first. Raised only by her, as their father died on the battlefield. It was like that for ages.

Flying over the level 8 monsters around Bamboo Village, she was attacked. She hadn't noticed the Evolved Vipions and realized she couldn't make her Plumeshot in time as she got into labour by shock. She flew as fast as she could in the direction of Plume City. Soon she would be there but the Evolved Vipions were still after her. She needed to go faster as the Evolved Vipions got closer and closer. One had a powerful weapon on the back and shot at her. She evaded the beam, but she became weak as the baby wanted to come out.

She couldn't get to Plume City in time, she had trouble avoiding the broad beams of the Evolved Vipion. The other Vipions went back. But the one with the beam still tried to hit her. And it did! The female could still fly, but she didn't knew how much longer she could. Another beam struck her and torn her clothes apart. With ripped clothes she fell to weak to be able to fly anymore. The baby slipped out of her, because she was to weak to hold her muscles together and the clothes were ripped.

“NOOOOO!!!” she cried, “My Baby! Please, not my baby.” Then she was vaporized by another beam who'd struck her. The baby fell down, above the Lake of the Plume. Just before the baby would hit the waters, it got an strange blue glow around it; and disappeared into thin air.

The same moment a baby appeared between the slippery fish in the basket of the Shipyard Owner at the Lake of the Plume. "Huh, that's no fish..."

Renegade_Elf - Heavens Tear
08-07-2009, 08:33 PM
I tried to make something out of it. It might just be an prologue, not that really well written. I'm a bit out of it, at the moment. But it might be getting better. Of course, I want to know how well it's been written. And no, I won't ask you Shota. As I well know you don't have opinions about the written art, because you are the judge. But anyone else wants to say it's well written? Always welcome, of course. If you have suggestions about any grammar mistakes, don't reply in this topic, please PM me, then.

But it has been about one year ago, since I wrote my last story. Although three chapters... All in Dutch, never really tried it in English.

There might be more coming. But I'm not sure if it will finish, of course trying is the best way to do things.

Is it allowed for the story to be edited for grammar mistakes, or even additions to the current storyline?

~The Ren

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-08-2009, 06:56 AM
I like the prologue so far, but just some things I'd like to say...Can't really call it a critique if you wanted it to be that way, so I'm just pointing it out there.

Using words like 'spamheal' and 'level 8' kinda took away the magic of the story for me. The story felt almost real (I don't know if this makes any sense...I'm trying as best as I can lol), but when you used such words, it feels like you're still in the game and not a separate world where there's a 'real' pregnant cleric (I say 'real' because obviously she's not) and 'real' monsters roam around killing things.

Aside from that, it's a good story. Just my two cents, and good luck in the contest. ^^

Joshinator - Heavens Tear
08-08-2009, 11:22 AM
Wow, that's insane. A story so long O.O. That makes my story look like a little baby b:sad

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-08-2009, 12:00 PM
Wow, that's insane. A story so long O.O. That makes my story look like a little baby b:sad

Quality > Quantity, but both doesn't hurt :-)

PS that was not a judgement of either entry, just a general comment

Renegade_Elf - Heavens Tear
08-08-2009, 01:20 PM
I like the prologue so far, but just some things I'd like to say...Can't really call it a critique if you wanted it to be that way, so I'm just pointing it out there.

Using words like 'spamheal' and 'level 8' kinda took away the magic of the story for me. The story felt almost real (I don't know if this makes any sense...I'm trying as best as I can lol), but when you used such words, it feels like you're still in the game and not a separate world where there's a 'real' pregnant cleric (I say 'real' because obviously she's not) and 'real' monsters roam around killing things.

Aside from that, it's a good story. Just my two cents, and good luck in the contest. ^^

Thanks, I appreciate your comment. As I sometimes, well, take over words. Especially in-game words, but you are right. The words 'spamheal' and 'level 8' doesn't really fit.

I'm just 18 years and Dutch, I've learned my whole English vocabulary by just mimicking words, repeat it and eventually learned how to write the words I've heard. Ten years ago English became one of my favorite things, though back then just being 8 I couldn't speak nor understand a word.

But I will take the advice in consideration for further parts.

Also; I've never written any fan fiction before. I suppose mostly based upon, but apparently also as real as possible and no words that could take away the 'real' part.

~The Ren

Renegade_Elf - Heavens Tear
08-08-2009, 02:17 PM
Chapter I: The Guard and the Tree

Late at the High Moon, a boy sneaked out the house of his Elferic Parent; an old man who owned a shipyard at the Lake of the Plume. The boy could be very swift in his sneaking.

Eventually he stopped at a dead tree with strings attached to it. *Knock...Knock...* He did tap on the wood. From the inside the wood flung away, the boy climbed down a wooden ladder in to the depth of the tree.

“Hi, Ren. How are you?” A voice of a girl asked.

“I'm fine, thank you. How are you?” Ren replied.

“Now with High Moon it couldn't be even better. Could it?”

“I dunno. Why do you ask?” Ren asked the girl in curiosity.

“Well, the Elder is talking a lot, you see. Not just with anybody, but with the Celestial Ones from Heavens Tear.” She added spotting: "He never does that."

“Something is going on, I suppose.” Ren suggested.

“By the way Ren, have you heard the news from Etherblade?” The girl asked.
Ren looked at the girl, “What news. Is it a new plague? Or on attack of the Wraiths? Or both? A plague of Wraiths.” He almost saw it in front of him. Small tiny Wraiths overthrowing the stinky Guard Rain. He grinned.

“No, don't be that stupid. No, a Master of the Blades was sent into battle, a fierce battle near the Ancient Peak. The monsters were in big masses, and he was on his own. He fought the Wraiths and their Servants. He managed to kill a few of both. Next thing he knows is standing in the Walled Stronghold.”

“Wow...” said Ren speechless, “how... is that possible? The Oldest of Generations have stories about their Ancestors who had immense powers, but...”

“Yes, I know.” The girl said, “They have long been gone. Disappeared from the face of dusts and waters. But... What if there is one left? The only ones who might get to an conclusion, are the Celestial Ones.”

“So...” Ren began, “you think the Elder is planning something with the Celestial Ones?”

“No, not planning. More like discussing matters. I think I've heard a legend once.” The girl tried to remember it, but it wouldn't come to mind.

“A legend? Whahaha, please you don't believe that crap do you?” Ren tried to keep it as quiet as he could. But he woke an guard, which on his turn tried to find the source of the noise. He wouldn't find them here, nobody but the kids knew of this place. After the girl shot an green Scarab through a hole in the tree, the guard followed that noise instead.

“But you don't believe legends, Ren?” The girl asked.

“No, certainly not. Not after it's proven to be right.” Ren answered stubborn.

“Let me tell the legend anyways?” The girl said.

*SQUEEEEK SHHHHHH* “Ah, it was you who woke me. Little brats. The Kittens of the future. I don't like them. But the old ladies wants to have them on their sheets, for fun... Can you believe that? Well, let's go to sleep then, already.”

Ren was immediately focused. But when he noticed the guard talked about all the cats walking around, he relaxed.

The girl began: “As you know the Ancestors of the Oldest Generations in their stories. They told this story, too. Although, it's not as popular as the one with Ancestor Rwentie. This one was a story about the future. A future for the Perfect World. The Legend of the Perfect World...”

Renegade_Elf - Heavens Tear
08-08-2009, 02:28 PM
I hope you'll enjoy and like it. Just fresh from my keyboard, into a 'real' story. No references to any gaming related terms/words. But still based upon PWI.

When I wrote the Prologue, I was actually already very tired. As it was 5 in the morning in the Netherlands. So I might have had trouble concentrating. I know, pretty dumb to do it, but hey, there was an prologue. Not everywhere is an prologue.

Enjoy another bit of PWI outside the narrow boundaries of games.

~The Ren

08-08-2009, 03:00 PM
im going to write a poem... (perfect world is a sacred place that everyone should know,the monsters are most deadly and severe,but to have fun is oh so sincere,to experiment with all characters is like different personalities,so try all of them you should,to find which one you like the most and and fits your personality,i wrote this poam to thee becuase perfect world is my home away from home,even if i dont win i had fun writing this and expressing my feelings to perfect worl) to all fellow PWI players enjoy the game and good luck!!! b:bye

Renegade_Elf - Heavens Tear
08-08-2009, 03:21 PM
Chapter II: The Legend of the Perfect World

“This one was a story about the future. A future for the Perfect World. The Legend of the Perfect World.”

'Woow... That almost sounded mysterious.' Ren thought

It is said the Ancestors of the Oldest Generations had a mysterious book. A book so wonderful, but also too horrifying to look in. The Ancestors didn't make the book, it was even before their time. The Time of Great Mysteries, everything of that time was lost except that book. Which, is said, floated in the hands of the Worthy. Only the Worthy was able to read to book. He had the book but never opened it, because the Worthy knew the consequences.

The Time of Dread, as it is said, although, nobody knows for real. The Time of Dread, was the time the Ancestors were in fear of great danger. The Worthy then chose all by himself to open the book, no matter what consequence. He saw a glimpse of the future, but immediately he was thrown backwards by the book. And was in a coma for 32 cycles of the moon. Then he rose again, crying: “It's the boy, the Elferic boy, slippery Elferic boy, save the world, save us! Save all of us! We will be saved!”

“Well, what did he say after?” Ren was getting curious. He was after all an Elferic boy, but slippery, that certainly not. But the story had his attention. “Well, what did he say after that?” He asked.

“Nothing.” The girl said.

“Nothing?” Ren asked, “Nothing at all? No hint, no direction, no secret? Nothing?” Ren was stunned by confusion.

“Well, now you mention it. There is one thing that has been left out for many times. '32'.” The girl said.

“It has always been left outside the story, because nobody knows what it means.”

“32? That's an number, so obvious. You said an coma for 32 cycles of the moon, right?” Ren asked to be sure.

“Uh, yes? Why?” The girl frowned her eyebrows while she asked. She didn't seem to realize where Ren went with the story.

“In a coma for 32 cycles of the moon. That's the period between High Moon and the next High Moon.” Ren explained to the confused girl.

“Yes...?” The girl replied, still not getting the point.

“The 32 cycles of the moon is as what we call now High Moon. According to the story the Worthy rose at High Moon. Maybe the Worthy is rising again, to help us destroy the Wraith armies. Maybe that's why that Master of the Blade rose from the dead too. Somehow the Worthy might be blocking the way to death for us, the original citizens of the Perfect World. The Wraiths came here to destroy and conquer. The Worthy might not want it to happen.”

“Wha... what are you babbling about.” The girl looked at Ren in astonishment. “How do you make that up? It's just an legend. I thought you didn't believe in legends.”

“Well, this might actually be something.” Ren said. “Of all the nonsense, this might be what's happening now.”

“You don't say...?” the girl began, “The Legend is Now?”

Renegade_Elf - Heavens Tear
08-08-2009, 03:29 PM
Lol, made two chapters on the same evening. I even like to write. Although it is based upon PWI, I make up a lot of things too. Is that allowed? As I'm not really such a geek on Perfect World Internationalogy. I know there are many stories in PWI itself, but I don't know them at all. So I'm improvising with my own imagination. I don't know if that is allowed?

~The Ren

Purgatori - Heavens Tear
08-08-2009, 05:07 PM
I love being a veno, always cute and full of life.
With my foxy ears and tail, I'd make a cutesy little wife.

I have a wardrobe full of clothes, everything I need to look so cute.
I don't like to show my armor because I'm a lady not a brute.

I like to carry a glaive with a glow so pretty and nice.
Shame it is a weapon, something this cute shouldn't be used to fight.

I travel around with pets, so strong, protective and cute.
They help protect me from the bad guys and find lots of cutesy loot.

Now if I could only tame a barbarian, he would be quite a catch.
I would cuddle him and pamper him and make the big boy play fetch.

But alas I can not catch him so for now we will just embrace.
He will hold me firmly in his arms and put a smile on my face.

Berserkir - Heavens Tear
08-08-2009, 05:27 PM
As the night becomes dark and the wind becomes cold,
the mysteries of a barbarian start to unfold.
His face with a snarl an animal like grin
and his eyes as fierce as the beast which lies within.
His fur is dark and wild. His flesh is torn and scarred.
His stance is always firm, always strong and always on guard.

His armor oh so heavy, battered and damaged from the fight.
Still like a badge of courage sparks a shine from the moon's pale light.
His shoulders strong and massive with a helmsley draped of red
like the color of the blood flowing from the pile of dead.
In his powerful hands, he holds his axes with all his might
as the edges drip with blood and the mobs stare on in fright.

He starts to lose feeling from his head down to his toes,
as the beast inside his heart continues to grow.
His body is taken over with hatred and fear.
Then out of the darkness the white tiger appears.
With a cleric healing and blademaster by his side,
no mob can stop him and all wraiths will die.

08-08-2009, 08:52 PM
Wow, that's insane. A story so long O.O. That makes my story look like a little baby b:sad

It's ok. Don't feel bad. I have Rped a lot before I came to this game. Actually I still do roleplay when I get a chance. So making stories and writing long things comes naturally to me.

Quality > Quantity, but both doesn't hurt :-)

PS that was not a judgement of either entry, just a general comment

Whew, I was about to have a stroke lol. That's good to know.

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-09-2009, 08:35 PM
I likes all of the entries so far! It's great to see may talented writers hidden here on HT! I'm also really glad that I'm not the only one to go a "learning" route with there story, where you kinda learn a lesson at the end. Good show.


08-10-2009, 06:20 AM
Wow. Haha. I didn't believe this thread existed when a certain birdie told me about this. Such a pity though, to see you go, Shota. Yet at the same time, what a commotion! Oh my. =P Well, I think I may make an attempt at this merely for the joy of it! ... And, of course to indulge you since it is your contest. n.n

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-10-2009, 07:47 AM
9 more days until the contest closes. Oooh, I'm so excited, I want to see who has the best story around! ^^

....And I'll post mine last minute because....that's what procrastinators do. >.>

08-10-2009, 07:07 PM
Finally finished Chapter 11. Don't you guys go tearing up on me. Ah what the heck, it made me sad writing it. ='(

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Chapter 13: The Blind Blademaster

"Damn you, Xaldain. I won't be able to sit for a week." Hojo growled and winced as he rubbed his behind.

Serenity, Luna, and Maria giggled behind Hojo. It had been one day since that event and Hojo still was complaining about the arrows that Xaldain shot him with.

Hojo sighed. "So you two are coming with us?" he asked.

Luna shrugged. "Me and Rocky have nothing better to do. Sure." She gave a big smile.

"I will go wherever my Lady Luna will go." Stripes replied with a kind cat grin.

"So where are we going anyway?" Maria asked Hojo.

Hojo stopped walking. "Good question."

"We can start by trying to find the whereabouts of Harpy Wraith." Xaldain suggested.

"H-Harpy Wraith?" Stripes studdered.

Everyone turned their eyes on Stripes.

"Is something wrong, Stripes?" Serenity asked.

"I know that foul monster." Stripes replied. His eyes hardened. "She killed my father and my clan when I was very young..."

Stripes' memory

"Dad, what is wrong?" a white tiger cub asked a large tiger. "What's that smell?"

"Hide, Stripes." the tiger comanded. His eyes flamed red and he walked around, taking in the scent of death.

Young Stripes obeyed his father and barrowed himself in a hole that was partly covered by a log. A purple mist surrounded the entire area him and his father were in.

The mighty tiger then roared ferociously. There was a woman who had the body of a snake in the violet shadows. "What do you want here Wraith?!" he growled. "Where is my clan?!" he roared. His claws dug into the dirt as he was getting ready to pounce. "Answer!" he demanded.

The Wraith woman had a chilling voice when she spoke. Indeed it sounded like a snake's, yet it was not human nor beast. "Why, they are all dead." she replied with a chuckle. "You must be their leader. They would be happy if you join them." Once the tiger leaped into the air, his throat was caught by her claws. "I have devoured many souls. What makes you think you, a lone tiger, can defeat me?" Her mouth opened and she began to suck the life out of him.

"Father!" Stripes jumped out of hiding. "Let him go!" he growled only for it to sound like a baby cat.

"No, son. Run." the tiger groaned.
"What do we have here?" Harpy Wraith spotted the young cub. "Ah.. the son of the leader. I struck gold."

Stripes glared up at her. "You don't scare me. Put him down or I'll-"

"You'll what? Bite me with your baby teeth?" Harpy Wraith mocked. She then finished eating Stripes' father's soul. "Mmm... tastey." She threw the corspe down and slither towards the cub. "I wonder how cubs taste."

Stripes could not help but to cringe and shake under the shadow of the Wraith.

Harpy Wraith grinned. "I thought you weren't scared." Her tongue flicked in amusement. "When you're older, I'll come get you. Fear me. Hate me. Either way, your soul will be mine." After he statement, she vanished in purple fog.

End of Stripes' memory

Everyone gave Stripes sad looks. Stripes shook his head. "Don't give me those frowns. Nothing can come of lingering on in the past. We shall only move forward."

A poleblade struck the ground in front of Xaldain and Hojo. "You may not pass any further!" a male voice echoed through the mountains. The group looked upward and spotted a figure in the mountains. The shadow leaped out into the sunlight and landed on his feet right in front of them. He was bald and his eyes were a ghostly white. Was he blind? "You travelers must turn back now." he stated as he stretched his hand directly in front of him and grabbed his poleblade. "Or I will have to make you." the strangersaid and pointed the bladed end towards Xaldain and Hojo.

"Why?" Xaldain asked.

"We walked all this way here. There's no way we're turning back." Hojo growled and unshealthed his sword. "If it's a fight you want then I'll give it to you." he said with a smirk.

"Hojo, he's blind." Maria stated as she gave Hojo a glare.

"What? If he's big enough to point that stick at me. He's big enough to take a beating." Hojo explained while twirling his sword around before pointing the blade at the blind man. "He's probably not even blind."

"Hojo." Serenity crossed her arms and shook her head.

"Is he always like this?" Stripes asked Luna who only gave a shrug in reply.

Hojo ran towards the blind blademaster, ready to attack. However the blind man was ready as well. "Piercing Winds!" the man shouted and an incredible force knocked Hojo backwards.

Hojo spat out some blood and smirked. "See. He isn't so fragile. Now I don't have to feel sorry when I whip him." He got back up and the fight began.

"And there he goes." Xaldain stated as he shook his head. Hearing a branch snap, he turned to see a woman dressed in pink and green. His brow arched as he looked closer at her. That was not an ordinary woman. "Guys, we have company."

The other three turned their heads to see the woman and many others that looked exactly like her.

"Orchid Pentails." Stripes growled.

"You know them, Stripes?" Luna questioned.

"Yes. I ran into them earlier on my way to Archosaur. They shoot you with posion." Stripes replied.

"Then we must be careful." Maria said before a red card formed in her hand. "Pyrogram!" She threw the flaming card into one of the Orchid Pentails, making fire damage.

"Arcane Empowerment!" Serenity shouted as she raised her hand. She had raised her friends' weapon magic attack so the fire would be more effective on these wood type creatures.

"Blazing Arrow!" Xaldain called out. His hand glowed red and he shot arrows that were now of fire.

"Blazing Scarab!" Luna yelled before casting a fire attack.

Stripes turned into a white tiger and ran towards the crowd of enemies."Flesh Realm!"

Ten minutes later

"To be a blademaster, you have to have the master not just the blade." the blind blademaster joked.

Hojo was getting up off the ground. "Why you-" He winced then fell back down. He was weaker than ever.

"Xaldain, look!" Serenity pointed to an Orchid Pentail that had casted a posion spell on Hojo.

"Got it." Xaldain replied as he shot and killed the monster.

"Hojo!" Maria called as she ran to him. She stood in front of the blind blademaster. "Please, don't hurt him."

"Maria.." Hojo whispered.

The blind man lowered his weapon from Maria's neck. "I was not planning on killing him." He nodded. "I see you all are fine fighters."

Serenity started to help heal Hojo.

Xaldain and the others walked over. "Why won't you let us pass?" Xaldain asked curiously.

"Many Wraiths have come to this part of the mountains. It is my duty to prevent anyone from passing into such a death welcoming place." The man replied with a bow. "I am the last of my people in the village. Everyone else's soul was taken."

"What type of Wraiths?" Stripes asked.

"Flying ones. They are no dinosaur nor bird. They use purple skulls to fight their enemies and also to take lives as well." he explained.

"Purple skulls?!" Hojo quickly sat up and his eyes burned with hatred. "Harpy Wraith..." he growled in between his grunts.

"Who?" the man perked a brow in confusion.

"A mighty Wraith who takes souls and uses then just like you described." Xaldain responded.

"So those birds must be her trusted minions." Stripes stated.

"Then we must go and try to get them to tell us where she is." Xaldain suggested. "Let us pass. We must destroy Harpy Wraith."

The blind blademaster nodded. "Very well, but I shall accompany you." He looked back at Hojo. "He is in no shape to go."

"I will stay with Hojo." Serenity said as she finished wrapping his wounds. "You all just come safely back, ok?"

Xaldain and everyone else nodded before heading off.

Five hours later

The group came back from the mountains. There was no sign of those birds anywhere.

"They must have left." Luna sighed. "Now what?"

"Then Harpy Wraith must know we are looking for her." Xaldain stated. "So she's now covering her tracks."

"Aye." Stripes replied.

"Earlier, I heard flapping and it faded towards the north. Perhaps the Nameless Isle may have clues to the wraith you are trying to find." the man suggested.

"Nameless Isle?" Maria repeated with a puzzled look.

"Yes." The man pulled out a map and pointed to a small island that was just north from them. "Here."

"Oh." Maria said in suprise.

"Wait..." Xaldain looked away from the map and gave the man a suspicious glare. "How did you know exactly where to point?"

"I thought you were blind." Stripes crossed his arms on his chest.

The man gave them a nervous look (Anime sweatdrop). "Whoever said I was blind?" he laughed nevously.

"See! I told you!" Hojo's voice rang. Him and Serenity came into sight and met up with everyone.

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Authors Note: The setting for this tale is "Pre-Perfect World", which means that the time before the races lived in harmony. This is the era during which the humans are feuding over land with the winged elves and the untamed are caught in the crossfire. Yeah....that's basically the timeline anyways. Enjoy reading!

The Untamed Spirit

Chapter 1:

Light flashed before my eyes. I could feel the energy within me drain with every passing breath. “Barbarian,” they called me, but I do not know what that is. All I know is that my story is short, but I shall tell it to you, if you’ll let me.

My story begins not with my very first breath when I was born, but long after that, when I am full grown. I live in a forest at the edge of the mountains, where the grass grew tall and the trees seemed to reach as high as the sky. In the spring the forest was full of life; birds sang their sweet song, deer frolic and play, foxes, rabbits, and all the like of creatures lived in harmony, and I was their protector. All of them lived and shared the same forest as I called home.

My kind rarely sees one another. White tigers are independent throughout their life; it is what I had grown to learn. And so I lived alone, mainly hunting for food, but also protecting my little sanctuary. I was at peace with where I lived, and the animals were at peace with me. It was here that my heart was at rest.

This all started deep within the heart of the forest in the middle of winter. It was early morning, and already I noticed that there was a strange quietness in the air. It was not a winter serene as I normally would expect, but a haunting quiet that seemed to chill the air around me. I sensed something was wrong.

Sniffing the air, I felt a waft of coldness rush into my lungs, and the smell of winter breeze drifted through the air. There was not even a hint of animal scent around for miles. Something was definitely wrong.

There was an intruder in the forest.

I ran through the forest as fast as I could to the west, powdery snow blowing in the wind, creating a mist of diamond dust and impairing my vision, but I only had one thing on my mind: to get rid of this trespasser.

I rushed through the forest at a breakneck speed. I knew everything about this forest; the grand trees and their deep roots, the rolling hills in the east, and the mountains far away in the north. My paws padded through the snow as quietly as if the wind blew. I did not pay attention to much detail around me at this time. If I had known that it would be my last sight of freedom, I would’ve reveled in the beauty of it all.

My instincts told me to run west, but as I ran, a scent pricked at my nose and I stopped immediately. It was an unusual scent, and not far off in the south. I hesitated. It was not the scent of another tiger, that I knew for sure. It was something I never smelled before. However, one thing I did know: they were the invaders within the forest.

I padded softly through the snow, keeping my eyes and ears alert for any sudden movement. The scent was not far from where I stood, and so I moved with caution. Soon I could hear the new creatures; their piercing sound shattering the uneasy silence of the forest. They were loud and communicative, but not as pleasant as the birds. I remained cautious as I approached within view.

As I hid behind the thick brush of the forest, I observed the strange beings. They walked on two legs, and their fur was hard and shiny. It was nothing I’ve ever seen before in my life, but I’ve heard of them once from my mother when I was young. Humans, she called them. The greatest predator in the world. There were many of them; more than I could count. As I looked further on, I noticed another scent in the air, and the imposing sense of danger dawned on me. The scent was hard, and coppery. It smelled bitter to me, but I knew it all too well.


It was then I realized that they were collecting animals – animals in my forest – in cages, locked up and beaten senseless and stripped of their freedom. Many of them lay wounded and injured, while others lay almost lifeless, their small puffs of breath in the cold air the only indication that they were alive.

It was at this point that the anger within me sparked. How dare they intrude on my territory? How dare they take away the animals of the forest? And how dare they strip away their being and take away their freedom?

I was ready to attack the humans. My claws were out, and my fangs ready to dig in deep in their flesh. I edged in closer to them when I suddenly noticed another creature off in the distance.

Her red fur was a clear indicator that she was a fox, and a young one at that. She must’ve picked up on the strange scent and came looking too. A wave of panic, worry and fear rose within me, hoping that she would think nothing of the creatures and just move away. Away from the danger further ahead of her.

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-12-2009, 03:08 PM
Continued on again.


But she didn’t. My heart leapt as the naive fox jogged towards the humans. She seemed to be a friendly soul, but I did not want her to get hurt as the other animals did. I felt useless as I crouched behind the bushes, watching as she approached the humans.

When they saw her, they jumped in surprise. One of them took out something long and sharp, but the fox thought nothing of it. She merely stood there, with her fox grin and wagged her long tail. She must’ve thought they wanted to play.

One of the humans, the closest one to the fox, cautiously put out his hand towards her. She remained happy and continued to wag her tail as the human patted her on her head.

“Soft fur,” the human said. “How much do you think this fox will sell for?”

The one holding the sharp object spoke. “Not much. She’s still pretty young. Probably enough fur to make a small scarf.”

“Well, better than nothing. Get the cage, I’ll distract her.”

Their speech confused me; I did not understand what they said, but when one of the humans took out a small cage, I knew then that her fate will be sealed soon.

The anger that slowly dissipated due to curiosity now came back in full force. There was a low growl in my throat as I prepared for attack. They will not take away another animal of the forest. Not while I’m here.

As one of the humans held down the fox, now panicked and scared, and the other stuffed her in the cage, I leapt. With a roar, I pounced down on the first human, my claws digging deep into his flesh. I bit into his neck, tasting the bitter blood that gushed out. The other humans scrambled and shouted, but I heard nothing. I attacked the other human that held the fox, pinning him down with my weight. From the corner of my eye, I could see the young fox running away. ‘Good,’ I thought. ‘At least one is safe.’

But I wasn’t finished with the humans just yet. My business with them now was purely territorial. I growled deep in my throat as I held one dead human in my jaws, his throat spewing out his life blood. My claws were poised for attack as more of the humans appeared. All of them were holding a sharp and shiny object of their own.

“Be careful of cutting the tiger’s fur with your sword now men,” said one of the humans. “This white tiger’s fur is worth millions.”

I gave out a loud roar and pounced on the human in front of me, the others jumping out of the way. I slashed away at his face, anger and adrenaline coursing through my veins. I did not look at anything else now but the enemy in front of me. His blood stained my fur and as I bit down hard on his neck, I could hear his bones shattering
All of a sudden a shock of pain shot up through my body, causing me to lose my grip on the human. Another was stabbing at me, slashing away with his long sword. I backed away, growling loudly and swiping with my claws.

“Careful, moron!” Said the other. “That fur is priceless! The more you hack at it, the more the price is going to go down!”

I had no hesitation. I lunged forward at the man as he was distracted. But before I reached him, something tugged at my neck, pulling me back. The other man was holding a rope, tying me down. The fire in me grew hotter and hotter and I lunged again, this time at the man holding the rope. I was tugged back again. There was another man, holding another rope tying me down.

It began to get harder to breathe the more I struggled against their pull, but I resisted. I refused to let them win. They surrounded me from all sides now, and I tried to attack them, but more and more rope lassoed around me. My side stung from the wound and I was losing blood fast. I swung a paw at a nearby human, but to my surprise, was jerked back as well. My paws were tied, and the more and more as I struggled, more and more ropes tied me down.

It was hours before exhaustion made me give way. The loss of blood made my head spin and I collapsed on the snow, feeling the biting winter on my wound. My paws were bound and I could barely move but the anger surged within me, and as the humans closed in, I jumped up, trying to swipe one down but to no avail. The rope seemed to choke the life out of me, but I could still breathe, albeit barely.

I don’t know how long I lay there, blacking in and out, but soon the humans closed in on me again, and this time I could not resist. I was too weak to fight and it seemed like it would be the end for me. And I as took what I thought would be my last breath, I took one last look at the man who hovered above me. And when I saw him smirk, the anger flared within me again, just before I blacked out.

These humans will not take away my freedom.

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-12-2009, 03:15 PM
Chapter 2

I woke up to the light of the moon high in the sky. As I stood, the sharp pain in my side throbbed numbly. When I looked around, I saw that I was in a large cage. This agitated me, and I couldn't help but mumble a low growl in my voice, but I didn’t move from where I lay. Looking around, I’ve noticed carriages around me, each carrying different animals from the same forest I’ve been. One carriage carried only dead foxes in piles.

The sudden smell of death in the air made me feel dizzy, and I tried my best to block out the heavy metallic scent of blood. When I tried to get up and walk around, I found I couldn’t walk far; rope bindings around my legs kept me to one spot within the center of the cage. It dawned on me then that I was completely confined by these humans. My freedom was stripped bare from me in no more than a day.

And I couldn’t do anything about it.

And I cried. It was the first time ever that I cried in my whole life. My heart felt shattered and broken and I howled like a dog to the moon. The sadness I had that I will never return home again, never see the vast valleys or the great mountains again shook me to my core. To never look up at the sky and know that I am free to roam and run wherever I please, I cried for that.

And as I cried, others began to cry with me; crying for their freedom, through their confines and cages. Soon, the whole night was filled with our longing for home and freedom. I looked out through the bars of my cage and saw that all animals; foxes, deer, wolves and bears, they all cried, for they shared the same longing as I have for my home.

Eventually, the crying stopped. Not because we were tired, but because the carriages stopped. I had a glimmer of hope that maybe the humans understood us and decided to let us go, but I knew it was not the case. They’re the ones who put us here. They’re the reason why we’re crying.

When one of them came out, I growled loudly, baring my fangs. He shouted something at us, and beat one of the animals – a wolf – to silence it, and left again. Soon, the carriages carried on as before, only this time it was quiet. No one dared to cry out this time for fear of being beaten. But this only flared my anger even more.


A few more days passed until the humans reached their destination. It seemed to be like a large habitat for them, for they were everywhere. Etherblade, I heard them call it. I never understood their use of naming territories. Their customs were strange to me.

Upon arrival, all of the animals were taken and put on display for other humans to watch and look at. Some animals were traded for small trinkets while others were slaughtered for food and fur.

One man, a tall, strong and well muscled man came up to my cage and looked intently at me with dark eyes. I glared at him hard, daring him to even think of using me for anything.

“Oh, General,” said one of the human traders to the large man. “A fine tiger, he is. I’ll trade you ten thousand coins for him.”

“Ten thousand?” Replied the man. His voice was as low as a tiger’s growl. “That tiger’s wounded. He’s only good for maybe half that price.”

“Oh, but his fur is still good, General. He would make an excellent—“

“I don’t intend on using him for his fur, trader.” He said. “You don’t know what you have there. This is not a tiger. This is a barbarian.”

Barbarian? In all my years, I’ve never seen myself anything other than a white tiger, and never have I seen a ‘barbarian’ before, only other tigers.

“You know how you can identify a barbarian from a normal tiger, trader?” Continued the General. “You know by looking deep into his eyes. A barbarian always holds a strange fire in his eyes. A fire to fight, that’s what they call it,” He looked at me in the eyes again and smiled darkly. “Yes, fighting’s all they’re good for. I’ll give you seven thousand for this one, and I’m not going any higher.”

Within a heartbeat I was traded, now a prisoner to this General. Soon, they took me and some other animals out farther south, to a campground that was out farther from Etherblade. There were high walls and bigger confines that held other wild animals, but it was not that that astounded me.

There were other humans. But they were not fully human, which confused me. They were humans, but they were animals too. Females with fox ears and tails, males striped with tiger fur or wolf ears on their head. They did not look human at all. They had something primal within them. Something wild.

And they were not treated as humans were. The humans stood by the walls, brandishing swords, whips and other weapons, while some of these ‘animals’ were set in a tight line, marching around the campground, while others held small wooden sticks and performed drills in unison to the commands of the humans. Anyone that disobeyed was beaten over and over again.

A rush of fear, panic and worry overcame me. Was this what I will be forced to become soon? A soulless, lifeless slave for these humans to do their bidding? Mentally, I shook my head and rumbled quietly as I stood in my cage.

I will not be broken by these humans.

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-12-2009, 03:16 PM
Chapter 3:

Soon I was forced into another cage, one that is bigger than the other, and did not bind me with harsh ropes. When I leapt into the cage, I paced around furiously, growling deeply and lunging at anyone who came near. I refused to let the humans come close to me.

