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I don't quite get how this title stuff works but I managed to write a quick script to extract some title info from
Maybe someone else can figure these out:

Pathfinding Master
I am an expert seeker.
Title Event: Talk to Duke Blacke.

Omniscient Seer
Can't tell me nothin'!
World Master Psychic

Fiery Vanguard
Once more into the breach!
Title Event: Kill a wave of Vengeful Troops.

Private Investigator
If it weren't for you meddling Pathfinders
Title Event: Find the first seal in the wild

Herbicidal Maniac
Get off my frozen lawn
Title Event: Kill the Florafang Charmers that are holding the inhabitants of Village of Shattered Ice

Frostcovered Enforcer
Phoenix downed!
Title Event: Kill the Asoteric Runephoenix in Frostcovered City.

Head Hunter
Hey, want to be a star?
Title Event: Recovered a Resurrection Chant in Eden

Heaven's Friend
That's my boss
World Glacia's Altar

Star of the Harshlands
Feeling dazzled?
Title Event: Break the seal in the Harshlands

Eyes of Insight
You've got nowhere to hide!
Title Event: Defeated the fake Shadow of Frozen River in the Frozen River

The Bravo
Hey, you arch-villain, your end is here!
Title Event: Slay Deiciter Black.

Icebreaker Breaker
Want to try my icecream?
Title Event: Kill Icebreaker Antitans.

Timberjack Guardian
You're welcome
Title Event: Kill Lethal Araneid Sharpfang.

Burn all the things!
Title Event: Light the five braziers around the Frozen River.

Guide of Life
You got lost?
Title Event: Slay the Spirit of Icy Field.

I Hate Doggy Eyes
I am so disappointed by this delicate world
Title Event: Slay the Watcher of Chasm.

I am a Master
Title Event: Slay Sea Patrol Dragonroar.

Glacial Star
Icy you're jealous!
Title Event: Unlock the Frozen River.

Servant of Lord Kitten
Come and rule me!
Collection: Collect all 15 Kitten's Balls

Bone Collector
Shall I show you the bones in my closet?
Title Event: Kill Goothe.

Cut! Cut! Cut! Slashing n' Cutting!
Title Event: Slay Three-legged Vessel: General.

Arctic Archaeologist
Frozen treasures galore!
Title Event: Find 4 Icy Artifacts.

Beast Butcher
My foes belong on a silver platter
Title Event: Slay Three-legged Vessel: Icy Beast.

Bravery Basher
You can run, but you can't hide
Title Event: Kill the Nivastok Braves rallied in the Valley of the Gods.

Third time's a charm
Title Event: Slay Three-legged Vessel: Warrior.

I'll put an end to those love stories
Title Event: Slay Deiciter White

Avalanche Canyon
A new legend is born!
Title Event: Unlock Avalanche Canyon.

The Exterminator
I will return
Title Event: Kill Frozen Wolfmasters, Ant Soldiers, and Jumby Temptresses.

Triple-Threat Takedown
I'm worth three of them!
Title Event: Kill all three Stained Guardians.

The Final Judgment
Accept it!
Title Event: Wreck the Guardian Pillar.

I fear no one
Title Event: Slay Vanma.

Burn, burn, burn!
Title Event: Slay Thromh the Mighty.

Volcanic Purgatory
Shall my blazing spirit ignite this raging mountain?
Title Event: Unlock Volcanic Purgatory.

Unstoppable Luck
Wow! What is this card for?
Collection: Collect all 15 Tea Stalks

The Past Is Bitter
Alas. Let's forget it.
Title Event: Discovered the Haunted Path

Veil Raider
I solved the mystery of the tower!
Title Event: Find the items needed to break the seal around the Veiled Tower.

Nothing stops me not even the dead.
Title Event: Kill Undead Army units.

Shadow Raider
I solved the mystery of the tower again?
Title Event: Find the items needed to break the seal around the Tower of Darkness.

Heart of the Sword
The sword calls out to the heart of its master
Title Event: Find the sword of your destiny

Monster Hunter
Hunt or be hunted!
Title Event: Slay Empyrean Slither.

Master of Balance
Kung Fu focuses on the balance of Yin and Yang
Title Event: Unlock Tai Chi Shore.

Tree Climber
Mom said I can't climb trees. I am a bad boy.
Title Event: Talk with the spirit of the woods

Watery Grave
Chum the waters
Title Event: Kill Centipod Lords, Bloodthirsty Sharks, and Bloodthirsty Shark Queens.