It was long before the General came by to look at me again, and this time I wasn't bound by anything. When he came close enough to the cage for me to charge, I went for it.

I ran towards him at full speed, claws out, ready to pounce. I was ready to taste the man’s bitter flesh within my jaws. I swiped at him through my cage.

And missed.

I tried again. He was still only a bit farther from my grasp. I tried again and again in a poor attempt to at least just scratch him, but I never got close. And the General, standing there with his infuriating smirk, never flinched. I growled and roared and swiped and reached as far as I can, but I never was able to get to him.

Suddenly, ropes swung around me again. ‘Oh no,’ I thought to myself. ‘Not this time.’

They had me by my outstretched paw while I was distracted, but I won’t let them get me again. I roared loudly, but did not make any sudden movements. I looked around and saw that the rope led to the top of the cage, where many of the humans pulled and tugged at my paw. They were trying to lift my paw up.

I was confused, but I refused to let them have it. I pulled on all my weight down on my paw, I ran around the cage and I bit hard onto the rope. But as I resisted, even more men came and pulled harder on the rope. The tightness stung raw on my paws, but still I tried to keep it down but to no avail. Soon, my right paw was tightly bound, raised high in the cage.

Then they bound my left paw. I growled and swiped at the rope, but eventually my left paw was caught and bounded. I was standing on my hind legs now, powerless.

They bound my legs too. I struggled to get away, but I could not get far. These humans were far too strong together for me to resist. Eventually, I was fully bound within my cage, facing the General who did not move throughout the whole ordeal.

“Do you know how to make a barbarian transform into his humanoid form, soldier?” He said to a nearby person. “You torture him. You shock him with enough force that he’ll learn to do anything we say. Soon, the energy running through him will be so much, it’ll mutate him into a humanoid super soldier, ready and perfect for war. Only barbarians can do this, not any other animal will do.”

He commanded the soldiers to open the cage for him to enter. Anger coursed through my veins, twitching my muscles. Soon, he was within inches of me, looking deep into my eyes. A low, guttural growl rumbled in me, baring my fangs, and I struggled to break free of my bindings to snap at his throat. The General merely smiled.

“Get the prods ready,” shouted the General. “It’s high time we have a new barbarian within our ranks.”

And he left, leaving the other soldiers around the cage. I was left alone for a while, but soon there were soldiers holding a long forked metal stick and stuck it into the cage. I struggled and tried to wriggle free of my bindings. I did not know what the stick was for, but I did not want to find out.

Suddenly a wave of pain shot up through my spine. I screamed, blocking out everything from my mind. For a moment, it seemed like I couldn’t breathe; the shock was so painful. My body convulsed furiously, contracting my muscles and burning everything from the inside out. Suddenly, as soon as it hit, it stopped. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was from that one shock, but it seemed as if I couldn’t move.

And then it came again. A piercing shock came through my abdomen and traveled through my spine. I couldn’t help but roar with pain again, my body arching backwards through the shock. I shook violently as waves of white pain ran through my whole body. I thought I was going to black out from the shock.

And again it stopped. My body became numb from the aftershock and I still shook violently, even though they did not shock me again. I felt so weak and in pain and when they stopped I thought that they would be done with me.

But I was wrong.

It happened. Again and again and again. For days and weeks, I could not count how many times they did it to me, and how I could describe the pain I felt. Sometimes it would feel as if I could not feel anything anymore, that I was numb, and then another shock and the slashing pain pulsed through me like fire.

I lost track of time after each shock, but eventually the General came back again. Already, I was beginning to faze in and out of consciousness. I had no sense of surroundings or anything any more. But I could still hear his voice mocking me.

“One last time,” he said. “He’s getting there, I can see it.”

The shock of pain rose up through me again, but it was different. There was a shudder within my spine and something within me changed. My hind legs changed, elongating and allowing me to stand on two legs. The bones in my front paws bent and changed into humanlike arms. The pain of the changes in my body was excruciating and I thought that the bindings became loose as I stood on my new legs, but it wasn’t. I just stood taller now.

As sudden and quick as that change was, I changed back even quicker. The horrible shocks slashed through me again and again, but I didn’t – couldn’t – change back into that strange form.

“Alright, I think that’s enough for today, soldiers,” he said. “Time for some rest. We’ll start again tomorrow morning. First transformation’s always the hardest.” And with a chuckle, he was off.

I was so weak that night, I couldn’t even stand. My hind legs could not hold me up, and my front paws were sore from the bindings. My body felt numb and in pain at the same time. I breathed in shuddering breaths and I shivered in the winter cold. My stab wound from long ago reopened again, sending throbs of pain through my body. I began to fall in and out of consciousness, and my mind wandered back to my home where I once been before.


I remembered running through the forest at night, free and in the wild in the hot summer air, with the moon chasing after me. I remember smelling the scents of the forest, running wild and free and I remember calling that place home. I remember the animals that had lived there, that had lived in peace with nature as I did.

I remembered when I was young, and living as carefree as ever. Running around, seeing new sights, touching new things, smelling new smells. Everything in the forest was a wonder, and it was all there, waiting for me to come back to it again.

I cried that night. My heart yearned for my home and I cried out to the starry skies above to take me back to the forest. I felt heavy and tired and for the first time, lonely. I felt ready to give up, to stop resisting and wait for the humans to come back and kill me. There was nothing for me here anymore.

As I cried, I heard a howl near me. It was the wolf I saw from before in the carriages. It looked beaten and bruised and was tied to a wooden pole. It looked at me with intense eyes, and howled loudly to the moon. Finally, the wolf looked at me again and wagged its tail once. Somehow, through this whole predicament, its spirit has not been broken. It still held the determination that it will return home.

That was when all of the other animals in the cages began to cry as well. Throughout all the difficulties and hardships that they have faced, they still cried out to their home. All of them knew that they would return home again. Even the human-like creatures, deep within their own confines in the campgrounds cried out as well. They were all crying. Crying for their home.

The wolf looked at me again and howled. It continued to stare at me intently with its gaze, as if waiting for something.

I realized it then. If a lone wolf still holds hope for his freedom and that it’ll come home, then so will I. With all the energy I could muster, I gave off the loudest roar I could that shook the whole campgrounds, much to the cheer of the animals. It was then that I made to myself a vow. I was ready for the humans now.

I will not give up this fight.

These humans will not break me.

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-12-2009, 03:17 PM
Chapter 4:

The sun rose high in the sky, bringing in the next morning, but offering no warmth to the cold, biting winter. The unattended wound at my side looked crusty and had long ago stopped bleeding, but the pain remained lightly throbbing. The soldiers woke up early and the humanoid animals follow suit, falling into line and practicing their drills without taking in even a moment to stop.

Eventually, the General appeared. Out from his cabin, he walked straight to my cage. Somehow, I regained some of my strength to struggle against the robe bindings. Just to get closer to him, close enough to attack.

“Still got a little bit of fight left, huh, barbarian?” He said. “That’ll be taken care of easily.”

And with a wave of his hand, he turned and left, leaving me and the soldiers with the long sticks again.

The weeks before, I thought they did not hold back as they tortured me with the prods, but I was dead wrong. This time, they used two and used them relentlessly. One would seem to pierce right into me, stabbing me with excruciating pain, while another would stab me again in a different area, paralyzing my body from movement and feeling. It seemed as if I was being burned alive and sliced and hacked with tiny sharp swords.

I roared with pain for what felt like forever when they finally stopped. My muscles tensed and twitched as pangs of electricity rushed through me in aftershock. When they stopped, I noticed that something was different. They were looking at the prod as if something was wrong. It must’ve been broken.

This was my chance. Ignoring the searing pain throughout my body, I looked around. I noticed that one of the rope bindings around my paw that held me up was halfway burnt. It was then I knew that if I could just pull at it enough, the rope might just break, setting my paw free.

I tried to move, but to no avail. All the shocks that ran through my body seemed to thoroughly paralyze me, and any slight movement sent my body into waves of horrible pain.

But I had to endure. I knew that this was my only chance and if I did not take it, my fate would be sealed and I would be dead. I summoned up the last bit of strength I had, clenched my jaws and pulled hard. The rope felt stronger than I thought, but I kept pulling. The humans were still busy looking over the broken prods, giving me ample time to let loose.

The bindings began to sting into my fur and into my skin. Exhaustion was beginning to wash over me and the excruciating pain at my side seemed to hold me back, but I kept pulling. I swore to myself that I would not let these humans take away my freedom, and I knew that I must stand by it.

Eventually, the bindings began to break. One by one, the threads within the rope began to snap. I pulled with my last ounce of strength and suddenly, my paw was free. Still, the humans seemed distracted, so I took the chance to cut through the bindings of my other paw. Using my claws, I swiped at the rope, cutting through it like a knife. Soon, all my bindings were loose, and my heart raced with excitement as the door to freedom seemed to open before my very eyes.

But it was not to last. One of the humans looked and finally noticed that I was free of my bindings. There was a sudden loud commotion as all of the humans scrambled to find a weapon of some kind, but I was ready for them this time.

I charged head-on straight to the wooden cage. There was a loud, resonating crack and I feared for a split second that I may have broken my shoulder, but it was the wood that cracked. This was good.

There were humans crowding around in front of the cage now, but I could see in their eyes that they were afraid of me. With a loud roar, I backed up and charged straight for the cage again, this time breaking the wood and setting me free.

I was running purely on adrenaline now, as my energy was sapped away from me from the shocks, but it seemed to be all I needed. All of the humanoid animals that saw me cheered me on, only to get beaten again by their masters. I lunged at one nearby, biting straight into his throat. Suddenly it seemed like all the humanoids followed my example, jumping forth into the chaos and attacking their masters.

With a triumphant roar, I led the attack. I rushed to the wolf that was tied to the pole. It wagged its tail happily at me as I cut its bindings with my claws. ‘See?’ It seemed to say. ‘Told you that we would soon be free.’ Once it was free, it ran to the various cages that held all the other animals and freed them from their confines. Soon, all of the animals were released, and headed straight for the campground gate.

Some of the humanoid animals pushed open the heavy gate, allowing all of the animals to escape. As I was about to run away and finally taste the sweetness of freedom once again, I caught a glimpse of the General. His astonished face quickly turned into anger as he caught sight of me, and I too turned with anger as I charged towards him. He will not live to torture more animals again.

When I was well within striking distance, I lunged forward. He quickly grabbed one of the prods that another soldier was holding and held it straight at me.

The prod’s electrocuting end pierced right through me, and as I fell on top of him, I roared with pain. However, something felt different. Something inside me shivered against my spine. I could feel my bones changing and my muscles forming into something different. My paws elongated into what looked like fingers. My hind legs felt longer and I felt that I could not stand on four feet anymore.

The General looked at me with amusement and surprise. “Barbarian,” was all he spoke. It was then that I bit into his neck, and upon hearing the last gurgles of breath as the life blood flowed from him, I knew that he was dead.

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-12-2009, 03:17 PM
Chapter 5

All of the humanoid animals were gone now, free and in the wild, where they belonged. I remained in the small camp; the scent of blood, death and gore nauseated me to no end, but I stayed. I looked at myself at that moment, and saw what I had become. What they had made me become.

I could not stand on four legs anymore, but the feeling of standing on two legs felt uncomfortable to me, so I sat leaning against the nearby wall of another cage. I was able to remove the prod that was stabbed into me, and through blurry eyes I could see the blood flow freely from my chest, staining the white snow around me.

The sun was high up in the sky now, but somehow, it seemed to me that it had begun to snow. Snowflakes, light as feathers, fell softly to the crimson stained ground. It did not feel cold at all as the snowflakes landed onto my face and human-like hands.

Light flashed before my eyes, and my mind fluttered between the past and the present. Suddenly, it was summertime again; the warmth of the sun and the cooling of the breeze tousled my fur. I was sitting beneath a large tree near a cool lake, watching as the animals passed by for a drink; knowing that I would not harm them.

Suddenly I was back at the campgrounds in winter again. Dull pangs of pain stabbed at my sides, but I took no notice. I closed my eyes again, wanting to feel the wind through my fur and the soft ground underneath my paws as I ran freely through the forest.

It is here that I know that I am not a barbarian as the humans so call me. No, I am not a barbarian, nor any animal that can be tamed as the humans tried to tame. I am Untamed, wild, with a spirit that belongs to the free and nothing can hold me down, not rope, not bindings, nothing.

It is also here, as I lay with my own life blood flowing from me that my story ends. Live free, my untamed brethren, for your life is yours to hold. Never let anything hold you down.

You are free to live as you live.

You are free.


Sorry for the multiple posts....Had to post all the chapters into nice, chunky pieces for people to read....GMs/Mods please don't kill me. >.<

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-12-2009, 03:22 PM
ಥ_ಥ ...so beautiful, Vixe.

...I thought mine was decent...I know I don't stand a chance now.


Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-12-2009, 07:33 PM
ಥ_ಥ ...so beautiful, Vixe.

...I thought mine was decent...I know I don't stand a chance now.


Really?! Aaah!! *super excited now*

Honestly, I was hoping for like, at least 6th place or something...then I can pay back all my debts.

But now I got Konari's Awesome-Sauce face of approval! I can die happy now! xD

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-12-2009, 07:38 PM
Really?! Aaah!! *super excited now*

Honestly, I was hoping for like, at least 6th place or something...then I can pay back all my debts.

But now I got Konari's Awesome-Sauce face of approval! I can die happy now! xD

I was gunnin' for first...but...honestly, any kinda win is good in my book.


Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-12-2009, 07:53 PM
I looked at my short story for days on end because I kept feeling something was missing...Then I gave up and was like, "Screw it....6th place is good too. Maybe 5th if I'm ambitious."

I was gonna post later because I wanted to see the competition, but....then I just got lazy....I kinda like it now, but I don't know. Shota's the one and only judge in this, and she can't say anything right now. She may hate it for all I know. I may end up in last place, or no place at all. b:sad

Here's to hoping. b:thanks

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-12-2009, 07:55 PM
I looked at my short story for days on end because I kept feeling something was missing...Then I gave up and was like, "Screw it....6th place is good too. Maybe 5th if I'm ambitious."

I was gonna post later because I wanted to see the competition, but....then I just got lazy....I kinda like it now, but I don't know. Shota's the one and only judge in this, and she can't say anything right now. She may hate it for all I know. I may end up in last place, or no place at all. b:sad

Here's to hoping. b:thanks

*chuckles* I posted quickly because one, I wanted to make a good impression, and also, I don't think it'll make a difference when you post. Just post, is all.

Here's to hopin' with ya. b:thanks

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I'm glad to say I've written something in a formant no one's expected to see

but you'll all have to wait one more day b:chuckle

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08-13-2009, 09:58 AM
"When you live by the sword, you often die by it aswell." My sword is often damaged and rusty. Which is why I have nicked named myself "Rustie"

It seems like ages ago I gave myself that little speech. I find myself alone again, without family or faction. I must gather my resources and forge a new beginning. I can't waste any more time wondering what happened to the others, its enough to know they moved on without me.
My search for a true clerics path begins today!
All of these thoughts tumble around inside my head as I fly aimlessly around Perfect World. I spot a familuar jagged peak and set a path towards it.
Valley of the Death it is.

As I land not so gracefully with a bump and a quick recovery, a quick scan of the area assures me there was no witnesses, Thank goodness! "dam these new boots anyway" grumble quietly.
I have decided atleast what what my first action has to be. I must write a post looking for employment perhaps a new faction, anything that will help get me back on my toes as it were.

I find myself a comfortable place in the sun, and search around inside my back pack for parchment and pencil. <"twists finger around ponytail> were
to begin ... hmmm

__________________________________________________ ______________

Name: Rustie
Age: 80 <wow does that seem old?>scratch's that last bit out.
Profession: Cleric


Hard working, I dont mind long hours.
Honest, no really I am.
Mature, no really I am.
Friendly, ok well thats abit of a stretch, im painfully shy and not talkative.
Buffs and revives are free.


FB's well I can accompany most aslong as cordinates are given, as I have a poor since of direction.

Boss kills refer to above.

TT I have little experience there but I have never felt like I was missing much. <taps pencil against knee> perhaps alittle too honest.

TW I have never been involved with either but no reason why just never came up before.

PvP I have never killed another, but I honestly have thought agreat deal about it on occasion.

__________________________________________________ _______________

I quickly scan over what I have written down so far, wow I guess that doesn't amount to much once its all down on paper. <sighs> perhaps I should "twink" it up abit to make it look more important, <gives head a good shake> lets try and not make a bad situation worse by lying about it.

I could continue alone after all, its not like I havent done it before. I think to myself. I take the parchment and fold it in half placing it in my bag. I pack the rest of my belongings, and take to the sky for the long flight back to Archasuar. Still undecided what to do, wondering what will I do if this doesn't work.


wow I havent written anything since old school days <sighs> oh well thats my best shot at the gold!

Elvindor - Heavens Tear
08-13-2009, 11:15 AM
IF YOU LIKE QQ b:shedtear

Kazusame - Heavens Tear
08-13-2009, 03:36 PM
*WARNING/NOTE/CAUTION: DO NOT READ THIS IN ORDER. At the end of each paragraph, you will be given a bolded code. Copy (ctrl+c) and Paste (crtl+p) it into the “find” window (ctrl+f) of your web browser to be taken to the next part of the story you’ve chosen.*

Choose Your Fate: The Quest for Land, Gold, and Glory
In a Perfect World, the Blademaster is known as “a specialist in melee combat, coming from a long line of seasoned warriors. Famous for being excellent solo warriors, they are also the kings of stun. Gearing up in heavy armor, the blademaster gains vast amounts of strength and dexterity required to wield a great array of weaponry.” The most commonly used weapon class, axes, enables the fighter to maximize his stunning capabilities. This knowledge of stun always leaves the player with a trigger-happy tingling of the fingers whenever they duel, PvP, and engage in Territory War. However, because of how common axes BMs are, your journey will be one behind the eyes of an actual “Blade” master, as you decide the outcome; as you choose your fate.

Server Time – 19:04:32 (PM)
The collaboration of your faction has begun; from all across the map, your friends and teammates fly to meet in one single spot. Everyone’s brimming with excitement, but for what reason? War had been declared only one night ago, of course! The battle for Thousand Streams was scheduled to start in less than an hour; you have the first fight slot at 20:00. You stand with your head high and back straight; your long rusty brown hair is picked up in the wind. You fuss with it, stubbornly blaming your height for the amount of wind you attract. With that, your self-consciousness gets the better of you, and you look down at what you feel is your mediocre body and start shuffling around in your armor. Getting over that, joy overcomes you: it has been a while since you’ve last seen the players of your faction all in the same place that you forgot of their great diversity of class. From tall to short, red hair to black, untamed to human, and armored to fashioned; you begin to examine the gear of those who have grown stronger than you. After all, you’re dying to see whom you’ve surpassed, and whom you’ve fallen behind. There are talks of strategy and technique all around you as in-faction duels are held for practice. Watching the swords fly, axes slam, and magic soar, you begin itching for a fight yourself. Wouldn’t you know it, you were just challenged to a duel by a fellow BM! However, he’s wielding axes; do you –
- Accept? ----- acptduel
- Decline? ----- decduel

Server Time – 19:56:33 (PM)
You’re rather afraid of being in the heat of battle, so you decide to join one of two scouting squads. The squad contains two archers, a cleric, two wizards, yourself, and is being sent down path C. However, only you and the archers have mounts. Between the six of you, the mounted players decide to charge out ahead of the other three to check for players; that way, the cleric and wizards can head to the middle path if there’s no action on your path. You all buff each other, go over last minute advice and strategy, mount up, and the message everyone was waiting for appears. Everyone enters the instance.
Server Time – 20:00:06 (PM)
You and the archers speed down the right path, ahead of even those attacking on the center path. A few seconds of running, and you’re roughly halfway down the C path. Then you notice you’ve dismounted, your charm ticks, and you acquire a target. What’s going on? You forgot to check the sky! Just as you look up, three squads of the opposing faction drop from the sky and wipe you and the archers from the path. Before returning to town, you watch as even more enemy players flood from the other end of the path. You alert the rest of your faction of the full force coming from the right. Then you return to the allied base. While you ask the cleric for buffs, the reply is an unfortunate “no”, because the force headed for our HQ also rolled through them. Back in your base, you see your extra faction members head to defend the right gate. A few minutes of fight, and all but the cat squads were back in the base. Heads began to roll; players were dropping left and right from both sides. Then catastrophe strikes! Though we seemingly had the edge, cat squads from the defending faction rolled in the left gate and began attacking the crystal. Hands gripping your blades, you started to take leadership of your squad. You began to call out targets and orders:
- “Focus attacks on the Barbarians! Stop the catapults!” ---------- atkbarb
- “Take out the Clerics! They’re the ones keeping everyone alive!” -- atkcler
- “Team up on the Archers! They’re killing us from a distance!” ------ atkarch

Server Time – 20:13:55 (PM)
You call out to your squad, “focus attacks on the Barbarians! Stop the catapults!” Between the six of you: wizards and clerics dealing magic damage, archers firing ranged stuns and effects, and your melee mastery, you all take down one of many barbs. Cooperatively targeting the next barb, you being to question the efficiency of attacking through cleric healing. Just as that though crosses your mind, more of your faction jumps in on the attack. This barb falls quicker than the last. This strategy clicks, and everyone beings to tackle the opposing catapult pullers. Everything seems to be going well, but you watch as the clerics in the sky begin to resurrect the barbs that didn’t go back to base! It’s time for a quick decision –
- Keep on the barbs ------- kbarbs
- Take out the clerics ----- kcleric

Server Time – 20:19:34 (PM)
You knew your faction would be fighting twice as well if it weren’t for the constant enemy blademaster stun. Rallying a few ally BMs, you group up and begin to cleave through the stunning opposition. But this was a hard fight; half the time, half the brawlers were stunned. Surely there was a lucky fail from an enemy Roar now and again, but in the end, teamwork closed the gap. With roughly four to five on one BM fights, more and more of your allies gained freedom from the obnoxious stuns. Further, with a weaker melee force, allied clerics, wizards, and venos became more useful without having to worry about physical damage. Axe and Sword-wielding blademasters Sprinted in, kicking up earth in their tracks; barbarians charged, wheeling the great catapults; archers soared majestically over the unforgiving walls with their right hand aflame: the push into their headquarters was successful. Set up began; dirt and dust whirled up in a cyclone as the fiery twister of Dragon’s Breath was channeled by numerous wizards around the enemy crystal. The sky cried and ground shook as bolts of lightning came crashing from the heavens as clerics summoned the power of Tempest. Phoenixes shrieked as they dove from above under the mighty command of their venomancers. The stage was set, the elements were on our side, and the end was near. Any foolish enough to leave the safe zone sealed were promptly dealt with. As the crystal began to crack, you could hear the cries of the enemy, begging for mercy, dying to maintain their reputation as the strongest. While the dealer dealt the enemy a great hand, yours was just that much greater. There was no hope, nothing left, utter destruction stood within their walls. But all you could do was stand there and laugh. With your blades gleaming in the light of the moon, you take to your Myriad Sword Stance, and watch as the magic daggers swirl about.
Server Time – 20:41:02 (PM)
VICTORY! It was finally over: a forty-minute triumph over the titans that held Thousand Streams. With a quick change of color, the world became aware. You could hear the shouts of joy all the way from Archosaur, and see the extravagant celebratory fireworks down in Dreamweaver. Your rival walks over and pats you on the back, “just think, all of that noise, all of that light is for us.”
ending rank 8/8 – you’ve successfully proven to be the top BM by defeating the strongest fighters your enemies could offer.
but there’s more than one path to victory, try again? go to ----> start

Server Time – 19:07:14 (PM)
Blinded by excitement, you eagerly accept. Practically foaming at the mouth, you stare down your spiky haired friend. Full of yourself, you call out, “if you’re not careful, I’ll be dyeing those white locks of yours red!” He laughs, “let me spare my breath and have my dueling speak for me.” You both take your battle stances…3…2…1…FIGHT! You run towards your rival and ready Roar of the Pride. But wait, it won’t channel; you had no chi! Your opponent gets off the first stun, and begins hammering your health. You helplessly wait for the effect to wear off as axes bludgeon you. Free from stun, you resort to Aeolian Blade to stun and deal damage. Luckily, the effect landed, and you begin to swing and slice with your blades at the stunned enemy. Gaining chi from basic attacks, you’re able to cast Roar of the Pride as the stun wears off your rival. Stunned again, the duelist takes more and more damage from you. But the few seconds are up, your stun wears off, and things take a turn for the worst. His Roar’s cool-down was gone, and after he stuns you with it, he uses Diamond Sutra to regain the health he’s lost. The duel doesn’t last much longer after that. As you’re pummeled by Drake Bash, Fissure, and Heaven’s Flame, you watch your health drop, and the duel ends. What went wrong? The faction mate you just dueled suggested you buff up with Aura of the Golden Bell and get at least two sparks before entering a duel. He says better luck next time, and gives you a bronze HP charm, telling you you’ll need all the help you can get. He walks off laughing.
code---> aftduel <---code

Server Time – 20:00:08 (PM)
You were placed in an offensive squad, coupled with five other blademasters. Dubbed “stun team 1”, you all follow closely behind the cat squads; some on foot, others by air, waiting for the right moment. Fortunately, the jaunt to the first tower set-up was an easy one. On top of that, no towers were built! With great luck, everyone binds to the nearby pillars for an easy teleport upon death. Spirits high, the squads continue down the center path. There was no resistance met until the enemy base appeared in the distance. We saw them; they were waiting; stationary and solemn like sentinels. They would have seemed cocky if it weren’t for their large numbers and rapid-fire turret setup. With nothing in our way, all the strike squads mobilized from behind the catapults, and began the assault. Everyone was trigger-happy; whenever a target was acquired, the player would run off to fight, which tended to result in a slaughter from the turrets. All the strike squads were over excited, as too many would be pulled in range of the clerics, who proceeded to cast Tempest. The main offensive was gone; bodies lie all around the enemy gate, and still the opposition stood motionless waiting for the rest of the faction. Everyone revived back in the base. Some foolishly ran back to battle via the gates, others took the teleport to the binding pillars. Unfortunately, those who were smart were punished. The teleport took them right into the heat of battle, and unaware of the field, were easily taken out by veno phoenixes and axe bm aoe. Morale was gone, and those who died took a seat on the steps by the revive platform. They knew it was over, they didn’t want any more ticks on their charm, but at the same time they wanted to watch the end; they wanted to see death walk through the gates and reap our headquarters of life. Squads were either pushed back or killed, and all ended up against the walls of our base as catapults reeked havoc on everything we were trying to defend. DEFEAT, the words stung deep in your chest, and you wait to be taken from the instance.
Server Time – 20:17:33
The world floods with speak of congratulations to the defending faction, and coarse and hurtful remarks towards the failing attackers. Talk of trying again next week circles your faction. At least you’re persistent!
ending rank 1/8 – you need a lesson in teamwork and strategy, you couldn’t even last twenty minutes!
try again? go to ----> start

Server Time – 20:18:21 (PM)
You jump into the sky and mount your flying sword, try flying off to take the clerics on your own without saying anything. But the second you’re airborne, arrows stick your back. You painfully turn around and face the target, but dread to see the distance between you. You take to the ground and Cloud Sprint your way through the battlefield, but to no avail. Through a combination of stun and ranged attacks, the enemy archer annihilates you. Things begin to fall apart; teammates drop and walk back into battle. Sealed and useless, they die again. The cycle leads to the ultimate downfall of your faction’s crystal. DEFEAT appears, and all the players of your faction groan and curse.
Server Time – 20:24:11
“GG”s exchange, and the world fills with chat of congratulations for both sides; for the defending faction’s victory, and the attacking faction’s twenty-four minute battle; after all, no one though you’d last that long.
ending rank 3/8 - good choice of target, but perhaps a better squad is in order?
try again? go to ----> start

Server Time – 20:17:59 (PM)
You figure that if you just stick with your team, you’ll out kill the clerics healing and reviving the barbs. Roar of the Pride stuns a wave of enemies as you pound on the barbarians; followed up by Drake Sweep and Myriad Sword Stance, your AoE skills damage many, but drop few. Your team starts panicking between deaths, and everyone begins to realize there’s no chance left. You target the HQ while waiting for the seal to wear off from reviving, and to your dismay find it to be further gone than 90%. It was over, so for the hell of it, you run out, self-buffed and swords ‘a blazing, in hopes to get some PvP kills.
Server Time – 20:28:36 (PM)
DEFEAT. Sixty seconds before you leave the blood-battered wasteland; the shattered attempted that was a territory war. Your faction seemed incredibly frustrated. They knew they could have won, but the utter obliteration of their forces killed many of the fighter’s spirits. Numerous people left the faction immediately after, and the broken family turned its head from territory wars.
ending rank 2/8 - you chose to fight the barbs head on? I hope you're not in my faction.
try again? go to ----> start

Server Time – 19:13:49 (PM)
After equipping the charm your rival gave you, you begin chatting with the higher-ups in the faction. They go over the plan of attack for tonight, ideas are bounced back and forth against players, and then talk of squads begins. The leader of your faction makes the call that he wants at least one squad on both the side paths to check for any forces. Then there are cat squads, set up to take out towers and the HQ via Barbarian-pulling catapults and teammates healing. Lastly there will be strike squads, put together to rush the middle after the cat squads and start taking out most of the opposition. So which squads will you request to join?
- Scout ----> sctsquad
- Cat ------> catsquad
- Strike ----> stksquad

Server Time – 20:13:40 (PM)
You figure if you take out the long-range fighters, there will be less of a burden for everyone else. Looking around, you find not too many archers on the field. With the rest of your squad, everyone makes a b-line for one grounded elf. Unfortunately, you’re her target out of the six of you. Stunned, you can only watch the rest of your team advance as the arrows fly at you. Your charm ticks from a lucky crit, and she drops just as you were nearing death, yourself. You thank your squad as you wait for your charm to tick again and heal you before acquiring a new target. This time, you plan on using Will of the Bodhisattva to counter the first stun arrow from the archer. Someone in your party falls, and they tell you an archer got a lucky crit. You pop Will and started running towards the fallen comrade, hastily searching for the archer. With some luck, you spot the airborne archer, and take to the sky after him. While the Bodhisattva skill’s speed boost doesn’t stack in the air, the immunity to stun and slow is still effective, and it successfully stops the stun arrow. You accelerate to catch up, but the archer is already firing at you. Another lucky crit ticks your charm before you get to him, but that window of opportunity was all the difference. Though you’ve made it to melee range, another arrow stuns you, the archer flies off, and at max range, finishes you off. Alive with a seal, you witness the worst. Our base was filled with the enemy, fighting off what resistance we offered. They must have finished coming down the side paths while we were archer hunting.
Server Time – 20:23:27
Before the seal even wore off, DEFEAT. You had pulled too many allies from the fight to tackle the archers; the utter waste of time lead to a weaker defensive force, and your HQ was under attack far before you felled your first archer. The world wasn’t surprised, and the comments read your mind; “twenty minutes? someone needs to learn better strategy.”
ending rank 4/8 - silly, you're a Blademaster, range is no good to you
try again? go to ----> start

Server Time – 20:14:02 (PM)
The clerics in your squad begin to stack Iron Heart on you and the archers, and you three take to the sky to eliminate the clerics. You accelerate your aerogear to speed over to the first target. Archers provide ranged damage and extra stun as you, one by one, tear through the enemy’s healers. Everything was going smoothly, all players were executing their jobs flawlessly, like clockwork. The more clerics fell, the more barbs followed. Then, operations hit a snag; several clerics channel Tempest, and most archers and blademasters helplessly fall to the ground. Some grab resurrections from free clerics, others are too antsy and just return to the base. Enough exchanges leave both sides at a stalemate just outside the walls of our base. During downtime, waiting for the seal to be lifted, your squad starts to spread the word of strategy. Members of the strike squad take to the air, and the clerics start to crash to the ground. The tempests pass, and we start to push down the path. Faction talk goes round that the enemy must have underestimated us: there are no turrets anywhere outside their base. There are none on the roads, none by the walls…none. What’s more is there are no members of the opposing faction out on the roads since we rid them from our base. Whether they’re on the side paths remains to be known, but the walk down the center was empty, sky and all. Everyone dismounted, buffed up, and ran on foot together through the threshold that was the center gate of the enemy faction. It was time to win. The base was engorged with every possible member of the opposing faction. What’s more is no barb was pulling a catapult, but there were all in human form. It was clear that they drew the line here, and were prepared to force us back to our HQ. It was game-face time; our catapult pullers ran in and stood firm as the catapults worked on their crystal. Their respective clerics were stacking IH, and every other squad ran in to drop whoever they could get their weapons in.
Server Time – 20:41:17 (PM)
The battle within the enemy stronghold was long, but the cooperation between faction members kept catapult toting barbs standing, healing clerics flying, and most dds killing. Both turrets were down, and the HQ was nearing its end. Players began to stop fighting and begin trash talking. QQ spewed from the failure of the defending faction, and uproarious delight gleamed from the successful attackers.
Server Time – 20:57:49
VICTORY. The world was shocked. In under an hour, Thousand Streams was taken. Many observers were skeptical, saying there must have been a lack in strategy from the defenders. Others called it a fluke, saying the attackers will lose Streams next week. But no matter who said what, the map read true; Thousand Streams was under new ownership!
ending rank 7/8 – everyone knows the key to victory is to take out the foundation; once the clerics fall, everything follows. What an excellent strategy!
but there’s more than one path to victory, try again? go to ----> start

Server Time – 20:18:56 (PM)
Sandstorm and Gush are becoming far too troublesome and agitating for you. Alone, you take off to solo wizards one by one because you know they’re weak against physical damage. Members of your party watch you run off and call out, asking what you’re doing. You tell them, and they scream back that that’s suicide. But you’re far too confident to let them stop you. Picking out your first wizard, you Cloud Sprint over and begin stunning and bashing the poor caster. But you’re not doing as much damage as usual…what’s the deal? You check back with your team: “most of their wizards are wearing light armor! Stacking with their physical defense buff, you’re useless!” Before you could curse out the light armor path, you were knocked on your butt. Will of the Phoenix put distance between you, and the wizard began to bog you down with slowing and powerful spells. By the time you got back within melee range, you dropped to the wizard’s feet, exhausted and out of breath. Unfortunately, you set an example for other clueless players, as bad as it was. Alive back in your base, you hear people dying off, groaning about wizard’s ranged spells and knock back. Before your seal could wear off, you see the enemy faction pushing back our resistance on path B, all the way to the gate. Good thing there were turrets put up, or who knows how much damage the crystal could have taken by now. But that fear was soon to be a reality. As you run out of gate A and come to the side of the huge brawl, you see one tower down, and the second beginning to crumble. Whatever difference you were going to make running yourself into the center of the enemy and getting maimed, you knew it to be better off retuning inside the base and preparing to catch the incoming force from B gate. You buff up and take a sneaky position just to the left of the entrance so you wouldn’t be in immediate sight upon anyone’s arrival. You begin stacking your Alter Marrow skills in hopes of having two sparks and Myriad Sword ready for the enemy. To your delight, you accomplish just that, but where’s the enemy? No one’s walked through the gate since the turrets fell? You look back within your base to see only your faction…so what was going on? You peak around the corner and look out of the center arch, and your charm ticks. Frightened, you run out looking for what you figured was an archer, and you’d be right. Problem was, she was in the air, and you’ve just hit the ground outside your base after being loaded with arrowheads from a Barrage. Before reviving, the alerts begin, “HQ at 70% health!” Alive, but sealed, you helplessly watch the end begin. The crystal and ground alike resembled porcupines; arrowheads were buried deep within while quills from countless Barrages remained visible like an omen. The seal was gone, and like any good blademaster, you were stacking your chi the whole time. You dash in and spam as many AoE skills as possible: Fan of Flames, Drake Sweep, Roar of the Pride, Myriad Sword Stance. You’re unsure of how many you killed, if any, but the alarms grew more dire, “HQ at 35% health!” Those with the strength carried on the battle, while weaker members began to give up hope. You did your best to rally as many as possible, “win or lose, we’re in this together, as a family, for fun!” The sidelines emptied, and everyone knew to give it all; we weren’t going down without a hell of a fight!
Server Time – 21:09:32 (PM)
DEFEAT! But it wasn’t one of sorrow. In fact, many were glad. As a team, a family, we showed the world we were a force to be reckoned with. Lasting more than an hour against the strongest on the server who were bent on keeping Thousand Streams at all costs, morale within the faction was pretty high. On top of that, the world recognized that strength, as news and passive conversation seemed to start with just the drop of a now popular faction name.
ending rank 6/8 - talk about epic battle; teamwork and family is the way a faction should orient! too bad that doesn't always cut it for the TW circuit.
try again? go to ----> start

Server Time – 20:20:47 (PM)
Before you could suggest anything, a flock of phoenixes took to battle, and your squad was the target! You take to the sky to protect the clerics from the pesky fowl, swinging and batting at them with your blades. But this was a fight you couldn’t win; any time progress was made, it regenerated health. You’re aware of the Heal Pet skill, but this phoenix’s rate of recovery was absurd! There must be more than one veno on it. “Forget the birds, get the trainers!” With that wise word of advice, you’re forced to leave the ally cleric to fend for herself as you seek out the venomancers manipulating the firebirds. Fly swords, mantas, and wings appear by your side; you’ve managed to pull together an attack squad without so much as a word! Everyone teams up, two or three on one fights begin in hopes of eradicating the flame-headed chickens. The only thing making the scuffles difficult was the numerous sources of damage. Extra venos sent their flying pets to aid their faction; bramble returned a large percent of melee damage; and the venos sending pets as well as those under attack were casting spells! As ludicrous as it sounds, you begin to notice that the battles were rather fair. Some groups from our faction would fall, and in exchange, two or three venos would take a seat. Everyone’s spirits begin to heighten, until a terrible realization: the venos that were team-healing one phoenix have phoenixes of their own! While one venomancer would fall, there was another with a firebird ready to take her place. All time and effort put into dropping the wall of flaming fowl was useless. From the bm’s to the barbs, and the chickens to the clerics; there was too much for what force we had at their base to handle. The rope in this tug of war was starting to slip through our hands. There were incomparable numbers of pets and players in the enemy faction versus what we brought to the battle. Worried, every un-sealed player ran back down path B, only to run through what might as well have been barbed wire. The unstoppable force was mobile, and was on a rampage down the path to our front gate! There was quick talk of defensive strategy, but none sounded like a winning plan. Everyone was to stick to basics; team up, and last as long as you can.
Server Time – 20:57:11 (PM)
DEFEAT! What an upset, victory was in the palm of your hands at the start. If only you could have kept up the heat, maybe their forces would have crumbled with time. However, that’s a big “maybe.” With a “not-so-surprised” reaction from the rest of the world, plans are already underway to take what should have been yours this day, next week.
ending rank 5/8 – you have the power, but you just need to keep the pressure on the enemy when it counts! If you can’t beat up the enemy, beat down the morale.
try again? go to ----> start

Server Time – 19:07:14 (PM)
You’re too excited to duel wisely at the moment, so you decline. The opponent asked again, but you declined a second time. Feeling sympathetic for the persistent BM, you decide to buff up with Aura of the Golden Bell, and stack your Alter Marrow skills until you gain full chi. Once finished preparing, the duel request was sent once more. “I’ll lop those locks from your head. That way I can see you cry when you lose,” he says mockingly. Humoring the axe BM, you reply: “don’t get too cocky, it’s not one of your redeeming qualities, you silly white-haired blademaster.” Accepting the duel, you run in and use Roar of the Pride. Stunned for six seconds, you proceed to use Spirit Chaser for damage, and Draw Blood for damage over time. The stun wears off, but you quickly follow up with Aeolian Blade. On top of doing more damage, you’ve stunned the rival a second time for three more seconds, during which you attack with stronger skills: Drake Sweep, Atmos Strike, and Myriad Sword Stance. The duel promptly ended afterwards with the same exchange of skills, and your faction-mate compliments you on how strong you’ve gotten. Good sport that he is, he tosses a silver HP charm your way, saying he figures you’ll want it for the upcoming war, but doubts you’ll make it tick.
code---> aftduel <---code

Server Time – 20:00:04 (PM)
With a squad of two barbarians pulling catapults, two clerics healing the barbs, and two blademasters (one of which being you) to protect the clerics, you enter the instance and set out down the middle path on foot. Buffed up, you and the other BM are forced to stand by as the cat squads come to the middle towers. The barbs stand still in their tiger form, catapults attacking the left tower. The clerics stand fearless, targeting the barbs incase of any needed healing, and you and your rival from earlier team up as you see the opposition come running down the path. The strike squads behind you move forward for backup, and the first encounter is underway! With strike on the ground, you take to the sky to eliminate any hovering casters. Between you and your teammate, you stun lock and kill clerics, wizards and venos one by one. The towers fall, and all middle squads advance. As the push to their HQ strengthens, we get calls of forces moving down paths A and C. The faction leader speaks up, calls off all scout squads, and orders them to come down path B. We were to finish the battle quickly. The second encounter begins at the entrance, but there’s so much mayhem and crossfire that some warriors aren’t sure what to do. You take the helm and call out orders:
- “Drop the Blademasters! They’ll kill our Clerics!” ---> atkbm
- “Kill the Wizards! Their AOE is too strong!”--------> atkwiz
- “Get the Venos! Their pets are everywhere!” -----> atkveno

Kazusame - Heavens Tear
08-13-2009, 03:40 PM
if anyone sees this mess, I'm currently trying to post my story...having problems...

edit: alright, turns out the forum doesnt like MSWord listing bullets, so i had to replace them with dashes. no biggy. however, if there is a piece missing (you type a code, hit find, and its not there), please tell me. it was giving me a hard time during posting, so I'm not 100% sure if everything's there (like 99% sure :p)

Inias - Heavens Tear
08-14-2009, 10:40 AM
well no story here i'm not into all that big story writing o_O
nd i've seen some pretty loong story's here :^)

so just a goodbye and share me your secret on how u got to that amount of money b:laugh

Shota - Heavens Tear
08-14-2009, 04:53 PM
well no story here i'm not into all that big story writing o_O
nd i've seen some pretty loong story's here :^)

so just a goodbye and share me your secret on how u got to that amount of money b:laugh

There's no real "secret". I was a squirrel. I bought nothing, sold everything. I spent hours and hours harvesting, farming, etc.

Just a ittle insight.

I was there the day the game went live, not just the day, the moment. While everyone was in a hurry to be level 20 by the end of day one, I was happily listening to music and "cleaning" up the mess in the starter area.

Apparently nobody wanted the "crap" that drops from low level monsters, but a lot of that stuff stacks and while a lot of people were pretty high level at the end of day one, I already had a hundred thousand gold. That doesn't sound like a lot now, but on day one, that was huge.

This is one of the reasons I am enjoying giving away my gold, a lot of what I have is courtesy of other players' laziness or lack of caring.

One man's trash is another girl's treasure :-)

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where do we post the entry exactly tho? xD

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You post your entry right here on this thread. Sounds simple enough. =O

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Chapter 14: Kutso: The Veno-Man-Cer

"So Harpy Wraith has fled from this area." Hojo said as he stared at the camp fire. "She must be afraid of us."

"Possibly." Xaldain replied as he watched the red flames dance. "But it could be her plan to lure us somewhere."

"True." Hojo sighed. "She is a clever one. I'll give her that. But she will still go down."

Xaldain nodded before looking over his shoulder at everyone else sleeping. "We should get our rest before heading to Nameless Isle. Who knows what's there."

"Agreed." Hojo replied with a nod before laying down and going to sleep.

Three hours later

"Xaldain..." Serenity spoke softly as she sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "You're still up?"

"Ya, I couldn't sleep." Xaldain responded in a low tone so he would not wake the others.

Serenity sat down next to him. "Is it because of Harpy Wraith?"

He nodded. "Yes, and..." He looked her in the eyes. "This is becoming more dangerous."

"I know..." She sighed. "But we must continue on."

"We have to be on our guard now that she knows we are pursuing her." He stated along with a sigh.

"Of course." Serenity gave a half smile. "As long as we all are not seperated then we should be fine."

"I hope so..." He was now deep in thought. He wanted Serenity to be safe, but what if he and the others were not strong enough? "Maybe she should go back to Plume where it's safe." he thought to himself.



"You aren't thinking about sending me back home, are you?"

He blinked. Were Clerics mind readers now? "No, not at all." he lied.

She crossed her arms and one of her brows raised in suspicion. "Oh really?"

"Ok, I was." he admitted nervously. She read him like a book. Either she was a psychic or he was a really bad lier.

"I knew it." she looked away from him and closed her eyes. "I told you before that I didn't want to stay in Plume while everyone else fights."

He sighed. "I know. I just don't want you to get hurt. That's all."

"I understand that, but I don't want anyone I know to die or get hurt. I want to help. For you to say go home and be safe, it sounds like you don't need me to accompany you." She looked down at the ground. "Like... I am useless to you all..." She finished in a low voice.

"You aren't useless, Serenity." He replied as he lifted her chin up with his pointer finger. "You saved my life more than once and you taught me how to use a bow and arrow. I wouldn't make it this far without you. You will never be useless to any of us." He said to her with a smile. "Serenity, I care deeply for you and I promise to protect you with my life."

She shook her head. "No, Xaldain. I don't want you to place your life on the line for me."

He took her hands in his as their eyes met one another. "Serenity, I owe you my life. It is only fair for me to protect you with it. I would gladly without regret, sacrifice my life for your's. I just care about you that much."

She hugged him tightly and half smiled. "Then I pray that it doesn't come to that." Slowly she closed her eyes. "Please don't let it come to that."

Nameless Isle

Hojo kicked some sand and sighed. "Still no luck."

"What now?" Serenity asked while looking around for any sign of Wraiths.

"We'll have to keep moving north." Xaldain stated.

"This place gives me the creeps." Stripes said. His reddish-brown eyes glanced right to left in paranoia.

"Why? The sky is clear and this place is so peaceful." Maria said to Stripes.

Luna wiggled her noes. "Something smells odd."

"What?" Maria asked.

Luna's fox ears twitched. She was about to respond, but flames surrounded everyone.

The circle around them was of smoke and everyone was coughing. There was no way out of the flaming circle.

"Ahh!!" Serenity's scream cut through the coughing.

"Serenity!!" Xaldain yelled and held out his hand towards her , but she was grabbed by something that looked like it was made of gold. The flames had stopped, but there was heavy smoke that was unlifted. A mightly force hit him and the whole area turned black. When Xaldain woke up, he ound himself alone. Quickly, he got to his feet and glanced frantically around for his friends. "Serenity! Hojo! Maria! Luna! Stripes!" he shouted, but there were no replies from anyone. They were sneek attacked and he could not do anything about it. "Dammit." he growled and punched the ground with his right fist. How could they all be jumped like that? If anything happened to Serenity...

"Ah, so you're finally awake." a voice called out. It was a light voice but not too light. The master of that voice came from out the bushes. It was a venomancer. She wore a red kimono and had light tanned skin. Her black hair ended at her shoulders and her eyes were blood red. She had black horned wings peeking out her head and a devil's tail wagging behind her. However there was something off about her. "I'm glad. It would be no fun killing you while you're sleeping."

Xaldain took out his crossbow and pointed it at her. "Where are the others?"

She laughed a really corny laugh. "They will be fish food very soon." An arrow passed her face and she only grinned. "They will be living sacrifices for Mantavip The Great!" Her lips pursed. "But enough about them. It's just you and me." Her hands clasped together and she placed her cheek on the back of her hand. "Oh this is so wonderful, I get to fight a cute one. Those wings on your head are simply adorable!"

Xaldain arched one of his brows. What was with this girl?

"Your wings will look so much better than these bony horns on my head." Her eyes sparkled, while looking at him.

Xaldain glared at her. He did not have time for this. He would find the others himself. He shot another arrow at her, but suprisingly his arrow broke in half. He blinked then saw what she was holding in her right hand... a whip?

She wagged her pointer finger to scold him. "Shame on you. Trying to shoot me when I'm talking. You're being naughty." She bit her bottom lip. "I wonder how your blood tastes." she stated before dashing towards him.

"You have to be kiding." he thought to himself as he jumped back from her swinging the cruel rope.

The others

"Well this is great." Hojo said sarcastically. He was tied and held still by a fat man made of gold.

The others were in the same position as Hojo. Their legs and hands were tied behind them.

"Where is Xaldain?!" Serenity asked with big eyes. Did she jinx it and he died? No, that can not be it. Xaldain must still be alive.

Back to Xaldain

"Hmm, you're a good opponent after all." the venomancer said with glee. Xaldain had shot her twice with his arrows. However, the wounds were not fatal.

"I have to end this quick and find the others fast." Xaldain thought to himself. This whip-swinging venomancer was not making it easy for him to fight. The whip hit his cheek and left a long cut across it. He started to bleed instantly.

The rope returned back towards its owner. The venomancer grinned and licked some of Xaldain's blood off the whip's end. "Mhmm... Your blood tastes great." She lunged towards him again. "I must have more. More blood!"

Xaldain winced at the sting the whip left. It was worse than the minor ones he gotten. This person was as psycho. Why did he always get the crazy ones?

The whip wrapped around Xaldain's right arm that held his crossbow and he was pulled towards her. "Not bad for an elf. So sad this has to end." She looked him in the eyes as they were face to face. "Too bad that you have to die."

"Who put you up to this?" Xaldain growled and managed to get out of the hold of the whip.

"Do I have to have a reason to kill?" She asked. She placed her pointer finger under her chin to think. "Hmm..." Looking at the sky then back at him, she gave him a smile. "I don't have one. I just like to." Her devil tail tripped him.

Xaldain glared up at her. He was not getting anywhere with her. "I can't lose to her. The others need me. Serenity needs me."

She stood above him and grinned. "My name is Kutso!" Jumping into the air, she shouted. "I'm giving you my name so you can scream it when you-" She gripped her whip tightly and held it over her shoulder, about to attack. "-DIE!" she finished while flingng her whip towards him.

The unknown place

"Where are we anyway?" Luna looked around.

"We have to be near Nameless Isle. We weren't out for that long." Maria replied.

Stripes growled as he tried to get out of the man's grip. "They're like statues."

"Tell me about it." Hojo added as he struggled to get loose. He then smiled at Maria. "Hey, Maria. Use your magic to get us out of here."

"Don't you think I would of did that already?" Maria sighed. "I can't cast spells with my hands behind my back."

"Isn't it odd how they are only holding us?" Serenity pondered. "What are we here for and where is Xaldain?"

The rest of them shrugged.

"I got a feeling it isn't good." Fang replied.

Xaldain & Kutso

Kutso groaned and blood dripped from her mouth. She was shot in the stomach by Xaldain's arrow. "So... you got me." She chuckled a bit before she collasped on top of him. "And here I thought I was the only great male fighter."

"Male fighter?" Xaldain blinked in confusion. She was a man?! Now that he thought about it, something was off about Kutso. He gently rolled her..ermm...him off of him before standing up. He was bloody all over. That battle with that venomancer was intense. Quickly he spread his wings and soared through the air. "Please, everyone. Be ok."

Back to the unknown place

Thunder crashed and dark clouds hovered around the area. Thousands of bubbles formed in the water near them.

"Still say the sky is clear?" Stripes asked Maria.

Maria sighed then her eyes widened when she saw the horrid beast rise from the waters. It was massive and ugly. It had the face and waist down of a serpant and the arms and abdomen of a man. It held a trident in one of its hands. It must be a god or a mighty Wraith.

Everyone stared up at it as it stared down at them with a grin.

"Serenity! Hojo! Maria! Luna! Stripes!" Xaldain yelled once he spotted them down below on a little piece on land.

"Xaldain!" they all yelled back.

"Get us free! You take too long!" Hojo growled while shouting up at Xaldain.

"Baby Herculeses, give them to Lord Mantavip now!" a familiar voice ordered. Xaldain turned to see Kutso. Did he not die?

"Baby?! I'd hate to see the father." Hojo stated.

"More like hating to see the mother. She must be huge to kick out these whoppers." Stripes said to Hojo.

Xaldain quickly shot Hojo and Stripes bounds so the two were free.

"Awesome." Hojo grinned and started to fight one of the golden men.

"Freedom." Stripes grinned in triumph when he turned into a tiger and roared to get the other golden men to fight him.

Xaldain landed on the ground and untied everyone else.

"Xaldain, you're covered in blood!" Serenity frowned and her eyes started to water.

"I'm fine." Xaldain replied with a smile.

"Blaze, attack them!" Kutso commanded a phoenix bird. That must have been the thing that created all those flames. He was on a bee in the air above Mantavip. From his serious wound, he was dying slowly.

"Not today!" Xaldain glared at the bird and aimed. He put his entire strength into it and shot the bird down in one shot.

Kutso glared at Xaldain and frowned. "You're so mean."

"Who is she?" Luna asked.

"More like him." Xaldain responded.

"Huh?" The girls gave him strange looks.

"Nevermind." Xaldain shook his head and looked at Mantavip. "We got bigger things to worry about."

Hojo and Stripes finished off the last of the Herculeses.

"I will destroy it." Stripes stepped towards the beast.

"No, I will." Maria volunteered.

"Maria, are you crazy?" Hojo stood in front of her to block her from walking towards Mantavip. "That thing is huge."

"I can do it." Maria replied. Her eyes burned with power as she stared into his eyes. "Trust me."

"But..." Hojo trailed off when he looked deeper into her eyes. "Ok, but be careful."

Maria nodded before walking to Mantavip. "You will no longer have sacrifices."

Mantavip chuckled. "You dare challenge me wizard girl?"

"You bet." Maria replied and glared at it. "Mountain's Seize!"

Mantavip's eyes widened. It was weak against the element of earth. "No!! I will never be taken!" It screamed before diving into the depths.

The rainfall of rocks soon stopped and Kutso was no where to be found along with his pets. Did he die or fall in the water?

"Darn, he got away." Maria pounted.

"Whoa, you got that thing swimming away from you? I never knew you had so much power." Hojo smiled and hugged Maria.

"You didn't?!" Maria blinked in suprise then glared at him.

"Was I suppose to know?" Hojo asked nervously.

08-15-2009, 06:21 PM
Chapter 15: The Broken Circle

"Things were going great. We fought hard and always came out on top. With every challenge that came our way, we overcame it. We were bound together like an unbreakable circle: Hojo, the one of strength; Maria, the one of wisdom; Luna, the one of friendship; Stripes, the one of loyalty; Serenity, the one of love; and I, the one of heart." Red Reaper explained to Fang, Aqua, Foxy, and Hojo. His red eyes then wondered downward. "But we were seperated. That one day I will never forget..."

Archosaur: West District

Xaldain had a big grin on his face. He had just finished talking to the Matchmaker. "Today will be the day Serenity will never forget. I am going to ask her to marry me. I'm sure she'll say yes." He paused. "She will say yes won't she?" He shook his head and smiled away the frown that was forming. "No, she will accept. We talked about it..."

Xaldain's Flash back

Serenity and Xaldain were sitting in front of a campfire under the stars.

"The Eldest is suppose to become the Elder." Serenity shook her head. "But I don't want to become the next Elder of Plume. I wish I could live a normal life and see the world like I am now..." She looked up at Xaldain as she rested her cheek on his shoulder. "With you." she added.

Xaldain smiled down at her. "You will. I talked to Hope that time we visited Plume. She said she wanted to become Elder and would gladly take your place."

"But she is the youngest."

"It doesn't matter. If they make you Elder you can pass it down or..." He replied. His fingers laced with her's. "If you are married, you are free to do as you wish as long as your husband allows it." He winked.

She giggled and smiled. "What are you trying to say, Xaldain?"

"Well..." He trailed off while picking something up from the ground. It was a beautiful rare blue flower. He gave it to her and she blushed instantly.

"It's beautiful." she whispered.

"Not even close to as beautiful as you." he replied. "Serenity." Once he said her name, her blue eyes came off the Orchidelia and met his green eyes. "When this is all over with. When Harpy Wraith is no more. Will you...marry me? Will you see the world and live with me, Serenity?"

Her eyes sparkled with joy and she embraced him. "Yes, Xaldain!" she shouted.

Their lips were close to touching but...

"Whoa, I was just gone to get more lumber." Hojo said as he held many logs in his arms. "You two really shouldn't do that out here." He looked at them to see they were looking right at him and were fully clothed. "Oh." He chuckled. "Sorry, continue what you were doing." He juggled the logs into one arm to wave at them. "I am not here."

Xaldain closed his eyes tightly and clenched one of his fists while he held it up (Anime angry style). "Hojo." he said in agitation. Hojo really ruined the moment.

Flashback End

"Once she sees the letter, she will meet me here." Xaldain could not contain his smile. "Then we will get married." He glanced up at the sky. "The day has finally come. This will be the day that changes our lives forever."

The Messenger

An old man was riding on his white mare through Silver Pool. "This letter is important. I must give it to Serenity, the Elder's daugther, who resides in Plume. The marriage must be today."

"The Elder's daughter you say?" A snake woman's voice slithered through the air. Soon her apperance was known. It was Harpy Wraith.

The mare froze to a stop then neighed uncontrollably, lifting his front legs up in the air. In doing so, the man with the letter was thrown off the horse and the mare ran away in fear.

"Ha-Harpy Wraith. You-You're suppose to be dead." The old man shivered with fear as he crawled backwards away from her. However, he was soon unable to move.

"No, my death was exaggerated. Those six fools only wounded me and I had to go into hiding." She growled. Her right eye twitched in anger. "If I was shot by that last arrow of Xaldain's, then I would be."
She grinned. "Now... This Daughter of the Elder you speak of. Is it that Serenity?"

The man gulped and nodded. He was too frightened to speak.

"And this person who wants to marry her, would that happen to be Xaldain?" Her tongue flicked in excitement.

The man nodded again.

Harpy Wraith grabbed him by the throat and started to consume his soul. "Good." Her eyes then blazed with a thought she had in mind, but she saw a Winged Elf fly towards her.

"Let him-" The girl said with wide eyes. "Ha-Harpy Wraith..."She had a crown on top of her head and blonde hair. She looked remotely similar to Serenity.

"Princess Hope, get away from here!" the man yelped in agony.

After Harpy Wraith was done taking his soul, she tossed the body with the letter it still held in its hand next to a cave. "You aren't going anywhere!" Harpy Wraith quickly grabbed Hope and pulled her close to her. She studied the princess who was struggling to get free while her eyes were closed tightly in fear of her life. "Looks like I have the perfect wedding present." Harpy Wraith laughed evily before slithering away.

City of the Lost

"Rock, where are you boy." Luna sighed. "Not again..." Her ears perked when she heard the ground rumbling and something getting closer to her. Her tail wagged in happiness. She knew that noise anywhere. Soon the magmite was in sight. "Rock!" She ran towards him, but immediately noticed that there was something wrong. "What's wrong, Rock?" Rock looked down at the ground then into her eyes. Somehow their bound was so strong that she knew exactly what he was saying. "What?! Harpy Wraith, took Serenity's sister Hope?" She shook her head. "But we defeated Harpy Wraith! She's dead!" Rock shook his head, then looked north west. "What, you say she is alive and took Hope towards Burning Heart?" Rock nodded. "Then we have no time to lose. We must tell the others."

City of Plume

Serenity was sitting in the grass. "I wonder why Xaldain hasn't come back yet." She said with a sigh while looking up at the darkening sky.

"Serenity, have you seen Hope anywhere?" A woman with blonde hair asked as she walked over to the Princess. She looked like Hope and Serenity, but an older version of both. "She hasn't come back to Plume."

"What?" Serenity stood up. "I will look for her."

"Your father is already out looking, but that was a long time ago." Serenity's mother hugged Serenity. "Be careful, dear daughter."

"I will." Serenity said before taking off.


Hojo was about to take a sip of his drink, however...

"Hojo! Maria! Stripes!" Luna shouted as she ran to them quickly.

"Mistress Luna, what is wrong?" Stripes asked. Luna was panting and had clearly ran all the way here without stopping.

"Why all the excitement? Did Rock learn a new trick?" Hojo went to take a sip of his drink again.

"Harpy Wraith is back!" Luna yelled.

Hojo quickly spat out his drink. "What?!"

"That can't be right. We killed her." Maria frowned.

"You sure?" Stripes asked her.

Luna nodded, trying to catch her breath. "She... has... Hope.." Luna said in breaths.

They Stripes, Hojo, and Maria looked at each other.

Hojo threw his drink over his shoulder and looked at Luna. "Well where is she?"

"Burning Heart." Luna replied.

"Then we have to go right away." Maria stated.

"I haven't told Serenity and Xaldain." Luna added.

"Then I will take you to Plume." Stripes said before turning into a tiger. "Get on my back."

"Alright. You two go to Plume and me and Maria will head there." Hojo stated. "Come on, Maria."

City of Plume

"I am afraid Serenity has already gone off to find her sister and Xaldain has not returned." Serenity's mother replied.

"Oh no." Luna said.

"This is bad. Hopefully Hojo and Maria are there now." Stripes added.

Serenity's mother placed her hand over her heart. "Why does my heart weaken so?" she asked herself as she watched Stripes and Luna run off.

Archosaur: West District

Xaldain was now pacing back and forth in front of the Matchmaker.

"Is she coming or not?" The Matchmaker asked.

"She'll be here." Xaldain quickly responded. He was getting worried. She should have been here before sunset. Did she get the letter? "Where are you, Serenity..."

Land of Burning Heart

"Father!!" Serenity screamed with tears dripping from her eyes. She watched as Harpy Wraith was sucking up his life force.

"Run, daughter." The Elder of Plume ordered while he went through intense pain. "Get Hope and leave this place." He then was a lifeless body. Serenity could not revive him like the others, for he had no soul so she could not.

"Ah, just you? I was expecting the others to be with you." Harpy Wraith laughed.

A white bow and arrow appeared in Serenity's hands. She glared at the monster hard and aimed right at her cold heart.

"I would be more worried about your sister than me." Harpy Wraith lifted her chin and looked towards a volcano. A spinewraith was holding Hope above the rim of the lava pit below. "One little slip of the claw and she will be ashes." She grinned madly.

"You witch." Serenity growled before lowering her bow and arrow. She had to save her sister before anything else. She started to run towards Hope, but was surrounded by wraiths that were holding flaming swords. "Out of my way!" she yelled.

Two of the minions were sliced in half. "Long time no see, Serenity."

"Too bad the reunion is this." Maria's voice chimed after the rest of the red and purple creatures were destroyed by her water spell.

Hojo glared at Harpy Wraith. "You were suppose to stay dead."

"Think again, you little rats." Harpy Wraith replied.

"We'll defeat you like last time, but this time you will stay dead!" Hojo replied as he raced towards her.

"Hmm... I only count five of you." She flicked her fork tongue happily as she only saw Luna and Stripes running towards them. "You're short by one." She chuckled. "Excellent. He must still be waiting in Archosaur. When he finds out, it will be too late." She waved her hand and clawed Hojo, making him fall backwards.

Maria ran over to him and stood in front of him. "Soporific Whisper!"

Harpy Wraith was unable to move. She remembered how that wizard used the same spell on her, which made her vulnerable to all their attacks. However, Harpy Wraith was prepared. Her evil grin was still on her face.

"Elemental Invoca-!" Maria was about to make her other spell but was pushed to the side by Hojo. Maria's eyes widened as she saw Hojo fall to the ground with a sword pirecing through his stomach. "Hojo!" she screamed as he fell to the ground. With reflexes, she used a fire spell to burn the minion that stabbed him. Once it was destroyed, she fell to her knees beside him. "Hojo, you're so stupid! You didn't have to-" She shook her head and tears started to form in her eyes. "Why did you?!"

Hojo grinned through his pain. He looked up into Maria's beautiful eyes and could only smile at her. "Isn't it obvious?" He grimaced. His right hand caressed her cheek. "I am glad I meet you. I... love you, Maria." He laughed weakly. "I wish I could have told you sooner..." He then closed his eyes and his hand left her cheek.

"Hojo! Hojo, no!!" Maria snobbed. She buried her face in his clothing. "Please don't leave me..."

Serenity stretched out her hand towards Hojo to revive him.

"Revive him and you will never see your sister again." Harpy Wraith warned.

Serenity was hesitant and was not sure what to do.

"One down." Harpy Wraith grinned with glee. "Now even if Xaldain decides to show up, the circle will still be incomplete." She looked over to Hojo. "That Blademaster's skill he used on me last time was powerful. I had never seen a move like it in all my years. It was called Flash I believe. It's a good thing he is dead now."

"You wench!" Luna growled in her fox form. She lunged at Harpy Wraith only to recieve a powerful blow and fly backwards.

"Luna!" Stripes ran over to her in his tiger form. He glared and growled at Harpy Wraith. "How dare you?!" He was the next to try and attack her, but got the same result as Luna.

Luna stood up on all fours and glared at the serpant. She stepped in front of Stripes and bared her fangs.

"So you want to die next?" Harpy Wraith smiled. "Be my guest."

"Fox Wallop!" Luna growled before attacking Harpy Wraith.

Archosaur: West District

Xaldain was sitting down on the steps next to the Matchmaker. Was Serenity really not coming? Something then caught his ears.

"Oh that is terrible." A girl said with a gasp. "The Elder of Plume's daughter was taken by Harpy Wraith?"

"I know." The other girl replied. "I thought she died, but they say she's in Burning Heart."

Xaldain quickly stood up. His heart pounded against his chest in fear. The Plume Elder's Daughter? "Serenity..." He quickly flew off to the Land of Burning Heart. "Serenity, please be ok."

Back in Burning Heart

"Down goes the pet." Harpy Wraith announced as she clawed the magmite. The magmite crumbled into tiny pieces.

"Rock!" Luna yelled. Her pet was only protecting her.

"Down goes the master." Harpy Wraith finished as she swiped Luna with her claw.

"Ahhh!!" Luna cried in pain and turned back into human form before hitting the solid ground.

"Luna!" Stripes, Serenity and Maria yelled.

"There's two." Harpy Wraith said smugly.

Strpies nudged Luna lightly, only to get no response. The white tiger growled in anger. "You will die!" He ran towards Harpy Wraith. "Ancestral Ra-!" His move was stopped when Harpy Wraith plunged her claw through his stomach. "Ugh..." He turned back into his human form before falling backwards in defeat.

"Stripes!" Maria and Serenity screamed.

Harpy Wraith's laugh echoed through the dark abyss. "You'll never defeat me now!"

On the way

"Hang on for me. Hang on." Xaldain said. He was going as fast as he could. He had finally reached Burning Heart but...

When he got there, he saw Serenity fighting many wraiths. "Serenity!" he yelled and quickly shot five monsters down, using his crossbow. He ran to her side. She was crying. Why was she crying? He had quickly gotten his answer...

"Xaldain!" Serenity snobbed and hugged him. "She killed them. She killed them all."

He looked behind Serenity to see all of his friends, Hojo, Luna, Stripes, and Maria laying on the ground, close to one another. He tightened his fists. Why were they here? They should have not been here. He was too late in saving them. He was too late.