Night is the perfect cover
Title Event: Find three underwater ghosts

Deep-Sea Scavenger
Who knows what secrets the sea hides?
Title Event: Find five pieces of underwater Altar Debris

Priest of Misfortune
Rest in peace
Title Event: Build the altar on the ruins of the City of Misfortune to bless the deceased

Title Event: Talk with the old mayor of the City of Misfortune

Liberator of Misfortune
A ray of hope for the victims of fate
Title Event: Kill the spirit of the old mayor of the City of Misfortune

Fish Hommie
Today, you officially become a member of the fish family
Collection: Collect all 15 Gold Fish

You only fly here
Title Event: Locate the seal of the Snake Isle

The Generous
Money works!
Title Event: Acquire the helpful intel from the Foreign Monk

Armored Pincers
Oh! So, pinchy!
Title Event: Kill Mechrabs and Giant Chislers

The sky is no longer my limit
Title Event: Defeat the guardian of the Sky of Three Creatures

Six Leagues Under
Scoured the beach
Title Event: Kill Chin Mausoleum Watchmen and Felbone Shankses.

Did I cause the continental drifts?
Title Event: Defeated the guardian of the Earth of Three Creatures

Man of No Romance
Ah! Such a beautiful creature
Title Event: Slay the Cenminator.

To rule the people!
Title Event: Defeat the guardian of the Human of Three Creatures.

Ego Draconis
I am a proud descendant of the yellow dragon
Title Event: Find the source of the rainbow and became a dragon .

Wind and Waves
I am a mighty descendant of the yellow dragon
Title Event: Break through the barrier in dragon form

Yohn's Foe
In Yohn's letter: "You will feel honored to have my challenge."
Title Event: Find the letter of challenge Vengeful Troops Commander Yohn has left for you

Setback Resistance
Here I am, Blacke!
Title Event: Ask Duke Blacke again about Vengeful Troops Commander Yohn

The Lovable Agent
You help pretty much everyone who comes to you
Title Event: Learn about lord Alexander from White Imperial Agent.

Seiken Bearer
sorry I don't remember how many bearers are out there
Title Event: Find the four bases of the legendary Holy Swords

To our lost youth
Title Event: Complete the reminiscence of spiritual cultivation

The door to the new world opens for you.
Title Event: Find the key to the mortal realm

King of Rumors
Nobody knows better than you.
Title Event: Learn about the Human Title from Dragon City Diplomat

Mulberry's Aid
The spirit of mulberry helps eveything in their rebirth
Completed the pre-requisite quests for the Reincarnation.

Saint Savior
Mulberry is the symbol of compassion and mercy.
Collection: Collect 15 Mulberry Hearts

Back To Life
Death is not the end for me
Title Event: Die and resurrect once.

Best Sweetheart
You are the perfect sweetheart world-wide!
Event: Completed the Magpie Festival Event

To show our gratitude, we name you the "Moonwalker"
Event: Completed the Mid-autumn Festival Event!

Penguin Hater
Live like a penguin? I'd rather beat them up.
Event: Complete the National Day Event!

Nice Guy
You are a nice guy, but
Event: Complete the Singles Day Event!

Penguin Errand Boy
The King of the Penguin Kingdom needs you to run an errand for him!
Event: Complete the X'mas Event

Haste Up!
The fastest runner around Perfect World!
Event: Complete the Quick as the Wind event!

Son of Fortune
Fortune from Heaven to Archosaur!
Event: Complete the Fortune from Heaven event!

Don't Worry Dumb Kids
There is a bunch of cute little dumb kids.
PWE Event: Twitter/Facebook Event

High Tech Savvy
Don't read this title flavor text there is no point
PWE Event: Twitter/Facebook Event

Reading is Good
When a hooligan starts to read
PWE Event: Archosaur Magazine

Purgatory Suppressed
Your new henchman is so weak.
Instance: Kill Queen of Agony: Xipher within 30 minutes

Demon World Traveler.r
The Demon World again? boring
Instance: Kill Borobudur Dungeon Lord within 60 minutes

Master Plucker
I love plucking the bird!
Instance: Defeat Ghost Wing within 60 minutes

Super Durable
Finally! Got rid of you!
Instance: Defeated The Incacerate within 80 minutes.

Naughty Junior
He can't stay in the borad of bosses.
Instance: Defeat the Vanished Ancestor within 40 minutes

Split Personality
You two may come together
Instance: Defeat Aohe Snake and Aohe Dragon within 60 minutes.

Hide and Seek
Not even sweating a little.
Instance: Defeat Locen, the Emperor of Flame within 60 minutes.

Master of Balance
No more, no less. No earlier, no later!
Instance: Defeat Chigo, the Serpent Emperor within 60 minutes.

Where is the princess, you big ugly dragon!
Instance: Defeated Aurogon, the Dragon Emperor within 80 minutes.

Doom of Eminence
This prooves my visit to Dragon Hidden Den
Instance: Defeat Yelling To The Sky within 40 minutes.

The higher, the lighter.
Exploration: Discover the limit of the sky.

Marshal's Deputy.arshal
I am not following your steps
Exploration: Reach the hidden entrance to the Nation War at the exact moment it starts.

Warriors of the Year
Who wants to challenge?
PWE Event: Elite Guild PK game Top 8

Perfect Spouse
You people are perfect spouses.
PWE Event: Participate in online weddings.

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