Xaldain did not have to ask who had slauthered their friends. He turned to hear a scream. The scream came from Hope, who was held above the volcano by a spinewraith.

"Harpy Wraith took Hope captive to prevent me from saving them. This is my fault..." She cried.

"No, it isn't." He assured her.

"Please save my sister." Serenity said to him through her tears.

"I will." Xaldain replied as he took to the air.

"Drop her!" Harpy Wraith's voice sliced through the air. The spinewraith did as it was told and let go of Hope.

Xaldain, however caught Hope just in time. "Go to Plume. Everything will be ok here." he told Hope before she flew towards Plume. He was caught off guard by the spinewraith and it pulled him down into the volcano with it.

Serenity looked towards the volcano to see Xaldain getting pulled in. "Xaldain!" she yelled. "Xaldain!!"

Harpy Wraith grinned in triumph. Her revenge was now almost complete.

Xaldain found himself still alvie. "What's going on? I should be dead now, shouldn't I?" He felt himself being raised up from the heat. He was different. Very different. He felt stronger and more powerful with every pulse his heart made. His whole body was charcoal black and outlining his eyes were red tattoos. When he opened his eyes, they were the color of bleeding garnets. Serenity must have somehow revived him. His eyes met a horror. A sword was through his beloved's heart. "Serenity!!!!" he screamed.

"This new aura..." Harpy Wraith froze. "It is stronger than my own." She looked up to see Xaldain with a red glow all around him. "That archer. He is suppose to be dead." She glared at him. "I'll have to retreat." Harpy Wraith had to quickly take Serenity's soul before disappearing in her violet fog.

Xaldain went to Serenity and held her in his arms. "Serenity..." She was not a skeleton, but yet her soul was still gone. Every one of his friends' souls were gone. "No...." he whispered and held her close to him as he shedded tears.

End of Red Reaper's Past

"That is the story..." The Red Reaper finished.

Aqua, Foxy, Hojo, and Fang all gave him sad looks. No one spoke. What could anyone say? There were no words for comfort at all.

Suddenly, a white arrow stabbed the ground next to Red Reaper.

Red Reaper looked down at the arrow and examined it. "A white arrow..." He then turned around to see... "Serenity?" His eyes were wide. It was her, but how? He stood up and the others did as well. She was aiming her arrow right at him. "Serenity, is that really you?" She had not aged a bit. But how was this possible? How was she still living?

Serenity gave him a sharp glare. "Die, traitor!" she demanded before her arrow left her bow.

Red Reaper moved out the way. What was wrong with her? "Serenity, what's wrong?" he asked as he walked causiously towards her.

"You picked to save my sister over me! You promised me, Xaldain!" she growled. "Don't come any closer! I'll shoot you." Her hands shook like she did not want to shoot him in the heart.

"Serenity..." he said in a low voice. He still walked towards her. "I never meant to break that promise to you. I love you. If I could do it over, I would. I would save you."

"Lies!" She shook her head. "I will kill you if you come any farther." She warned. Her eyes were a dark violet. Harpy Wraith must be behind this. The arrow launched and hit him in the stomach, but he still pressed on after he yanked the arrow out of him.

"No, you won't." Red Reaper replied. He was a foot away from her. "Serenity, I know you're in there. You can fight her." He touched her hand and it was still cold like the last time he touched her all those years ago. Had Harpy Wraith revived her? He hugged her when he was close enough. "Serenity.."

She shuddered. "Stop it." When he embraced her, her eyes turned back to normal blue and her bow and arrow disappeared.

"I love you so much. Please fight her. You can break free of her." Tears ran down his cheeks while he continued to hold her closely. "I missed you so much. I never stopped thinking about you, Serenity. My heart aches for you everyday. Without you, I am nothing."

Slowly, her arms raised from her sides and she placed her hands gently on his back. "Xaldain..." She whispered. "I have missed you as well." She closed her eyes. "Please do this one thing for me..."

"Anything." Red Reaper responded with no hesitation.

Her eyes became purple again when she opened them and a knife slid out her sleeve and into her right hand. "Die!"

"Force of Will!" Aqua shouted and pointed to Serenity when she saw that Serenity was going to kill the Red Reaper. Serenity was unable to stab him in the back.

Hojo quickly ran and snagged the Red Reaper away from Serenity.

"Lets get out of here." Fang said as he saw a dark aura around Serenity.

"No..." Red Reaper groaned as he was being taken away. "Serenity!"

"She's not the Serenity you know anymore." Foxy replied as they flew away with Serenity right behind them.

Heaven's Tear

"No." Red Reaper shook his head in denial. "My Serenity is still in there. She is still alive."

"He's badly wounded. We need to take him to our time right away." Fang said.

The Messenger of Time came into sight. "Ready to go?"

"Yes, and fast." Foxy replied.

The Messenger of Time looked down at Red Reaper. "You can't take him along."

"Why not?" Hojo growled.

Fang glared at the Messenger of Time. "If you don't take him with us right now, then you will meet my claws."

"Ok, fine with me." The Messenger of Time replied quickly then made a portal.

They all were transported back to the present, before Serenity shot her arrow that would have killed the Red Reaper.

EThantos - Sanctuary
08-16-2009, 08:59 AM

I personally don't post many posts on this forum but since this thread was so compassionate from the heart, its a nice gesture to all who either affected you in the game directly or indirectly. Many will miss you but everyone will not forget you. Through all the crying and complaining on these forums, that's one more thread in the books that shine light that there is more to PWI than that meets the eye. For those who leave this world of perfectiveness with a bang or not a bang, they will be remembered in ways that they wouldn't otherwise know.

It is very touching to see players contribute their entries and watch their creativity flow like water in a waterfall. To those who think they don't have a shot at winning or think their entry is not worthy enough, take a shot at it and try. It doesn't hurt to try and maybe by your surprise, you found something new you can build and improve on. All the entries are very creative.

May your future endeavors that you pursue bloom with success and happiness, Shota. Alot of people were touched by you, so in the near future, showing up your face will make someones day brighter and happier without you knowing.

Good luck and god bless in anything you do,


08-16-2009, 11:02 AM
It's been a fun ride, a lot of nubs died
A lot of laughter at their expense
A lot of friends made, a lot of women laid
And nothing else would have made any sense

A lot of hours wasted, much victory tasted
And the journey was worth the time
A lot of frustration, a lot of anticipation
A lot of ladders to climb

A lot of drama, a lot of karma
A lot of trumpets to waste
A lot of caps, a lot of craps
A lot of people to chase

Sometimes I feel like I want to cry
About the friends I've lost on the way
But inside I know that even if I die
I will see them again another day

So to each their own to how they relate
But this is my own Perfect World fate:
The game I love - the company I hate
And the women I love to masturbate

Bartack - Heavens Tear
08-16-2009, 05:40 PM
Part One: A Lovers Reunion

In a time just before the present state of the world-

Anari lifted her face to welcome the sunlight as it broke the cool morning air. Her senses were sharp, titillated by the contrasting flavors of spring on the Jade Shore. The warm sweet scent of wildflowers carried on a cool salty breeze, the soft throated tenor of songbirds played against the thunderous percussion of waves upon the beach, the dry heat of the sun upon her skin and the cold rocks beneath her unshod feet still dampened by the oceans spray. Anari lowered her gaze to the eastern horizon and tried to shield her face from the sun as it glinted upon the sea. Even amongst the intrusive glare she could still make out the distant white sails of a ship skirting the rocky cove, swiftly moving southward. There was no question about it now, she thought, the ship was close enough. It was definitely pulling into to port. She inhaled a sharp, shallow breath as she flushed with excitement.

Anari turned southward, facing the long white shore, and leapt from her stone perch onto the wet sand. With a fluid movement she landed in a crouch, tilted her body forward, and launched herself across the beach with the prowess of an athlete. Anari loved to run and her body reflected that love in every movement. Her long taught legs pumped rhythmically into the foamy grit beneath her feet. Her lungs burned for oxygen, and her heart battered in her chest as she pounded down the shore. Anari’s thoughts, however, were as scattered as the sand flying behind her. Her mind swelled with both hope and fear. For two long months she had scouted the ships from the north. Any sea faring vessel that dared to sail so close to the rocky shallows of the Widow’s Coast, she learned, was most certainly not headed for the capital city of Archosaur, but to the small camp just north of it. It was a recently built stronghold known simply as ‘Allies Camp’, commissioned by General Coarsair as a gathering point for the armies of the north, and her home of more than eight weeks. Every morning of those eight weeks Anari stood atop the rocky shoals in the shadow of Mount Pike, chasing the ships from the north into harbor.

The guard at the north gate nodded as Anari flew passed him into the walled settlement; her frenzied entrance was now as regular a morning activity to him as the rising sun. Anari slowed to a trot, gasping breaths as she tried to regain her composure. “Tai’Chien!” she cried between breaths of air “Tai’Chien…a ship…another ship!” Anari looked around the camp, and finally saw a friendly face “Kao, have you seen…Tai’Chien?” she gulped. Kao smiled broad, always glad to bear good news, and nodded to Anari “I see her now, look behind you dear.” Anari turned and saw a winged figure gliding in toward the harbor aloft the seaward breeze. “Although,” Kao said, putting his hand on Anari’s shoulder to get her attention “you need not wait for her to tell you the news.” Anari’s heart nearly leapt out of her chest “What news!?” she blurted out. “The scouts have just told me, Anari” he beamed “the ship, it’s from the City of Fortune!” “Keldren!” Anari grabbed Kao by the arms, trembling with anticipation “Keldren! Is he on the ship?” “I,I don’t know yet” Kao stammered looking a little shaken, surprised by Anari’s strong grasp “Perhaps Tai’Chien can answer that. Oh, but pardon me,I must go get my flute! I shall play the crew worthy ballad for their voyage.” With that, Kao broke free from Anari’s grasp and quickly shuffled off.

A fluttering of wings and a gust of air announced the arrival of Tai’Chien, landing quietly behind Anari. The winged elf appeared no older than Anari, and only deep within her grey eyes could one glimps the ages of wisdom she possessed. The two had been friends since Anaris days at the academy. Tai’Chien had been her first year tutor, and had taken an immediate liking to the child. She now traveled with her as an emissary from Plume. “Tai’Chien, the ship! It’s from Fortune! Is Keldren-?“ “It is not the only ship.” Tai’Chien interrupted, her deep melodic voice was tinted with an unnatural urgency “There is another, blowing in with the storm.” “Storm? I didn’t…” Anari looked to the north and at once noticed the thick black sheet spreading its folds against the northern sky. It did not roll across the horizon like any storm she had ever seen, but slid as if pushed by some immense hand. Anari felt a wave of fear blanket over her as swiftly as the coming tempest. It was then she began to hear the alarmed and pleading cries of the passengers from the first ship now pulling into port. “Is…is he?” she pleaded softly, her face ashen. “Yes, he is, alive and well. Now, come Anari, we must gather a…Anari? “But Anari was already gone.

All her hesitation and fear replaced with determination and will, she ran the shoreline again. She knew where her Keldren was, and any obstacle that threatened their reunion could now be dealt with personally. Anari charged towards the storm with inhuman speed, as if to tackle it to the ground. As the clouds ran across the sky like an inky blot to cover the newly risen sun, Anari came to a sudden stop next to a good sized stone in the sand. Charged with desperate strength she threw the stone across the ground, as a child might flick a pebble, and plunged her hand into the sand. After reaching around for a moment Anari grasped what she was searching for and with a twist of her body wrenched it free from its resting place. Held aloft her head was a bright green blade; its eerie sheen seemed to grow brighter as the skies grew darker. It was a gift from Keldren, who carried its twin. He had crafted it for her from the ancient remains of a buried temple he had come across on one of his journeys. The day before Keldren left, Anari had placed her sword upon the sand. Now waving the sword in the air she frantically scanned the darkened horizon, seeing nothing against the tussled waters and jagged rocks. Anari choked down her panic as she scrambled to the top of a stone amongst the foot of Mount Pike. Again she thrust the blade into the air, peering into the stormy sea.

A few moments passed like an eternity, the time measured by breaths rasping in her pounding chest. Swells of wind and rain threatened to tear her barren feet from the slick stone surface. And just as hope seemed to fade in the shadows around her, a faint glint of light answered her from deep within the bowels of the storm. Anari wiped the rain from her eyes to be certain it was real. The green flame on the ocean grew brighter, winking in the torrent now pouring from the skies. The implication was unmistakable. Keldren had answered her. Anari stood still for a moment, tears mixing with the rain, then proceeded carfully down the rocks. Still pointing the sword to the sky, she ran one last time down the beach, guiding the wayward ship past the jagged rocky shallows and towards the harbor of the Allied Camp. Tai’Chien met her approach to the gate with a mixed crew of soldiers, fishermen and some of the apothecary’s aids. They carried with them ropes, blankets, medicine and small canoes. Anari, unable to cary herself any further, collapsed into the arms of her old friend and wept. The soldiers tied some of the ropes to the fishermen, who took the remaining with them in the canoes, expertly guiding there small crafts beyond the swell. Out to the ship they rowed to attaching the thick cords to its battered hull, that were in turn secured by the soldiers to great anchoring posts on the shore. Much of the rest of the camp and many of the previous ship’s crew and passengers had arrived also. With strenuous effort they guided the floundering craft in from the unmanageable waters.

The worn crew emerged from the tattered hull of the ship. Many were taken to small tents and makeshift shelters who were in need of treatment, as the small homes of the camps inhabitants were filled with those who suffered from the worst inflictions. Anari, shaking from both the cold and utter exhaustion, clung to Tai’Chien for support. Together the two moved toward the boarding planks of the ship, weaving through the throngs of crew and passengers. At long last Anari laid eyes on the man she had waited for these past two months. Their gaze crossed, and as if the two exhibited a magnetic pull, they found each other on weak trembling legs. Anari released Tai’Chien, and collapsed into into the arms of her husband. The two fell upon the sand, and laid in each other’s embrace. As Anari wept, Keldren whispered in her ear “I remember, that day upon the beach, the day placed your sword in the sand” he breathed as the rain faded and the storm receded “that day you said to me that if ever I were lost, to look for that green flame, and follow it back to you.”

Aesur - Heavens Tear
08-16-2009, 08:14 PM
Lying on the ground,
I stare in amazement,
at flashing feathers.

Man that's a bad Haiku.

Batgirl_baty - Heavens Tear
08-17-2009, 07:49 AM
In Perfect World, many amazing things occur that make a person look back and laugh or enjoy that moment or memory. Mine would have to been the day when I was in my blademaster file and doing quests near Timberfield, and all of a suden I see a Snow Hare Runing up to me. At first I clicked it to see whose Snow Hare it was, and BAM it was a Wild Snow hare. I couldn;t believe my eyes, and it started to attack me with its cute jumps lol. So, I thought I should get in my venomancer file to tame it, but my venomancer file is in Arch. So.... I loged off and went to venomancer file and teleported there. I looked everywhere for it, and it was gone. And I searched for 10 minutes. So... I gave up. And went back to my blademaster. And It was a Miracle, the bunny returned hopping near a tree. That little rascal lol. So I logged off and went in venomacer file again. And you wouldn;t believe what happened. That cute bunny dissappeared again. Do'Oh. AndI searched again, and still no luck. And when I clicked the tool box to click Log Off, The Bunny came out of nowhere hoping towards me. Now Since I am a level 54 venomancer, I knew my powers would kill it. So... one thing left to do, punch it xD. After I tamed it and kept that bunny as a rememberance of a funny moment that made me laught and gave me hope that no matter what, every second in the game counts. Treasure your memories forever :)
The End
This is based on a true story xD, well it is lol

08-17-2009, 10:23 AM

Very rarely have I come across people that I find it so easy to relate to.

I hesitate to use terms like “the real world” because for many of us our characters are merely extensions of our own personalities and the time we spend in game, the relationships we forge, and the fun is very real.

This quote is important to me as few people can manage to see the sense in the attachment to a mere game. You sound level headed, warm and generous to say the least. It's a shame I have not had the pleasure of meeting you.
My journey in a perfect world has not been a long one; you could say my quest started when my brother came to me mentioning this game, which at the time seemed like it would be just like any other MMO. When I started playing though, I came to like the friendliness and helpfulness of the people within, and I find myself becoming ever fonder of it.
My quest continues now to catch up with my brother who waits patiently at level 62 to level with me, and the road seems long indeed. But I can’t help thinking that... this road would seem much, much shorter if I had the added benefit of a shining purple pony!! (I’m a horse lover in real life). Also my brother has always looked after me, in game and out, and it would be great to be able to repay him in some way.

I can only hope that the adventure continues and succeeds to be as good as it’s been so far.


So my story is about the violet lightning.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lilsis. She frequently liked to sit amongst the Ogre Sprouts and watch the world go by.

One day Lilsis went to sit in her usual spot upon the hill at Battlemark Village when suddenly something caught her eye... A large, beautiful horse ran free just across the field! Lilsis jumped up immediately, she ran frantically to keep the horse in sight as it ran into the Bamboo Forest of the Shining Moon. But she could not keep up; she tripped and fell into a tree. By the time she had scrambled to her feet, she could no longer see the horse. She returned home and tried her best to forget about the captivating horse she had seen.

The very next day, Lilsis went for a walk to catch some fresh air along the River of Tranquility, as she glanced to the side, she saw the very same horse she had seen previously just on the other side of the river! With no hesitation Lilsis jumps with a huge splash into the water, much to her surprise, as she entered the water, a Riptide Tortoise decided to latch onto her foot for a free ride across the river. Lilsis tried her best to shake it off, but it had the strongest bite. After the wrestling match Lilsis realised she had been distracted, and the horse had eluded her once again.

With a frustrated determination, she decided to continue searching for it, hoping it hadn’t gone too far. After an unsuccessful walk down the other side of the river however, she was getting a strong sense of deja vu. Unwilling to give up this time, Lilsis decided to travel along the Wolf Totem Valley – a likely route for the horse she thought. The Valley seemed to carry on for miles, and every time she passed under a rock bridge she would think the same thing – ‘Don’t fall on me!’

Eventually she reached Broken Bridge village, which made her look back at the rock bridges with even more worry than she had before. Still no sighting of the horse though. ‘Perhaps one of the villagers saw where it went’ - she thought as she walked past some Hens that were busy pecking away at the ground between two hay stacks. Lilsis approached the guard that called himself Lin. Upon asking the guard if he saw a purple horse pass through, the guard looked down at her and chuckled. He was demanding 100 coins for the information. Lilsis reached deep into her pockets and pulled out everything she had on her, 48 coins and a small Lime stone she had found on the way through the Valley. She was sure she had more though, so she reached in again, only to find a hole this time, through which all of her other coins must have fallen out. She pleaded to the guard for the information and even offered to pay the rest of the money when she could find some, but the guard wanted all of the money up front.
An annoyed Lilsis then spent the next hour asking around the town for any jobs she could do until the Gem Merchant mentioned that they might need some extra help at the Mines.

Impatiently she hurried out of the village back through the Wolf Totem Valley, closing her eyes as she passed under each rock bridge, Then headed north along the path that took her through Wellspring Village and finally to the Mines.

Incredibly tired by this point, Lilsis asked little boy Lai if she could work in the Mines for a few hours. But the boy didn’t think she looked well enough to work. She eventually managed to convince the boy by offering him the Lime stone she was carrying; luckily he liked to collect them.

It was getting dark by the time Lilsis had finished, and she was aching all over. But her determination to find the horse kept her going. After collecting her pay (a measly 60 coins) she had a small rest before heading out again towards Broken Bridge Village. A long time had passed since she last saw the horse, and it was becoming less and less likely that she would see it again, her only hope was that guard Lin knew something of value about it.

Arriving at the Village a few hours later, her feet felt like they were on fire, she gave the 100 coins to Lin and asked him about the horse. ‘Wellspring Village’ he said. Her heart sank, Lilsis had passed Wellspring twice that day already and she hadn’t seen any sign of the horse. Tired and exhausted she collapsed onto the hay stack next to the Hens, rationalising that it had just been a bad day, and fell into a deep sleep. She started to dream about the paradoxical situation of having the horse she wanted, to chase the horse she would then use in the first place to chase the horse she wanted to catch.

The next morning Lilsis was woken by one of the Hens pecking at her ear, the sun was already high in the sky and there was a little girl sitting not far from her drawing something on a piece of parchment.

‘What’s your name?’ Lilsis asked.
‘My name is Little Daisy’ she replied, standing up from her drawing, ‘Do you like the pony I’ve drawn?’

Lilsis instantly sprung to her feet and dashed over to have a look, it looked just like horse she had been chasing. With renewed hope she asked about the drawing, and Little Daisy mentioned seeing them all the time in a place known as Archosaur. Lilsis offered the last 8 coins she had, in exchange for the drawing, thanked the little girl and readied herself to travel to the big city, with one last look at the drawing and an angry glance towards guard Lin she set off.

It took her the rest of the day to travel to Archosaur, and she passed many interesting things on the way, but nothing was going to distract her when she had such a good chance of finding out about the purple horse she wanted so desperately.

Eventually arriving in Archosaur brought about mixed feelings for Lilsis, on the one hand there was the joy of seeing her favourite type of horse again, and on the other hand, there was the heartbreaking sadness she was feeling from the knowledge that she picked up from passers by. It was known as a Violet Lightning horse and it would cost her at least 3,000,000 coins to own one. Nearly destroyed by the news Lilsis was preparing to head back to her life in Battlemark Village when she overheard a group of wizards talking about a most generous lady called ‘Shota’ who was apparently willing to part with all of her hard earned coins, in exchange for a story. Lilsis thought that it was too good to be true, she must have misheard them, she did after all have an ear that had been pecked to bits... but she wasn’t going to take any chances. She sat down at a nearby table, turned over the parchment she had bought from Little Daisy and began to write the most flattering story about Shota that it is possible to write. It was made trickier by the fact that Shota seemed like an amazing person anyway, so everything she wrote had to be re-written many times, making it better and better each time until it was good enough to be flattering and not just fact.

Finally satisfied that she had written a good enough story, she posted it off and waited, hoping it would be good enough. Hoping this wonderful lady would make her dreams come true.
Lilsis returned to her home in Battlemark, and sat by the post box. Every minute that passed was torture for her; she waited and waited and waited for days on end.

Does she ever get a reply?

08-17-2009, 11:10 AM
This is my entry - dont take it too seriously


Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I liked to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Sundown.

In west Archosaur, born and raised
On the Auction house was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all smart
And all bidding on items, it really is an art
When a couple of barbs
Who were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little Duel and my Elder got scared
He said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Sundown'

I whistled for a mount and when it came near
The license plate said fresh and it had dice on its ear
If anything I can say this mount looked run down
But I thought 'Nah forget it' - 'Yo homes to Sundown'

I pulled up to the town, the tailor looked great
And I yelled to the rider 'Yo homes smell ya later'
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Sundown

Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-17-2009, 11:25 AM
Ah, Prince of Bel Air.....good days, good days....

Swiftail - Heavens Tear
08-17-2009, 12:23 PM
The time has come. My bones are tired... so tired...
My old mounts have earned their rest, and my gear eagers for its final rest.

But where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself.
I am known as Shota.

Yes i know, my reputation surpasses me.
All across the land bards sing about my deeds, commoners celebrate my accomplishments and warriors envy the fortune i have gathered.

But people are blind... blind like i once was, for there is no taking without giving, and the toll is just too high.
This war, this wretched war, is all i have ever known since i arrived into this world.

Yes this world... this perfect world... Staind by sin and corruption, by hate, evil and greed... Staind by the Wraith.
Cursed be the Wraith for delivering misery upon us, and cursed be the shallow dreams of fame and glory that illude our childrens hearts, leading them to certain death.

Fame and glory they say... Heroes... Champions... NONSENSE.
Where is the glory when your companion dies by your side?
Will the coins take away your pain? Will a pocket full of gold take away the stench of a battlefield at sundown?

It sickens me, how easily people forget those who have fallen for them and worship those who were lucky enough to survive.
But i will never forget and i WILL NEVER let anyone forget those who fell in battle, fighting for our children, our future and our land.

They deserve much more than being forsaken, much more than falling into oblivion.
In the battlefield we do not find strangers, commoners or kings... in the heat of battle we are all brothers and sisters... and i have buried too many for too long.

Where would i be without them? My brothers, my sisters.. my friends.
In times like these, those who honor your with such devoted friendship, are the ones who keep your heart from turning into an ice cold rock, they are the ones who keep you sane, and such friendship, such love, is what defines a true Champion.

But please, dont get me wrong!
I know this war must be fought AND IT MUST BE WON, but when a man or a woman yield a weapon, it must be done for the right reasons and not for foolish dreams of greatness and wealth.

I have walked that path and paid the price.. Fortunally, i came across with those who i now call friends, they opened my eyes to the true meaning of it all... I feel trully blessed.

But now its time for me to step aside and give room to new blood... new blood that will surely be shed by some cursed blade.

Do not derail from the true path stranger, for true rewards will come to those who fight not for themselves but for the others.

Live long and fight well. May the Gods protect you.

Devilmages - Sanctuary
08-17-2009, 01:52 PM
Q.Q that was butieful

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-17-2009, 02:19 PM
Q.Q that was butieful

You're doing it wrong.


ಥ_ಥ ...beautiful.

08-17-2009, 11:04 PM
((Yo. This is my entry for the contest. There may or may not be a second part, depending on if I can complete it in time for the deadline. I've seen many amazing entries so far by such talented people, and I hope folks will enjoy this piece as much as the others I've read. Kudos, ye artists of the pen!))

Delarian: Travels of a Winged Elf
The Beginning

A lofty pair of thoughtful eyes noted that the City of the Plume could possibly be more beautiful than he’d ever seen it before underneath the illumination of the heavens. The waxing moon reflected brilliantly off of the smoothly flowing waters of the river winding around the city, tossing sparks of natural magic to frolic with the stars on high, while the lush vegetation waved their stalks in reverence of the life-giving elements of the world. Benevolent vines curled around marble pillars, and moss clung respectfully to the feet of the statues of past heroes, while homes made of the basest of materials warmly welcomed guests to take shelter for the night. And towering above all, the sizable monolith of a Tree that provided shelter for the entire city stood vigil even in the earliest of hours. Even from a generous distance, this giant could be seen as the symbol of greatness and purity of the Elves.

Unfortunately, the silent beauty of Plume was taken for granted by the bustling foreigners that resided within it under the bright twilight stars. It had been this way since the alliance had banded the three races of the world together by need and fear of a common enemy. Instead of the insistent chatter of the Humans and Untamed below, the fragile night would have only been broken by the quiet murmurs of the Winged Elves and the telltale beating of feathers upon the same wind that even now gently disturbed strands of his auburn hair. He was of a noble and proud race, though not to the point of needless stupidity… though it had come very close to just that. The war with the Humans over the Heaven’s Tear had taken a horrible toll on both races, even before the second emergence of the Wraith had caused clouded visions to turn towards a united defense.

His gaze shifted to look down at the knees of the light, comfortable silks he was wearing. Even in the semi-darkness, his keen vision could easily make out the traditional patterns that branded him a cleric in the eyes of his people: a healer of wounds of the soul as well as the flesh. The calls for citizens to take up arms had grown so strong that any young non-Elf male who still worked to support a normal living was almost looked upon with dishonor. The sapphire-blue pupils traced the delicate embroideries upon the material with care, and a finger came to add the sensation of touch. With the increase of violence came the consequential increase in need upon anyone with even the slightest aptitude for healing. It had all felt like a flying dream for so long; where he could soar half-asleep on lazy air currents for hours at a time. So many that couldn’t be saved, and the haunted faces of the survivors were almost more than one soul could bear. Delarian closed his eyes, trying unsuccessfully to push these memories away. And yet, he had worn these garments before even the Wraith had been heard of.

Before they had invaded the land. Before they had destroyed so many outlying towns and slaughtered their denizens like cattle. Before it was made unto mandatory law that all youngling Elves must be restricted to flight within the City for their own protection. So much in so short a time. And yet…

((Continued below. I beg you to pardon the small postage size.))

08-17-2009, 11:10 PM
Delarian balled up a section of the precious silks into a fist as he forced his emotions to stabilize. His face retained a facade of stoicism as he tilted his head blindly towards the heavens, which he knew were sadly blocked by the upper boughs of the great Tree that acted as the silent guardian of the city. From his perch at the edge of one of the natural outcroppings along the trunk, the only stars he could have seen were in the distance. None of the ones directly above. The sky was closed to him.

All of the Winged Elves were gifted by the Gods: given the power of flight as a right of birth. How better to celebrate life than with the freedom and purity that only dancing amongst the skies could bring? They were all born with white wings that grew - and sometimes changed - as they aged, and Delarian was no exception. His own moonlight-soft wings rustled quietly behind him, voicing the agitation that his face refused to show.

A fortnight ago, he could have stated truthfully that he was as satisfied as he could be within the city’s limits. But now, would he have been able to look the Elder in the eyes, tell her honestly that his decision had been too hasty, and he wished for nothing more than to stay? Why was this sudden need to leave upon him? Had he been looking for an excuse? Or had that Human’s storytelling turned a key within his mind? He pushed these circular thoughts away. His people were rarely seen outside of the city, unless they were the far-flying messengers by trade. His hand clenched tightly enough on his pant leg that he could feel his nails digging into his palm through the material. Were they merely birds with clipped feathers, hiding out their lives with the threat of the Wraith surrounding them? Perhaps they would be safer, but how long would that last?

He had perused these heavy thoughts with additional information he had obtained from travels to the local towns on temporarily loan as a healer. It is nigh-impossible for a rabbit to disguise itself from the keen eyes of the hawk circling above, and so his short trips away from the city proper had revealed unaccounted damage that was beyond the eyes of the citizens. So many mistakes and so many precautions. The flora and fauna of the region were becoming infected by the Wraiths’ evil taint, and even the best of efforts to find a cure had as of yet only failed. The only solution, though temporary, to be found was to cull any creature that showed extraordinary aggression towards anything sentient. Grim times, indeed, when taking a walk just outside the city borders meant risking yourself. It was now advised to travel in groups of three or more, and have at least one member of your party be handy with magic or weapons. Reports from farther afield stated that the dead, as well as the living, were being manipulated by the Wraiths’ energy. Ghouls stalked outside even the great ancestral city of Archosaur, and destroying them only provided chance for more soldiers to fall and rise once again to continue what was beginning to seem a hopeless fight.

He drew his wings around himself to form a natural cloak, as if to keep out the imagined deathly chill he could detect in the deceptively warm nighttime breeze that ruffled his feathers. Delarian suppressed a shudder, his arms crossing underneath his plumed shield. The chatter of the outsiders below seemed impossibly distant as he looked up at the stars again, listening absently. Sure enough, they were dealing with the mainly practical matters at hand, discussing the haggling of prices for supplies or the looks of the lady Elves that were posted to guard the borders of Plume. They had come from the far away kingdoms of their respective races to his peoples’ city on a mission of great importance. The band was relatively small: a gathering of four, containing mostly Humans, but with a single Untamed warrior within their ranks. He had gotten a personal audience with their leader as he patched up a badly bruised arm on the rugged Human.

* * *

The black-haired man had an unshaven appearance from his constant travelling, but it was a deception of sorts, after finding that he was eloquently spoken, as well as passionate about his cause. Through the short time the relatively simple healing took, he hadn’t stopped speaking of the evils of the Wraith, and his past damaging assaults on their bases of operation. After inquiring further out of thinly-veiled intrigue, Jansolm, as the Human was called, recounted his run-ins with all sorts of magically altered creatures. Nightmares that could instill fear in the hearts of the most courageous men, and beauty that could melt even the most chilled of souls.

Delarian had sat in silence, captivated by Jansolm’s charismatic detailings for the better part of an hour after he had stemmed his healing power. He had been training and exercising his skills within the city for as long as he could remember. The wonders, and terrors, of the world were not lost upon his eager imagination.

There had been other travelers who had come to Plume in search of aid: claiming to be elite strike forces that would decimate the Wraiths’ horrible armies. Or some who had come to the end of their travels; a cloak of sadness and terrible knowing always dragging behind them. And then there was the rare occasion, becoming more common by the month, of some collapsing at the edge of the sentries’ vision. Many a time, they did not survive long enough for a healing to be attempted after being brought back to the city.

But Jansolm’s tales were different and yet the same as the stories he had heard from the few far-flyers that brought news from different areas of the continent. The same because they had confirmed things that the far-flyers had mentioned seeing from a safe distance. Different because the man had been face to face with these things and lived to tell about them. The man was a survivor, and he had mentioned his band was looking for a few more to join their travels. “And especially,” he had mentioned somewhere within his stories, “We would prefer someone who was gifted with the healing arts. They would be a priceless addition to an already competent team. Now, if only the Gods had permitted us one such person as we passed through the Shining Tidewood a few weeks back…”

After finishing, he had persuaded Delarian to meet with the rest of the team on the excuse of allowing them to express their gratitude for his assistance on their mission. The Elf had bowed respectively to each through the murmured praise, though the names of the others had slipped through one ear and out the other as he looked them over discreetly. They were a hardy bunch, and it was not just by judging them by the numerous scars that lined their faces and visible skin. Their postures bespoke constant watchfulness and an almost primal grace.

After wishing them well, Jansolm had asked to speak with him privately a moment before returning to the dual-purpose of coming to Plume. As well as a scouting mission to recruit one or more of the Elves, they needed to resupply for the next leg of their journey. Delarian had not been prepared for the sudden usage of his given name, nor the blunt words that followed from the grizzled Human’s lips.

((Again, continued below.))

08-17-2009, 11:20 PM
"Delarian Lo’Shiel, I have spoken with many different people in my life, and I have come to tell when a man is thinking of taking a step off of a cliff just to see how far he can fall." He had grinned, showing humor through the chipped, jagged teeth. "If you are truly considering joining us on our mission, you should let me know by twilight on the morrow. We leave as soon as the sun’s first rays bloom over the land the day following."

Delarian regarded the man coolly for a few seconds as he gathered his thoughts, which had suddenly scattered like so many motes upon the breeze. The fact alone that the warrior had guessed at his thoughts so accurately had unnerved him. At last, he spoke in the quiet, even tone that his people were so fond of. "My duty is first to my people. If I had even the slightest intention of coming, I would have to have a thorough discourse with the Elder. Do not raise your hopes only to dash them against a mountaintop."

The man chuckled heartily, a habit that Delarian found both disconcerting as well as awkward for being such an open gesture. "Very well! But know this: change is not always something to scorn, even if it has its own dangers." Another chuckle, and the man ambled off in the general direction of the city market, leaving Delarian to his own conflicting thoughts.

* * *

The wings fanning around his body did nothing to prevent the cold thrill creeping into his limbs. He had spent the entirety of the day and night prior considering Jansolm’s words, and he was still not satisfied with himself. His thoughts were so intense that even sleep evaded his grasp. He could not tell what had motivated him to consider the Human’s offer more. Was it to aid his people and their struggle with the evils of this world in order to end the suffering brought about by the Wraith?

Or was it purely selfishness? The temptation of change itself? The freedom of journeying where few, even the Winged, have gone before?

Delarian bit his lip lightly as he attempted to look inwardly on himself. His argument to the Elder had been full of the positive, ambassadorial light that a group consisting of all three of the different races would generate, as well as the worldly experience he would receive with a competent group of adventurers. He would also be helping the world cleanse itself of the Wraith wherever he would venture. Was all of what he said simply a half-truth to himself? What did he really want? His sudden eagerness to leave the city continued to surprise him, even as guilt dragged his wingtips down to touch the dirt.

But what was done, was done. The decision had been made by him, and was granted the blessing of the Elder. He unclenched his hand from the now-wrinkled silk of his leggings; his knuckles coming away white with the intensity. He was going to leave this garb within the city, as there was no need for additional obviousness amongst the group he was travelling with. The warriors of his people were trained exceptionally in the arts of healing and marksmanship. If one travelled with wings, no matter their dress, they would surely be sought out for any number of ails or illnesses.

The side-strung pack resting innocently next to him was bulging with all manner of edible non-perishables, as well as a couple sets of resilient, tailor-made linen clothes. It also carried a small number of useful things that he deemed light enough to bring without additional hassle. Blue eyes swung from the heavens for a moment to peer hesitantly at this ultimate symbol of departure. All a flying dream, and yet now so sharply real. The retreating face of the moon behind the distant northern mountains cast its last beams upon the tanned, stitched leather. Crudely-made packs such as this were rarely ever worn by the Winged. It was sturdily made, but it lacked any sort of ornamentation or extravagance. They were both unnecessary, however. Time would eventually fade any colors that had been dyed into the material, as well as remove any careless trinkets tied onto the straps. Effectively, it was made simply to weather the most hostile conditions that could crop up on his travels, and weather it well. It would have to endure hardship that would never have been faced had it remained beneath the canopy of the great Tree above.

Like his pack, smelling of freshly oiled leather, Delarian felt newly-made in a sense. He had been given a path; a goal of sorts. Perhaps it was this the Elder had seen behind the anxiousness he attempted so desperately to hide, even more than the additional benefits he had mentioned? He would probably never be completely certain. All he did know was that he was to take his leave come the dawn. His eyes closed and his chin dropped to bow against his chest. He would try to get some rest while the slumbering hours were still upon him. Gods knew he would neither expect, nor receive, any respite from the others when it came time to depart.

The moon soon disappeared behind the mountains, denoting the few remaining hours before the first light of the sun would grace the land and illuminate the path he would take with his new companions.

He would be there to meet it with a brave spirit, and the wind under his wings.

InfiniteEvil - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 07:42 AM
Bad Pouch lyrics:

Ha-ha! well now we call this the act of Grinding.But there are several other very important differences between human beings and bots that you should know about.

Sweat baby sweat baby grind is a Buried Bones drought
Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Duke Blacke would sing about
So put your hands down my pouch and i bet you'll feel poor
Yes im barb , yes im archer , and youre getting 2 coins more.

You've had enough of two-man squads ,you want it sub'ed ,youre out of mats
I want you buffed i want you healed up , like my venomancer pets
Come quicker than a mount , maxed panthers dont count , like a health potion stack you are inclined
To make me farm an hour early just like delayed server time.

Do it now!
You and me baby aint nothing but farmers
So lets do it like they do and get rich by scamming others
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Grind. Clearing up mobs up like with a mop and bucket
Going to tab a noob's fb , im high level so i rock it
Im so terrific? Lemme be specific i wanna be down in your Endless Sea
But i got this notion that having only one potion , means its Aerocraft'ing flee.

So if i kill steal , the mob you try to kill , Q_Q report me for hacking
Please turn lag off , im mister bot , your loot i'm anxious to start picking
So show me your equips , ill show you mine , i'll scam you , love it just like lime
Flame each other on the forums , trolly-style , we can do it , it's no crime.

Do it now!
You and me baby aint nothing but farmers
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You and me baby aint nothing but farmers
So lets do it like they do and get rich by scamming others
Do it again now!
You and me baby aint nothing but farmers
So lets do it like they do and get rich by scamming others
Getting proxys now!

(Original Lyrics from The Bloodhound Gang , from the single "The Bad Touch")

HekateDevine - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 09:24 AM
The sky was a hazy purple and the stars so bright she thought at any moment they would burst and Eden itself would come pouring down before her very eyes. Hekate could not help but to sigh, her mind filled with dreadful thoughts. Thoughts of so much death that even the beauty before her did not sway it. The Wraith attacks were increasing by the day. More of her brethren had fallen the night prior. Even after six long years, those words that have haunted her night after night filled her mind once more.

“Daughter of mine you were always meant to follow the path of your people. You cannot do that wandering about searching for forgotten treasures and fantastical creatures!" Her mother's sing-song voice was replaced by one of bitterness and sorrow. The death of Hekate’s father did not help the overflowing sadness that her mother, Chandra, now felt. Not only was she to lose her beloved, but now her daughter too.

“I know you would have expected better of me … to be as all the young maidens are. Learning of buds, roses, and weeds! But I am not like them. I never have been!” At the age of sixteen, Hekate was as rebellious as ever. Her father had seen to that, always wanting her to know of things that were meant for warriors, and travelers … for men. She was exasperated that her mother would even wish her to be what she was not. “It is already settled. I leave on the morrow for The Cave of the Vicious.”

It had been so long ago, yet she could still hear the echoing of her mother’s sobs as she left. Her mother had needed her to stay. Yet all Hekate could see was adventure, the promise of something more. She did not need the steady education of books, love poems, of blushing courtships, and broken promises. She was more than that. She was an adventurer.

Oh the thoughts of the young. She was still young … but already a seasoned warrior. If only she had known what she was walking into, would she have stayed? Would she already be married to a gentle cleric and have kin of her own? That is what her family had wanted for her.

Even now, with those stars up above mapping out the night sky, Hekate knew this is where she belonged. The knowing of future battles up ahead made the air shivering with anticipation. She knew this is what her father had loved. Campaign after campaign had run through the land. First to fall were the mutated twisted creatures of Scorpion Valley. Yet that was not far enough away from her childhood home, City of Plume. No, she needed more distance between her and those memories.

Taking refuge at the Gate of Antiquity had been a harrowing thing indeed. The look of hope on the villager’s faces was waning. Hekate was certain that the news of their initial loss traveled very fast. Weary and dreadful to the bone, her companions in war were rattled after two unsuccessful attempts at breaching the Wraith’s assault at Dragon’s End. The Fortress of the Talon was already swarming with evil. An evil she had no way of overcoming, not yet at least.

Nearly heartbroken at the thought of losing many more of her people, she ran cool fingertips against the line of her brow. What should the next step be? There has to be another way to beat them she thought. So many plans of battle running through her mind, she laughed. This surely was not the same line of thinking of her past self. She had been naive to think that right now she would be amassed in riches and known as one of the most successful treasure hunters and warriors from the City of Plume.

Neither did she know that she was about to get a rather large distraction, and perhaps some help. Dust was kicked up nearby as paws, and hooves scratched the ground, carrying riders in bulky amounts of armor. But that bulk was soon recognized as not the armor itself, but of those that wore it. “Beasts!” a towns person hissed. “It is some of Untamed and more warriors!” one of her fellow officers yelled.

Hekate had heard rumors that the Untamed were also joining this war against the Wraiths. But to be honest this was the first time she had ever truly seen these Barbarians. The leader of this mercenary pack rose from his flaming mount stroked his armored paws in the lion’s mane and set off towards her and the small group settled outside the town inn.

“I hear there is need of brute force in this war against those abominations!” His voice had a hard edge to it; she had thought he had growled at the end of it. But that could have been her imagination. She had not even noticed that even now the rest of the mercenary squad was not one and all of the Untamed, but of many races combined. Her eyes were solely locked on the leader, for she already knew that one day this force to be reckoned with was to be hers.

to be continued...

ThePandaGod - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 09:53 AM
Peace no longer rules and harmony no longer prevails...

Many cycles have passed since the Wraith arrived, bringing with them the horrors of a never-ending war.
All across the land, there are sightings of horrible creatures that atack without mercy.
Hordes of foes invade, pillage and burn defenseless vilages. Men, women, elder, children.... noone is spared... noone is safe.

By the Gods, what did we do to deserve this?

The smell of death has overtaken the flowery scent that once played in the wind breeze, and the beauty of this land is scorched by the presence of the hell spawned fiends that hunt us down and torment us all.
There is no safe haven, and only fools feel safe.

I hope one day to be remembered for who i am and for what ive fought, just as i remember the names of all those who fought by my side, those who lived to fight another day, and those who died in the name of hope, and in the promisse of a free, perfect world.

Yes... sometimes our name is all we have, and when the time comes for me to departure this mortal coil, the Gods themselves will greet me at their kingdoms gate, and the name Shota will be shout at the four winds.. and i will live forever.

I dream of the day when my weapon will not be needed anymore, but for the time being, this faithful companions journey is far from over and it must follow me everywhere i go, for she is my guardian, my protector, my life.

I have travelled a lot... seen more than most men or women. Shed blood... pierced flesh. I have been wounded and left to die...
Hell, i have faced Death itself eye to eye, and still here i am. You could say im one the lucky ones, but i would have to disagree.

Its hard to grasp on hope when every cave and every hole in the land, becomes an infested nest of these cursed malevolant fiends, but everywhere i go, i also find signs of friendship and love. Yes, that alone fills my heart with courage and gives me the strenght to keep fighting the minions of foes that cross my path, and the morale lowering toughts that sometimes cross my mind.

I have teamed up with all sorts of warriors... gained and lost friends in the battlefields.
Only the Gods know how many minions fell at my feet... so many blood was shed and still it is not enough... it is never enough.
The Wraith keep coming, wave after wave. For every one we kill, three more appear...

Will i ever know peace? Will we drive this evil away? Will my heart still beat at the end of the day?

In the end... it doesnt matter.

HekateDevine - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 11:09 AM
The rush of blood rang in her ears in rhythm with her heart. It took all she could to bring herself within the mouth of that unholy place. It had not been easy to admit that she wanted to turn and run, run as far away as she possibly could. The wraiths were gathering in such force that so many were sure the battle was lost.

“Priest, our commander is inside.” The weary blade master lifted a hand to swipe at his brow. He sighed, his voice remained low. “Hekate, we did not wish to leave him there...but to move him…” Worry wrecked on his face. Hekate grasped his forearm briefly. With all the effort she could muster she smiled up at him. ”Korrik, you have done all you could. Now let us see what I can do. Lead the way, officer.”

Their forces had gained in numbers since the day the mercenaries joined their party. Since that fateful day, Hekate had grown to know each and every one of these brave soldiers, fighting by their side, aiding them when no one else could. Even now with Korrik leading the way, sword drawn, Hekate could only wonder what has happened to their leader. Roov where are you? Her thoughts were weighed down as she could only imagine what that brute has gotten himself into.

“Here! He is here!” Two others emerged from darkness. Torches lit anew, they flickered as a gush of wind sped past them. Not from the caves opening at their backs, but from the distance ahead, a ghostly breeze carrying the scent of death on it.

“Ugh, get me out of here before that stench kills me!” Laid out as if he were a king, a silver threaded blanket laid over top of him, Roov pushed up on his elbows. “I am alright…Just a scratch really. I would have left already if they had not told me you were coming to my rescue.” Hekate shivered slightly, pulling her cloak closer to her small frame. Roov devilishly gazed at her and she looked away.

Hekate’s breath caught in her throat as a shadow passed over them. The torches flickered, threatening to extinguish. The sound of hooves hitting rock echoed from afar, “Death knights!” Someone hissed and just as quickly swords were drawn and Roov was on his feet. Hekate flinched slightly as she was surrounded by large masses of armored bodies and sharp blades and axes.

There it was again, that feeling of her stomach knotting up, Hekate tried to swallow the lump in her throat. Even though she was fighting it, those pale eyes of hers traveled up the hard being in front of her and to her surprise he was staring at her, he was indeed the source of her discomfort. “Stay close, milady. Sadly this will not be as enjoyable for you…or will it?” Oh he taunted her, his eyes traveled down to her hand as she gripped firmly at the hilt of her sword. It was the only thing that did not falter; she was unshakable in battle once she was chin deep in it.

Hooves beat against the rock bottom of the cave, sending out shocking echoes throughout. The men around her did not sway. Their circular formation was a steady shield around her. They were protecting her though, not their commander who led the defense.
Hekate moved a hand up to the commander’s shoulder for a brief moment, his head jerked back to gaze at her, a beastial snarl on his face softened slightly. “You are still injured.” She whispered gently, but before there could even be a reaction she was thrown back against those behind her. “Wraith demon!” Ripped through the air as swords clashed and an assault of their foe pushed from the shadows into the wall of them.

Blood scent tinged the air as the battle went on. Blades cutting through decaying wraith flesh, Hekate felt the electricity tingling at her fingertips as she grasped hold of her sword brought it back as if she were pulling tautly at a long bow. White light formed and shot forth as she released an arrow of energy into the chest of the enemy.

To her left, Korrik swayed and fell to one knee as he finished one of the death knights off in a single thrust into its cold black heart. The corpse shivered as black sludge poured from its wound. “Evil vile creatures…” The blade master spat out as he held his midsection, his life blood passing between gloved fingers.

Hekate went to his side immediately, her hands searching over the area he held. Those large eyes unfocused for a brief moment, inner knowing kicked in and she could feel the thread of his soul thinning. With her eyes closed she began singing softly in her people’s native tongue, a song of beauty and of peace. With each word spoken the air began to tingle, a white light building between the two that seemed to drift down and center on the pain beneath the blade masters fingers.

“Priest!” Korrik threw himself forward into her knocking her back against the wall of the cave just as hooves passed over where they just were. The blade master rested back against the wall and sighed. “Go, they need you now.” His head nodded to the strike ahead then he focused on moving side sliced pieces of mesh, searching for the wound that had threatened to slice him in two. “Tis gone…” He whispered.

..to be continued.

HekateDevine - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 12:55 PM

With her sword draw, Hekate rushed towards the group of slashing swords, axes, and oncoming arrows. A sharp word sprung from her lips and the entire group was bathed in a myriad of colors that made the skin ***** with energy. Her body trembled ever so slightly as the life threads of those around her tapped into her own which was solely connected to a higher force. The beating heart of this world surged through her. She was a vessel of this perfect world and she had chosen to use it to save lives.

As the last of the wraith onslaught was distinguished the warriors drew back as a whole. “Back to camp…we will deal with this foe another night.” Hekate could see the weariness on the faces of those around her. And even though their commander was in well enough condition previously, he was not now. His limp form was settled upon a liter, he was in no condition to argue right now.

Two nights had passed; Roov had still not become fully lucid. His nights were filled with terrifying dreams, horrors that he had never witnessed before. By his side, Hekate sat, her small hand resting on his. She had made all the arrangements for his comfort, yet even with the smallest of healings; he had still not yet awakened.

“Barbarian, what troubles your mind so much…?” Her voice was like a cool mist on the night’s air. He had been badly wounded in the battle, yet all the physical wounds were healed nights ago. Now everyone was awaiting word on him awakening.

Remembering back to the very day she had first seen this creature of the untamed and his hardened group of vigilante’s she could not help but laugh. So much had changed already. Battle after battle had been sieged on the wraiths. She had watched as they all made it through hell and high water to get to where they were now. She would not let this creature, this man, fall because of some unknown haunting that captured his mind.

If only her mother were here now, with all her knowledge in such things, of herbs and miracles cures. Hekate sighed and rested her forehead down on the edge of the cot in front of her. What should she do? “Hmm…” Hekate looked up to the barbarian’s troubled face. What would it hurt to try and heal him once again?

Lifting herself to sit on the bedside, she rubbed her hands together to warm them briefly and then placed them upon Roov’s bare chest. Fingertips brushed into the rich fur there, and her cheeks turned red. “Grr… that was not a proper thing to think of when he’s not conscious! Well, it’s not a proper thing to think of ever!” She muttered to herself. Closing her eyes she focused on the energy connection.

Slowly manipulating the energies that sprung from her form and surrounded her, she enveloped the barbarian in as well. She could already feel it working its way over his entire form, searching for any ailments. The colours seemed to be a cool even white. This perplexed her, there were no immediate “hot spots” that would indicate a wounded area. “Tsk…Roov please wake up. Expel those demons of yours!” She pleaded and wound her fingers into his hand.

“Ah but if I do that…if they were to leave me, I fear my angel will take flight as well.” Roov cleared his throat after growling that softly. His red hot gaze returned and it was drilling straight into her soul. Hekate pulled her hand away quickly only to find that she was unable to. He held her firmly. “You’re awake…good.” She felt a shiver go down her spine, her gaze studying his hand holding hers.

“You know, Milady, I think you love me.” A mischievous smile came over him suddenly and he lifted himself into a sitting position, her hand still captured by his own. “I what? Of all the school age fantasies that anyone could…” She was rambling on a little bit, nervously at that. But Roov quickly cut her off by pulling her up into his lap. There was no mistaking now.

Hekate still could not understand what was happening with her. Her heart was racing a million wing flaps over again and again. She started counting how many herbs she could think of that were growing in the wild just outside of camp. But that was quickly done away with as well as she looked up into those deep autumn red eyes of his. “You know you love me.” There was an amusement in his tone as he continued, “You want to marry me and have my pups, Priest.”

Quite suddenly she gasped and pulled away, only to be captured again and pressed into him. There was a brightness that surrounded them. Almost burning to the touch, it disoriented her and then came clarity…all the searching, the running away from something if only to find it. She now believed she had. She had always been searching for what her mother lost when Hekate’s father had died. Love. Hekate laughed and looked up to Roov’s face. “You are absolutely right. I love you, Barbarian.”

The End.

Ansutien - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 06:18 PM
Alright, here's my own entry. I only found out about this two days ago, so this is the best I could do on such short notice. Enjoy. -- Ansutien ~ Heaven's tear --

Disclaimers: First off, this work is completely of my own. I wrote this over the span of a few days before the submission date.
Second, any likeliness to in-game characters or personalities is completely coincidental. No harm was intended at all by this work. The only character names I purposefully used in this story belong to those of my own, and as such, I will slander my own characters In any way I see fit. :-P
Third, and this one is obvious, I don't own, nor have any affiliation with the owners of Perfect World in any way shape or form other than my playing this game. Any infringement on copyrights is completely unintended.
Forth, this work is, again, completely my own. As such, this work cannot be reproduced or copied in any way, shape or form without giving me the credit I am due. This work cannot be used commercially for any reasons without my express written permission.

Now that that's taken care of, a few words before the story. This story is not meant to follow established canon in Perfect World. The only real similarities are the names of places and possibly passing references to characters.

"Damn, I hope that pain in the *** is ready. If he gets killed, it's not on my hands," thought a rather plain looking man from his hiding place in plain sight, well above the earth. The man stood at around six feet tall, was getting on in years, probably around his fifties, had a head of peppered hair, and showed a few prominent wrinkles across his face. For his age, though, the man was in top physical condition. Even through his heavy overcoat, the obvious definition of his muscles could be seen. He was currently just north of the City of the Lost. Ansutien had been enlisted by the Man-Beast elder of the city to protect and teach a new hunter. The task would not normally appeal to Ansutien, being a warrior of legendary status, but this request was intriguing. The new hunter happened to be the son of the Man-Beast elder himself. The young man, Zin, was wet behind the ears in every respect. The Man-Beasts had a term for one so inexperienced, but it was spoken in their native language which generally consists of a series of grunts and growls, for both the beast men and the near-human women alike.

In the distance, a roar shattered the relative peace. From below, Ansutien could make out a grayish blur and the flash of metal. "It seems that the young were-beast has rushed into battle without thinking -- yet again. Well, I should probably rescue him. Dragging his corpse back to the city would be exhausting." Ansutien had been hovering far above the ground on an enchanted sword, larger than a normal sword, but with no real battle worth. With a confident step, Ansutien allowed himself to plummet to the ground below, gaining speed as he fell.

He hit the ground running, ignoring the sizable crater he had left in the earth where he had landed. Hoisting one of the two massive axes which had been hanging from his back, Ansutien expertly wielded it with almost nonchalant precision. Channeling his energies into his legs, Ansutien was able to increase his movement speed for a moment, allowing him to get to Zin before the monsters that were stalking him. With blinding speed, Ansutien arrived at the scene, and quicker than Zin could realize, had already planted his ax in a rather nasty looking over-grown blue beetle. Letting go of his ax, he spun around and grabbed a lunging wolf out of mid-air by the scruff of it's neck and slammed it to the ground with bone shattering force. His trained ears hear another wolf approaching from behind, and his eyes told him of the wolf ahead. Ansutien lunged forward and grabbed the wolf mid-stride and threw him into the last wolf. As both wobbled to their feet, they seemed to have the same thought and leaped off into the woods, whimpering.

Ansutien turned to see Zin staring in disbelief, his own ax barely off of his back. Ansutien approached him and smacked the man-beast behind the head, both bringing him back to his senses and inflicting a decent amount of pain in the process.

"OW!" Zin howled. Ansutien ignored him as he wiped the insect matter from the blade of his ax He replaced it on his back and started off for the City of the Lost. He was going to tell the man-beast elder that he was no longer going to 'teach' the child. Someone so impulsive would never make a good warrior. Perhaps a blacksmith's craft would be more suitable for such a boy.

"Wait, where are you going? I almost had those guys. They were right where I wanted them. Why'd you interrupt m--" Ansutien didn't let the boy finish his line of questioning, he again planted his palm rather hard against the back of Zin's head. "STOP DOING TH--" Again, a slap. The beast had finally had enough, he pulled both of his axes from his back.

"A fight?" Ansutien asked.

Zin didn't respond coherently, merely roared and lunged after Ansutien. The man was far too skilled, however, to let one so wet behind the ears lay a finger on him, and side stepped deftly to avoid an attack. Zin brought his axes back up and slashed for his mentor's chin. Ansutien jumped backwards, all the while never removing his hands from the pockets on his dark blue overcoat. Ansutien spun around another attack and planted his foot in the way of Zin's path, causing the beast to tumble off. Zin recovered and charged for Ansutien, one ax raised above his head with both hands, the other lay discarded feet away. Ansutien had had enough. He removed a single hand from his pocket and backhanded the ax out of the beast-child's paw-like hands. The ax embedded itself into a tree, some yards away. The force of the backhand caused Zin to lose his balance and fall to the ground, his energy spent.

"An impulsive child such as you will never learn to be a warrior. Give up. Try making weapons instead of wielding them," Ansutien lectured.

"You're just giving up? Some great warrior you are," The boy snapped. He was trying to get a rise out of the calm persona he had faced for the past months.

"You've learned nothing from my lessons. A man who laughs at danger and thirsts only for glory is but a fool."

"I am a warrior! I am destined to be a great hero!" Zin shouted. He had finally managed to pull his ax out of the tree and was chasing after his once-mentor.

"The stories your father feeds you? You? A great hero? HA! Laughable," Ansutien chortled. "The most honorable elder is inflating your head. He's feeding you what you want to hear so you won't become a spoiled, whiny waste of flesh. It would seem that your ego knows no limits though. Your father may have failed in this task."

"YOU SON OF A QUINGFU! I shall kill you where you stand for speaking such filth about my father," Zin stormed towards Ansutien, not even bothering to use the killing tools on his back. The razor sharp claws and teeth would due just fine for the task that Zin's mind had set on. Something involving a lot of carnage and a degree or two of dismemberment.

Ansutien, ever the steadfast warrior knew Zin was closing without even needing to look. In fact, he jumped expertly at just the right time to both avoid Zin's claws as well as to land a swift kick to the back of the beast-boy's head. Zin tasted blood almost immediately. The ground rushed up to meet his face. All went black.

Zin woke some hours later, face up, staring into an endless oblivion of black and white. The sun had set hours ago. Now, only the heavens shone their light upon the earth. Zin's senses began returning to him. He could hear the crackling of wood burning close by. Then, his flesh tingled as he began to feel the calm warmth flow over him. The taste of blood, however, had yet to leave his mouth. The tell-tale feeling of metal-on-tongue still lingered. Then, his scent returned. Keener than the nose of the humans or the pointy-eared winged-elves, Zin could make out the smell of simmering meat, probably from a canine creature.

"Awake, are you?" Zin didn't need more than the first syllable to know that he was still in 'bad company'.

"Ugh," was the only sound Zin could manage to utter. He could now feel the pulsing of veins and arteries on the back of his head. He reached his paw around and felt the rather large lump which now resided just below the fur between his ears. "How --."

"'Bout a day-and-a-half." Ansutien answered, not needing the boy to complete his thought. "Sorry, I might have gone a little overboard with that kick. You needed to calm down, though."

"You should die for saying things such as you did about my father."

"Did your father ever tell you about how he and I met?"

"What does that have to do with all of this?"

"Well, long story short, I know your father better than you know the back of your furry little paw. When I speak unkindly of him, I still hold him in the highest of respects," Ansutien explained. As he did, he lay beneath a tree, resting his head against the roots. His overcoat hanged from a branch. Ansutien gazed endlessly into the stars, not really looking, but still seeing. "That man and I have been through the underworld and back. We've saved each others lives a hundred times."

"I didn't know that. But that gives you no right to talk so low about him. He is an elder, and you are nothing compared to him," Zin complained.

"Perhaps you're right. Compared to him, I am but a simple mercenary now." Ansutien lamented. The wrinkles on his forehead deepened as he closed his eyes. His mind wandered back to a time where life was simpler. All a man needed was his weapons and a good head on his shoulders. Now, men needed political sense to get by. Ansutien never could get used to it.


A glimmer in the distance was the signal that he had been waiting for. A young warrior, in his prime, was crouching in the underbrush of an massive jungle. He was near the edge of a clearing. The sweat on his brow didn't phase him in the least. His mind was only on the task at hand. Even the approaching constrictor on the tree behind him was of no worry. In a moment, the second signal would come, and the clearing would become his battlefield. A warrior was only at peace when he was on the precipice of death.

A second glimmer shone in the darkness of the jungle beyond the clearing. He had been watching a caravan as it passed through. The jungle happened to be divided by a road. The trade guild had it built a short time ago. The corrupt politicians they had payed hadn't minded at all. Nor did the warrior or his group now flanking the caravan. Corrupt elders meant disgruntled citizens. Disgruntled citizens meant money for a rag-tag group of mercenaries not worried about doing a bit of wet work.

The young warrior stood up. Massive axes dangled from each hand, his knuckles were white from gripping so tight. Across the clearing, a white blur streaked out of the darkness. The daylight dividing the path from the wild was almost absorbed immediately by the brush.

The young mercenary dashed out into the caravan. Apparently, the Trade Guild had expected trouble. They had sent the caravan with a contingent of guards. The young man could practically smell the green on them. Not a significant challenge in the bunch. Ansutien had become tired with the lack of practical application for his 'talents'. After the war, there was little need for trained soldiers, most of the men wielding weapons were nothing more than farmers and merchants with a thirst for adventure. And with the rising number of beasts and demons alike appearing across the land, they were the last thing the world needed.

Ansutien's axes cleaved clean through the torso of one man, while momentum took care of relieving another man of everything burdening him from the shoulder up. Ansutien rolled sideways to avoid the downward slash of a man's polearm and used the maneuver to bring him in range of an archer trying to shoot anything that moved, indiscriminately. The man futilely attempted to block a pair of razor sharp axes with a wooden bow. That helped delay his death by a whole tenth of a second. While Ansutien brought one ax around behind him at shoulder height to block the poleblade, the other followed with an upward swinging arc, taking the opportunity to render said man useless.

On the other end of the caravan, Xeonea, a human woman gifted in the arts of magic, was fending off a few rather nasty werebeasts. They had taken the forms of beasts, larger than life. Calling forth energy seemingly out of thin air, Xeonea caused fire to erupt out of air itself and engulf one beast in flames, while concurrently causing another to freeze where he stood. One of the beasts had managed to come about behind her and was ready to pounce. Xeonea, trained in the art of battle, was not to fall for such a trick; almost as if she were never there, she vanished, only to reappear in mid air above the now dumbfounded wolf-man. Calling upon more mystical energy, Xeonea caused a meteorite to appear and crash down upon her enemy. She fell back to the ground almost too slow to be normal.

An hour later, Xeonea, Ansutien and the other three members of their rag-tag group were gathered in the clearing, with the leader of the caravan, a mid-level employee of the Trade Guild.

"So, Mr. Wu. You've heard our proposal. It would be wise for you to relay these words to your bosses. The men we work for would be very -- grateful if you were to do so," Ansutien was bust cleaning his axes, using cloth from a nearby wagon. He and his team had dispatched with most of the caravan guard, the rest had turned tail and fled. Now, only the tradesmen themselves were left. The group was busy finishing the job they had been hired to do. Simply, they were to deliver a message to the leaders of the Trade Guild, by any means necessary.

"Ha!" Mr. Wu laughed hard. Apparently, he had been in such a situation before. However, he had not encountered Ansutien. He could be very persuasive if necessary. "You believe that my superiors would be intimidated by this -- joke?"

"Sir, let's be clear on one thing. I didn't slaughter a caravan full of warriors for laughs." Anyone had to admit that when Ansutien was trying to 'convince' someone, he was a scary man. "I leave you with this. If I don't get word that you've informed your side of our terms within seven days, I will search for you across all the lands on this planet until I find you or die in attempting so. And should I find you, I shall, well..." instead of trusting words to convey his intentions, Ansutien merely glanced at the corpses among the battlefield. One final touch, he drew a whetstone along the curved blades of his masterfully crafted axes. The sound the action emitted was completely displeasing to the ears. The man-beast who had accompanied him covered his ears. The screeching was almost too loud for humans to hear, but the pointy-eared cleric and the keen eared beast-man were well aware of the screeching.

Even without the sound effect, Mr. Wu got the point. He conceded and gave his promise. Still though, Ansutien had a feeling that he was going to be making a house call soon enough.

"Was the scraping with the axes really necessary 'Tien?" Vidz, the were-beast asked, some hours later, as the group was boarding a small ferry back to their home port in Etherblade.

"Completely," Ansutien replied, without putting much thought to the question.

"You humans don't put much credence to the concept that SOME of us are a little more sensitive of hearing than others," Vidz responded, still trying to stop the ringing in his ears. It was rather comical, he was talking a bit too loud. Many of the passengers were looking their way with a cautious curiosity.

The group had learned long ago to simply ignore such people. The common folk looked with contempt upon warriors, seeing them as throwbacks from an era of upheaval, an unnecessary holdover of men and women unable top adapt to life in what some folks misinterpreted as peace-time. In reality, they chose to ignore anything that was clearly in front of them. The problem known as the Wraith-beasts was becoming more and more prominent. Common folk were too sheltered to see that the world was worse off than ever. And without the so-called throwbacks, hell would come to earth, and all would end.

"So, 'Tien, care to fill us in on what, exactly, our 'employers' had in mind, should the Trade Guild fail to meet their terms?" Xeonea asked, she was busy changing into a clean set of robes behind make-shift curtains in their shared cabin. Normally meant to sleep three, this one was accommodating five today. Money was tight, but they were all soldiers, used to hardship.

"Well, Xe, same thing we did today. We resort to common thievery to scare people into doing what our employers want." Ansutien had been staring out of the porthole of the cabin, but took a moment to sneak a glance at the silhouette behind the curtain. The others seemed preoccupied doing other things. Ansutien couldn't deny it. For the longest time, he had considered Xeonea special. She was important to him for reasons he couldn't quite explain. Of course, there was her beauty, as her perfect silhouette plainly showed. Her body, that of one in tune with the natural energies of the planet, was slender, enough muscle to keep her body functioning well, but no more than necessary. She was gorgeous, for lack of a better word. Slender, trim, graceful. But even for all her beauty, Ansutien found himself drawn to her for other reasons. While men lusted for her body, he longed for her entirety.

Ansutien returned to looking out through the porthole as the curtain slid open. He was too set on some sort of heroic notion of protecting those close to him to let himself get close. Instead, he willed himself to focus on other things, like the flock of gulls skimming the surface of the ocean along the wake that the bow of the ship formed.

"Wouldn't that lead one to believe that we are no better than the 'criminals' we have been pursuing?" The usually quiet healer, a holy man named Tulian, finally spoke up. He was absently smoothing the feathers on his wings as he spoke. The feathers were ruffled in the battle, but no real damage was incurred. Tulian had a certain arrogance about him. He spoke with a tone of superiority. To be honest, it got on a lot of people's nerves. The way Ansutien saw it, though, as long as the guy kept the group from dying a gruesome death with that holy magic he weaves, the arrogance was a fair trade-off.

"No one said that our job was going to be glamorous or righteous," Ansutien explained in a half-yawn. "We all took this job knowing the cost and what needed to be done."

"And what of you Olar? What do you think of this?" Tulian asked. His question was directed to the group's archer, a scruffy man no older than twenty-five. However, Olar had a reputation for being lazy whenever he wasn't killing something from a ridiculous distance. At this moment, he happened to be asleep. "Unreliable to the last. Lazy oaf."

"As I recall, oh holiest one, that 'oaf' saved your *** more than once back there," Vidz said, matter-of-factly.

"I recall no such thing. I am trained in the art of war, and would not need to be 'rescued' on the battlefield by someone such as -- 'him'," Tulian said, nodding to Olar. He went back to fixing the feathers on his wings, remaining out of any further conversation.

"Well, we finished the job, now we go home, receive our payment and get some well-earned rest," Ansutien said. He was just as glad as any of them to be going home for some rest. They had been away for weeks on this assignment, and hadn't slept in their own beds in even longer.

The group, both battle and travel weary, stumbled into the Dancing Dragon, a small establishment dead center in the Archosaur South District. It served as an outpost for the people to which Ansutien was employed.

The group received no special greetings, barely warranted any special looks from the members already there, and in fact, were altogether ignored.

"Good to be back, I suppose," Ansutien lamented. He hadn't expected a parade or anything, but after what his squad had gone through in the past few weeks, he felt that they deserved some sort of greeting. Any greeting at all.

What Ansutien did notice, though, was that a particularly important man was standing in a doorway in the back of the establishment, the only person who seemed to have noticed the group. It seemed strange, no one ever batted an eyelash, and yet this man was completely focused on Ansutien. Upon further examination, it seemed that everyone else was actually ignoring the gang, instead of simply not noticing them. Something was afoot. Ansutien had been in the Dancing Dragon hundreds of times before, and yet, not once, had he received such a cold reception.

"Guys, have a seat, grab some drinks on me. I shall return momentarily," Ansutien didn't look back at his team as he started for the man at the back of the tavern. He had one thing in mind, figuring out what was going on.

"It seems that you wish to talk with me," Ansutien said as he approached the important looking man.

Clerigy - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 06:21 PM
Wars are started from the Wizards enchantes gushes of floods,
down to the last Blademasters that draw blood.
It isn't skills or genies that brings me here to the blue sky,
but I find myself from the beginning that I could fly.
We fight amongst ourselves even when the wraith attacks,
and their commander puts us on our backs.
Though in the misted of the harshland,
we still raise up to make a stand.
Whether if the guardian angels sheds old or new heaven tears,
we are revived and face the fears.
Even in the heat of battle of my mighty swing,
can't compare from afar to your stunning arrow that you aim low for it to sing.
Roar of the Pride to stop my enemies feet,
only to find themselves as Hercules meat.
Not even the great cyclone can stop me but only puts my onslaught to a slow,
yet my heart can be poisoned from you venomous scarab as you freeze me with your stunning blow.
No matter how much of a fox you may be you can't be untamed,
I'll fight each faction so that you may know how I am named.
I will carry you wherever you would wish,
and hunt all the clams as your dish.
But there is no pearl,
that is more fair than you in this perfect world.

PrincessPyro - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 07:42 PM
The day was dark, as it has been since the wraiths took over. Many people still cower in their homes from the monsters that lurk outside the villages. The battle of good and evil has been raging for the past 300 years. One day, an old, weary traveler collapsed on the steps of the Elder in Etherblade. With his last breath he said, "She has arrived."

For many decades there was a tale of the one who would come and rid the world of the wraiths and bring peace upon the land. Assuming it was going to be a man of great strength and power, the Elder thought nothing of what was said and continued on with the war.

As all this was going on in Ether, a winged elf, Ryana, was gathering herbs along the banks of the Lake of Plume. When she turned around she noticed a small basket washed up on shore. In the basket was a human baby. Knowing nothing about raising a child, she headed off to City of the Lost. There she left the baby on the door step of a young untamed couple.

The untamed raised her to be fierce and strong. She had the ability to fight like a barbarian and tame like a venomancer. When the child reached the age of 18, she discovered she had the powers of a wizard with the ability to heal like a cleric. The untamed couple wondered if she could be the one to save the world. They sent her to train under General Summer of Archosaur.

There the girl trained for several years. The General could not beleive the talent she posessed and ultimately could no longer train her. She had become more strong and powerful then any of the army. She was cast out of Archosaur, left to fend for herself in the monster stricken world.

As the girl traveled all over the world, she encountered many people and many more monsters. That was until the day she happened to come across the palace of the wraith king. She fought her way to the throne room where the king was waiting for her. "I have waited many centuries for you, my dear. Finally the day has come. I will defeat you and the world will be mine for eternity."

Hearing those words brought fear and anger to the girl, but for the first time in her life she realized why she existed. The battle commenced. Lighting struck from the sky, grounds shook. The girl could hear the cries of the fallen cheering her on. She took a blow from the king that knocked her to her knees. Before he could strike her dead, she rose up into the air, surrounded by blinding light, and came down onto the king with her sword. He was defeated.

Outside, the dark clouds drifted off and the sun came back to the land. Birds were singing and the animals once again lived in harmony. Word spread of what had happened. The prophecy came true. The one who would save them came, the girl, the savior.....The Warrior.

Bartack - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 09:36 PM
Part Two: A Summers Departure

A year had passed since Keldrens trip to the City of Fortune. He had been sent as messenger from General Corsair himself, to plead with the Count to evacuate the island city. The Wraith war had shifted focus from the western plains to the northeast coast, and armies had been amassing along the shores. The City of Fortune was currently being ravaged by the enemy, holding off attacks with only its own forces. The Count was a proud man, and refused to surrender the city, claiming its importance to the rest of the Empire as a trade route. But the General had already built alternate ports for the supply lines, leaving many to question the Counts actions. Being his birthplace, Keldren pleaded with the General to offer sanctuary for the citizens of Fortune who would leave voluntarily, and with his influence was given the services of a promising you Captain Summers. Keldren himself was one of the empires foremost wizards, a man of immense power and influence. The tales of his legendary acts in battle against the wraiths were renowned. It was in one of these battles that he met his wife Anari. It was her selfless bravery and impressive skill with the sword that first caught his eye. In the battle of the Howling Fields Anari held the attention of a dozen demons as Keldren rescued a squad that had been flanked. Anari was as protective then as she was now, and her recent actions at Allied Camp only served reinforce her concern. However, this year, Anari had a new charge to worry for. Just a few weeks ago, Anari had given birth to a healthy baby girl. With her mother’s beauty and her father’s powerful eyes, she was the source of great pride, and the source of a new contention.

Upon his last trip, Keldren had intercepted intelligence from the enemy. The Wraiths were planning to send their main force to crush the City of Fortune. Worse still, several Matavip Scouts had been reportedly seen scouring the ocean floor nearby. The Mantavips were experts at seeking out and taming the ancient, wild demons that roamed the depths. Already they had amassed a small force of Sea Dragons, Mer-folk and Undines, but rumor had it they were seeking something far more sinister. An ancient evil legend told was sleeping beneath the dark waters. It was the power of the Mantavips that conjured the storm, hoping to deprive the Empire of one of its prize weapons, the great Keldren. But the storm had failed, and the plans had been relayed to the General. Corsair once again called upon Capitain Summer, to take Keldren back to Fortune, and plead with the Duke. Keldren, suspecting the Generals intent was more for him to find out about the Mantavips search than for the safety of the remaining citizens, nonetheless agreed to return to his hometown once more. This time, however, child or no, Anari refused to be left behind.

“I still don’t like it, why can’t you take the West path to Etherblade?” Keldren asked. “I thought you would want us close, besides, these days no paths are safe. And you can keep us safer than any path, cant you?” Countered Anari, still holding as much ground as she could, after conceding to forgo the watery voyage to Fortune itself. “Besides, with Capitain Summers army coming, what better escort could I want?” “But why not just stay here, or in Archosaur until I return?” Keldren asked one last time, a final, yet feeble attempt to change his wife’s mind. “Keldren, we have been through this, I am not staying here, nor anywhere else waiting on you alone. Never again, understand? I will see you off to Fortune from Anglers Village, that will be hard enough, and I will need my family for support. Especially with the child.” With that, Anari stood and headed to the shelter door. “I’m going to see Tai’Chien a moment, she offered to gather some herbs for me for dinner. Be a dear and watch the baby please?” Keldren nodded “Of course.” He knew the conversation was over.

Keldren wandered over to his sleeping daughter and gazed at her a moment. In all truth, he was not happy to be leaving. Hearing the front door flap pull open, he turned and expected to see Anari returning for some forgotten bauble. Instead, a large hulking figure thrust his head in through the opening. “Master Keldren, sir, I have the moving orders from Captain Summers, is this a bad time?” a soft rumbling voice inquired. “No Baloor, please, come in. Anari is out with Tai’Chien, it’s just me and the sleeping shrunchkin here.” Baloor entered the domicile with a grace unbefitting his immense size, and sheepishly gazed upon the sleeping child. He lowered his thundering voice as best he could “With all due respect, sir, but this gentile creature is surely no shrunchkin, and the name of any demon is unbefitting her presence.” “Then you’ve not spent enough time with her awake, Baloor.” Keldren smiled “But come, let us speak of business, I do not wish to keep your time from the good Captain.”

Keldren offered Baloor a pillow at the foot of a low table. The large green bulk lowered himself with a feline’s alacrity. Baloor was the first Untamed officer in the Empires army. His scarred hide and gruff red mane belied his gentile nature. But Baloor had proven his prowess and ferocity in battle on many an occasion. Most of all, he was fiercely loyal, and trusted completely by his Captain. “Thank you sir, but truth be told, there isn’t much information more than has been discussed already. The first company is set to leave on the morrow. A following company is to leave the next day. We hope the split will help to disguise our numbers from the wraith scouts.” “And Anari and I are still to leave with the first company?” It was more a statement than a question. “Yes, sir… I will lead your company, and the Captain will lead the aft.” Keldren raised his eyebrows at this. “Well now, that is a change. Does the Captain doubt my ability to lead the point company myself?” Baloor glanced down uneasily. “I am sorry, sir, it was done at my request. I in no way doubt your ability to lead, but would feel more at ease with a different set of eyes tending to the soldiers. I was hoping to give you and your family some time to each other on the trip.” Keldren smiled “Why, thank you old friend.” He glanced at his sleeping daughter “I don’t know what to say” then Keldren’s smile shifted to something a bit more devious “however, you do realize that Tai’Chien will be accompanying us. She is stuck to Anari, and no military order from any official would separate them.” ”I know, I know…” Baloor grimaced, than started up almost in a panic “wait…she’s not coming back with Anari, is she? Not back here?”

“I assume the SHE your friend here is referring to is ME?” An icy voice whispered from the door flap as it slid open. Baloor jumped at the sound of it, pounding his head into the ceiling with a wall shaking thud. “Oh, Baloor, are you alright?” Anari whispered sympathetically as she and Tai’Chien entered the home. “Yes, madam, I am fine, thank you.” Baloor winced, more from the preasence of Tai’Chien than from the lump on his head. “Honestly, Keldren, Anari leaves you alone for ten minutes and you allow your home to become infested with Barbarians.” Tai’Chien continued to supposedly address Keldren, though her glaring eyes never left Baloor. “Come now, Tai’Chien, Baloor is Keldren’s guest.” Anari tried to rein in her friend. Keldren simply shrugged in surrender, and gave a sympathetic look to his friend. “Madam Anari, Madam Tai’Chien,” Tai’Chien let out a “hrumph” at the sound of her name “Master Keldren, I have relayed my message from the Captain, I-I will take my leave now.” Baloor, lacking his usual grace, managed to overturn several pots from a shelf along the wall, creating yet another great clamor. The baby began to whimper at all the commotion. “I-I’m terribly sorry. P-please, allow me to-““you had better go now old friend, while you can still escape.” Keldren chuckled, shaking his head. “That fool of a Felgar, awakening this poor sweet child.” Tai’Chien cooed at Baloors back as she scooped up the baby. “At least that big evil kitten didn’t eat my little sweetheart.” Baloor had gone, striding swiftly and silently back to the ranks. Anari took her whimpering daughter from Tai’Chien, and began to feed her. “Oh well, it’s time for the little shrunchkin to eat anyway.” Tai’Chien wrinkled her nose “Shrunchkin? Honestly Anari, I’ll never understand your horrible pet names for such a beautiful child. This sweet girl is no shrunchkin, and I’d say the mention of any demon’s name is unfit in her presence.” Keldren tried desperately to hold back his laughter. “Then perhaps you’ve not spent enough time with her awake, Tai’Chien.”

The following morning, First Company left on the northern Road to Anglers Village. The trip would take nearly a week, yet the road was quite easy, and the company met no resistance. The first day after departure, Anari found Baloor to apologize, yet again, for her friend’s behavior. “Really, Madam, there is no need to apologize. To be honest, I deserve worse.” Anari gave Baloor a shocked look “How so? Her behavior toward one of my husband’s guests, no, one of his friends, in his own home was-““Please, Lady Anari” Baloor gently interrupted “you must try to understand. The world Madam Tai’Chien was born into was long ago, when it was my ancestors, not the wraiths that waged war upon the elves. We ravaged villages without mercy, and devoured the dead.” “I know Baloor, but things have changed, and the Untamed, with the exception of the wild Felgar, are now allied with the Empire against the wraiths.” “Yes, Madam, but Lady Tai’Chien was a soldier in those battles long ago, and to a soldier, the horrors of war she experienced may always remain at the foremost of her mind. To her ageless eyes, I am no different than the beasts she fought to defend her people, the beasts to which she lost her family.” Anari placed her hand on Baloor’s shoulder in a final attempt to comfort him “Perhaps someday you can prove yourself to her, and she will see that things truly have changed.” Baloor glanced down at Anari, a glint in his eye “You really think so?” catching himself, he stared off into the distance “Hmnn, yes, perhaps one day we shall see…”

Bartack - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 09:39 PM
Hope i can finish the last part tomorrow, that is the deadline right? Between work and the flu, been a bit pre-occupied. :{

Ansutien - Heavens Tear
08-18-2009, 10:15 PM
Part 2:

“Mr. Shiun.”

“Bad business I am afraid, friend,” the man explained. Obviously, he and Ansutien were acquainted already. “Come in and sit down.” Ansutien followed the man into an office, Mr. Shiun was the director of this particular establishment. He was also the sector leader of the organization that Ansutien worked for, The Imperial Order of the Dragoons. Once a secretive and underground organization, the Order had become more active in the recent years with the rising in the appearance of otherworldly monsters. The Order had expanded its ranks and influence to encompass the entire continent and all aspects of life, from trade, to agriculture, to the governments of the three great nations as well as the independent non-allied nations such as Archosaur and Thousand Streams. In the centuries since it's creation, the Order had grown from a loose collection of merchants, farmers and peasants into a para-military organization with enough man-power to keep all of the nations in check and from war. Through this, peace had reigned for many a year, even throughout all of the protest and bad opinion across the continent of an organization that very clearly had power over life itself. However, the Order never exercised the power it held in any unnecessary ways, this set it apart from the numerous criminal organizations across the continent.

Ansutien took the seat offered to him across a large table. The room was well adorned, but not furnished too lavishly. Overall, it was comfortable and purpose fulfilling. The table was made out of bamboo from the forests south of the City of the Plume, where the Winged Elves roost. The chairs were carved from the stone surrounding the City of the Lost, while the window hangings were hand sewn by the master seamstresses of Etherblade.

Mr. Shiun stood before one of the windows in the room, staring off across the city. He seemed deep in thought. Ansutien was going to say something, but was interrupted. “I'll get to the point, and I'm not going to screw with you, Ansutien. You're one of the most respected in the Order, so telling you this seems necessary.” Ansutien had a bad feeling. Only something big could have Mr. Shiun, a usually upbeat and friendly man, act so serious.

“One week after you left, strange things began happening across the continent. Meteors began striking, but our astronomers never saw them coming. Fires raged in the far north ice lands past Etherblade, and a desert south of the City of the Lost was suddenly turned to glass,” the man explained. He seemed almost unconvinced about his own story. “None of this can be explained by strange weather or the like. Nothing any of our scholars know can explain all of these occurrences so close in time to each other across the continent.”

“So why are you telling this to me. I've been gone for months. I'm sure you've already sent people to investigate these things, so why tell me?” Ansutien replied. It seemed as though Mr. Shiun was hesitating, holding something back.

“Well, yes, you're right – we've already sent teams to investigate, and they've come up with no likely explanation.”


“No, no sign of them in this. There's been no significant activity from them lately. However, there is one possibility which we've been forced to consider.” Mr. Shiun hesitated again. He seemed to choke on the next few words. “How familiar are you with ancient history?”

“Familiar enough. Get on with it. What are you trying to say?” Ansutien asked impatiently. He didn't like being lead around. As it stood, he was being kept from well earned rest and relaxation after the crap he had been through over the past few months.

“Well, more than a millennium ago, an army, formed by the civilization who built Heaven's tear, faced an enormous army from a far away land across the eastern ocean. This invasion was bigger than any this land has seen since. The armies of Heaven's Tear rallied for one last push, they were at the end of their ropes. Finally, an opening in the enemy forces allowed them to break through. The enemy army broke ranks and eventually, was forced to retreat back across the ocean.” Shiun stopped for a moment and grabbed a drink of wine from a nearby bottle. He sipped back the entire glass that he had poured and started on another, but thought against it. He wiped his mouth on his sleeve and took a seat across from Ansutien. He continued.

“The forces of Heaven's Tear won the war, but no one knew why the enemy forces broke ranks and let them in. Our civilization exists because of a fluke.”

“Yeah, great, thanks for the history lesson. So, what does that have to do with anything?”

“Well, in the centuries since then, no one has seen nor hear from our old enemies from across the ocean. The most likely cause of all of the strange goings on here – is that they've come back. They want to try at us again.” Shiun sat back, he was sweating. Something really had him afraid, but Ansutien couldn't see why.

“So, why am I here. If they want war, they can have it. Let them come to us again.” Ansutien was already riled up. War would bring battle, and battle would give him purpose.

“Ansutien, you aren't thinking clearly. Even our most powerful wizards couldn't cause as much damage as could have caused the destruction across the land. We're not dealing with a simple invasion force. We're dealing with a civilization of warriors who have had a thousand years to get stronger. While we have been fighting amongst ourselves, our real enemies may have been growing constantly. They may have abilities of which we could only dream. If war were to come, we could very well lose everything.” Shiun was right, everything he said was right. Ansutien was letting his thirst for battle cloud his normally sound judgment.

“So, then, what does the Order want me to do. Am I to be part of some advanced force? Or some scouting party or something?” Ansutien was curious, he wanted to know why the Order was running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

“Nothing like that. The order wants you to protect a team of diplomats on a journey to the forgotten continent. It's our only chance to save ourselves. We have to try and establish peaceful relations with them before they decide to kill us,” Shiun explained. However, Ansutien was not expecting such a turn of events. He was completely expecting the Order to want to strike first.

“Unexpected. I was thinking of something a bit more – bloody,” Ansutien replied.

“As I thought, Ansutien, you never could let go of the thirst for blood. But no, we only want you to protect diplomats, not attack an unknown civilization which could very well turn us to mud in a heartbeat.” Again, of course, Ansutien was wrong. Attacking an unknown force would be completely pointless and utterly stupid. The only response Ansutien could make was, “When do we leave.”

Ansutien slept little that night. He and his team was to leave next morning. He felt bad for having to tell his friends that they would not be able to rest, like they so deserved. They were to leave by ship, and would not return for many more months, if ever. They all knew the dangers of the job, it was part of the description, but no one liked the idea of leaving the continent, let alone leaving home again so soon after coming back from a mission.

“Seriously, 'Tien. Couldn't they have gotten someone else to do this mission?” Vidz complained. He had planned to go back to his home village near the City of the Lost once they had checked in in Etherblade, but with the recent turn of events, it could be years before he returned. The group was loading their things onto their ship in the docks. The ship was called the “Pride of Alastia” a large vessel, once used for transporting cargo, but now converted into the flagship of the diplomatic delegation, the last hope for the continent to avoid a war which might end existence as they knew it.

“Because anyone who could handle this job is already occupied mustering our forces to be ready in case we fail our mission,” Ansutien explained.

“Glad to know they have so much confidence in our mission,” Xeonea replied sarcastically.

“Well, better to be safe than sorry,” Vidz responded, hanging his head over the side of the ship, looking down into the water. “My kind is meant to remain on land, not here where there is only turmoil. The calm feeling of the ground beneath ones”—Vidz was cut off by the sound of his own vomit escaping through his mouth. “Feet.” He finished, wiping the vomit from his chin and muzzle.

Together, the group of five brave warriors set sail for the forgotten continent across the ocean. Many months would pass before they even saw land again, IF they saw land again. Even if they did make landfall, months later, they would have to contend with an absolute unknown. Even great warriors such as themselves could not be prepared for what lay ahead. No person had ever sailed to the other continent. People were quite content with staying on their own little slice of earth, and had no delusions of conquest over the world.

Will our heroes make it to the forgotten continent? Will they succeed in their mission? Find out in our next exciting installment; coming to forums near you whenever the hell I feel like writing them.

O_oSakurao_O - Heavens Tear
08-19-2009, 12:00 AM
I didn't have time to make an entirely new one, so I edited one of my best fics to suit PWI needs~! My fic, therefore, is a Harry PotterxPWI crossover~! :D

When Ginny Weasley, a venomancer, turned up at 1 a.m. on Draco’s doorway, the last thing he was expecting was a bright smile and a friendly wave.

After being kindly jostled out of the way, Draco’s muddled, barely-even-awake brains couldn’t manage more than a questioning “Whaugh?”

“I’ve always wondered if you were literate.” Ginny said brightly.

This statement managed to penetrate Draco’s foggy mind enough to shake off his remaining sleepiness and he closed his door and locked it. Putting aside his wooden sword which he unwittingly grabbed when he heard the knock, he tried to appear nonchalant while only dressed from the waist down and with who-knows-what on his face (hopefully not drool), he leaned against the door and stared blithely at the fearless veno sitting innocently on his couch.

“It’s not working,” she quipped.

Draco quirked an eyebrow and drawled, “What is?”

“You’re way of looking at me as if you want me to spill my guts on the floor without a single verbal prodding from you.”

“You can’t exactly blame me, weasel – you were the one who barged into my apartment at an ungodly hour.”

Ginny’s ears twitched as she sighed and nodded. “I couldn’t think of anyone else to run to.”

Draco sauntered at a maddeningly slow pace to the couch opposite her and after settling in comfortably, said, “You couldn’t think of anyone else to run to? Try your family, your brother, that supposedly genius cleric Granger, or even the perfect forever-doing-good-deeds archer Potty? Correct me if I’m wrong, Fox, but we’re not exactly bosom buddies – in fact, were not even ‘buddies’ at all!”


Draco almost allowed his jaw to fall open but managed to stop it just before he humiliated himself. “So what exactly are you doing here?”

Ginny hedged a bit and replied, “You let me in.”

“You barged right past me and made yourself comfortable, fox-girl, I doubt that warrants as a permitted, ladylike entrance.”

“I needed to get in – the mobs might still be after me.” After a quick glance at Malfoy’s face, she answered his silent question.

“I broke up with Harry.”

One year ago

“I can’t believe I’m assigned to live with a lowlife Death Eater like you!” Ginny pronounced heatedly.

“I’m not exactly having the time of my life myself.” Draco answered placidly.

“Do I look like I care?”

“Exactly. You shouldn’t care, but you do. Do I sense any hidden feelings there for me, Fox?’ Draco smirked at her and she spluttered, “Who would?”

“Ah, glad you asked. Let me see, there’s Pansy, Millicent – “

“Those are haughty broads, who for some reason prefer slimy gits such as you! The only hidden feelings I can possibly have for you is – “

“Loathing, disgust, possibly a stick up my arse or a oneshot from Chin.” Draco’s eyes darkened at the sight of Ginny’s reddening face. “A bit too much for you saintly ears. True, with the kind of company you keep. At this day and age, you probably still believe in heroes and you think you’ve found him in that dull archer, Potter, hm?”

“Don’t talk of Harry like that!”

“Bad wording from a bad guy like me is all that you can expect.”

This sharp bantering continued on as they sat across each other in Number 12, South District of Plume. The Territorial Battle has just ended a week ago, and most of the Ginny’s faction,“The Order” are still rounding up the last of the “Death Eaters” who did not join the march to Hogwarts. Many suspected of allegiance with the Dark Lord, leader of the Death Eaters, were being questioned, and the spies in the midst of other groups were being weeded as well. After the death of Vincent Crabbe by Tempest three days ago, the Order decided to place the entire Malfoy family under protective custody. They were separated for their own good – Lucius went underground, Narcissa went to her sister Andromeda, and Draco was stuck in Sirius’ old place with the Ginny. Of course, there was a constant stream of people going in and out of the house, but mostly it was just him, her, and the nerve-wracking silence – which explains the preference for well-aimed barbs at each other.

Suddenly, they heard the front door open and in came Ginny’s mother, carrying in some groceries, followed by Hermione, who was carrying in a bundle of unrecognizable, squirming fur.

Draco immediately assisted the elder venomancer and relinquished her of her packages, while Ginny squealed and launched herself to whatever it was Hermione was holding. Ginny’s shrieks of joy followed Draco to the kitchen.

The mother’s gentle smile was directed at the doorway, where her daughter and her friend was yet to enter.

“It’s so nice to see her happy,” the matriarch remarked as she began to peel potatoes. “Nowadays, it’s so hard to find something to enjoy, you really have to count every blessing.”

“It most certainly is,” Draco answered, and a quick glance to the doorway revealed that Ginny heard his answer because she was venomously glaring at him, “Which is why we must value how harmonious we are living, and the fact that we are alive.”

Mrs. Weasley smiled at him. “Exactly, my boy. Now, I’m very fond of you dear, but you’re burning my stew.” And she flicked her tail to decrease the temperature of the fire.

Ginny’s peals of laughter at Draco’s mistake did not go unnoticed, however, and her mother immediately assigned her to bake a cake as their dessert later on.

As Ginny mixed the batter, she hissed at the boy beside her, “Stupid bloke, cozying up to my mum.”

Draco grinned at her and replied, “I didn’t exactly do anything for it, you know, but she took to me. But, of course, who can resist my charms?”

Ginny snorted and was once again scolded by her mother. Draco’s barely concealed snickers were ignored, possibly because of the yelling match between the two female Weasleys.

“ – a bloody git who provoked me and makes me want to shove his head into his arse – “

“I will not have you talking to Draco that way! He is a misunderstood boy who – “

“ You read too many romance books when all he is is a stupid, foul – “

“We have much to be thankful for because of him – “

Surprisingly, when a few days ago the female head of the Wealsey’s learned that Draco would be mostly under her and her daughter’s care, she was glad of it. Harry Potter made no secret of the fact that if wasn’t for Narcissa Malfoy’s machinations, the whole war might have been tilted to the other side and many more might have died. His request that the entire family be protected did not go unheeded, of course, although many were hesitant to associate themselves with the Malfoy patriarch. But since the latter’s assistance was proving to be a great help, although they weren’t quite forgiving of his sins, they were at least tolerating him and not taunting him – much.

Finally, it seemed as if the shouting match between the two Weasley’s were over and both were panting at their efforts. Grudgingly, they turned to the tasks at hand and eventually, dinner was served.

A few hours later, after the arrivals have left, Draco remembered his curiosity of the wriggling mass that Granger and Weaselette had put in a used basket as they were eating dinner. As Draco turned his head towards where he last saw the red-haired venomancer, an unidentified, wet thing jumped up to him and accosted his face.

“What the bloody hell – Ginny!” Draco yelled as he wrestled the ball of fur that was ecstatically going after his face and held it high. “Bloody – oi! Ginny!”

Ginny came rushing down the stairs and, seeing what was happening, protested herself, “This is bloody unfair! That puppy won’t even go near me and then it goes jumping at you?”

“OI! Before you bemoan whatever it is you’re saying, get this bloody thing off me first!”

Ginny sighed and held out her hands. “Leopolda? Come here.”

‘Leopolda’ immediately noticed Ginny’s prodding hands, stopped licking Draco and looked at the redhead. Seeing her, it yelped and ran behind Draco’s legs and hid from her sight.

Ginny cried out and said, “SEE? See?! It won’t even look at me and I’M the veno here!”

Draco wiped drool, fur and some unidentifiable brown stuff from his face and grunted, “What I wouldn’t give to be in your place.”

Everything that happened finally managed to penetrate Draco and the first thing he did was look closely at whatever it was accosting him moments ago. Clutching his sword close, he peered at the tiny brown dog with the white underside and tail, the latter which was currently tucked between its legs.
Suddenly, Draco whipped his head back to the obviously envious Weasley and asked, “You named it ‘Leopolda’?”

Ginny, for her part, looked defiant. “I’ll have you know, it’s the name of a very gracious saint, and it fits that dog well!”

“The only thing that’ll fit this dog is a collar. And no wonder whoever that saint was isn’t well known – I wouldn’t want to be, if my name was that bizarre!”

“Just so you know, Malfoy, you are no saint, and Leopolda is a very good name!”

Draco smirked and drawled, “Ever wonder why the dog hates you so much? Hm... let me think, uhm, the name, perhaps?”

That was the last thing he remembered thinking, because suddenly, he saw flying skulls before his world turned black.


“ – damningly stupid, egotistical bastard – “

Draco’s blurred vision was suddenly clearing and his boggled mind registered that he was on the floor, and the smallest Weaslette was sitting on the floor next to him, holding an ice pack to a very painful part of his face.

“I’ll have you know, redhead, that you just Parasitic Nova-d the most gorgeous guy you’ll ever know.”

Ginny started and replied dryly, “Then it’s a very good thing it’s not a perfect face anymore, isn’t it?”

Draco immediately sat up and looked around for a mirror but was immediately pushed back to the floor. He heard a solid ‘thunk’ as his head connected with the very solid floor, and he winced as stars appeared in his line of sight.

“Oops, sorry.” She did not sound very sorry at all, and her ears were twitching – definite sign of amusement. “Now, if you have enough strength to look for a mirror – I don’t know how you can look at your slimy face for any period of time at all, but each to his own – my arm is getting kinks, holding this ice pack immediately after casting one helluva spell – although the latter was very satisfying.”

Draco looked at her witheringly. “If that was your pot shot at comforting me, it was one hell of a miss.”

Ginny, much to Draco’s disgust, smiled brightly and replied, “Not at all! Been wanting to do it for ages.”

“What do you think I feel? A girl knocking me out just because I insulted a stupid name.”

“Tsk, tsk, careful, Malfoy, since I’m guessing you don’t want a repeat performance.”

Draco looked comically horrified, and her raucous laughter followed him until he reached his quarters.


Later that night, something cannonballed into Draco’s chest – something very, very hard which started slobbering all over him immediately – and he came up spluttering.

“What the – you bloody oaf! Geddoff me!” he cursed, but the bloody animal looked quite intent on drowning him in drool and did not even bother to stop.

“Damn!” Draco finally managed to dislodge the animal from his chest and dropped it none-too-gently on the floor, while he cowered – ehem, stayed – standing on the bed, watching the dog warily as it yipped and scratched on the bedsheets.

“Sheesh, if it really helps, how ‘bout I call you Cenminator? That’s a bloody decent, strong name – yowch!” He yelped as the dog managed to scuff his ankles and he leapt away. “What – can you actually understand me?” The dog jumped up again. “All the Malfoy men must be turning on their graves by now. How ‘bout Farng?” The dog growled. “Krixixx?” It barked. Draco coughed up a few more names, but all he managed to get was some sore spots on his ankles and an energetic fluffball yipping at his feet. “Argh! I’m naming you… Slobber, and if that doesn’t go over well with you, then you’re going to be stuck as Leopolda forever, or so Merlin help me!”

Astoundingly, the dog quieted and panted quietly.

‘Should have known that the threat of being named something distasteful would have convinced this pup.’ Draco thought as he absently scratched ‘Slobber’ behind the ears.

The dog tensed us suddenly and then, as if having forgotten something, snatched Draco’s pyjama leg and pulled him to the door.

“What – food?” Draco grumbled as he grudgingly stood up. “This is the last time I’m tolerating you waking me at this ungodly hour, you mangy dog, or I’m tossing you to that redhead and letting her call you Leopolda!”

‘Slobber’ whined and continued to pull him. Draco allowed the dog to guide him but surprisingly, it did not lead him towards the kitchen; rather, the dog went straight towards the room of the only other occupant of the house.

Upon arriving at the door, Draco looked at the dog darkly and was about to pull the now-silent animal back to his room when from behind the door he heard distinctive hiccups and sniffs.

‘Weaslette’s crying?’ Draco thought. He then looked at the watchful dog at his foot and realized that the animal must have heard her distress earlier and came to him for a solution. ‘Well, what am I supposed to do, throw myself out the window for her enjoyment?’

Draco didn’t fool himself into thinking that he could in any way comfort the littlest Weasley – Merlin knows that they could barely even speak decently for a minute before they were going after each other’s throats.

He tried to leave the girl in peace, but the dog looked none too happy at his gesture of leaving, for it immediately made a swipe for his bare feet. After silently swearing, he debated hauling the dog and making a mad dash for his room before it even managed a yelp, but his hands seem to have a mind of his own, because before he knew it, he was knocking on her door softly. He looked at his fisted hand, aghast, but there wasn’t much he could do after that, because the door was suddenly opening and a flying mass of red hair and pink cotton nightgown launched itself into his chest.

The ‘thing’, obviously the Weaslette, was sobbing piteously into his chest and the liquid was trickling down his now-occupied chest. After a few seconds, he patted her back awkwardly and guided her back inside her room, placing himself and the girl-who-wouldn’t-let-go-of-him on the edge of the bed, with sitting with his back propped up and Ginny in between his legs, spluttering on him.

Finally, the girl gave one big sniff and said, “H-harry, he – he got c-caught in some crossfire, and w-was c-cursed. M-mum and dad got him in touch with some good clerics, but they said he was c-critical.”

Draco refrained from whooping in joy and swallowed audibly. Just because his mum saved the dork didn’t mean he had to like the prat. “So? Why aren’t you there now, mooning over his bedside and putting love notes under his pillow?”

Ginny, to her credit, ignored most of his question and just answered. “Mum said there wasn’t any need for me to be there, since my being there wouldn’t help him. It’s true, but can’t I be there just because I want to? I love the guy!”

At this, Draco felt a sudden tightening at the general area of his heart and his throat momentarily clogged up. What the - ?

“ – also, dad said Ron and ‘Mione were already there, and they’re all the company he’ll need! I want to be there, Draco, I want to!”

Draco swallowed again in an effort to clear up his throat and managed to raggedly reply, “Stop sounding like a petulant child, Gin, what they said goes. If you want to do him a favour, send him a letter or something and stop being a nuisance. That’ll satisfy your parents, at the very least.”

Abruptly, the girl pushed him away roughly and looked blazingly at him. “Malfoy. Malfoy - what the hell. I should have known, what would you know of love? Nothing, because you can’t love! Out! Out of my room!”

Ginny stumblingly pulled him from his position and roughly hauled him to the door, slamming it soundly after he left. He picked up the blearily waking dog from its spot in the hallway and went, trance-like, to his room.

It was only after he closed the door behind him and laid down on his bed that he noticed how empty he felt, and how clogged his throat still was.


By the next day, the house was as quiet as a tomb. The two occupants were ignoring each other with a vengeance, and Draco barely even remembered to feed the dog who was yapping after him.

The next days were just the same, punctuated only by the visits of the Weasley matriarch to stock on their foods, and with dire warnings to both of them not to take even a toe out of the house. Ginny eagerly awaited these visits, and her first words to her mother were always, “How’s Harry?”

Every time Draco heard her voice come alive with the mention of Scarhead, something twisted inside his gut and he always squelched it by barbed insults towards the girl, making the latter go after his throat with a vengeance.

After Mrs. Weasley leaves, though, the house dies again, with the only noises being Slobber running around and bumping into things.

Draco had developed a sort of fondness for the dog, mainly due to the fact that the dog adored the very ground he walks on. Adulation is always welcome, even if it only was from the dog.

Which was more than he can say between Ginny and Slobber. The dog tolerated her enough to allow her to bring her food occasionally, but more than that and the dog scampers – towards Draco, and this added another negative notch for him in Ginny’s tally board. Not that the veno needs more notches – at the rate they’re going, she’s going to need more boards.

One morning, without any warning at all (which Draco most certainly would have appreciated), Ginny bounced into the room, waving a parchment in her hands gleefully.

“Harry’s fine! They’re discharging him in a week, and mum says we’re celebrating here!”

“Oh, joy.” Draco commented drily, without even bothering to look up from his book. “Be still, my heart!”

Incensed, Ginny marched up to him and slammed his book closed. He looked up at her disbelievingly and was awarded with the sight of her cleavage as she bended over him.

Ginny, noticing his riveted attention, said caustically, “When you’re done.”

Draco snapped his head back and retorted, “You were the one giving me the free show! Merlin knows I’m as deprived as I’ll even get. Besides, what do you want me to do about Potter? Whoop with joy and dance a jig?” He snorted, then continued, “Unless you’ve forgotten, Weaselette, we aren’t in the best of terms, and – “ he interrupted her just after she opened her mouth, “just because my mum was kind enough to save his hide doesn’t mean we’re best friends now.”

Ginny snapped her mouth shut and settled with glaring down at him.
After a few moments, Draco coughed and said, “Weaselette, in case it escaped your notice, you’re still quite... exposed.” Ginny looked down at herself and gasped, straightening herself and placing her arms defensively in front of her.

Draco sauntered over where she was standing by the wall and leaned into her blushing face. “An invitation is always welcome.”

Ginny opened her mouth to make a smart retort, but Draco beat him to it. He covered her lips with his own and took advantage of her slightly open mouth to take the upper hand. Using his acquired muscles, he pinned her to the spot with hardly any effort.

Ginny resisted him, pushing him, trying to knee him, but the kiss eventually gave out from being domineering to being gentle. He wasn’t looking for control now, he wanted her – and he wanted her willing. He gave and gave, and when he was about to pull away because of her lack of reaction, she seized him by his nape and pressed his lips back and temperatures increased, so absorbed into the kiss were they that they forgot to come out for air.

A tiny yap at their feet broke them apart, Slobber probably wondering why her two masters were meshed together on the wall (when they could be comfortably lounging on the floor. *cough*)

Draco looked up at her, took in her unfocused eyes, and said, “Well, aren’t we repressed.”

Ginny smiled hesitantly at this, glad that he came up with the perfect excuse to condone their behaviour. “Yes, well, we have been cooped up here. Better make do with what one has.”

“Make do? I take offense in that.” Draco moved away from her, lest he repeat what he just did. “Let me tell you, I am quite desirable – many girls will attest to that. My conquests have been quite... legendary.”

The redhead’s attention was caught by the last statement. “You mean you’re not... innocent anymore?”

“Weaslette, I doubt I’ve ever been innocent. I was even led to believe my first word as a baby was ‘Kill’. But if you’re talking about my virginity, well, there was a time I can remember – but ho, that was back in the days though.”

Ginny scrunched up her nose. “Ew, gross, Mal-ferret!”

Draco s******ed, knowing that although Weaslette probably didn’t believe him, she was still insatiably curious. “Virgin much? Didn’t you have a boyfriend before?”

“I’m not stupid enough to prance there in front of all who may see me.”

“Hello? Remember the ability to sneak?”

“Yeah, that would be romantic. Dean,” Ginny intoned dramatically, “I would shag you senseless if it weren’t for the sickening thought of doing it so near my brother’s bed.”

“And that my virgin ignorance makes me totally daft to even get there – “

“Malfoy, your obsession with my supposed virginity is creepy.”

“Supposed, indeed!”

“Oh, shut up. You can’t be an expert, you’re only a year ahead of me.”

“She doubts me! I shall try not to take offense.”

Ginny snorted incredulously and grabbed the book he was reading moments ago.

“Well, wonder-shag, do me a favour and bugger off while I enjoy the comforts of my room.” Her tone lightened. “I think we’re gonna have a busy week.”

“And I’m trying very hard not to take that the wrong way.”

He barely ducked in time to avoid the hardbound book the flaming redhead lobbed at him, her tail flicking jauntily before the door closed behind her.


“Wait, let me get that straight, you dumped the Scarhead Moron, the-boy-who-bloody-lived, and went running to me?” Draco said disbelievingly.

At Ginny’s nod, Draco started pacing the room and running his hand through his tousled locks. “What am I supposed to do, congratulate you for a job well done?”

“Well, I was kinda hoping that – “

“Nuh-uh.” Draco shook his head. “You can’t be. There’s nothing to be had. The only thing we shared was – “

“Some heated kisses, some lewd jokes, and custody on a dog? “

“Exactly. Although the last part is really odd when phrased that way.”

Ginny giggled at his look of disgust. “Leopolda is probably the best-looking daughter you’ll ever have.”

Draco’s horror was almost audible. “If I’m ever to breed, Weaselette, I can assure you they’ll be the best-looking children you’ll ever see. They won’t have brown hair all over them and their name will never be in doubt. Stop calling her Leopolda!”

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but you have white hair, Malfoy. Your children might just be unfortunate enough to inherit that.”

“IdonothaveWHITEHAIR.” Draco ground out. “I have ashen blonde silky locks. Perfect for chivalrous blademasters like I.”

“Whatever you say,” Ginny replied cheekily, ears twitching.

Draco sighed heavily and massaged his temple. “What are you doing here again?”

“Leopolda – “

“Slobber is well asleep in her couch, and probably dreaming of whatever it is she thinks I’m feeding her tomorrow.”

“Visiting you – “

“Not working.”

Ginny sighed exasperatedly. “If you gave me enough talking time, I probably would have said it already!”

“Humour me.”

“I want to give us a chance.”


“Give us a chance, Ginny!”

“Stop – please, stop!” Ginny cried out, running away from Draco. But it was not to be. The latter caught up to her and managed to lay her flat against the way, with him in between her and freedom.

“Why, Ginny? I know I shocked you, but you must be bloody blind not to see it.”

Ginny tear stained face was killing him, but he knew this has to be done. But the girl surprised him; with her folded ears and tear-stricken eyes she looked at him and said, “It’s him I need, Draco. Not you.”

Draco’s tears were about to come, but he bent over and placed his lips over hers. She resisted, clawed at him, but he persevered and later on, she was malleable and soft under him. He pulled his lips slowly away and was a bit smug on how her lips unconsciously followed the path of his, before she shook herself free of her heated haze. Draco then kissed her forehead and whispered, “At least you know what you’re giving up.”

After that fateful kiss, things began to change between Draco and Ginny. They still bantered and insulted, but the air was more light-hearted, and most of the words exchanged between them were more perfunctory than with the objective to wound. They weren’t friends, exactly, but they weren’t enemies either.

It was earlier that night that Ginny dropped a bomb on Draco.

“I want to profess to Harry,” Ginny admitted, her heart in her eyes. “I want him to know that it wasn’t just some schoolgirl crush, that I really do love him.”

Draco’s gray eyes darkened to quicksilver, his hand unwittingly twitching to the direction of his blade. “Why the sudden decision?”

Ginny sighed dreamily and answered, “All these years I was just building up my courage, trying to do what’s right. For me. For us. Now, I can say I finally have the guts, because Mum said that he’s been asking for me since the accident. ”

“So Potty goes calling, and Weaselette comes running? Funny, I never expected you to be quite a lapdog.”

Ginny whirled angrily at him. “What’s with you? I would have thought you’d be glad to see the back of me when I leave here to stay back at the Burrow! You’ll have peace at last!”

Draco stood up and ran his fingers angrily on his hair. “People change, Ginevra. Who said I want to be alone. Merlin knows I’ve been alone long enough.”

Ginny’s eyes softened and she said, “Oh, I’m so sorry I – “

“Don’t give me that!” Draco shouted. “Don’t give those pitying looks, those ‘I’m sorry I didn’t think’ words – I don’t need them! What I do need is company – laughter, tears, and everything else in that package. What I do need is you.”

Ginny’s mouth dropped as Draco stalked towards her. “Draco, what – “

“I love you.”


“Now you give me a chance,” Draco repeated dully.

Ginny hedged at the stoic facade the man has put on himself. Gone was the teasing smirk, the glinting amusement.

“I’m free, Draco.”

At her words, life came back to his eyes – eyes now glinting almost black, madder than anything she had ever seen before. She took a step back apprehensively.

“So this is it, huh?” Draco stalked up to her and towered over her. “You test the waters, and when you slip, you go to the pond you’re already sure of!
Well, I’m not having it,” Draco snarled. “I was all over you, in over my head, and you dropped me flat. I begged, as I have never begged before. But it didn’t make a bloody difference; you went away and left me without a second glance!”

At this, Ginny flew into a rage. “I was scared, Draco! All my life, I’ve dreamed of this boy, this hero,”she snorted at this, “who will come to me after his hard day’s battles to the comfort of my arms! It was a childhood fantasy, Draco, but I lived for it, lived by it! How would I know that it would also be possible to be in love with another?”

Draco grasped her upper arms and shook her none too gently. “I’m not second best, Ginny. Never. If I’ll have you, I’ll have all of you. It won’t be because things haven’t worked out for Potter and you, not because you need someone on the rebound. So walk out of here, while I’m giving you the chance.”

Ginny walked up to him and placed a hand on his chest and noticed, for the first time, how ragged his breaths were, how much he was shaking.

She laid her head on his quivering chest and whispered, “I don’t need the chance to walk out of here, stupid, I walked in here, or did you forget?”

“I’m not letting you walk out on me, Weaselette. Ever.” Draco managed, encircling her within his arms and crushing her against him. It must have hurt, but at the moment, no one cared.

“Harry was – “

“I’m not asking.”

“But – “

“I don’t care.”


Draco thrust Ginny away from him and looked straight into her eyes. Seeing how amused they were, although serious, he shook himself and banged the back of his head against the wall behind him. “You chose a homosexual over me – a brilliant, attractive, wealthy blademaster genious?”

“Fat lot of difference our time of separation made on your humility, ferret.”


“Yeah, well, I was already planning on leaving him, but I was worried over his reaction. Although highly sickening, the sight of him exchanging some bodily fluids – saliva, Draco, saliva, don’t faint on me! – with my own brother gave me reason to believe that our feelings for each other were mutual.”

“Which is?” Draco wheezed, still slightly dazed and pale.

“Er – sisterly.”


“Did I forget to mention Harry was wearing red polka dot undies with a matching bra?”

The End. My original HP Fic can be found in my FF.net account~ ^^

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b:shocked how can u read this all~? mine is a oneshot, but golly, i saw one will around 10 chapters. ur not judging by quantity right? coz my insides will be displayed all over the forums in defeat if u are. b:surrender

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.....Well, at least I knew I didn't have a chance since the beginning. b:surrender

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b:shocked how can u read this all~? mine is a oneshot, but golly, i saw one will around 10 chapters. ur not judging by quantity right? coz my insides will be displayed all over the forums in defeat if u are. b:surrender

She already said Quality > Quantity, but both never hurt.

.....Well, at least I knew I didn't have a chance since the beginning. b:surrender


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Chapter 16: The Choice
Part I

The Red Reaper sat down on the edge of the platform that was in the center of Archosaur. His feet dangled as he looked down with remorse. "Serenity..." he whispered through the air.

Hojo walked to Red Reaper then stood behind him. "Hey." He sat down next to him and looked straight ahead. "You ok?"

"Not really." Red Reaper responded. His red eyes did not leave the water below. "So we are in the future?"

Hojo nodded. "Yes." He sighed. "I'm sorry about Serenity and the others."

"Don't be. It was my fault." The Red Reaper looked up at moon. "If I was there, then we would have been able to complete the circle and defeat Harpy Wraith." He shook his head lightly. "If only I had one more chance. If only I could redo the..." He paused as he started to realize something. His gaze turned to Hojo. "You all came from the future and went to the past."

"Ya, we did." Hojo responded.

"Then is it possible for me to go further in the past?"

"I don't know." Hojo shrugged. "You'll have to ask the Messenger of Time."

To the Messenger of Time

"I see." The Messenger of Time said and rubbed under his chin. "So you want to go back to the time when your comrades died that day." He gave a slight frown. "I am sorry, but the history and future would be altered greatly if you rescue them all. And if I recall, you were not near the area when most of your friends fell, Red Reaper."

Red Reaper sighed. "Only Serenity and her sister, Hope, were still alive when I got there."

"Then you can only choose between the ones who were still alive. However, one must die to keep the balance. Perhaps even who you decide to save and let die will greatly impact the future." The Messenger of Time added, "Choose wisely." Then he walked away.

"I always wanted to do it over again, but... Choose between Serenity and her sister?" Red Reaper frowned. That was not what he wanted. "Hope became the next Elder of Plume. If she dies then the Winged Elves would lose their way. But If Serenity dies again and this time I can save her...." He clenched his fists tightly. "I would never forgive myself for breaking the promise I made to her. I would be breaking it twice."

"Red..." Aqua said in a low voice. She wanted to say something to help, but what could that be?

"I have to think about this." Red Reaper quickly replied before spreading his wings and flying off.

"Poor guy." Foxy whispered.

"To choose between his love or his love's sister. Who lives and who dies... That is a horrible choice to make." Fang sighed and stated in a low tone.

"Ya..." Hojo added in a low tone as well.

Dawn's Cry Isle

Red Reaper was sitting down on Dawn's Cry Isle, thinking of who he should choose. "What am I going to do? This is my opportunity to save Serenity and keep my promise, but... I know she would never forgive me if I let her sister die. She would hate me." He looked up at the sky. "And what about me? If I save Hope, I will be the Red Reaper. After I saved her, I fell in the volcano and Serenity ressurected me before she died." He sighed. "So if I choose to save Serenity, then I would be my old self again. I would be... Xaldain." Peering into the water, he saw his reflection. His face was cut in half. On the left side was the Red Reaper, but on the right was Xaldain. "What would I choose? Who would I choose to live and who would I choose to let die?" He stared deeper into the water. "Do I remain the Red Reaper, save Hope, and become immortal once more? Or do I choose to be Xaldain, save Serenity, and live a normal mortal life with her?" He could no longer stare at his reflection and so he closed his eyes. "No matter what I choose, someone will die and I will lose a part of myself..." His red hair fell over his eyes. "Am I selfish if I pick Serenity to live? Am I selfish for wanting her to be alive and well?"


"Maybe the old man can spare some wisdom." Foxy said as she walked over to the place where the old man was last.

Everyone blinked when they saw he was gone.

"Where did he go?" Fang asked as he looked around.

"He probably went to take his meds." Hojo joked.

"Hojo, this isn't the time to joke around." Aqua scorned him then crossed her arms.

"Lets split up and look for him." Fang suggested.

Everyone agreed then started their search.

Windswept Grasslands

The Red Reaper journeyed alone through the rain. He did not care about getting soaked. He only cared about what choice he should make. What should he do? He could not choose between others' lives. And he especially could not choose between the two of them. "I am to choose between the ones who were still living..." he said to himself and to the rain. Serenity was so upset with him for choosing her sister over her, but Harpy Wraith could have made her say that. Then again, Serenity's soul was still in that body so there was a chance that she did feel that way. This would not be easy at all.

---------------- ---
Middle of Archosaur

Fang, Foxy, Aqua and Hojo where standing on the plateform near the Messenger of Time.

"I can't believe we did not find him." Foxy sighed.

"Where is that old man when you need him?" Fang asked.

"It's odd how no one remembers seeing him at all." Aqua pondered.

"Very odd. He always makes people sit down and listen to his stories." Hojo rubbed under his chin.

The Red Reaper came back to the center of Archosaur where the group and the Messenger of Time were. He stood tall as he said calmly, "I am ready."

08-19-2009, 05:26 AM
Chapter 17: The Choice
Part II

"Farewell, my friends." The Red Reaper smiled at the four adventurers. He looked over his shoulder at them before going into the portal. "And thank you for everything."

"What do you think he chose?" Fang asked as he stared at the closing portal.

"I think I know." Aqua replied, still staring at the almost closed portal."It would be the choice any one of us would make..."

"Huh?" Foxy blinked. "What would we choose?"

Red Reaper stepped out the portal. He glanced around to see that he was in the West District of Archosaur. He looked down at his hands to see that they were no longer black, but peach colored again. "Yep, I am back. I remember... I should be leaving here at this time. I was waiting here for Serenity to show up so we could get married, but I overheard people saying that the Elder of Plume's daughter was kidnapped by Harpy Wraith. I thought it was Serenity but it was really her little sister, Hope. I should be heading to Burning Heart. I know what I must do now. There will be no regrets." he thought to himself.

After finishing up in Archosaur, he quickly took flight and headed towards Burning Heart.

"So he chose Serenity?" Fang asked.

"He wouldn't let Hope die." Hojo said to Fang.

Xaldain came to the battle scene where his friends laid lifeless on the ground, side by side. His two hands turned into fists. He could not do anything to save them. They were gone. His eyes turned to see Serenity fighting off several monsters. "Serenity!" he yelled and quickly shot five monsters down, using his crossbow. He ran to her side. She was crying. Of course she was crying. Their friends were all dead.

"Xaldain!" Serenity snobbed and hugged him. "She killed them. She killed them all."

Xaldain did not have to ask who had slauthered their friends. He turned to hear a scream. The scream came from Hope, who was held above the volcano by a spinewraith. He looked back at Serenity. "Serenity, listen to me. Whatever you do, do not look at the volcano. Everything will be fine."

"Please save my sister." Serenity said as she watched him fly off.

"I will." Xaldain replied as he took to the air. This was the volcano that made him the Red Reaper. He quickly retrieved Hope and avoided the spinewraith that pulled him down with it before. "Go to Plume. Hurry." he told Hope and she flew away to safety. His attention drew back to Serenity and he shot the wraith that was close to harming her, before he decended back down to her side.

"Ya, so who did he choose to save?" Foxy asked.

Aqua whispered, "He..."

"You know I will always love you, Serenity. Right?" Xaldain asked Serenity.

Serenity nodded. "I know."

"I want you to live a long healthy life. A free life like you always wanted." Xaldain said with a smile as he caressed her left cheek with his right hand. "And I am sorry..."

"Xaldain, what is this all ab-" She was cut off by Xaldain's sudden kiss. Their lips were pressed against one another's and time seemed to stand at a halt. Both their eyes closed as the kiss deepened...

"Well, what did he choose?" Hojo asked.

Aqua's eyes started to water. "He chose..."

Xaldain's and Serenity's lips parted from one another and Xaldain pushed her away from him. "I can't let you die. I promised I would protect you. Live for me." He took out his bow and aimed an arrow at her. "Take her safely to Plume." he whispered to the arrow that had a Teleport Stone attached to it. "Knockback Arrow!" he shouted and shot the arrow once he noticed the purple mist at his feet. Serenity was too close to him. He had to shoot her to save her.

Serenity got shot in her right shoulder and flew backwards, away from the violet fog. Her eyes widened when she saw Harpy Wraith right behind him and a sword through his heart; the sword that was meant for her. "XALDAIN!!!!!!" she screamed while tears rushed down her face. The Teleport Stone finally activated and she vanished in the air.

"I love you." Xaldain whispered painfully. He watched as she teleported to Plume. He gave the strongest smile he could muster with the sword piercing through his chest. "Good. She's safe...", he said in a low voice before closing his heavy eyelids.

Back to the Present

A tear slid down Aqua's cheek. "He chose to sacrifice himself..."

Hojo shook his head in disbelief. "How? He could only choose from Serenity and Hope."

"No." Aqua shook her head. "The Teleport Master said that the people who were alive when he got to that very spot he could save, but one person must die." Aqua explained. "There were three people who were alive: Xaldain, Serenity, and Hope. He could not choose between the two so he took Serenity's place."

There was nothing but silence among the four of them...

Hojo could not take the silence anymore. "I say we take on the mission our ancestors could not finish. We must defeat Harpy Wraith."

Fang nodded. "Agreed. We can not let Harpy Wraith take more souls."

"And we must free everyone so they can rest in peace." Luna added. Her eyes turned firey with determination.

"Xaldain wasn't there in time to unite with his friends. If he had, Harpy Wraith would surely have been beaten." Aqua stated after wiping her eyes of her tears.

"Then we'll have to become stronger..." Hojo said as he clenched his fist and raised it to his heart. "For Xaldain's, Serenity's, and the others' sakes..." he said, then glanced towards the sky...

"Harpy Wraith, YOU'RE GOING DOWN!" they all shouted before the friends ran off into the sunset.

08-19-2009, 05:32 AM
Table of Contents
(This is still on the forum, but helps since the chapters are scattered.)

Chapter 1: The Beginning (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=5) (Page 5)

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Chapter 3: He's The Nameless Hero? (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=6) (Page 6)

Chapter 4: Meeting Her (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=6) (Page 6)

Chapter 5: How Come I Didn't See That Coming? (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=7) (Page 7)

Chapter 6: Those Hard Words To Say (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=7) (Page 7)

Chapter 7: Case Of The Missing Rock (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=7) (Page 7)

Chapter 8: Strangers In The Night (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=9) (Page 9)

Chapter 9: The Great Dual (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=10) (Page 10)

Chapter 10: Get Well Soon, Serenity (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=12) (Page 12)

Chapter 11: The Past of Hojo the V (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=14) (Page 14)

Chapter 12: Hey, Cupid! (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=15) (Page 15)

Chapter 13: The Blind Blademaster (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=18) (Page 18)

Chapter 14: Kutso: The Veno-Man-Cer (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=20) (Page 20)

Chapter 15: The Broken Circle (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=20) (Page 20)

Chapter 16: The Choice (Part I) (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&&page=23) (Page 23)

Chapter 17: The Choice (Part II) (http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=371211&page=23) (Page 23)

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All done =D. Hope you enjoy it and thank you for this contest. It's really been a blast.b:victory. Now I have no excuse for not making it a video. b:thanks

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
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All done =D. Hope you enjoy it and thank you for this contest. It's really been a blast.b:victory. Now I have no excuse for not making it a video. b:thanks

You'd better make it a video...I'm so watching it when it comes out.




Vixe - Heavens Tear
08-19-2009, 07:03 AM
Wait....You ended on a cliffhanger! NOOOO I want to know what happened next!! No cop outs! >:U


You never said anything about losing hope, you just said to hope with me!

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(Edited out the entry, PM me for stuff concerning what used to be here :x)

08-19-2009, 07:21 AM
Everyones entries are fantastic! I haven't seen these many stories since Gaia '04 - '07 (Rp forums =3 )

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
08-19-2009, 07:24 AM
Wait....You ended on a cliffhanger! NOOOO I want to know what happened next!! No cop outs! >:U

You never said anything about losing hope, you just said to hope with me!


08-19-2009, 07:40 AM
You'd better make it a video...I'm so watching it when it comes out.




I will. b:shocked I'm going to need a big cast for this one.

Wait....You ended on a cliffhanger! NOOOO I want to know what happened next!! No cop outs! >:U

Rofl, that's as far as I have gotten. Or is it?b:chuckleb:quiet

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So is today the last day to submit entries? Also, when do we get to know who's the winner? I know that prizes are distributed no later than Saturday, but I don't recall when the winner will be announced....unless it's on the same day.

Konariraiden - Heavens Tear
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So is today the last day to submit entries? Also, when do we get to know who's the winner? I know that prizes are distributed no later than Saturday, but I don't recall when the winner will be announced....unless it's on the same day.

I'd also like to know. C'mon, SHOTA! FEED OUR HUNGRY KNOWLEDGE HOLES!!

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Well it didn't work first time I posted. Not good o.o

Now that that's fixed XD
I just whipped this up. I apologize in advance. It's pretty horrible. There's some dark humor. Well, nevermind the humor part.

There are things you just can’t turn back from. Once you’re in, headfirst, stuck in the mud, you’re going down. The world’s just going to take you down with it.

“Hey, it’s up to you.” He tapped his staff against his shoulder, hand on his bony hip. “I mean, if that’s what you want - to lay here dead- then by all means, have at it. Who am I to interrupt you?”

Now would have been the ideal time to scowl, but my current state objected to any such movement. In fact, it objected to any movement at all. Such was my life, I supposed. I fancied archers to an extreme; I was like a moth to the flame, the Oreo to the milk, I was like 17-year-old-virgin and Comic Con. I’d picked my path without a second thought and walked with the rest of the elves, proud and mighty out of Plume, bow in hand.

It took all of five seconds for me to be shot dead by a Prickly Cactopod.

Avi always said, “Your cocky attitude is going to get you killed”. He wasn’t lying. But hell, he’d never lead my life, played my part. Clearly he had no idea what he was talking about.

And yet there I was, dead yet again, something I should have been used to forty-seven levels later.

I mentally sighed. “Fine. Just do it and leave me be. I don’t need your buffs.”

He let out a bark of laughter and swept his cotton-white bangs from his eyes.

I think he enjoyed this- having power over me. I wondered if that’s what all the clerics
were like, deep down, conscious about their smirks and their leers as they silently cackled over our corpses sprawled patiently on the Swiftwind grasses.

Well. I hated him more than all those other clerics. He didn’t hide a thing; he let me know right up front that my death was amusing to him. It seemed to downright perk him up.

He leaned into himself a little, glowing blue orbs emitting from his porcelain fingertips. A moment passed and like a crack of the whip my body could breathe again and air flooded into my pores, color flushed my emptied skin.

I felt my feet leave the ground and I gasped to life again, stumbling a little to catch my balance.

I stared at him from under my bangs, my eyes slightly narrowed. A part of me had expected him to be a gentleman about it; hold his hand out, let me use him as a crutch, whatever I needed. But no. He stood idly by watching, still smirking.

With that I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks,” I grunted and spun on my heel, wincing at my forty HP. It felt more like negative forty to me.

“Ah, ah,” he chided, “what sort of cleric would I be if I just let you go back off into the world like that? You’re aching.”

I didn’t need to be reminded.

“I said I didn’t want your buffs,” I said edgily. He was such a jerk. They’d probably be good and poisonous and I’d just be dead here again.

“I’m still trying to make a good impression.” He laughed.

“You fail.”

“We’ve only just met.”

“Failed. I’m leaving now.” I pointed in the direction I had (just now) decided to head in and started to walk.

All was good till he stuck his giant clown feet in my way and I went hurtling to the ground.

Make that twenty HP.

“What is your dysfunction?” I asked coldly, my face in the dirt.

“So what did you say your name was, again?” I heard the familiar jingling of his magic and glowered, pushing myself up off the earth.

“I didn’t.”

“Don’t you think now would be a good time to do that?” He beamed. I didn’t know if he was happy about discovering my name, or having accomplished the buffs I still did not want. He made my blood boil and I wanted to rip my skin off and choke him with it just because he’d spited me. I had the sudden urge to through myself in front of an eldergoth just to get rid of his spells.

“I’m Seras,” he offered.

I took a deep breath and let my wings slip out, ready to flap away… maybe into the sun if he dared to follow me.

His crystal blue eyes watched me lightly, sliding over each feather it seemed and returning to my gaze. He was quiet for a moment and I just took him in, melting a little.

I guess he really only wanted to get to know me. And, well, I did have him to thank for giving me my life back.

I sighed a little. “I’m Elly--”

“You got some dirt on you.” He thrust a finger at my mint green top, making sure I saw the enormous brown splotch caked across my abdomen.

Instantly my fists clenched and I stomped my foot into the dirt.

“I hate you,” I snapped. “I hate you so much and I NEVER want to see your face AGAIN!”

That was then.

Ten levels and three bronze guardian charms later and we were attached at the waist. It wasn’t the material things that tied me to him. In fact, I refute all the more he wanted to give. I remember how he so badly wanted to put up with me, and yes, I knew I was the one that needed to be handled. No one else wanted the job, so I let him in, let him figure me out and decided what he could really like about me. He was the only one who’d ever done it. Besides Avi of course.

My darling best friend had left me behind. Only physically of course. He’d joined Caesar and gone to fight the good war against in the west. I’d promised I’d join him one day but for the time being, I was only concerned with making myself sturdy.

“Still weak as ever.” Seras flashed that perfected smirk at me from across the stone steps. He sat on the ledge waiting for me to finish placing newly acquired citrines in the bank for later.

“Listen,” I said, rubbing the growing bruise on my cheek. “It was a level thirty in an fb 29. I thought I had it covered.”

He laughed that cynically beautiful laugh and slid off, waving towards the walkway.

Archosaur was always heavily crowded in the mornings. New shops were going up all along the streets and all classes flocked to Hou Jensin and Tu Jo to start their Crazy Stones for the day.

The air was cool and light, unlike other parts of the world, this city was truly safe.

“You’re sure you don’t want me to come along?” He asked and I nodded before he’d even uttered the last word.

“You know I have to do this alone,” I told him.

“Elly.” He shook his head. “It’s not like that. You need the company. If something goes wrong--”

“Then I just can’t let it, can I?” I shrugged and walked towards Annabelle, my Dark Charger.

“It’s dangerous,” he announced like it was something neither of us really knew. I nodded and smiled.

“I’ll be fine.”

“How can I be sure?” I’d only seen those glass blue eyes of his plagued once before. And it was a situation similar to this. He had this adorable way of worrying over me, but I was afraid his worry was rightly place. Even I was unsure how this quest would turn out. I still wasn’t strong enough to fight on my own, but having him at my side had changed everything about me. He’d protected me from the roughest times, even when I’d begged him not to. But this quest was different, it required I be absolutely alone, and that meant that my safe haven was gone.

I smiled. “I’ll write you and soon as I’m finished. It will be over before we know it…like a really bad boss.”

“You’re a moron, you know that?”

“Yes. There can’t always be someone to save me,” I whispered.

He shook his head. “There can as long as I’m around.”

Annabelle’s steps were heavy on the sandy path. It was a lonely journey and I think even he could feel it.

“Just you and I Anna.” I tried to smile and he brayed in response.

My mind floated to the day I’d come home to Plume. I met Avi near the river and he’d asked me about my recent ventures. It was always so-so with Avi, it was our entire friendship. We’d been friends because we were so alike; just as indifferent, confused, and sardonic. He’d once defined us as “horrible people”, and for a long while, I completely believed he was right.

“You look different,” he had told me.

We’d sat for a long time and I told him everything I’d done in the past few weeks. I confessed to him the feelings I had not yet told Seras himself. I told Avi all of the things I hadn’t even confessed to myself.

“I don’t know why I love him.”

“You mean you really don’t know or you just can’t pinpoint it? Sounds too fairytale to me.”

“You should know all about fairytales, Avi. We wake up every day and we’re in one.”

“You used to be a realist.”

“I used to be a lot of things.”

He grinned a little. “You’re a strange girl, Elly.”

I nodded. “Yes. He tells me too. Things like this aren’t meant to last. When they start, it’s only a matter of time before they end. It’s just a countdown.”

“With thoughts like that, how can you say you really loved him?”

I met Avi’s forest green eyes.

“I don’t know.”

“But he loves you.”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you know?”

I look up at the sky, and the clouds seem to roll into grey.

“I know that my life is not a fairytale.”

I wished now that I’d told Avi how much I would miss him when he went away. Even though we’d grown up together, it felt weird to be so sentimental with him. I couldn’t outwardly ask him if that’s how he wanted me to react. I guess I thought he wanted me to be the same old Elly all the time.

I didn’t know why I was anymore. Seras made me feel like I was someone worth being again, but I still had that feeling in the back of my head, like what I had with him, whatever it was, was just a ticking time bomb ready to erupt. I was waiting, any minute now, for it to leak all over the place and I’d watch the remnants of that minute happiness to seep into the ground, just as fleeting, just as finite, as the way it had dipped into my life.

I arrived at the village on the edge of Tusk Town.

There were only a few stragglers and they were all the same: silent and statuesque, looking like they knew where they came from and where they were going.

I tied Annabelle up and gave him a calming pet before finding the town merchant.


“Heard of these?” He held up a bit of parchment and I stared down at the list of things. His skeletal fingers released the list and he gestured outside the encampment. “Ridiculous things, wraiths. Clog the highways, congestion, I tell you…”

I took a slow step back.

There’s something not right with this place.

“Get them and come back. The faster you’re done with me, the faster I’m done with you.”

I checked the list again and pocketed it, glancing out at the woods.

The skies overhead were a slate grey and the fog that hung over the tries seemed murky; a stench hung in the air, ages old, or worse, walking dead.

My skin crawled and I gripped my bow a little tighter, feeling the wood groan under my palm.

Calm down, Elly. It’s just as simple as any other quest. Get it, do it, go home. Plain and simple.

I reminded myself that I was fully stocked on enough potions to see me through to the end. I was determined to get this finished now and be done with it for tomorrow. I didn’t need this to add to the dark cloud hanging lower and lower over my head these days.

I spotted a Titanial Bondsmaid across the way and my heart pounded a few beats, pulsating in my ears. I could feel it in the pads of my fingers all the way to the backs of my knees.

I tried to shake it off and positioned an arrow against the notch in the bow, my fingertips tugging bug on the wire.

I took a deep breath, held it, and hoped for a quick and painless battle.

I waited just a moment for the monster to edge around a tree and I released the arrow, simultaneously hearing the screech of my own name next to my ear.

I spun around, my heart now working painfully against my ribcage.

“Avi?!” I shrieked, seeing him smiling behind me.

“Hard at work?” He laughed and raised his wand, sending a single, crushing wave of poisonous magic onto the Bondsmaid. With a scream she spun to the ground, shriveling into the grass.

I shivered and stepped back, glancing over to my best friend.

“What the hell are you doing down here? How did you find me?”

“Coincidence, I assure you.”

I frowned at him and then scoffed. “Liar. You sniffed me out, didn’t you? Twerp.”

“Forty levels higher than you and you still batter me like we’re twelve?” He laughed and turned towards the town. “Where’s Seras?”

“Why?” I wondered.

“I thought that’s how it was.” His voice fell a little flat and I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t assume. He’s not here. This quest is supposed to be soloed.”

“El, you know he could have healed you from the outside.”

“I do know but I thought it was dangerous for him too. And I can do it alone,” I added, a little irritated.

“No you can’t.”

“I can try,” I threw back and he watched me for a moment before continuing.

“Stupid. Coming down here by yourself.”

“I guess I’m just full of stupidity, always doing stupid things.”

“That’s true.” He smiled. “Remember that parade we started? Gathering the mounts as
getting everyone to ride to all of the cities. It took days. Stupid.”

“We had fun,” I admonished.

“We always had fun.”

“Should we go back to town?”

“No,” he said at once. “El, I’ve made a decision.”

“What’s that?” I wondered, stepping forwards away from the spawning mobs.

“After I left Caesar--”

“When did you do that?” I asked, confused.

“Only a few days ago. When I decided to come hunt you down.” He smiled and I smiled with him.

“You could have just written me. But I guess that’s not our thing, huh?”

“Oh no. We don’t have many of those do we? Not anymore.” He shrugged. “I feel so old, El. Like it’s just not worth it anymore.”

“The leveling?”

“Everything. I mean everything.”

“I don’t understand.” I shook my head, my eyes on the horizon. If he wanted to seriously discuss something we could have found an inn, somewhere to sit and talk. This was unlike Avi. One to make an effort to find me out of the blue, and two, to leave Caesar behind. It was his dream to join a powerful faction like that, to be worth something in battle, just like it used to be mine. Avi had worked harder, though, and gone through with it. I knew his hard work had paid off, and to hear him even mention throwing it away…it just…it wasn’t Avi.

“Something’s wrong,” I said.

His eyes looked tired and he nodded gravely. “It’s off, that’s all. Not the same.”

“Like what?”

“Us, maybe. Definitely. Us.”

“No, we’re alright,” I insist.

“We aren’t.” He stroked his chin and straightened up. “You know, Elly, I was happy when you decided to come out and quest with me. We ran through this world together. No one else would have done that with me.”

“Those were great times, Av.”


I frowned a little, my brows furrowing. “What do you mean, ‘were’? You act like we hate each other now. We’re still friends.”

“It’s just not worth it anymore,” he repeated. “It’s funny how quickly you jump around. I’ve watched the way your mind works, flitting from thing to thing. The way you use people, leave them behind. It’s amazing what you do in order to get just what you want in that single frame of time.”

My eyes widened and I felt the sting resound deep in my being. I clenched my teeth tightly together, not saying a word.

“But you hardly know what you want. You make a mess of yourself and everyone you touch. Everyone you want to bring down with you.”


“I mean you do, don’t you?”

It was silent for the longest time.

“Elly I miss those times so much.” He started to walk away and my eyes got watery, my jaw set.

“You left me behind,” I said venomously.

He stopped again, turning to level his gaze with mine.

“And you did absolutely everything in your power to try to get even again. We’re horrible people, El.” He raised his wand and I turned, running backwards, holding my bow tightly.

I ducked behind a tree just as the boulder he’d sent hurtling towards me crashed into the earth.

There was just no way.

My odds were stacked against me and his words rang in my ears like execution bells.

My eyes narrowed and I growled through my teeth.

“If you had such a problem with me,” I shouted, “why didn’t you kill me before? You let me live my whole life under the impression that we’d always be amazing friends. You sat and fed me lies?”

“You’re lying to yourself now.” He called back. “Now come out El. Do it the easy way before you hurt yourself, hurt more people in the end.”

“I don’t use people!” I screamed and lunged out at him, holding my bow high, arrow raised. Tears streamed down my cheeks and I let the first arrow go. It hit his shoulder and I stand frozen in disbelief. But his words are on repeat in my head, reminding me again and again what he truly thought of me.

“You were my best friend,” I breathed.

I don’t even move as a wave of heat hits me and I’m pushed back, my bow tumbling out of my hands.

I feel my health dwindling, just like it always did, like we always expected it to.

But this time was different.

I met Avi’s gaze, glaring as hard as I could.

“You betrayed me.”

He shook his head and lifted his wand for last time. “You betray yourself.”

I see the flash of flaming orange light but I don’t feel the hit. There’s a sickening thud in front of me and I peel my eyes open, seeing the body slumped on the ground.

My eyes go wide again and I feel a scream building up in me.

“Seras,” I choke out and like a pot overflowing I can feel the nausea burning in me, ripping it’s way up my throat, fighting to get out.

“You betray yourself,” Avi said again and straightened up, turning his back to me and walking away, as simply as he had arrived.

I only stared at him for a moment after before letting my eyes slide back to Seras’ body.

I get to my feet, brushing myself off. I wipe my tears off of my face and sigh.

“A better cleric would have left me there to die.”

I turned to leave but felt my body stop, my feet rooted to the ground. I refused to let my gaze move back to him and I focus on the road ahead. The road back. The road wherever.

There are things you just can’t turn back from. Once you’re in, headfirst, stuck in the mud, you’re going down. The world’s just going to take you down with it. Perfect? I think not.

Laycious - Heavens Tear
08-19-2009, 06:02 PM
It's still Wednesday here b:thanks

The simplest
Never can be achieved
A world is twisted
Even shattered glass is more clear
Then what we’d like
Forever to see
In our minds it’s dark
It’s always painful in my mind

The easiest
Never does come
And what we want
Stays out of reach
The pendulum rocks

And if only it were us
The way we were
The way we want
We’d kiss that pain goodbye
To rest those hearts
We never kept
What we gave up
To get ahead

I could live in a world like that
I would dream of a world like that
The simple, easy way

In the world you offer
Not a single tear
The reality shies away

The way we ache, in an ornery life
Unwinds the games we play
We shake loose
This mortal coil, we free ourselves of stress

I forgot his stares in the eyes of monsters
Here I am everything
Or nothing at all
It’s a matter of disowning routine
Entering beauty

And leaving behind those pains, the horror, the wrongs

I could live in a world like that
I would dream of a world like that
The simple, easy way

WarrenWolfy - Sanctuary
08-19-2009, 08:16 PM
It's long, so I've posted it in the fanatics forum:


(And yes, I know I'm on Sanctuary, but I have an irrational need to write. I've made an alt on Heaven's Tear, WarrenWolf, and if I should win anything I'll find some other worthy individuals to donate the proceeds to.)

Ansutien - Heavens Tear
08-19-2009, 08:32 PM
Quality, not Quantity, I'm sure. And someone could write a million pages but not follow the guidelines, so they would lose.

Bartack - Heavens Tear
08-19-2009, 10:51 PM
Part 3: A Warriors Farewell

First Company arrived at the Anglers Village shortly after noon on the sixth day. The news they received upon their arrival was devastating. The City of Fortune had been destroyed and dashed beneath the waves. The Count and a few survivors remained defiantly amongst the ruins. The casualties were immense, with bloated bodies still washing up upon the shore. Having found what they came for, the wraiths were apparently finished with their assault. The Mantaips had reportedly released an ancient evil from the earth beneath the temples of Fortune. Keldren took the news of his hometowns destruction quite hard. He sat quietly in his dark tent. A stern, emotionless scowl hung from his face. Anari and Tai’Chien sat by him as a few surviving refugees reported the details of the battle. After several reports, Baloor pulled open the flap “Master Keldren, sir, the scouts have retuned, we have news from Captain Summers and of the enemy lines.” Although Tai’Chien gave Baloor an unwelcome glare, she kept her mouth closed in respect for Keldren. Baloor, not unaware of Tai’Chien, quickly added “I shall be waiting outside, when you are ready sir.” Keldren stood and dismissed himself from the tent “I am ready now, Baloor.”

Outside, Keldren and Baloor walk away from the tents and down to the shore, seeking some solitude in the humid evening air. The camp was still bustling with activity and preparation for the arrival of Second Company and Captain Summers. Keldren did not want the men to overhear the report, should it be as bad as the intelligence they received when they arrived. “So, Baloor, tell me first what you have learned about the enemies movements.” Baloor stood erect and official to deliver his report “Sir, the scouts along the northern beach have reported the enemy force re-mobilizing, supposedly in preparation to attack Angler Village. It seems the wraiths have received word of your coming, and some over-ambitious commander is attempting to receive credit for you demise.” Keldren’s face remained as grim as when he left the tent. He stared out over the dark waters towards place where his home once stood. “Another attack so soon…we shall have to evacuate the village, save for any able-bodied volunteers.” Keldren stroked his chin “I am assuming with the mention of ‘over-ambitious’ that the news is not all bad?” Baloor let out a slight grin “The wraiths are short on numbers, and more than a day away from being prepared for battle. If we can keep them away from the shore, they will also lack support from the Mantavips.” Keldren, always suspicious of good news, countered “The refugees all have a story about some giant creature; they claim it was loosed by the Mantavips, some kind of snake that slithered into the ocean. Perhaps the wraiths are confident in using that monster to overpower us?” “Hmn, perhaps, but I get the feeling this battle is merely supposed to be a distraction. That they want to keep something from the Empire.” Baloor rumbled, the talk of war exciting some primitive nerve. Keldren continued to stare out over the sea.”And you think that they would sacrifice a small army to keep it from us? Well,you are probably right, old friend, you always are. Now, tell me the message from Captain Summera.” Baloors grin broadend “The Captain should be here by sunrise, he wishes to join the battle head on.”

“I am not going! I wish to fight, do you think me incapable?” Anari stood tall and defiant “You cannot keep pushing me out of harm’s way, Keldren! I am a warrior, born and trained!” Keldren’s face remain passive, his voice calm “And what of our daughter, who will you trust to look after her? I will trust no one save for you, Anari, for above all others I know you will keep her safe.” Anari suppressed a scream of frustration. She knew Keldren was right; she could not leave her child with another anymore than she could take her into battle. “I know, I know” tears began to swell in her eyes “just remember, she needs you too. I see that distant look in your eye, Kedren,the rage your trying to hide. I know you want revenge. I know you want to hurt them for what they did to your home.” Anari’s voice became more pleading “Just remember, you need to be careful, you have a family now, and with us you have a responsibility to be here for us.” Keldren’s distant stare never left his face, his voice still eerily calm “I have a responsibility to the Empire as well, and as long as the Empire is safe, you shall be safe.” Keldren turned to look Anari in the eye, she could see the rage festering in his gaze “And yes, I will hurt them for what they have done. For all they have done.” Anari slumped, knowing Keldren’s fierce loyalty to the Empire, combined with his newly enflamed hatred of the wraiths, would consume his mind completely. She loved him desperately, and believed that he loved her. Yet always in the back of her mind, she questioned if his sense of duty led him to her. She had protected him on the battlefield, and wondered if he married her as a means to repay her, to in turn protect her. “I’m sorry Anari, I don’t mean to make you cry, not now before I leave.” Keldren offered a now rare smile and kissed Anari’s cheek “You know I shall return, I always do.” He bent down to kiss his daughters little head as he took her in his arms “I must return, for how could I leave you, precious one.” Keldren and Anari embraced one last time. “If ever you are lost, look for me and I will always guide you home.” Anari whispered in her husband’s ear.

That night, after Keldren had departed with a small band of soldiers to scout out the enemies preparations, Anari sought comfort from her old friend and companion Tai’Chien. The baby was asleep and the two drank warn tea into the night, telling stories of times past. Although her mood had lightened a bit, Tai’Chien noticed, Anari’s face still wore a shadow of worry. “Keldren will be fine, dear, he is one of the Empire most powerful allies. His power over the elements rivals anything I have ever seen in all my long years.” “I know” Anari replied “I simply can’t help but worry, it’s in my blood I suppose.” Tai’Chien emanated a musical laughter, remembering Anari’s mother “Ah, yes, I remember the time I took you to Plume, and your mother sent a rider out the day before we were to arrive just to be sure you were ok.” Anari allowed herself a chuckle, and leaned her head on Tai’Chien shoulder. “Thank you, dear friend, for always being here for me.” Tai’Chien picked up a comb and began to brush Anari’s hair. As Anari closed her eyes, the winged elf began to sing softly, the words were foreign and heavily accented. After a time she paused and whispered “That’s a dear, no go to sleep, we have much to do in the morning. I shall accompany you and always keep you safe.” But Tai’Chien had misread Anari’s mood. She was no longer in need of comfort, but acknowledgement. “You needn’t have to take care of me, Tai’Chien, I am not a child anymore.” “Oh, of course not dear, now let’s get you ready-“Anari had had enough mothering “I am not your daughter, Tai’Chien! I am sorry, but I am also quite capable of taking care of myself.” Tai’Chien flushed deep, and cast her eyes to the floor “I know, Anari, I do. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you were incapable of anything. I shall go now, as I need to make preparations myself.” Tai’Chien left Anari’s tent, and hurried back to hers. She was disturbed by their last conversation, for Anari was close to a revelation Tai’Chien had been unaware of. She truly had been treating Anari as her daughter. The memories of her own child and husband flooded her heart, and left her empty in sadness. But Tai’Chien shed no tears, for she had not wept since her family had been killed by a raid of Untamed Barbarians.

Keldren wandered the shore, heading north. He moved like a ghost in the moonlit night, searching the dark waters off of the shore. He could feel one of them nearby. It was a dangerous game he was playing. Keldren had sent his scouting party ahead without him. He knew his odds were better if he tempted the creature alone, and the others would only have gotten killed. Out of the corner of his eye he cought a glimpse of a great shadow moving swiftly beneath the sea. With a gush, a great Mantavip roared out of the water and thrust its spear at Keldren. But the enormous pike struck only sand, for the great mage had vanished and re-appeared farther back from the beach. Keldren knew that as long as he could stay out of range of the beasts spear, he could best it with magic in spite of its own fantastic abilities. But before he could counter, the great wraith slipped back beneath the waters with an evil laugh, and the dark shadow under the water fled northward. Enraged at the creature’s cowardice, and feeling robbed of his revenge, Keldren swiftly pursued his prey.

As Anari slept, a dark shape slithered into her tent. It surveyed the area with keen, gleaming eyes. Yes, It thought, this is where it would feast tonight. The woman was quite powerful in her own right. But the child, charged with magical energy, was quite tempting. But the creature knew it could not eat here, other would notice, and would come to disrupt its meal. It would use the woman then, to get what it wanted. Hovering over Anari’s bed, the long snake cast its gleaming eyes at her, and let out a terrible hiss. Anari woke with a start, staring at those horrible eyes. She wanted to scream, wanted to fight, but was unable to move. The voice of the great beast hissed in her head “Come, my child, you mussst come. Bring your babyyy. Yesss, you mussst come.” Anari felt her panic leaver her, replaced with a new feeling of revelation. She must do what this creature asked her to. It was so simple, so sensible. Anari arose and scooped up her child. “Come, come, yesss come. Quickly, quetly, come.” And with that, Anari left with the creature and wandered off into the darkness.

Keldren once again leapt back as the Mantavip rose suddenly from the sea to pierce him with his lance. This time he was ready for the beast, and let loose a hail of fire in its direction. Striking the creature it reeled back in pain, howling curses to its horrible god. But before Keldren could conjure another blow, the beast smiled through its searing flesh “Hah! I’ve already won, mortal!”it bellowed and vanished again beneath the waves. This time, the shadow of the Mantavip fled swiftly out to into the ocean and vanished. Keldren’s anger quickly melted away to dread. The beast wasn’t just playing with him, it was luring him away. Keldren ran as fast as he could back to the encampment, panic striking his heart.

As dawn began to break, Tai’Chien arose from a sleepless night and headed to Anari’s tent. As she approached the open flap of the tent, Tai’Chien began to feel uneasy. There were strange tracks leading from Anari’s home. She entered the domicile and called for her friend, but no answer came. The bed and the crib were both empty and unmade, and Anari’s great sword remained in its resting place. Everything was wrong. Tai’Chien fought back panic as she ran out of the tent. She found the odd tracks again and followed their path to the edge of the encampment. But the track led on, and to the north, towards the enemy. Tai’Chien fled back to the officer’s tent and threw back the flaps. “Keldren! Is he here? Has he returned yet?” Baloor looked up in shock, interrupted from his morning meeting with the other commanders. “Why, no, Lady Tai’Chien. The other scouts said he went off on his own to do some invest-““Anari and the child are missing! Come, we must search for them! Put that big nose of yours to use, and hurry, they may still be alive!” A look of worry plays across Baloor’s face “Missing? But how-“ “They were taken, you idiot! In the night! There are tracks of some creature, we must follow them! We must find them!” Baloor looked stricken “But I cannot leave the men now, not on the verge of battle. I must be here when the Captain arrives, there is so little time…” The great loin trembled with frustration. “You stupid Felgar! Don’t you understand!?” Tai’Chien pounded her fists into Baloors chest “If any harm comes to them I will skin your hide you worthless cat!” She hastily exited the room and stopped only at her own tent, to retrieve her dusty old bow and a quiver of arrows. Tai’Chien took to the skies and followed the footprints northward.

Anari walked tirelessly through the night. All was well and peaceful. All except a strange, persistent noise. It was the sound of a crying baby, strange that one would cry in such a serene setting, she thought. “Quiet, quiet, we mussst be quiet.” Urged the voice in her head. Anari placed a hand over the babies face, and felt a gentile suckling on her fingers. The exhausted baby fell back asleep. It all seemed so pleasant again. But for a moment, her mind wandered, something was wrong. The child wasn’t happy, didn’t want to go. In the back of her mind, she felt that she should not bring it with her. Anari quickly stooped, and set the sleeping child down on a tuft of grass. She then began to follow her master once more.

Tai’Chien continued to follow the trail, peering down with sharp eyes. Every flap of her wings brought more desperation. At last, amongst a thicket of grass and weeds, she spotted a red swath of cloth. As she lowered herself to investigate, an arrow buzzed her head, missing merely a few inches. Tai’Chien dove from the sky towards the thicket for cover, she did not want to get caught alone in the open. As she dove under the brush, she again glanced at the red cloth. An audible gasp escaped her lips. The red cloth was a blanket, and wrapped inside was Anari’s child, whimpering with hunger. Tai’Chein fought the urge to go to her, and peered around from beneath her cover. Knocking an arrow, she loosed the missile into the eye of one of her assailants. A few hundred years, it seemed, had not rusted her aim. She quickly dispatched two others, and crept from the brush, to better assay her situation. This action brought a report of more arrows in her direction. Tai’Chien quickly moved out of the line of fire and back under cover. Cursing, she loosed a few more herself. The wraiths kept coming, there were many of them now, and the numbers kept growing. Tai’Chien cursed to herself, she could not go to the child now, it would draw their fire to her. She popped up again, and dispatched three more archers in a hail of arrows and fury. Two wraiths had swung around behind her, and began to close in on her position. As she turned to face the threat, she saw both wraiths split in half. Baloor came running in through the mist of blood, wielding an enormous axe. “I thought you were too buisy to help.” Tai’Chien hissed at him “Or was the thought of killing too much to avoid?” “My Lady, I did not dishonor myself simply to kill a few demons.” He growled. Tai’Chien, taken aback from Baloors open display of anger nodded toward the red blanket “Oh, then, you came here to rescue Sho-““I came here for you.” He bellowed. For the first time, Tai’Chien found herself looking into the Barbarians eyes. She did not see the reflection of the savage beast she had expected, but the soul of a genuine heart. “Now go!” Baloor commanded “I can hold them off! Just go!” as he turned and began to charge the amassing enemy, he called out behind him “Perhaps someday, you shall think better of me, my Lady!” Baloor leapt into the air and in a flash of light, took upon himself the form of the Divine Beast, the great white tiger. He landed upon a foe, tearing him with claw and fang, and let out a deafening raor. A freny built up around him as he leapt from wraith to wraith, ripping flesh and bellowing in his great voice. Tai’Chien recovered from her shock, and quicky ran to sweep up the child. As she took off into the skies, she could hear less and less of Baloors mighty taunts, and more of the enemies cheers, mixed with the sickening sound of metal upon flesh and bone. When the field grew silent, Tai’Chien wept. For she knew Baloor was dead.

As the terrible snake found a proper place, he tuned to face Anari. He was angry about losing the child, but figured such a helpless creature could not be hard to find later. As the creature stood rose above her, Anari stood still. All was right, all was good. The snake opend its maw, and bore down upon his meal, swallowing her whole. For the next few hours, he would absorb her strength and spirit.

Keldren stopped running for a moment. Something felt wrong. An evil presence hung over the area like thick fog. Quickly, he climbed down from the embankment and walked upon the shore. It was not the Mantavip, but something even fouler. What appeared to be the trunk of a large barren tree, slowly coiled down to the sand. A great ancient serpent with piercing eyes gazed greedily and warily at Keldren. The creature could sense his immense power, but questioned its ability to overtake it. Besides, it had not had proper time to digest its last meal. “Come, mortal, come and sssit with meee…” It hissed. Keldren could feel the tug of the serpent’s power in his mind, but remained in place. This trickery would not work on him. “Are you’re the beast from the depths of Fortune? Answer me!” Keldren commanded. “Aaahhh” the creature sighed in revelation “sssomeone here recognizesss your voice.” As Keldren gave the snake a confused look, the creature rose up and extended it underside. The scales and flesh peeled away to reveal the form of Anari. Her hands were fangs, her hair a bundle of serpents and her eyes were slotted and yellow. Keldren’s heart sank into his chest. The Mantavip was right, he had lost. His family had been devoured by the very creature he had pursued. “Help me! Help me!” the visage of Anari mocked “Just lisssten to him, and he will ssset me free.” The creature lied. Keldren’s despair turned to rage. How dare this demon mock his wife! As he prepared to avenge the murder of his family, something inside the snake gained power. Anari was not yet completely gone, and the snakes attempt to use her to mock her husband gave her a moment of defiance. Her visage regained her gentile auburn eyes. “Keldren, destroy us, for the good of the Empire. You must destroy this creature!” she pleaded to him. Keldren, the great unstoppable weapon of the Empire, the man who’s loyalty ever remained unquestioned, stretched forth his sword. And laid it upon the sand. “Find me.” He whispered. And before the creature could regain control to strike him down, he embraced his wife one last time.

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Epilogue: An end to all things

This story is not about death and loss, but the richness of love in our lives.

The army of Captain Summer won a resounding victory against the wraiths at Angler’s Village. The Captain, now a General, commissioned the construction of the lanterns upon Mount Pike, now called Mount Lantern.

It is no mystery as to how the city of Misfortune came to be named.

The great snake, Cenminator continues to search the Broken Jade Shore, for what no one knows for sure. Popular legend has it that the spirit of Anari still searches for her husband. It is rumored to be untamable by the wraiths, for even they fear it.

Tai’Chien flew the daughter of Keldren and Anari to her relatives in Eitherblade. She stayed with the child for ten years, but the call of battle began to swell in her once more. She was last reported seen falling the defense of Broken Bridge Village from the wraiths, an Untamed town.

As for the child? Well, lets just say she grew into a powerful wizard in her own rights. But her story has already been told, though not in these pages, and it is now her turn leave this world.

Thank you for the stories, Shota

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The Beginning

The long grass sways as the wind blows through, carrying the sound of hoof beats as a group of four near the village. The leader of the group, Mekar leads his band to the village center. He has been gathering warriors for the yearly tournament, traveling far to recruit only the best. As the group nears, sounds of merriment could be heard. Shouting a word of greeting, Mekar says, “We have traveled in search of great warriors for the tournament. I have brought a few from my home town Evul, but we are in need of more, especially those skilled in the art of Segnale.”

As Mekar was speaking, a beautiful woman comes out of the crowd. She speaks boldly, “I am Rae, leader of this tribe Gifft, and I also have been training some of my people to enter this tournament. If the arrangements please me, we can consider joining together to our advantage.” Rae escorts Mekar and his band into a nearby hut as Rae herself goes in followed by two others.

“We have found that Segnale skills are much prized and valuable during the tournament, which is why three of us four practice the art,” said Mekar. “Davee, Toni, and myself train this way,” as Davee smiles slightly and Toni winks when his name is mentioned.
Mekar points to a hefty man built like a bull, “And this is Robb, he is our body shield”, Robb grunts in response.

Rae smiles cordially as she responds, “That’s good, because me and my apprentice also practice the Segnale ways.” Patting the shoulder of the boy next to her, she says “This is Fan, I’ve had him under my wing for a while now so he knows what he’s doing. Over there is Rain, he is my trusty ranger” pointing to a smirking man, twirling an arrow between his fingers.

After much deliberation, Mekar and his band set out with Rae and her two trusted friends. There was much weeping since the village loved their leader so, but promises of returning soon quieted the disheartened, proving so much more the village’s trust on their leader’s word.

It would be a short trip, since the tournament was just a couple of days away. That night, the two groups shared a fire but kept a distance. As Mekar went over strategies, merry laughing overlapped their talks, the Gifft tribe having fun after a long day’s journey.

Davee peered curiously over to the other group, enticed by the sense of camaraderie even he could feel from this side of the campfire. He observed a sense respect and awe as Rae recounted a story, with Fan and Rain hanging on to her every word. Her eyes shone with life as the fire flickered in reflection, Davee felt an unfamiliar wanting to be right there by her side.

Waking early the next morning, Davee heard soft scuffling in the nearby brush. He saw Rae and her apprentice Fan training together. He watched silently as they moved in unison, Fan copying her every move as she directed the way. Davee felt a pang of wanting, to be the one next to Rae and sharing his knowledge with her. He snapped out of his daze as Fan accidentally slipped on a loose branch, interrupting the exercise. “Are you okay?”, Rae asked with concern. “Yea, yea I’m fine, just got distracted” as Fan dusted himself off. Clearing his throat to seem like he just arrived, Davee said “There’s a nearby meadow to the east you can practice in, I go there on my spare time to brush up on my blade mastery.” “Oh, good morning Davee. Thank you for that nice bit of advice, we might be going there later when Fan gets his footing,” Rae said as she smirked at the glowering Fan. Smiling his slight smile, Davee responded “The pleasure is mine, milady.” Taken slightly off guard by his response, Rae blinked a few times before smiling politely and ushering the suspicious Fan towards the meadow.

Later that night, as the two parties settled around the campfire Davee moves towards the Gifft tribe to bridge the gap. “So how did you come about to becoming a leader of the tribe?” Davee inquired to Rae. “Is it that taboo to have a female leader?” Rae said as she raised a brow. “No, no of course not,” Davee stuttered as he tried to keep his cool. “Sorry for sounding defensive but I do get that a lot,” Rae said apologetically. “During the famine, many were lost including our tribe leader. Since he did not have an heir, I was appointed by my people.”

“What about you?”, inquired Rae. Davee cocked his head, “What about me?” “I have seen how you are, you are different from those I know in the Evul nation. Where did you originally come from?”, Rae pursued. “I don’t know, as far as I remember I have been a wanderer. I have only been with Evul for a few months, I like it here so far and most people from this tribe are good, with some exceptions..” as Davee glanced at the direction of the guffawing Toni. “Yea, I don’t like that guy either” agreed Rae. As the night drew to a close, Rae and Davee went their separate ways though still very much on each other’s minds.

The following morning, Davee woke up at first light hoping to catch Rae before she started her morning exercises. As if reading his mind, Rae comes out from her tent, yawning as she stretches her limbs. She smiles as she sees Davee approaching, as if she was expecting him. “I was hoping to join you in your morning training,” Davee asked knowing the answer already but still anticipating her response. “Well, Fan is still sleeping and I don’t mind having a new training partner,” she said with an open smile.

Thus was the routine for the next few days, Rae and Davee sneaking off to various training sites, Rae teaching Davee new techniques as they enjoyed each other’s company. Using the ruse of preparing for the tournament, Rae and Davee shared many private moments that drew them closer than either of them thought possible. Sharing their first kiss under the moonlight before the day of the tournament, the couple spent the night in each other’s arms.

Walking together hand in hand the next morning, as Davee and Rae approached camp there was an unsettling feeling in the air. Fan rushed to Rae’s side, “Mekar has been found dead!” he said out of breath. Shocked, Rae and Davee ran to the leader’s tent, where Mekar laid with an arrow in his chest. “Where is that ranger of yours?!” shouted Toni as he glared at the couple. “I just got back, don’t jump to conclusions” Rae responded with a furrow on her brow. “Go fetch Rain, Fan” as the boy ran off, Toni continued to rant. “When we woke up, Mekar was dead! And you two were off somewhere conspiring so that you would gain control of the group,” pointing an accusing finger at Davee. Looking bewildered, Davee shook his head as Rae responded, and “He did no such thing, stop accusing before we figure out what really happened.”

Fan came back, with still no sign of Rain anywhere. “You see, that ranger of yours did it!” shouted Toni. The Evul tribe advanced on Rae and Davee, trying to capture them but Rae and Davee quickly fled the scene, still bewildered to what had happened. The local authorities were notified and the couple had now become wanted fugitives. Seeking shelter at a local small town, Rae sent a messenger to secretly contact Fan. Later that night, Fan came with the messenger as Rae greeted him. “What news do you have of Rain?” as Rae asked anxiously. Fan shook his head, “I am afraid master, that I still find no sign of him. I have seen both him and that man of the Evul nation speaking secretly while you were away,” Fan glared accusingly at Davee. “I think they have planned this from the very start and will continue to cast the blame on you both.”

Rae, shocked at the sudden news, sat stunned. Davee said in affirmation, “That sneaky rat Toni was always trying to fight for leadership with Mekar, so this is not hard to believe.”
“I cannot return..” Rae said trailing off. “Please tell my people I have fallen in combat, for it will surely crush them to think I will not return,” Rae said to Fan “Let them know I thought of them in my last thoughts, for I cannot return without causing harm to our village.”

Fan left with a brave face, knowing his beloved leader will never return but he must carry out her last wishes. Taking Rae’s hand, Davee took them to the new world where they would start anew. He married her, forever joining them together to spend their lives in perfect world.

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Ok, so i just proofread my last entry and um, was wondering if i could edit a little spelling and maybe replace a word or two, like loin with lion and freny with frenzy etc... I know, i should have checked it before posting, but seriously ran out of time. -.-

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perhaps Shota will just say:
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You guys need to be a bit more patient. She has a lot to read, and she said that the results would be posted no later than the 22nd. xD

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